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Energy Revolution

Author : Howard Geller
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The transformation from a carbon-based world economy to one based on high efficiency and renewables is a necessary step if human society is to achieve sustainability. But while scientists and researchers have made significant advances in energy efficiency and renewable technologies in recent years, consumers have yet to see dramatic changes in the marketplace--due in large part to government policies and programs that favor the use of fossil fuels.Energy Revolution examines the policy options for mitigating or removing the entrenched advantages held by fossil fuels and speeding the transition to a more sustainable energy future, one based on improved efficiency and a shift to renewable sources such as solar, wind, and bioenergy. The book:examines today's energy patterns and trends and their consequencesdescribes the barriers to a more sustainable energy future and how those barriers can be overcomeprovides ten case studies of integrated strategies that have been effective in different parts of the worldexamines international policies and institutions and recommends ways they could be improvedreviews global trends that suggest that the transition to renewables and increased efficiency is underway and is achievableEnergy policy represents a linchpin for achieving a broader transition to a more sustainable economy. Energy Revolution offers a unique focus on policies and programs, and on the lessons provided by recent experience. It represents a key statement of the available options for reforming energy policy that have proven to be successful, and is an essential work for policymakers, researchers, and anyone concerned with energy and sustainability issues.


Author : Jane S. Hoffman
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A critical study of new green energy initiatives illuminates a range of issues associated with renewable energy sources, examining the technological and economic future of energy research, political factors, what the U.S. should be doing to promote ecologically friendly technologies, and what each person can do to help the situation. Original. 40,000 first printing.

Energy Revolution

Author : Howard Johns
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We need a global energy revolution. In developed nations we are wasting massive quantities of energy providing heat and light to our homes and businesses while one and a half billion people have no access to electricity at all. The existing central-power-station model is based on old technology that spews carbon, energy, and money straight up the chimney. Energy Revolution shows us how we can change all of this. Telling stories from around the world of the change that’s already happening and drawing on two decades of his own unique experience, Howard Johns demonstrates how we can develop our own renewable-energy projects to provide local energy and create a new fleet of businesses. He shows us how communities can build local energy solutions—renewable-power stations that will be a new form of building society where we come together to develop, finance, and construct the infrastructure that we and future generations so desperately need. Howard Johns explains how to design, set up, and fund community energy systems, citing examples from countries that already have cut the amount of energy they use and supply their needs from renewable energy. These new systems will create new jobs and businesses, reduce energy imports, and create new local-investment models. This handbook contains the map we need to change the system from the bottom up and make the next great leap forward to achieving clean, affordable energy. It covers everything needed to structure your community power company—the technology, site assessment, legal and business planning, fundraising and financial modeling, and putting people at the heart of your strategy. It’s time to take control, re-localize, reduce costs and carbon emissions, and join the energy revolution.

China s Energy Revolution in the Context of the Global Energy Transition

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This open access book is an encyclopaedic analysis of the current and future energy system of the world's most populous country and second biggest economy. What happens in China impacts the planet. In the past 40 years China has achieved one of the most remarkable economic growth rates in history. Its GDP has risen by a factor of 65, enabling 850,000 people to rise out of poverty. Growth on this scale comes with consequences. China is the world's biggest consumer of primary energy and the world's biggest emitter of CO2 emissions. Creating a prosperous and harmonious society that delivers economic growth and a high quality of life for all will require radical change in the energy sector, and a rewiring of the economy more widely. In China's Energy Revolution in the Context of the Global Energy Transition, a team of researchers from the Development Research Center of the State Council of China and Shell International examine how China can revolutionise its supply and use of energy. They examine the entire energy system: coal, oil, gas, nuclear, renewables and new energies in production, conversion, distribution and consumption. They compare China with case studies and lessons learned in other countries. They ask which technology, policy and market mechanisms are required to support the change and they explore how international cooperation can smooth the way to an energy revolution in China and across the world. And, they create and compare scenarios on possible pathways to a future energy system that is low-carbon, affordable, secure and reliable. .

