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Esoteric Warriors

Author : Alex Kozma
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Kozma relates his strange encounters with unusual martial arts masters from China, Tibet and South East Asia. He tells of the methods of the Masters, their philosophies and life stories. Subjects include the Spontaneous Boxing of Dr. Serge Augier; the Taoist arts of Bruce Kumar Frantzis, the Phoenix Eye Fist of Pentjak Silat and many more.

Warrior Guards the Mountain

Author : Alex Kozma
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Inspired by the author's personal training experiences, this book presents an intimate exploration of the philosophy of some of the rarest martial art forms. Encompassing the arts of China, Japan and India/South East Asia, it includes in-depth conversations with esteemed Masters such as Dr Serge Augier and Master He Jing Han.

The Esoteric

Author : Hiram Erastus Butler
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The Bodhisattva Warriors

Author : Terence Dukes
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This unique study of the genesis and development of the earliest form of Buddhist self-defense practiced by Chuan Fa monks and mystics shows both the philosophical and physical basis of the skills developed and passed on to subsequent generations. This book seeks to reunite these concepts. Its teaching draws equally on the practices of North Chinese Chaan Movement Meditation Traditions and on the South Chinese Esoteric (Mi Chiao) School--both secret traditions rarely revealed to the general public. The material is presented so readers can understand that what we think of as a competitive sport is really a meditation mandala in action. Extensive appendices list the main Chinese dynasties, a chronology of Buddhist Sutras, a chronological record of scriptures, teachers, events during 1000 years of Indian and Chinese Buddhism, and translations of Bodhidharma`s texts including The Six Gates, Entering the Buddha`s Path, and the treatise upon the Bloodline Teaching of True Dharma.

The Esoteric

Author :
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Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen Training Methods from the Patriarch

Author : Edward Orem
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This book addresses how to explore, generate and control energies not usually available to humans. 190 photographs and step-by-step instruction in two of the most influential and powerful training systems ever handed down: Shipalohanshou/18 Methods of the Enlightened Ones and Yijinjing/Muscle-Sinew Changing. It offers integrated training for those who wish to do the work of improving cerebral functions, coming to full understanding of the human experience, and maintaining multi-level health. It is based on the training methods from ancient India and China, as experienced by the founder of Chan/Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma (Tamo) as he grew into adulthood and spiritual maturity. The Patriarch of Zen was considered a dangerous rebel by the status quo, and for good reason: his approach to human development rejected authority outside of oneself, including scripture and officials. Officials/Intellectuals within the Buddhist hierarchy have always had a hard time with Tamo's methods of direct pointing.

Esoteric Warrior Yoga

Author : Maximvs
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The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend

Author : Gareth Knight
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Originally published: Wellingborough: Aquarian Press, 1983.

Research of Martial Arts

Author : Shifu Jonathan Bluestein
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Jonathan Bluestein's Research of Martial Arts is a book about the true essence of martial arts. It includes neither instruction on deadly killing techniques, nor mystical tales of so called super-human masters. Rather, it is a vast compilation of seriously thought-out observations made on the subject by the author, as well as many other martial artists and scientists, with a slight touch of history and humour. The goal of this project had from the start been to surpass the current standard in the martial arts literary market, and offer readers worldwide something which they have never seen before. In essence, a book in which are found countless answers for martial arts practitioners which they cannot be read elsewhere, which address commonly discussed martially-related topics with breadth and depth unparalleled in other works to this day (in any language). It holds among its pages no less than 220,000 words, containing knowledge which would be coveted by many. The aim of this book is to present the reader a coherent, clear-cut, and in-depth view of some of the most perplexing and controversial subjects in the world of martial arts, as well as providing a healthy dose of philosophical outlook on these subjects (from various individuals). At its core is the author's aspiration to build a stronger theoretical foundation for the discussion of martial arts, while addressing matters in innovative ways, which I have come to believe, would help people to better grasp the nature of these arts. There are books by authors who will tell you that some aspects of the martial arts are too complex for concrete, coherent and defined explanations. Others have used ambiguous terminology to explain what they could not pronounce otherwise. This is no such book. This book was written to provide you with the solid, applicable answers and ideas that you could actually understand, and take away with you. This book is mainly comprised of three parts: | Part I: From the Inside Out – External and Internal Gong Fu | This is essentially mostly a very long & thorough discussion of martial arts theory and practice. Traditional and modern concepts and methods are discussed through the mediums of Physiology, Biology, Anatomy, Psychology, Philosophy (Western and Oriental alike), sports science, and the author's personal experiences. The Internal Martial Arts of China receive a special, lengthier treatment in this part of the book. | Part II: Contemplations on Controlled Violence | This one is of a Philosophical and Psychological nature, and contains the author's thoughts on the martial arts and their manifestation in our daily lives, with guest-articles by various martial arts teachers. | Part III: The Wisdom of Martial Spirits: Teachers, and the Things They Hold Dear | This part includes various interesting and comprehensive interviews with distinguished martial arts masters, spanning dozens of pages each. Every one of the interviewees is a person whose views and ideas are thought provoking and well-worth reading. The teachers interviewed in this book are: Master Chen Zhonghua (Chen Taiji Quan) Master Yang Hai (Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Chen Taiji Quan) Shifu Strider Clark (Tongbei Quan, Wu style Taiji, Shuai Jiao and more) Shifu Neil Ripski (Traditional Drunken Fist and many others) Sifu James Cama (Buddha Hand Wing Chun and Southern Praying Mantis) Itzik Cohen Sensei (Shito-ryu Karate) No matter the age, rank, status or experience – this book was written for everyone who see themselves part of the martial arts community. It is my sincere hope that any person who reads this book will benefit from the time he or she had spent doing so. May this work encourage others to continue intelligent writing and research in the field, as I was pushed forth and built upon the knowledge others have shared before me. May you have a pleasant reading experience! =]

