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Escape on the Silk Road

Author : Seth Kohn
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Mike Connor, finishing his year of teaching English in China, doesn't think the Tiananmen Square massacre 800 miles away in Peking has much to do with him. Then he is asked to help one of the student dissidents escape, Li Mei, a determined patriot. And not only to escape, but also to help locate Tariq, the leader of the student democracy movement, and an ethnic Kazakh from western China. Tariq terrifies China's leadership: charismatic and smart, he could potentially lead his home province, the population of which despises Chinese rule, to form a breakaway republic in Central Asia. The story follows Mike Connor and Li Mei across the deserts of Western China as they journey in a motorcyle to try to locate Tariq while evading the Chinese security forces. Caught in the turmoil is Jake MacKenzie, CIA station chief in Peking, who must make tough decisions in the field.

Escape from the Legendary Silk Road

Author : Jong-Jun Ha
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Silk Road The Dark Road

Author :
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The Earth was blessed with goodness, peace, and love in the reign of the king of the kings of the earth, thanks to his control of seven legendary weapons ... but he was betrayed and controlled by his seven legendary weapons, and as a result of using them incorrectly the land exploded to three continents and with the passage of ages was the only trade route connecting Europe And Asia is the Silk Road, and the commercial caravans began to disappear inside the road, and suspicion began controlling both the kings of Asia and Europe and sending many missions to find out the reason behind this, but this idea did not work because it does not get anyone alive from the Silk Road and this remained a great mystery. . what happens !! .. And the secret of the disappearance of everyone who passes from this road !! .. Are there any magic tricks! .. or a mysterious monster! ... or a hidden force that messed about the matter ... The earth was almost ignited by the establishment of a war that does not remain nor abhor among all the kingdoms of the earth and which would have destroyed the green and the dry had it not been for the emergence of a simple young man whose life turns upside down as a result of his discovery that he is the sole heir of the great king and his attempt He and his team control and eliminate evil forces and recover the weapons of the great king ...

China s New Silk Road Dreams

Author : Noesselt Nele
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The contributions compiled in this issue engage in critical evaluation of China's "New Silk Road initiative" ("Belt and Road Initiative" [BRI]) by focusing on the potential long-term political and economic effects and implications for Sino-EUropean and Sino-African relations. The authors take the launching of the BRI (October 2013) as a starting point for a general, theory-guided qualitative re-evaluation of the basic patterns of Chinese foreign relations and global interactions under the fifth generation of Chinese political leaders. In 2013, the Chinese state president, Xi Jinping, framed BRI as a global connectivity network consisting of a multitude of overland passages and maritime transportation corridors. Xi Jinping's report to the 19th Party Congress (2017) set the BRI as an anchor concept of China's fine-tuned foreign strategy in the 21st century.

China s Innovation Economy

Author : Jon-Arild Johannessen
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Two trends will have more influence than anything else on the world’s future political and economic situation: the development of artificial intelligence and the emergence of China as a competitor to the United States on the international stage. This book is about the emerging innovation economy. It uses systems theory and evolutionary economics as a theoretical point of departure and explains why the focal point of the geopolitical stage is moving away from the alliance between the United States and Europe, and towards an alliance between China, the 14 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership countries, the countries along the new silk road, and Europe. The book argues that the globalization strategy of neoliberalism laid the foundation for the Chinese economic engine. Whereas the old globalization was driven by cost differences generally, and wage costs specifically, the new globalization is driven by divergence in competence in general, and technological competence in particular, and China’s primary goal is to develop artificial intelligence and intelligent robots. Further, the book posits that the interactions between the climate crisis and the new technology will change production, distribution and the creation of profits, both in China and more widely in the global innovation economy. The book develops a structure to describe, analyze and explain the Chinese innovation economy and contributes to the discussion regarding technological developments in China. The book is written for readers who are oriented towards the new globalization that is emerging in the innovation economy and the factors driving China's economic growth.