Power to the People

Author : Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran
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A guided tour of a revolution in the making that promises to change our lives Global warming, rolling black outs, massive tanker spills, oil dependence: our profligate ways have doomed us to suffer such tragedies, right? Perhaps, but Vijay Vaitheeswaran, the energy and environment correspondent for The Economist, sees great opportunity in the energy realm today, and Power to the People is his fiercely independent and irresistibly entertaining look at the economic, political, and technological forces that are reshaping the world's management of energy resources. In it, he documents an energy revolution already underway--a revolution as radical as the communications revolution of the past decades.

Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution

Author : Kolya Abramsky
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The earth's not dying, it's being killed. Only a movement for renewable energy will save it.

The Investor s Guide to the Energy Revolution

Author : Tamás Farkas
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This book is for two types of people. First, it's for all those who are interested in today's energy issues. Second, for those who consider investing in the energy industry. The author, an independent thinker and experienced international investor, explains in a clear, concise way the role of the different energy sources in the developed societies - and why an Energy Revolution is inevitable. The book presents different alternatives for the challenges ahead and assesses their long-term viability with full pragmatism. The author provides a unique investment approach, and shows with the aid of many real-life examples how to use it for making important investment decisions with confidence. You will also learn how to invest successfully during recessions and find recession-proof energy stocks. Whether you are a new, or an experienced investor - or just curious about oil and energy - you will learn a great deal from this book.

The Atom and the Energy Revolution

Author : Norman Lansdell
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Shale Energy Revolution

Author : Binlei Gong
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This book answers the following questions: How will the global oil and gas market change in the next decade? How does the United States become the world's biggest oil and gas producer? What is the current condition of China's Shale Industry and energy security? Is hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology cheered or feared? Is energy production driven by economy or environment? Who are the major competitors in this market? This book covers not only macro analysis at country-level, but also micro analysis at firm-level, which helps investigate this industry more comprehensively.

The Coming Energy Revolution

Author : Jeane Manning
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There is a new and exciting revolution coming. It will dramatically change our landscape, our environment, our economy, and our lives. It will provide each and every one of us with a truly unique sense of independence. It will mark the end of oil-influenced politics, and the beginning of a bright new millennium - a time in which we all will have our own unlimited sources of nonpolluting energy. However, it will not come without a struggle, as history has already shown. The Coming Energy Revolution provides us with an intriguing and insightful look at the forces behind the free-energy movement. The Coming Energy Revolution introduces us to some of the inventors, both past and present, who have insisted that we are surrounded by a sea of energy that we can tap once we have learned nature's secrets. Conventional science says that space is cold and still, and that what energy does exist cannot be put to useful work. The new-energy innovators say that conventional science is wrong, and that new-energy research is being suppressed by a combination of scientific inertia and corporate self-interest. But the suppression cannot last, as this book shows - there are simply too many inventors who are close to new-energy breakthroughs. The Coming Energy Revolution examines the technologies on which these inventors are working. There are magnets that can redirect the energy of space. There is a gentler form of nuclear energy that can take place on a table top. There is hydrogen, a clean, abundant fuel that can be produced wherever needed. There is a form of hydropower that does not rely on massive dams. And there are other forms of new energy. The Coming Energy Revolution looks at them all, and at the kinds of changes that will be needed to overcome the roadblocks between our old-energy present and our new-energy future.

China s Renewable Energy Revolution

Author : John A. Mathews
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The authors suggest that China's renewable energy system, the largest in the world, will quickly supersede the black energy system that has powered the country's rapid rise as workshop of the world and for reasons that have more to do with fixing environmental pollution and enhancing energy security than with curbing carbon emissions.

