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Pelicotetics Or The Science of Quantity

Author : Archibald Sandeman
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The Endless Adventure

Author : Frederick Scott Oliver
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Endless Passion

Author : Lynn Emery
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Three full novels by Emery--"Night Magic, Tender Touch," and "Sweet Mystery"--are combined in one unique volume of steamy and exciting relationships, illicit love, and the dance of romance.

The Endless Quest

Author : Philip L Martin
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The Endless Theory of Days

Author : Michael Bishop
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The Endless Theory of Days: The Art and Poetry of Gérard Titus-Carmel seeks to set forth the case for the special, multiple genius of a man who, despite the experience of a biting melancholy resulting from loss, despite an 'indefectible feeling of estrangement from the world', despite, too, the corrosive sense of art's, of languages's, deceptiveness, has never lost sight of a curious duty to the shadows that haunt and that, with now a strangeness that smiles, yet beckon toward 'the very place, finally clarified and recognised, of pure evidence. [The place,] that is, where beauty is named'. This place, Gérard Titus-Carmel may feel, lies no doubt impossibly beyond the strict locus of his art and his writing, but it is a place he has struggled with dignity and unceasingly deployed energy to bring to a semblance of incarnation in a vast plastic and poetical oeuvre that has stirred, and will continue to stir, the minds and hearts of all those – from Derrida and Bonnefoy, Alain Robbe-Grillet and Pascal Quignard to Jacques Dupin and Marie-Claire Bancquart, and countless others – who have witnessed its exquisitely solemn unfolding over, today, more than forty years.

Reasons for Rejecting the Doctrine of Endless Damnation

Author : Jemima Shedd
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Nigeria an Endless Cycle of Coup D tat

Author : Bernard-Thompson Ikegwuoha
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Tourist Guide of the Endless Mountains Association 1978 1979

Author :
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Endless War

Author : David Keen
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"Endless War? casts a critical light on the real motives behind war and terror. David Keen explores how winning war is rarely an end in itself; rather, war often provides cover for wider political and economic games in which strengthening the enemy is either irrelevant or positively useful. Keen devises a radical framework for analysing an unending war project where violence creates its own legitimacy and where the 'war on terror' is only the latest extension of a Cold War project."--BOOK JACKET.

The Endless Knot

Author : Ingeborg Oppel Urcia
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