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On Escape

Author : Emmanuel Lévinas
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First published in 1935, On Escape represents Emmanuel Levinas's first attempt to break with the ontological obsession of the Western tradition. In it, Levinas not only affirms the necessity of an escape from being, but also gives a meaning and a direction to it. Beginning with an analysis of need not as lack or some external limit to a self-sufficient being, but as a positive relation to our being, Levinas moves through a series of brilliant phenomenological analyses of such phenomena as pleasure, shame, and nausea in order to show a fundamental insufficiency in the human condition. In his critical introduction and annotation, Jacques Rolland places On Escape in its historical and intellectual context, and also within the context of Levinas's entire oeuvre, explaining Levinas's complicated relation to Heidegger, and underscoring the way Levinas's analysis of "being riveted," of the need for escape, is a meditation on the body.


Author : Pauline Cartwright
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Starship Astra is running on half power and has stopped near a strange, dark planet to look for the trillium needed to fix the engine. Zimm and Tarek take a shuttle down to explore the planet. But who or what is trying to stop them? Suggested level: primary.

The Escape Or a Leap for Freedom

Author : William Wells Brown
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The first play published by an African-American, this comic 1858 melodrama about two slaves who secretly marry explores the racial tensions between North and South in the years just before the Civil War. With its mix of action, comedy, social commentary and an authenticity only a former slave could recreate, The Escape is essential reading for students of black history and literature. It is also a remarkable glimpse at characters and situations rarely seen from the contemporary black perspective.Born into slavery, American author WILLIAM WELLS BROWN (1814 1884) escaped to the North where he became a prominent abolitionist lecturer, novelist, playwright, and historian. His novel, Clotel: or, The President 's Daughter, is considered by historians to be the first novel written by an African American. His other works include The Negro in the American Rebellion and The Black Man.


Author : Gordon Korman
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Having survived for so long on the deserted island, Luke, Charla, Will, Lysa, J.J., and Ian realize that their enemies are closer than they had expected and soon discover that they will have only one chance at an escape. Original.


Author : Mike McCarthy
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Way of Escape

Author : Ann Fillmore
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A clandestine organization dedicated to the rescue of women threatened with abuse, imprisonment, or death in their home countries, finds its operations thwarted by assassination plots, financial intrigues and a fatwa of death against its prime benefactor. A tale of international suspense on the theme of the plight of women in repressive societies.

Their Festive Island Escape

Author : Nina Singh
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Can Christmas in the Caribbean… …bring her comfort and joy this year? Jilted at the altar exactly three years ago, Celeste wants sun, sea and exotic cocktails, so escaping to Jamaica is perfect. But her peace is disturbed when the hot Santa from the beach turns out to be Reid Evanson—the luxury resort’s CEO and best man at her nonwedding! Could their unexpected chemistry mean he’s the one to restore her love of the festive season?

Escape from Freedom

Author : Erich Fromm
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Why do people choose authoritarianism over freedom? The classic study of the psychological appeal of fascism by a New York Times–bestselling author. The pursuit of freedom has indelibly marked Western culture since Renaissance humanism and Protestantism began the fight for individualism and self-determination. This freedom, however, can make people feel unmoored, and is often accompanied by feelings of isolation, fear, and the loss of self, all leading to a desire for authoritarianism, conformity, or destructiveness. It is not only the question of freedom that makes Fromm’s debut book a timeless classic. In this examination of the roots of Nazism and fascism in Europe, Fromm also explains how economic and social constraints can also lead to authoritarianism. By the author of The Sane Society and The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, this is a fascinating examination of the anxiety that underlies our darkest impulses, an enlightening volume perfect for readers of Eric Hoffer or Hannah Arendt. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erich Fromm including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.

Torrance Escape from Singapore

Author : Jonathan Lunn
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Out of the jungle... and into the fire. 1942. Trapped on Singapore with the Japanese pouring in from all sides, things look bleak for Charlie Torrance. The Allies are losing, and even if he survives this brutal week, chances are he will end up in a POW camp. But Torrance is up to his old tricks - pulling scams, dodging bullets and making the most of life on the edge. Until his luck runs out, and he is thrown into a hopeless extraction mission, certain to fail, rescuing a British operative in possession of classified information. Back with Rossi, his Australians pals and a Glaswegian hard-case called Smiler, it’s a dog eat dog world. In the end, the trick to this insane war is simple: kill, escape or die trying. An explosive and searing novel of World War Two, Torrance: Escape from Singapore is an unforgettable journey, perfect for fans of Jack Higgins, Alistair MacLean and Max Hennessy.