The Silk Road Journey With Xuanzang

Author : Sally Wriggins
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The Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang tells the saga of the seventh-century Chinese monk Xuanzang, one of China's great heroes, who completed an epic sixteen-year-long journey to discover the heart of Buddhism at its source in India. Eight centuries before Columbus, this intrepid pilgrim traveled 10,000 miles on the Silk Road, meeting most of Asia's important leaders at that time. In this revised and updated edition, Sally Hovey Wriggins, the first Westerner to walk in Xuanzang's footsteps, brings to life a courageous explorer and devoutly religious man. Through Wriggins's telling of Xuanzang's fascinating and extensive journey, the reader comes to know the contours of the Silk Road, Buddhist art and archaeology, the principles of Buddhism, as well as the geography and history of China, Central Asia, and India. The Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang is an inspiring story of human struggle and triumph, and a touchstone for understanding the religions, art, and culture of Asia.

Echoes of the Silk Road Stories of the Orient by a Master Storyteller

Author : Daniel Fiddler
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My mother was born and raised in China by her American missionary parents. Throughout my childhood growing up in Michigan, my mother and my grandfather told my brother and me stories about their life in the Orient. My grandfather was a superb storyteller and I was always fascinated by his descriptions of the Chinses people and their culture. Later I would live in both Korea and Japan, adding to my interest in the Far East. Each of these fictional short stories is anchored in Chinese and Japanese history and, in some part, on my firsthand experiences and those of my mother and grandparents.

Silk Road Linguistics

Author : Paul Wexler
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In this comprehensive study Paul Wexler demonstrates that Yiddish is a Slavic language largely relexified to genuine and artificial German and Hebrew, as a cryptic language of trade in the Khazar Empire in the 9-10th centuries for the use of multilingual Jewish merchants, who enjoyed special privileges on the Afro-Eurasian Silk Roads until the 13th century. Other Judaized trade languages (Turkic, Chinese, Arabic) were also coined at this time in the Khazar and Iranian Empires. In both empires, Yiddish absorbed over 5,000 overt influ-ences mainly from Judaized Persian, and secondarily from Judaized Turkic and Chinese. Yiddish mainly has Hebraisms wherever Persian employs Arabisms (but has almost no overt Arabisms) and preserves Asianisms with greater accuracy and volume than most Iranianized non-Jewish target languages. Until c. 1000, almost all Jews in the world resided in the Iranian Empire and were mainly of Iranian and only partly of Palestinian Judaean descent. Conversion to Judaism was common among Iranians, Turks, Slavs and Berbers (because of a desire to participate in the lucrative Silk Road trade dominated by Jews, and to escape the status of slavery often imposed on them); conversion led to the rise of new diverse Jewish "ethnicities" and forms of Judaism. The book also examines the Iranianization of other cryptic Jewish trade languages, of Slavic and German, and the common Hebrew-like lexicon used by all Jewish merchants to overcome varied language backgrounds. Yiddish can help to reconstruct the Iranian speech of mixed Irano-Slavic confederations (such as the Galician White Croats).

Old Silk Road

Author : Brandon Caro
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Doc Rogers is in a world of pain. His crew, the advisors of 4th Kandak, 1st Brigade have grown weary of him. The Afghan National Army soldiers he's been tasked with training are not to be trusted. It is 2007, the year of the Taliban resurgence, and he is hopelessly addicted to morphine. He watched five men burn to death in a humvee and was unable to help them. His father's death at the World Trade Center years earlier burned a hole inside him. Doc has reconstituted that hole with anger, distrust and opiates. Now his crew has set out on a fool's journey to have lunch at a far off base with a superior chow hall. But the trip is plagued with delays and set-backs. Apparitions of Pat Tillman and Ghengis Khan appear to Doc with warnings that there is more to this war than he realizes. The further he goes, the more Doc begins to challenge the official narrative. Why are we at war? There's no way of knowing for sure.

