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EU Digital Law

Author : Reiner Schulze
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Die Regeln zum digitalen EU-Binnenmarkt gelten als Meilenstein des Verbraucherschutzes. Sie haben die Bereitstellung digitaler Inhalte und Online-Verkäufe europaweit harmonisiert. Der neue Kommentar zum "EU Digital Law" kommentiert Artikel für Artikel die wichtigsten europäischen Regelungen zum digitalen Recht in der EU: die Digitale-Inhalte-Richtlinie; die EU-Verbraucherrechte-Richtlinie; die E-Commerce Richtlinie; die Portabilitäts-Verordnung. Damit wird der Rechtsrahmen für digitale Inhalte fundamental neu gefasst. Die Autor/innen sind Experten aus der ganzen EU. Ihre Kommentierungen bieten detaillierte Erläuterungen zu Hintergrund und Zweck der Bestimmungen und zeigen konkrete Wege zur Umsetzung auf.

EU Digital Copyright Law and the End User

Author : Giuseppe Mazziotti
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This book presents a thorough exploration of the legal framework of EU digital copyright law from the perspective of the end-user. It provides a detailed examination of the implications that the spectacular rise of this new actor creates for the interplay between the EU copyright system and human rights law, competition law and other important policies contained in the EC Treaty. This comprehensive, book is crucial reading for lawyers, policymakers and academics.

General Principles of EU Law and the EU Digital Order

Author : Ulf Bernitz
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General Principles of EU Law and the EU Digital Order' addresses the role of general principles in the era of digitalization and the (potential) impact of digitalization on the theory of general principles of union law. Digitalization of societies has important ramifications for citizens and businesses. The digital landscape is rapidly changing, whereas at the same time there are growing concerns about how market access in the European Union?s (EU?s) digital market as well as fundamental rights can be sufficiently safeguarded in the shadow of ?big data? and algorithms. This book presents expert analyses of how digitalization raises questions of the future role for general principles of EU law, including the foundational principles of the EU?s fundamental economic freedoms and EU competition rules.

EU Internet Law in the Digital Era

Author : Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou
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The book provides a detailed overview and analysis of important EU Internet regulatory challenges currently found in various key fields of law directly linked to the Internet such as information technology, consumer protection, personal data, e-commerce and copyright law. In addition, it aims to shed light on the content and importance of various pending legislative proposals in these fields, and of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s recent case law in connection with solving the different problems encountered. The book focuses on challenging legal questions that have not been sufficiently analyzed, while also presenting original thinking in connection with the regulation of emerging legal questions. As such, it offers an excellent reference tool for researchers, policymakers, judges, practitioners and law students with a special interest in EU Internet law and regulation.

Eu Internet Law in the Digital Single Market

Author : Tatiana Eleni Synodinou
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With the ongoing evolution of the digital society challenging the boundaries of the law, new questions are arising - and new answers being given - even now, almost three decades on from the digital revolution. Written by a panel of legal specialists and edited by experts on EU Internet law, this book provides an overview of the most recent developments affecting the European Internet legal framework, specifically focusing on four current debates. Firstly, it discusses the changes in online copyright law, especially after the enactment of the new directive on the single digital market. Secondly, it analyzes the increasing significance of artificial intelligence in our daily life. The book then addresses emerging issues in EU digital law, exploring out of the box approaches in Internet law. It also presents the last cyber-criminality law trends (offenses, international instrument, behaviors), and discusses the evolution of personal data protection. Lastly, it evaluates the degree of consumer and corporate protection in the digital environment, demonstrating that now, more than ever, EU Internet law is based on a combination of copyright, civil, administrative, criminal, commercial and banking laws.

Trading Data in the Digital Economy

Author : Sebastian Lohsse
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"Digitisation is fundamentally transforming our entire economy and our society. The datafication of business processes leads to an incredibly fast and ever increasing mass of data. Such data is the blood in the veins of the digital economy. Many existing and future business models, which will drive innovation and create economic growth, depend on being able to use this data. Trading Data in the Digital Economy is therefore a central aspect of the development of the EU Digital Market. In continuing with the aim of the 'Münster Colloquia on Digital Law and the EU Economy', this book examines the 'Legal Concepts and Tools' with a view to determining how EU law should react to the challenges and needs of this aspect of the digital economy. This volume is a collection of contributions to the 3rd Münster Colloquium, held on 4-5 May 2017 in Münster, Germany. The colloquium analysed the academic, practice-based, and political aspects of the various legal concepts and tools surrounding the trade in data. More specifically, the volume focuses on the starting points and challenges, exclusivity rights, compulsory licences, and contractual concepts."--Bloomsbury Publishing.