Caribbean Escape with the Tycoon

Author : Rosanna Battigelli
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Swept away… …to paradise! This is a trip of a lifetime for social worker Chanelle Robinson—a chance to relax and embrace the luxury of the cruise liner Aquarius. However, when she encounters its dynamic owner, Vance Kingston, relaxation is the last thing her body craves. As Chanelle struggles to get over her past, Vance must juggle his family business with unexpected feelings for this enchanting beauty. Because if he’s not careful she’ll sail away with his heart… “This is an interesting novel from Ms. Battigelli. Overall it was a fast-paced novel that keeps the reader entertained.” —Goodreads on Captivated by her Italian Boss “I was hooked from the first page to the very last one. I fell in love with the characters as I read. The chemistry between them sets the pages alight as you read. I can’t wait to read more from this author in the future. Highly recommended author.” —Goodreads on Swept Away by the Enigmatic Tycoon

No Escape

Author : Human Rights Watch Staff
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Author : Sorsha Khan
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It has been more than a thousand years since the third world war ravaged the planet near the start of the twenty-first century. All that remains is one habitable land mass ruled by four very different divisions; nothing is certain, especially peace. Anastasia lives in the Mountain Division under the rule of the cruel Lord Byron, a king whom she reluctantly serves in exchange for room and board. When her brother, Zephyr, returns from a trade journey empty-handed, Anastasia must swear herself to the king to save her brother. Forced to defend herself against his unwanted advances, Anastasia is branded for treason and imprisoned. But as soon as she discovers her brother's mutilated body in another cell, Anastasia escapes to the South Division, where she secures a job, finds friendship with an unlikely band of thieves, and meets a young, determined king. Escape is the tale of one woman's dangerous journey to seek freedom in a world emaciated by time, war, and evil rulers.


Author : Brian T. Seifrit
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For Hayden Rochsoff and his two associates brother and sister team Alex and Monique Farell both members of the Russian Rebel Army (RRA)-freedom was a dream come true... Assaulted for three days by Balcovian Officials, after a futile attempt to escape their domain and the communism they were forced to live with. Hayden Rochsoff and his life long friend Alex Farell are separated as the officials take Hayden into custody. For three days and nights the officials torture and try to get Hayden to confess to killing one of the KGB's most wanted hit-men, a man named Andre Fischer. Finally released, Hayden is threatened by General Liwwet, a merciless Balcov Official, that if he were to ever step foot in their domain again he would simply be shot. Forced back to the domain of Poski, Hayden vows revenge.

Escape the Man who Questions Death

Author : Xingjian Gao
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"This collection contains two plays by Gao Xingjian, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2000. Escape was written in 1989 in the wake of the June 4 Student Movement in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. With the publication ofo the play, Gao was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party, dismissed from his state appointment and ahd his house in Beijing confiscated. Perhaps because of this controversy, Escape has become the most performed of all of Gao's plays: it has been staged in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Japan, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, and Canada. Wherever it was staged, it was given a locally relevant intepretation and was well received, which lends credence to Gao's claim of the universality of the play he describes as the tragedy of modern man. The Man Who Questions Death is the latest of Gao's plays. It is also one of the most exciting and powerful." -- Book jacket.


Author : Jai Nitz
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"Collects issues #1 through #4 of Dark Horse Comics' series Dream thief: Escape"--Title page verso.

Escape Through the Balkans

Author : Irene Grunbaum
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Describes the author's flight from Belgrade to Brazil


Author : Francine Pascal
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Because the men in her life are either in comas or interested in her female friends, the powerful Gaia Moore remains powerless against her seemingly bleak fate of remaining alone.

Escape to Manila

Author : Frank Ephraim
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In this book Frank Ephraim, who fled to Manila with his parents, gathers the testimonies of thirty-six refugees. Combining these accounts with historical and archival records, Manila newspapers, and U.S. government documents, Ephraim constructs a detailed account of this little-known chapter of world history. The Jews who escaped to Manila recall the long, dangerous trek from Europe to the Philippines and the elaborate series of permits, visas, and travel tickets it required. They describe the lives they built in Manila upon their arrival and the events surrounding the Japanese invasion. Under the Japanese occupation the Jews, barely settled, were faced afresh with oppression, imprisonment, torture, and death.

Escape from Violence

Author : Aristide R. Zolberg
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The magnitude of refugees movements in the Third World, widely perceived as an unprecedented crisis, has generated widespread concern in the West. This concern reveals itself as an ambiguous mixture of heartfelt compassion for the plight of the unfortunates cast adrift and a diffuse fear that they will come "pouring in." In this comprehensive study, the authors examine the refugee flows originating in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and suggest how a better understanding of this phenomenon can be used by the international community to assist those in greatest need. Reviewing the history of refugee movements in the West, they show how their formation and the fate of endangered populations have also been shaped by the partisan objectives of receiving countries. They survey the kinds of social conflicts characteristic of different regions of the Third World and the ways refugees and refugee policy are made to serve broader political purposes.

A Way of Escape

Author : Doru Tarita
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One man's amazing escape from communist Romania.