The Silk Road

Author : Valerie Hansen
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The Silk Road conjures up an image of a traveler carrying silk as he sits atop a camel and moves along a desert highway. This book offers concrete evidence for what he was really carrying and where he was heading, looking at the key sites along the multiple silk roads, using newly discovered documents preserved in the sands of the Taklamakan Desert.

Shot from the Sky

Author : Cathryn Prince
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Shot from the Sky is about one of the great, dark secrets of World War II: Neutral Switzerland shot down U.S. aircraft entering Swiss airspace and imprisoned the survivors in internment camps, detaining more than a thousand American flyers between 1943 and the war’s end. While conditions at the camps were adequate and humane for internees who obeyed their captors’ orders, the experience was very different for those who attempted to escape. They were held in special penitentiary camps in conditions as bad as those in some prisoner-of-war camps in Nazi Germany. Ironically, the Geneva Accords at the time did not apply to prisoners held in neutral countries, so better treatment could not be demanded. When the war ended in Europe, sixty-one Americans lay buried in a small village cemetery near Bern. Details of this little-known episode are brought to light by Cathryn Prince, who tells what happened and examines the argument the Swiss used to justify their policy. She shows that while the Swiss claimed they satisfied international law, they applied the law in a grossly unfair manner. No German airmen were interned, and the Nazi aircraft were allowed to refuel at Swiss airfields. The author draws on first-person accounts and unpublished sources, including interviews with eyewitnesses and surviving American prisoners, and documents held by the Swiss government and the U.S. Air Force. Although these events have been briefly alluded to in other books, this is the first time that the complete story has been presented.

Insight Guides Silk Road Travel Guide eBook

Author : Insight Guides
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Insight Guide The Silk Road is the complete illustrated guide to one of the world's ultimate travel adventures. Passing right through the heart of Asia, this ancient trade route traverses a quarter of the globe from the heart of China to the Mediterranean via a vast, inhospitable expanse of mountains and desert. The guide covers all the sights along the way across 13 countries and 6 time zones, with authoritative chapters on the Silk Road's history and culture to put it all into context. Inside Insight Guide The Silk Road:A fully-overhauled major new edition by our expert Silk Road author.Stunning, specially-commissioned photography that brings the countries along this evocative route to life. Highlights of the Silk Road's top attractions, including the great city of Isfahan, the ancient splendor of Persepolis and China's Terracotta Army in our Best of the Silk Road.Descriptive country-by-country accounts cover the whole route from China to Turkey by way of the 'Stans of Central Asia and the geopolitical nerve centres of the Middle East.Features detail silk production, the ancient treasures that have been discovered along the route, and the colourful bazaars - a reminder of the Silk Road caravanserais of the distant past.Detailed, high-quality maps throughout will help you get around and travel tips give you all the essential information for planning the trip of a lifetime. About Insight Guides: Insight Guides has over 40 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps as well as picture-packed eBooks to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture together create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure. 'Insight Guides has spawned many imitators but is still the best of its type.' - Wanderlust Magazine

China s Communication of the Belt and Road Initiative

Author : Carolijn van Noort
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This book examines how China’s international political communication of the Belt and Road Initiative comprises narratives about infrastructure and the Silk Road. By carefully selecting infrastructure modalities and Silk Road representations, it is argued that China’s aesthetic production of the Belt and Road Initiative advances China’s image as an infrastructure and standards-setting power, conjures up a historical continuation of friendly and cooperative relations, and forges China’s identity as good neighbor, good friend, and good partner. Using a multiple-case study approach, this book analyses China’s communication of the Second Belt and Road Forum, the Alternative North-South Road in Kyrgyzstan, the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya, and the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge. Detailed literary analyses of the Travels of Marco Polo and the Travels of Ibn Battutah further elucidate China’s selective uses of history. Chapters highlight spatial, temporal, political, economic, technological, and perceptual modalities in infrastructure narratives, and reveal the composition of Silk Road narratives, contributing to key debates about Chinese discourse, media strategy and infrastructure communication. China’s Communication of the Belt and Road Initiative will appeal to students and scholars of politics, international relations, communication, and Asian studies globally.