Martial Arts Biographies

Author : Rob Jacob
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Martial Arts Biographies: An Annotated Bibliography lists hundreds of martial arts related biographies and autobiographies. Most of the entries are annotated, giving a synopsis of the relevant material in the book. Included are listings for martial artists of Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Ninjutsu, Tai Chi, and many other styles. Appendices list productive sources for new and used books, and contact information for major publishers of martial arts books. Martial Arts Biographies: An Annotated Bibliography is a useful resource for martial arts researchers, readers, book collectors, and libraries.

Indian Esoteric Buddhism

Author : Ronald M. Davidson
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Despite the rapid spread of Buddhism the historical origins of Buddhsit thought and practice remain obscure.This work describes the genesis of the Tantric movement and in some ways an example of the feudalization of Indian society. Drawing on primary documents from sanskrit, prakrit, tibetan, Bengali, and chinese author shows how changes in medieval Indian society, including economic and patronage crises, a decline in women`s participation and the formation of large monastic orders led to the rise of the esoteric tradition in India.

The Esoteric Path

Author : Luc Benoist
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Traditional esoterism, though capable of the highest degree of elaboration, is based on a few first principles - Absolute Reality, hierarchical manifestation, the necessity for initiation, the centrality of the spiritual Heart, etc.-which can be stated simply. In The Esoteric Path, Luc Benoist does just this for the monumental writings of the great metaphysician Ren Gunon. If ever there was a 'primer' on traditional metaphysics and esoterism, one that does not dumb down its subject but rather opens a door to profound spiritual depths waiting to be explored, it is this book. The first section deals in a general way with metaphysical principles, their modes of transmission and the spiritual practices based upon them. The second presents the central principles of such Eastern traditions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam, and also various forms of Western Esoterism, including Eastern Orthodox Hesychasm, Freemasonry, Hermeticism, the Templars, Dante and the Fedeli d'Amore, Meister Eckhart and his 'school', etc. Far more than a bouquet of mystical teachings plucked from various sources, designed to titillate the reader's spiritual sensibilities, The Esoteric Path firmly situates that Path in its appropriate, traditional context, so that the seeker's first steps on the 'path to the Path' will be firm and confident, and point him or her in the right direction, away from the time- and soul-consuming attractions of those 'paths' that exhibit (in the author's words) 'the confusion between the spiritual and the psychic., the identification of the spiritual with what is most inferior in the psyche, the identification of religion with magic, totemism, and even sorcery, the popular dissemination of pseudo- or counter-initiatic rituals. A worthy companion to the biographical Ren Gunon and the Future of the West by Robin Waterfield and the Collected Works of Ren Gunon, also published by Sophia Perennis, The Esoteric Path will be of great value to scholars, seekers, and anyone searching for a clearer understanding of the great spiritual traditions. 'Luc Benoist is generally considered the most balanced and authentic exponent of Gunon's teaching. I know of no work in which true scholarship is combined so well with conciseness and comprehensiveness.' -Robin Waterfield

The Esoteric Investor

Author : Vishaal B. Bhuyan
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Massive demographic, environmental, economic, and regulatory shifts are generating huge new investment opportunities with an exceptionally high probability of success over the coming years and decades. In The Esoteric Investor, a world-class portfolio manager identifies these investments, and shows how your best profit opportunities may now lie far beyond the boundaries of traditional financial markets. LifeQuant Capital Management principal Vishaal B. Bhuyan begins by explaining why investors must become far more creative in the way they source opportunity. Next, he identifies immense growth potential in markets ranging from reverse equity transactions to longevity risk–the $24 trillion market you've never heard of. Bhuyan also shows how global events offer sustained profit opportunities in three key markets most investors consistently ignore. If you're looking for promising investments that everyone else doesn't already know about, The Esoteric Investor offers the unique perspective you've been seeking.

