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English Vocabulary Today

Author : Barry J. Blake
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English Vocabulary Today: Into the 21st Century offers an innovative perspective on the ways in which contemporary English language vocabulary continues to adapt and grow in light of emerging technologies and ideas. The book begins with a concise history of the English language, followed by chapters covering key topics including lexical change, semantic change and word-formation. Additional chapters highlight unique topics not often covered in English language studies, including the mental lexicon, inclusive language and the importing and exporting of words between English and other languages. Chapter discussions are enhanced by dynamic examples from a wide range of varieties of English, including American, British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, South African and South Asian. Taken together, English Vocabulary Today: Into the 21st Century offers students a clear and comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted nature of English vocabulary today as well as new insights into its continued development.

English Vocabulary Elements

Author : Keith Denning
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This unique text draws on the tools of modern linguistics to help the student acquire an effective understanding of learned, specialized, and scientific vocabulary. EVE helps develop familiarity with over 350 Latin and Greek word elements in English, and shows how these roots are the building blocks in thousands of different words. Along the way the authors introduce and illustrate many of the fundamental concepts of linguistics. This book will be useful to upper level high school students, undergraduates in English, Linguistics, and Classics departments, ESL students, and anyone interested in building vocabulary skills. This new edition includes updated cultural references and thoroughly revised and improved the pedagogy based on classroom experience. In particular they account for variations in pronunciation among students; clarify when historical details are important or peripheral; and improve the many examples and exercises that form the core of the book.

Greek and Latin in English Today

Author : Richard M. Krill
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Help students build their vocabulary as well as their knowledge of history and culture. This book has already been successfully tested with hundreds of students in classrooms at several major universities. -- The General Introduction provides students with an essay on European Linguistics and the Greek Alphabet. -- The book will also teach students the Greek Alphabet and how to transliterate Greek into comprehensible English. -- User friendly, this textbook will help students appreciate the ancient languages. This volume also teaches the basic Latin and Greek vocabularies

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

Author : David Crystal
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Now in its third edition, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language provides the most comprehensive coverage of the history, structure and worldwide use of English. Fully updated and expanded, with a fresh redesigned layout, and over sixty audio resources to bring language extracts to life, it covers all aspects of the English language including the history of English, with new pages on Shakespeare's vocabulary and pronunciation, updated statistics on global English use that now cover all countries and the future of English in a post-Brexit Europe, regional and social variations, with fresh insights into the growing cultural identities of 'new Englishes', English in everyday use with new sections on gender identities, forensic studies, and 'big data' in corpus linguistics, and digital developments, including the emergence of new online varieties in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Packed with brand new colour illustrations, photographs, maps, tables and graphs, this new edition is an essential tool for a new generation of twenty-first-century English language enthusiasts.

Greek and Latin Roots

Author : Shell Educational Publishing
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Did you know that Greek and Latin roots make up 90% of English words of two or more syllables? Having an extensive vocabulary is key to students' reading comprehension. By adopting the strategies in this book, teachers will help their students read more effectively, setting a foundation for lifelong learning and reading success. This teacher-friendly resource provides the latest research on how to teach Greek and Latin roots. It includes anecdotes from teachers who have adopted these strategies and how they play out in today's classrooms. With a research-based rationale for addressing vocabulary in the classroom, this K-12 resource is full of strategies for increasing reading comprehension, instructional planning, and building a word-rich learning environment to support all students including English language learners.


Author :
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100 Word Search for Teens

Author : Jay Johnson
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This book is based on the science that shows that children and middle-aged people who solve word games and brainteasers have a significant cognitive advantage over those who do not! Yes, this puzzle book of 100+ Word Search for Teens: The Word Search Book for Teens with the Need to Increase English Vocabulary Today! Educational Brain Games puzzles for Teens and Adults that is, a word game book specifically created to boost the vocabulary of kids and also cross-train the brain at the same time! No doubts, here are 100+ Word Search puzzles game that will stretch, challenge, and push the reader, while in the process stimulate the formation of neurons... literally, improving the brain in the case of adults.... Yes, go ahead, click the buy button above and grab a copy for your kids now! Enjoy.

The English Language Today

Author : Sidney Greenbaum
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English from the Roots Up

Author : Joegil Lundquist
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Provides a comprehensive study of Greek and Latin root words that make up the English language.

English Vocabulary Builder

Author : Johnson O'Connor
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English Words

Author : Donka Minkova
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A new edition of this textbook discusses the learned vocabulary of English - the words borrowed from the classical languages.

Why is English Like That

Author : Norbert Schmitt
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Why is "night" spelled with "gh"? Why can't sentences end with prepositions? Why does English have so many words that express the same ideas? Questions like these can be difficult for teachers to answer when they do not know the historical background of the English language. Why Is English Like That? gives teachers a brief and accessible history of the English without assuming any prior knowledge of the subject. The book outlines the historical events that shaped English; describes how its grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation developed over time; and highlights the "quirks" and "exceptions" in English that can be explained on a historical basis. By understanding how the English of today evolved from the English of past times, both teachers and students will be more comfortable with the many conventions of the English language. Why Is English Like That? also contains reproducible grammar and vocabulary exercises that will help teachers incorporate some of this historical knowledge into classroom activities. This book was written with English language teachers in mind, and the exercises are designed for ESL/EFL students, but it may also be used by teachers in training (L1 and L2).

English Studies Today

Author : Giorgio Melchiori
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English Vocabulary

Author : Martin Hunt
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For those who are learning English and need some extra help. Contains useful everyday words, help with difficult words, practice exercises, and recordings to help with speaking and listening skills.

American English Today

Author : Hans Paul Guth
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Graded texts offer instruction in composition, word study, grammar, usage, mechanics, and speech.

English Grammar for Today

Author : Geoffrey N. Leech
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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English Grammar for Today seeks to promote the study of grammar in the English curriculum. It takes a new approach which gives weight not only to analytical skills but also to the integration of English grammar with other linguistic skills such as composition and comprehension.

Teaching a Standard English Vocabulary

Author : Marie Morrison Hughes
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Spanish today

Author :
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Werchikwar English Vocabulary

Author : D. L. R. Lorimer
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Language Arts Concepts for Elementary School Teachers

Author : Paul Clay Burns
File Size : 45.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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