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Ethnobotany of Western Washington

Author : Erna Gunther
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Forty poems portraying the moods, sensations, and experiences of childhood.

A Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Author : Steven Foster
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Features more than five hundred plants and herbs of North America providing information on their location and medicinal uses.

People and plants in ancient western North America

Author : Paul E. Minnis
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"The environmental diversity of western North America is astounding: from the wind-scoured tundra of the high mountains to the seemingly desolate lowland deserts. No less remarkable is the record of plant usage by the various indigenous peoples who have been living there for more than twelve millennia. For the vast majority of this time, their livelihood, food, shelter, fuel, and medicine depended on their knowledge and use of the plants that surrounded them. The most comprehensive overview in more than half a century on the interconnectedness of people and plants, this book and its companion volume, People and Plants in Ancient Eastern North America, present the latest information on three major topics: the uses of native plants, the history of crops and their uses, and the impact of humans on their environment. They not only contribute to our understanding of the lives of prehistoric people but also serve as guides for designing sustainable living today."--NHBS Environment Bookstore.

Manual of Ethnobotany 2nd Revised Ed

Author : S.K. Jain
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The present book comprises of two sections, A and B. Section A has the text of the lectures during the Training Course in Ethnobotany, and the section B has some of the material and exercise handled by the trainees during the Workshop and in practical classes. The sequence of the lectures has been so arranged as to gradually and step by step introduce the scope, methodology, and applications of the subject along with the subjects of preparation of scientific papers and research projects. This book will not only popularize the important subject of Ethnobotany but will also provide basic instructions for person freshly interested or inducted into this discipline.

Northwest Anthropological Research Notes

Author : Roderick Sprague
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On the Pow Wow Circuit in the Interior Northwest - Kathleen A. Dahl The Southeastern Idaho Prehistoric Sequence - Ernest S. Lohse Towards an Early Social History of Chinook Jargon - Christopher F. Roth Notes on Indian .Houses of the Wappato Valley - Yvonne Hajda Changes in Subsistence Stategies at the Tsawwassen Site, a Southwestern British Columbia Shell Midden - Karla D. Kusmer A Bibliography of Plateau Ethnobotany - Debra Welch & Michael Striker

A Brief History of Vashon Island

Author : Bruce Haulman
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Reachable only by ferry, Vashon Island is a breathtaking rural retreat from the bustling activity of nearby Seattle and Tacoma. The island’s first inhabitants, the sx???babš, took advantage of its evergreen forests and rich marine resources. In 1792, George Vancouver was the first Anglo to discover the island and named it after Captain James Vashon. By the late 1800s, the first white settlers had established farms and greenhouses that supplied nearby cities with berries, tomatoes and cucumbers. Ferries drove development in the later half of the century, introducing new industries and tourism to the area. While both influenced by and isolated from the mainland, the island developed its own unique character treasured by locals. Merging human and natural history, author Bruce Haulman presents the rich heritage of this thriving community.

Potential Effects of OCS Oil and Gas Exploration and Development on Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes

Author :
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Indian Ethnobotany Emerging Trends

Author : A.K. Jain
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Currently ethnobotany has been a subject of wide interest for research in developing and developed countries. The book has been dedicated to the doyen of Indian ethnobiology, Dr. S.K. Jain, FNA, popularly known as 'Father of Indian Ethnobotany'. The book comprises very important articles written by notable ethnobiologists/ botanists on different aspects of ethnobotany. The book would certainly be useful to the students, researchers and teachers working on various aspects of ethnobotany and helpful to various pharmaceutical industries in exploring plants for preparation of new drugs.

Best Wildflower Hikes Washington

Author :
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* Guidebook to 50 wildflower species and the trails by which you can find them in Washington * Hikes include charts listing trails by featured flowers, peak viewing times, and more Best Wildflower Hikes Washington offers 50 hikes from Washington's ocean beaches to its high alpine terrain and the lowlands in between. Wildflowers reveal their glory only once a year, and this guidebook will tell you where and when you're most likely to find them. Included wildflowers range from the ephemeral (thus rarely seen) Lewisa Tweedyi to common trilliums. You'll enjoy hikes through meadow flowers (from Sitka Valerian to Columbine), flowers of the forest (from Pink Pyrola to Wild Ginger), and plants and flowers you'll see on beach trails. The guidebook includes sidebars on flower habitat and color maps and photos illustrate each hike. A separate section presents in-depth profiles of 50 flowers, including common and Latin botanical names, distinguishing features, where they are commonly found, conditions in which they thrive, accompanying vegetation, their growth and propagation habits, and historical uses (culinary, medicinal, etc.).

University of Washington Publications in Anthropology Volume X Ethnobotany of Western Washington

Author : Erna Gunther
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This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. So that the book is never forgotten we have represented this book in a print format as the same form as it was originally first published. Hence any marks or annotations seen are left intentionally to preserve its true nature.