The Silk Road

Author : British Library
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Keiko the Fairy the Silk Road

Author : Lane Rockford Orsak
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The Silk Road, the second book of the Keiko series, is filled with twists and unexpected turns as Red tries to avoid the mob in Tokyo, and the U.S. Navy sends Nick on special assignment. Red is invited to the Imperial Palace where Empress Meiko extends her hand in friendship and gives Red important information about her mother's true identity. Nick is sent to China for its 60th Naval Anniversary celebration, and secretly attempts a dangerous mission to retrieve Red's mother and the Crown of India, with help from a very unexpected ally. Red and Nick learn about the ancient trade routes from China to the Middle East, called the Silk Road, and how powerful philosophical ideas accompanied the precious riches traded. In the face of extraordinary challenges, Keiko continues to share her love and wisdom with the young couple, as they begin to realize they care for one another deeply.

Mongols on the Silk Road

Author : Kathryn Harrison
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Stretching across Asia and into eastern Europe and northern Africa, the Silk Road opened the world to new ideas, products, and cultures. Because the Mongols controlled so much of the territory across this network of pathways, trade between east and west flourished, spreading silk, spices, technology, and languages. In addition, the Mongols were known for their different religious traditions, including Buddhism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism, which were also “transported” along the established pathways of trade. While traveling throughout the network could be treacherous, its cross-cultural exchange paved the way for modern globalization. This vivid and lively account places sets readers on a wondrous journey of discovery along the Silk Road.

Life Along the Silk Road

Author : Susan Whitfield
File Size : 83.27 MB
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Draws on contemporary sources and first-hand accounts to reconstruct the history of the route through the personal experiences of these characters.

The Maritime Silk Road and Cultural Communication between China and the West

Author : Yan Chen
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This translation of collected articles by Yan Chen (1916–2016) examines the role of the Maritime Silk Road in the formation of world civilizations. Analyzing the Maritime Silk Road’s political, economic, cultural, and technological influence, Chen argues that this expansive trade network was vital to the spread of traditional Chinese culture.

Foreign Devils on the Silk Road

Author : Peter Hopkirk
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The Silk Road, which linked imperial Rome and distant China, was once the greatest thoroughfare on earth. Along it travelled precious cargoes of silk, gold, and ivory, as well as revolutionary new ideas. Its oasis towns blossomed into thriving centres of Buddhist art and learning. In time it began to decline. The traffic slowed, the merchants left, and finally its towns vanished beneath the desert sands to be forgotten for a thousand years. But legends grew up of lost cities filled with treasurees and guarded by demons. In the early years of the 20th century, foreign explorers began to investigate these legends, and very soon an international race began for the art treasures of the Silk Road. Huge wall paintings, sculptures, and priceless manuscripts were carried away, literally by the ton, and are today scattered through the museums of a dozen countries. Peter Hopkirk tells the story of the intrepid men who, at great personal risk, led these long-range archaeological raids, incurring the undying wrath of the Chinese.

Silk Road to Belt Road

Author : Md. Nazrul Islam
File Size : 23.39 MB
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This volume approaches China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a process of culturalization, one that started with the Silk Road and continued over the millennium. In mainstream literature, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been portrayed as the geo-economic vision and geo-political ambition of China’s current leaders, intended to shape the future of the world. However, this volume argues that although geo-politics and geo-economy may play their part, the BRI more importantly creates a venue for the meeting of cultures by promoting people-to-people interaction and exchange. This volume explores the journey from the Silk-Road to Belt-Road by analyzing topics ranging from history to religion, from language to culture, and from environment to health. As such, scholars, academics, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business will find an alternative approach to the Belt and Road Initiative.