European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market

Author : Alberto De Franceschi
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This book offers an edited collection consisting of contributions by leading scholars, addressing the impact of digital technology on European Private Law in light of the latest legislative developments as well as the European Commission's proposals of 9 December 2015. The book analyses issues in the field of contract, data protection, copyright and private international law. Written for both scholars and practitioners, this edited collection provides clear answers to the challenges posed by the digital revolution and acts as a solid basis for further developments of EU law.

Europe s Digital Revolution

Author : David A. L. Levy
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Europe's Digital Revolution assesses the impact of digital broadcasting on regulatory practices in Europe. The current roles and responsibilities of nation states and the EU will have to respond to rapid technological and market developments. Levy considers how these responsibilities are likely to be divided in the future, and which are the emerging issues and problems.

Data as Counter Performance Contract Law 2 0

Author : Sebastian Lohsse
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Wissenschaftler und Praktiker aus mehreren europäischen Ländern befassen sich in dem Band mit den vertragsrechtlichen Konsequenzen, die sich daraus ergeben, dass "Daten als Gegenleistung" zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Dieses praktische Phänomen, das in der sog. "Digitale-Inhalte-Richtlinie" auch durch den europäischen Gesetzgeber Anerkennung gefunden hat, wirft etwa Fragen des Rechts der Erfüllung, aber auch der Rückabwicklung von Verträgen auf; beleuchtet wird ferner der Zusammenhang von Vertragsrecht und Datenschutzrecht. Die Reihe der "Münster Colloquia on EU Law and the Digital Economy" wendet sich damit in ihrem nunmehr fünften Band wiederum einer der wichtigen Herausforderungen zu, die sich als Folge der Digitalisierung für Rechtswissenschaft und Praxis im Privatrecht stellen.

Reconstructing European Copyright Law for the Digital Single Market

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The book critically examines the current process of reforming the copyright system in the European Union. On the basis of core elements of the harmonised copyright acquis, the work exposes the shortcomings of current reform proposals with a view to establishing a digital single market. In this regard, it is highlighted that the existing directives and regulations lack fundamental principles that could serve as a basis for a systematically structured European copyright, and that also the current reform proposals do not reflect such an approach. These deficits are addressed by fundamental approaches for an EU copyright reform. For this purpose, three legislative options are discussed. The work takes a clear position in the current debate of EU copyright reform and offers starting points from which a more systematic and coherent copyright system can be developed.

EU Copyright Law

Author : Irini Stamatoudi
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This significantly revised and updated second edition addresses the rapid development of EU copyright law in relation to the advancement of new technologies, the need for a borderless digital market and the considerable number of EU legal instruments enacted as a result. Taking a comparative approach, the Commentary provides comprehensive coverage and in-depth commentary on each of the EU legal instruments and policies, both from an EU and an international perspective. Alongside full legislative analysis and article-by-article commentary, the Commentary illustrates the underlying basic principles of free movement and non-discrimination and provides insights into the influence of copyright on other areas of EU policy, including telecoms and bilateral trade agreements.

Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market

Author : Giuseppe Mazziotti
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The scope and enforcement of copyright in the digital environment have been among the most complex and controversial subjects tackled by lawmakers all over the world for the last decade. Due to the ubiquitous use of digital technology, modern regulation of copyright inherently touches on numerous areas of law and social and economic policy, including communications privacy and Internet governance. Modernising the EU's copyright framework is considered a key step towards achieving the goal of an EU Digital Single Market in the context of the 'Digital Agenda for Europe', an initiative launched by the European Commission in May 2010. How can the EU make copyright fit for purpose in the Internet age? What are the most suitable and realistic policy options to achieve the objective of a Digital Single Market in the creative content sectors? To give comprehensive answers to these questions, the CEPS Digital Forum formed a Task Force on Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market to foster a multi-stakeholder dialogue on the major challenges for copyright law in the online content sector today. Drawing on the discussions and input gathered by the Task Force, this report contains the conclusions and policy recommendations organised around three main themes: licensing rules and practices in the online music and film sectors, the definition and implementation of copyright exceptions in the digital environment and the present and future of online copyright enforcement in Europe.--

Competition Law for the Digital Economy

Author : Björn Lundqvist
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The digital economy is gradually gaining traction through a variety of recent technological developments, including the introduction of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and markets for data. This innovative book contains contributions from leading competition law scholars who map out and investigate the anti-competitive effects that are developing in the digital economy.

