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English Women s Clothing in the Nineteenth Century

Author : C. Willett Cunnington
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Remarkably thorough descriptions, information about hundreds of fashions: morning dresses, riding outfits, bridal gowns, more. Also millinery, footwear, etc. Based on contemporary sources. Indispensable for costume and fashion students. Bibliography.

Masterpieces of Women s Costume of the 18th and 19th Centuries

Author : Aline Bernstein
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Finely detailed illustrations of 32 complete costumes, shown in color and black-and-white — from exquisitely embroidered, full-skirted dresses circa 1700 to a magnificent silk dress with an extended bustle and pleated overskirt (1880).

Fashioning the Bourgeoisie

Author : Philippe Perrot
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By the middle of the century, men were prompted to disdain the decadent and gaudy colors of the pre-Revolutionary period and wear unrelievedly black frock coats suitable to the manly and serious world of commerce. Their wives and daughters, on the other hand, adorned themselves in bright colors and often uncomfortable and impractical laces and petticoats, to signal the status of their family.

Clothing the Poor in Nineteenth Century England

Author : Vivienne Richmond
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In this pioneering study Vivienne Richmond reveals the importance of dress to the nineteenth-century English poor, who valued clothing not only for its practical utility, but also as a central element in the creation and assertion of collective and individual identities. During this period of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation formal dress codes, corporate and institutional uniforms and the spread of urban fashions replaced the informal dress of agricultural England. This laid the foundations of modern popular dress and generated fears about the visual blurring of social boundaries as new modes of manufacturing and retailing expanded the wardrobes of the majority. But a significant impoverished minority remained outside this process. Clothed by diminishing parish assistance, expanding paternalistic charity and the second-hand trade, they formed a 'sartorial underclass' whose material deprivation and visual distinction was a cause of physical discomfort and psychological trauma.

The Woman Question in Nineteenth Century English German and Russian Literature

Author : Kathryn L Ambrose
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Kathryn Ambrose offers a new literary critical approach to the Woman Question in nineteenth-century English, German and Russian literature, based on feminist theory, post-structuralism and the semiotics of barriers.

Female Beauty in Art

Author : Maria Ioannou
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In Female Beauty in Art, a series of essays examine the presence and role of female beauty in art, history and culture, and consider the ways in which beauty can function as a discourse of female identity. As a concept, female beauty is unique in that it can contain compelling imbrications of gender ideologies, images, relations, cultural constructions and modes of interaction between persons and the institutions that define their lives. Thus, female beauty can provide proliferating methods t...

English Women s Clothing in the Present Century

Author : Cecil Willett Cunnington
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Men s Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century

Author : Mitchell Co.
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Over 100 full-page, royalty-free illustrations document what well-dressed American men wore in early 1900s: checked and striped business suits, sporty knickers and jackets, elegant formal wear, long fur-trimmed coats. Includes variety of accessories.

Nineteenth century Fashion in Detail

Author : Lucy Johnston
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A glorious companion volume to Historical Fashion in Detail- The 17th and 18th Centuries (V&A 2000) and Modern Fashion in Detail (V&A 1998), this book captures the opulence and variety of nineteenth-century fashion through an authoritative text, exquisite colour photography and line drawings of the complete garments. From the delicate embroidery on neoclassical gowns to the vibrant colours of crinolines and the elegant tailoring of men's coats, the richness of the period is revealed in breathtaking detail. The garments showcased here, drawn from the V&A Museum's world famous collection, were at the height of fashion in their time. They display a remarkable range of colours, materials and construction details- from the intricate boning on women's corsets to the patterned silk of men's waistcoats. Seen in close-up for the first time and further illuminated by detailed commentary and line drawings that show the ingenuity of the underlying construction, these carefully chosen garments illustrate some of the major themes of nineteenth-century dress.

The Exotic Woman in Nineteenth century British Fiction and Culture

Author : Piya Pal-Lapinski
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A fresh and provocative approach to representations of exotic women in Victorian Britain.

The Nineteenth Century The British Isles 1815 1901

Author :
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The complete Short Oxford History of The British Isles (series editor: Professor Paul Langford) will cover the history of the British Isles from the Roman Era to the present in eleven volumes. In each, experts write to their strengths tackling the key issues including society, economy, religion, politics, and culture head-on in chapters that will be at once wide-ranging surveys and searching analyses. Each book is specifically designed with the non-specialist reader in mind; but the authority of the contributors and the vigour of the interpretations will make them necessary and challenging reading for fellow academics across a range of disciplines. The nineteenth century was Britain's moment as a world power, not only in the narrow political sense, but with respect to a vast range of activities and achievements. This book sets out to describe the force and complexity of that experience, and to cover, in an interdisciplinary way, the political, economic, and cultural history of the British Isles between 1815 and 1901. It looks at the Victorian economy, that transforming great engine of change, as well as Victorian public life as a cultural and political narrative by including chapters on women and domesticity, the remarkable interplay of religion, intellect and science, art, architecture and the city, as well as literature, and the theatre and music of the time. This collection of works by eminent historians brilliantly depicts the nations of the British Isles at the height of Britain's world power.

Franklin Simon Fashion Catalog for 1923

Author : Franklin Simon & Co
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Over 500 illustrations of fur-trimmed evening wraps, casual day wear and more for women; stylish clothing for children, handsome accessories for men, costume jewelry, millinery, shoes, much else.

Costume Design in the Movies

Author : Elizabeth Leese
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Comprehensive, lavishly illustrated reference work provides biographical/career data for major designers (Adrian, Jean Louis, Edith Head, more). Updated to 1988, with over 400 new film credits. 177 illustrations. Index of 6,000 films.

Ert s Fashion Designs

Author : Ert‚
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Splendid selection of 218 black-and-white inventions from legendary designer's productions for Harper's Bazar, 1918–32. Also 8 pages of full-color covers, originals now prized collector's items. Captions. Publisher's Note.

Women in English Social History 1800 1914

Author : Barbara Kanner
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A Short History of Costume Armour

Author : Francis M. Kelly
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DIVMeticulously researched, well-illustrated history of fashion covers 800 years of style: civilian and military clothing of English upper classes for both sexes, 11th–19th centuries, plus accessories. 342 black-and-white illustrations. /div

Gamle Norge and Nineteenth Century British Women Travellers in Norway

Author : Kathryn Walchester
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‘Gamle Norge and Nineteenth-Century British Women Travellers in Norway’ presents an account of the development of tourism in nineteenth-century Norway and considers the ways in which women travellers depicted their travels to the region. Tracing the motivations of various groups of women travellers, such as sportswomen, tourists and aristocrats, this book argues that in their writing, Norway forms a counterpoint to Victorian Britain: a place of freedom and possibility.

Feminine Modes and Mores of the Nineteenth Century

Author : Virginia Lee Zachery
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Dress and Identity in British Literary Culture 1870 1914

Author : Rosy Aindow
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Rosy Aindow's interdisciplinary study maps the literary response to the emergence of a modern fashion industry in late nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Britain. The study argues dress is given a distinctive voice in novels of the period; works that embrace older sartorial tropes, but which simultaneously shape and formulate their own reflecting contemporary social concerns.

She Walks in Splendor

Author : Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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