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Ethical Portraits

Author : Hatty Nestor
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Prisons systematically dehumanise the imprisoned. Visualised through mugshots and surveillance recordings, the incarcerated lose control of their own image and identity. The criminal justice system in the United States does not only carry out so-called justice in ways that compound inequality, it also minimises the possibility for empathetic encounters with those who are most marginalised. It is therefore urgent to understand how prisoners are portrayed by the carceral state and how this might be countered or recuperated. How can understanding the visual representation of prisoners help us confront the invisible forms of power in the American prison system? Ethical Portraits investigates the representation of the incarcerated in the United States criminal justice system, and the state’s failure to represent those incarcerated humanely. Through wide-ranging interviews and creative nonfiction, Hatty Nestor deconstructs the different roles of prison portraiture, such as in courtroom sketches, DNA profiling, and the incarceration of Chelsea Manning.

Theory Vs Anti theory in Ethics

Author : N. Fotion
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Many well known philosophers defend the role of theory in ethics. They suppose that it is impossible to justify the moral rules and principles we live by without a theory being in place. They also argue that theorizing is needed in order to rationally generate new or modify old rules and principles. Anti-theorists argue that theories in ethics oversimplify matters and only give the appearance of being useful. The debate between the two sides seems not to be resolvable.


Author : George Carless Swayne
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The Nation

Author :
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Ethics of Retribution in the Decameron and the Late Medieval Italian Novella

Author : Christopher Nissen
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Patient Autonomy and the Ethics of Responsibility

Author : Alfred I. Tauber
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Tauber examines the historical & philosophical competition between facts (scientific onjectivity) & values (patient care) in medicine. He analyzes the shifting ideas of personhood behind the doctor-patient relationship, offers a topology of autonomy & explores the philosophical & practical strategies for reconfiguring trust & autonomy.

Portraits of the Righteous in the Psalms

Author : Daniel C. Owens
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What have the Psalms to do with ethics? Readers prize the Psalter for its richly theological prayers, but into these prayers are woven a variety of ethical issues. This book explores the ethics of the Psalter by examining the four portraits of the righteous person that punctuate Book I. It begins by studying these psalms as individual compositions and then employs both the canonical approach and dialogic criticism to identify the complex relationship between the portraits' vision of the righteous life and its outcome. Does the righteous person enjoy security and the good life? The answer may be surprising, but joining the psalmist on the rocky path of the interface of faith and experience is certain to prove a formative experience.

A Catalogue of Upwards of Fifty Thousand Volumes of Ancient and Modern Books English and Foreign in All Classes of Literature and the Fine Arts Including Rare and Curious Books Manuscripts Etc in Good Library Condition Many in Neat and Elegant Bindings Now on Sale at the Very Reasonable Prices Affixed by Willis and Sotheran

Author : Willis and Sotheran (London, England)
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The Spectator

Author :
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A weekly review of politics, literature, theology, and art.

The Photographic News

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The Hand of Compassion

Author : Kristen Renwick Monroe
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Through moving interviews with five ordinary people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, Kristen Monroe casts new light on a question at the heart of ethics: Why do people risk their lives for strangers and what drives such moral choice? Monroe's analysis points not to traditional explanations--such as religion or reason--but to identity. The rescuers' perceptions of themselves in relation to others made their extraordinary acts spontaneous and left the rescuers no choice but to act. To turn away Jews was, for them, literally unimaginable. In the words of one German Czech rescuer, "The hand of compassion was faster than the calculus of reason." At the heart of this unusual book are interviews with the rescuers, complex human beings from all parts of the Third Reich and all walks of life: Margot, a wealthy German who saved Jews while in exile in Holland; Otto, a German living in Prague who saved more than 100 Jews and provides surprising information about the plot to kill Hitler; John, a Dutchman on the Gestapo's "Most Wanted List"; Irene, a Polish student who hid eighteen Jews in the home of the German major for whom she was keeping house; and Knud, a Danish wartime policeman who took part in the extraordinary rescue of 85 percent of his country's Jews. We listen as the rescuers themselves tell the stories of their lives and their efforts to save Jews. Monroe's analysis of these stories draws on philosophy, ethics, and political psychology to suggest why and how identity constrains our choices, both cognitively and ethically. Her work offers a powerful counterpoint to conventional arguments about rational choice and a valuable addition to the literature on ethics and moral psychology. It is a dramatic illumination of the power of identity to shape our most basic political acts, including our treatment of others. But always Monroe returns us to the rescuers, to their strong voices, reminding us that the Holocaust need not have happened and revealing the minds of the ethically exemplary as they negotiated the moral quicksand that was the Holocaust.

The R P A Annual and Ethical Review

Author : Charles Albert Watts
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Abstracts of Papers Byzantine Studies Conference

Author :
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Beginner s Guide to Photographing People

Author : Ralph Hattersley
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Technical information and advice for candid or posed photographs of people, including babies, children, parties, self-portraits, strangers, sports, nudes, and ghosts.

Portraits of Wittgenstein

Author : F. A. Flowers
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Plutarch s Themistocles and Aristides

Author : Plutarch
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The Miscellaneous Writings of John Fiske with Many Portraits of Illustrious Philosophers Scientists and Other Men of Note The unseen world and other essays

Author : John Fiske
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Forty Portraits and Biographical Sketches for the Fourth International Congress of Religious Liberals Held at Boston U S A September 22 28 1907

Author :
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Portraits of the Artist in A Clockwork Orange

Author : Anthony Burgess
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The Scurlock Studio and Black Washington

Author : National Museum Of African American Hist
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Nearly a century's worth of Scurlock photographs combine to form a searing portrait of black Washington in all its guises—its challenges and its victories, its dignity and its determination. Beginning in the early twentieth century and continuing into the 1990s, Addison Scurlock, followed by his sons, Robert and George, used their cameras to document and celebrate a community unique in the world, and a stronghold in the history and culture of the nation's capital. Through photographs of formal weddings, elegant cotillions, ballet studios, and quiet family life, the Scurlocks revealed a world in which the black middle class refused to be defined or held captive by discrimination. From its home on the vibrant U Street corridor, the Scurlock Studio gave us indelible images of leaders and luminaries, of high society and working class, of Washingtonians at work and at play. In photograph after photograph, the Scurlocks captured an optimism and resiliency seldom seen in mainstream depictions of segregated society. Luminaries such as Duke Ellington, Ralph Bunche, Mary McLeod Bethune, Alain Locke, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Lois Mailou Jones testify to the intellectual and cultural vibrancy that was unique to Washington and an inspiration to the nation. Photographs of a Peoples Drugstore protest and Marian Anderson's Easter morning concert at the Lincoln Memorial remind us that the struggle for equality in black Washington began long before the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Offering a rich lens into our past, The Scurlock Studio and Black Washington is a powerful trigger of personal and historical memory.