Encyclopedia of Environmental Science


Author: John F. Mongillo,Linda Zierdt-Warshaw

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 9781573561471

Category: Nature

Page: 450

View: 7686

Provides information related to environmental science; defines terms and identifies key people, organizations, events, statutes, treaties, places, creatures, and technology; and includes a chronology from 1798 to 2000.

Environmental Science


Author: Michael L. McKinney,Robert Schoch,Logan Yonavjak

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449628338

Category: Science

Page: 694

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Updated with the latest data from the field, Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, Fifth Edition explains the concepts and teaches the skills needed to understand multi-faceted, and often very complex environmental issues. The authors present the arguments, rebuttals, evidence, and counterevidence from many sides of the debate. The Fifth Edition includes new Science in Action boxes which feature cutting-edge case studies and essays, contributed by subject matter experts, that highlight recent and ongoing research within environmental science. With an "Earth as a system" approach the text continues to emphasize Earth's intricate web of interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and how we are central components in these four spheres. This flexible, unbiased approach highlights: 1. how matter cycles over time through Earth's systems 2. the importance of the input-throughput-output processes that describe the global environment 3. how human activities and consumption modify Earth's systems 4. and the scientific, economic, and policy solutions to environmental problems

Questions and Answers in Environmental Science


Author: S.K. Basu,Amit Krishna De

Publisher: Universities Press

ISBN: 9788173715471

Category: Environmental sciences

Page: 381

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The Sustainable Future Of Humany Lies In Understanding The Earth And Its Environment. For This Reason, Environmental Science Has A Purview That Overlaps Several Other Disciplines; From Biology To Economics, Geology To Sociology, Every Subject Has A Significant Relationship With Some Area Of Environmental Science. However, It Is Often Difficult, Time-Consuming And Exhaustive To Keep Pace With New Trends In Such A Broad-Based Field.

Environmental Science

The Natural Environment and Human Impact


Author: Andrew R. W. Jackson,Julie M. Jackson

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780582414457

Category: Science

Page: 405

View: 1905

This book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to environmental science and equips the reader with the fundamental concepts and vocabulary necessary to explore complex environmental phenomena and issues.

Environmental Science

The Way the World Works


Author: Bernard J. Nebel,Richard T. Wright

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional

ISBN: 9780132854467

Category: Environmental sciences

Page: 630

View: 9748

Revolving around the principles of sustainability, this new edition sets out to provide students with a balanced, complete treatment of environmental issues - their scientific basis, history and future. Material is revised to reflect changing environmental understanding and issues.

Environmental Studies


Author: B. S. Chauhan

Publisher: Firewall Media

ISBN: 9788131803288


Page: 377

View: 2121

This book is intended to meet the academic requirements of the subject 'Environmental Studies' for undergraduate students in Indian and overseas universities. The contents have been prepared keeping in mind the widest possible variations in the background of the users.The entire UGC syllabus and supplementary materials are in the nine chapters. Chapter 1 describes the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. Chapter 2 and 3 comprehensively elaborate the forest, water, minerals, food, energy and land resources. Chapter 4 explains various aspects of biodiversity. Chapter 5 discusses the science of ecology and concepts of ecosystem. Chapter 6 is an exhaustive description of environmental pollution, its sources, effects and control measures. The sustainable development has been discussed in Chapter 7. Issues on environment and health, human rights, AIDS, women & child welfare and role of IT industry have been addressed in great length in Chapter 8.Key features of this book include authentic, simple to the point and latest account of each and every topic besides well sketched illustrations and various case studies. The book also contains glossary of terms which can be of particular use to students with little or no science background, and appendices and abbreviations commonly used in describing environmental studies




Author: R. C. DAS,D. K. BEHERA

Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120333307

Category: Science

Page: 376

View: 493

This book fulfills the need for a practical, clearly written introductory textbook on fundamental concepts and basic applications of principles of environmental science. It is designed to cover the curriculum of B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses in Environmental Science. Besides students, the basic knowledge of environmental management is highly essential today for regulators, industrial managers, and environmental activists. The book provides comprehensive information on all relevant components relating to environmental issues in industries, the purpose being to sensitize the management staff to various environmental laws and regulations. The book not only gives a thorough treatment of all individual environmental components but also suggests strategies for improvement of environment quality. It discusses various pollution control methodologies along with waste minimization and resource conservation. An attempt is also made to blend the legal guidelines and statutory compliance with technical and scientific approach. Various environmental management tools have been discussed. Management of hazardous chemicals has been dealt with in a separate chapter.

Environmental Science


Author: Daniel D. Chiras

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449614868

Category: Science

Page: 696

View: 7967

Updated throughout with the latest data from the field, the new Ninth Edition of Environmental Science provides a comprehensive, student-friendly introduction to the environmental issues facing society today and offers numerous solutions for how we can create a more sustainable way of life. Chiras focuses on the underlying cause of environmental problems and is sure to present both sides of the issue at hand. Each chapter highlights critical analysis to help student determine how to approach these complex topics and determine the merits of the debates for themselves. The Ninth Edition includes updated and expanded coverage of environmental economics, ecology, and the application of science and technology as it applies to environmental concerns. - Updated and revised throughout to keep pace with the changes in the field. - New and updated Go Green marginal notes provide helpful, inexpensive, and practical tips which will help us all build a sustainable future. - Chapter 15, Foundations of a Sustainable Energy System, includes new content on energy-conservation options, fuel efficiency standards, electric cars, and 'green buildings'. - Stresses critical thinking skills by urging students to analyze complex issues and make rational decisions on key topics. - Spotlight on Sustainable Development boxes give students further insight into timely environmental issues. - Point/Counterpoint sections help students examine both sides of popular environmental issues. - Key Concept boxes highlight the crucial concepts that form the foundation of environmental science.

Basics of Environmental Science


Author: N.A

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415211758

Category: Science

Page: 323

View: 3140

The new edition of this popular student text offers an engaging introduction to environmental study. It covers the entire breadth of the environmental sciences, providing concise, non-technical explanations of physical processes and systems and the effects of human activities. In this second edition the scientific background to major environmental issues is clearly explained. These include: * global warming * genetically modified foods * desertification * acid rain * deforestation * human population growth * depleting resources * nuclear power generation * descriptions of the 10 major biomes. Special student text features include illustrations and explanatory diagrams, boxed case studies, concepts and definitions.

Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Environmental Science


Author: David F. Parkhurst

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387342281

Category: Science

Page: 317

View: 7426

This book teaches mathematical structures and how they can be applied in environmental science. Each chapter presents story problems with an emphasis on derivation. For each of these, the discussion follows the pattern of first presenting an example of a type of structure as applied to environmental science. The definition of the structure is presented, followed by additional examples using MATLAB, and analytic methods of solving and learning from the structure.