Contracts for the Supply of Digital Content Regulatory Challenges and Gaps

Author : Reiner Schulze
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Contracts for the supply of digital content are fraught with legal issues extending beyond contract law. The contributions to this volume analyse the challenges and gaps in European Commission's proposed Directive (COM(2015) 634 final) from the perspectives of contract law, copyright, and data protection.

Concise European Data Protection E Commerce and IT Law

Author : Serge Gijrath
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Since the second edition (2010) of this invaluable book – primary texts with expert article-by-article commentary on European data protection, e-commerce and information technology (IT) regulation, including analysis of case law – there has been a marked shift in regulatory focus. It can be said that, without knowing it, EU citizens have migrated from an information society to a digital single market to a data-driven economy. This thoroughly revised and updated third edition pinpoints, in a crystal-clear format, the meaning and application of currently relevant provisions enacted at the European and Member State levels, allowing practitioners and other interested parties to grasp the exact status of such laws, whether in force, under construction, controversial or proposed. Material has been rearranged and brought into line with the vibrant and constantly shifting elements in this field, with detailed attention to developments (most new to this edition) in such issues as the following: · cybersecurity; · privacy rights; · supply of digital content; · consumer rights in electronic commerce; · Geo-blocking; · open Internet; · contractual rules for online sale of (tangible) goods; · competition law in the IT sectors; · consumer online dispute resolution; · electronic signatures; and · reuse of public sector information. There is a completely new section on electronic identification, trust and security regulation, defining the trend towards an effective e-commerce framework protecting consumers and businesses accessing content or buying goods and services online. The contributors offer a very useful and practical review and analysis of the instruments, taking into account the fluidity and the transiency of the regulation of these very dynamic phenomena. This book will be quickly taken up by the myriad professionals – lawyers, officials and academics – engaged with data protection, e-commerce and IT on a daily basis.

Annual Internet Law Institute

Author :
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European Contract Law in the Digital Age

Author : Stefan Grundmann
File Size : 48.72 MB
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European Contract Law in the Digital Age offers an overview of the interactions between digital technologies and contract law and takes into account the two (late) 2015 EU Commission proposals on digital contracting and digital content. The book goes beyond these proposals and is grouped around the three pillars of an architecture of contract law in the digital age: the regulatory framework; digital interventions over the life-cycle of the contract; and digital objects of contracting. The discussion of the regulatory framework looks at the platforms used for digital contracting - such as Airbnb - which are particularly important instruments for the formation of digital contracts. In describing the life-cycle of the contract, this book shows how four key technologies (digital platforms, Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain) are being used at different stages of the contractual process, from the screening for contractual partners to formation, enforcement and interpretation. Furthermore, digitally facilitated contracting increasingly relates to digital content - for instance software or search engines - as the object of the contract but while this area has notably been shaped by the proposed Directive on Contracts for the Supply of Digital Content, this work shows that important questions remain unanswered. This book highlights how the digital dimension opens a new chapter in the concept of contracting, both questioning and revisiting many of its core concepts. It is a reliable resource on topical developments for everyone interested in digital technologies and contract law. (Series: European Contract Law and Theory, Vol. 3) [Subject: European Law, Contract Law, Digital Content Law]

Research Handbook on EU Internet Law

Author : Andrej Savin
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This innovative book provides an overview of the latest developments and controversies in European Internet law. It is grouped in sections that correspond to the most disputed areas, looking consecutively at policy and governance, copyright, private in

Digital Copyright

Author : Simon Stokes
File Size : 51.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book examines digital copyright together with related areas such as performers rights, moral rights, database rights and competition law.

European Union Law

Author : Steve Peers
File Size : 42.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Edited by Catherine Barnard and Steve Peers, European Union Law draws together a range of perspectives from experienced academics, teachers and practitioners to provide a comprehensive introduction to EU law. Each chapter has been written and updated by an expert in the field to provide students with access to a broad range of ideas while offering a solid foundation in the institutional and substantive law of the EU. Written by experts, designed for students; every chapter ensures a balance of accessible explanation and critical detail. Case studies are included throughout the book to enable students to understand the context and implications of EU law, as well as helping to familiarize them with some of the most significant caselaw in the area. Quotations and examples from key EU legislation and academic sources are also included to help develop an understanding of EU law, while further reading suggestions for each chapter act as a springboard for further study and assessment preparation. This text provides a fresh and modern guide to EU law and is an ideal entry-point for students new to the subject as well as those looking to develop their understanding of EU law. As the process of the UK leaving the EU unfolds, readers can also visit the OUP European Union Law Resource Centre for up-to-date comment, opinion, and updates created by our authors to engage students with the legal and political issues and considerations at play.