Hints on Esoteric Theosophy

Author :
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Esoteric Bible Dictionary

Author : John Paul Scott
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1958 School of the Rose Cross. One entry: Wisdom: Note that wisdom is the result of the head and heart working together and not just the head alone. Unless the spiritual mind is joined to the idealistic heart there will be no wisdom. This is the les.

An Outline of Esoteric Science

Author : Rudolf Steiner
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"As vital and relevant as when it was first published in 1910, this materpiece of esoteric, Rosicrucian cosmology (on which Rudolf Steiner worked and then reworked for many years, making it ever more precise and accurate) remains the most effective presentation to date of the spiritual alternative to contemporary materialist cosmologies and the Darwinian view of human nature and evolution. In this basic work of spiritual science, readers learn how the creation and evolution of humanity is embedded at the heart of the vast, invisible web of interacting cosmic beings through whom the alchemical processes of cosmic evolution unfold. There are also descriptions of the different bodies of the human being and their relation to sleep and death, as well as a detailed practical guide to the methods or exercises, including the "Rose Cross Meditation," by which such initiation knowledge can be attained. Most remarkable and revolutionary of all, perhaps, is the central function that Rudolf Steiner allots to the Christ and to the entrance of Christ into early evolution through the Mystery of Golgotha." -- back cover.

Legend of the Rainbow Warriors

Author : Steven McFadden
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"Legend of the Rainbow Warriors" is a journalist's account of one of the core myths of America, and an electrifying exploration of how that myth is playing out in real time as we approach the crucial year of 2012. One dominant myth is formed by advertising images of vast, luxurious wealth-the myth of materialism. Another myth is conjured in the bloody, sorrowful images that pervade movies, music and computer games-the myth that the world is hate-filled and chaotic beyond redemption. The "Legend of the Rainbow Warriors" offers a spiritual alternative of hope and real possibility based upon respect, freedom and responsibility. As drawn from dozens of historical accounts, the "Legend of the Rainbow Warriors" relates that "when the Earth becomes desperately sick, people of all colors and faiths will unite, and rise to face the overwhelming challenges with insight, honesty, caring, sharing, and respect." Veteran writer Steven McFadden weaves the myths and the headlines together seamlessly in a rich work of literary journalism that is adroitly crafted, eye-opening, and soul-inspiring.

The Esoteric Significance of the Asante Nation

Author : Emmanuel Kingsley Braffi
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Warriors Spiritually Engaged

Author : Queenae Taylor Mulvihill
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In 1994 a small Los Angeles based film crew traveled to East Africa to begin shooting the film production of the award-winning film, MAANGAMIZI - THE ANCIENT ONE. WARRIORS: SPIRITUALLY ENGAGED was written with the intent to provide information to those seeking to know more about the Maangamizi experience: what led up to it and how it came about? It is a personal first-hand narrative of the journey told through the eyes of its author, screenwriter and film producer Queenae Taylor Mulvihill. Utilizing vivid, reflective and introspective excerpts from her personal journals, the struggles of her personal journey are shared with stark honesty. It is not merely a behind-the scenes film chronology of events. Its unique quality is the paranormal and interactive play of ancient Spirits whom the film process awakened. This team of filmmakers dared to go to a land rooted in spirits (active spirits) that for eons have grown accustomed to operating in a tenuous climate of adversity and confrontation.

The Origins and Role of Same Sex Relations in Human Societies

Author : James Neill
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This groundbreaking work draws on a vast range of research into human sexuality to demonstrate that homosexuality is not a phenomenon limited to a small minority of society, but is an aspect of a complex sexual harmony that the human race inherited from its animal ancestors. Through a survey of the patterns of sexual expression found among animals and among societies around the world, and an examination of the functional role homosexual behavior has played among animal species and human societies alike, the author arrives at some provocative conclusions: that a homosexual or bisexual phase is a normal part of sexual development, that same-sex relations play an important balancing role in regulating human reproduction, that many societies have institutionalized homosexual traditions in the past, and that the harsh condemnation of homosexuality in Western society is a relatively recent phenomenon, unique among world societies throughout history. This well researched and meticulously documented book is the first that integrates into a coherent picture the startling revelations about human sexuality coming from the recent work of sexual researchers, psychologists, anthropologists and historians. The view that emerges, of an ambisexual human species whose complex sexual harmony is being thwarted by the imposition of an artificial understanding of nature, represents a new way of thinking about sex.