Re Volt Our Impending Energy Revolution

Author : Jeremy Gorman
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Energy, the stuff that makes things happen, is everywhere. It comes in many forms. We ignore most of it, and abuse the rest. Two critical types require your attention: your internal energy, the stuff that gets you up in the morning and lets you accomplish things; and commercial energy, the stuff that you buy. Re-Volt! details both of these energy types and invites you to use them to make your world better. It shows you new and underutilized sources of energy that are waiting for enterprising people like you to put to use. Much of Re-Volt! is an invitation for you to get involved and make a difference in the world-your world! It is your guide to saving energy, saving money and having fun doing it. Get involved and enjoy!

Energy Revolution

Author : Mara Prentiss
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Using full-color visualizations of key concepts and data, Mara Prentiss interprets government reports, technology, and basic physical laws to advance a bold claim: wind and solar power alone could generate 100% of the U.S. average energy demand, without lifestyle sacrifices. And meeting the actual U.S. energy demand with renewables is within reach.

Exam Prep for Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution

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Energy Revolution Evolution or End of Humanity

Author : Gunananthan N
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Possible extinction events are around the corner and we need technology and a greater understanding of energy to overcome extinction. But fortunately, just around the corner too, will be the greatest revolution ever for humanity, where energy will become free and opportunities will open up everywhere. Which will come first – solving our energy woes or the death of our humanity? We are now in a race against time to hit the start line of an Energy Revolution – a race against one possible outcome where Earth chokes to death on pollution versus getting to the Energy Revolution and repairing the pollution we have created. And will humankind evolve? To survive we must evolve towards transhumanism simply to overcome the follies of our own doing.

Energy Revolution in the Western Hemisphere Opportunities and Challenges for the U S Serial No 114 44 May 14 2015 114 1

Author :
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Exam Prep for Chinas New Energy Revolution How the World

Author :
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The Green Bubble

Author : Robert Bell
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In this prescient volume, noted economist Robert Bell argues that—the next four years will be an increasingly frenzied lead-up to a gigantic stockmarket bubble in renewable energy;--the new energy revolution will have a profound impact on everything that humanbeings construct, move, or deliberately heat or cool;—and the consequences of the first truly global stock market bubble will transformevery country, every industry, and nearly every business.But after the bubble bursts, most of the investors in the bubble, those who didnot get out in time and numbering perhaps a billion or more, will have lost a materialamount of their life savings. Some will have invested individually, others through theirpension funds, still others through their governmentGÇÖs tax money, and, finally, quite afew through all of the above.And, what of the outcome? A World-War magnitude of invested money willactually have paid for the transformation out of oil and into renewable energy. Theresult—the climate will probably have been saved, and there will be nearly limitlessenergy. But it will have virtually no monetary value. Energy will be GÇ£too cheap tometer.GÇ¥Readers of The Green Bubble will learn about the new energy revolution and willdiscover what works and what doesn't, and why they will have to watch their investmentsclosely—especially those made by others on their behalf.

Fueling Growth

Author : Laura Elizabeth Hein
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Hein (Japanese history, Northwestern U.) examines post-WWII economic development in Japan through the prism of the energy sector. Energy, always a key problem for Japan, is an appropriate angle from which to view the changing economy and the development of economic policy during the Occupation years and after. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Women and the Energy Revolution in Asia

Author : Reihana Mohideen
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This book examines the low-carbon energy transition taking place in developing Asia, in the context of persisting social and gender inequalities, the threat of climate change which has necessitated the decarbonisation of industry, and examines how developing Asia can ‘leap-frog’ the carbon-emitting stages that more developed economies have passed through, while simultaneously ‘leap-frogging’ social and gender equity gaps. The book uses the concept of ‘disruptive technologies’, an area of study that assesses the potential of certain technologies to disrupt the status quo and the concept of socio-technical frameworks, where social considerations are factored in to engineering systems and models. Using case studies and methodologies drawn from interdisciplinary approaches to engineering, and from development studies, science and technology studies and feminist approaches, it assesses how the low-carbon energy transition potentially provides poor women in developing Asia the opportunity to get on board at the early phase of these changes and influence and even transform their societies and lives.