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Encyclopedia of E Health and Telemedicine

Author : Cruz-Cunha, Maria Manuela
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Patients and medical professionals alike are slowly growing into the digital advances that are revolutionizing the ways that medical records are maintained in addition to the delivery of healthcare services. As technology continues to advance, so do the applications of technological innovation within the healthcare sector. The Encyclopedia of E-Health and Telemedicine is an authoritative reference source featuring emerging technological developments and solutions within the field of medicine. Emphasizing critical research-based articles on digital trends, including big data, mobile applications, electronic records management, and data privacy, and how these trends are being applied within the healthcare sector, this encyclopedia is a critical addition to academic and medical libraries and meets the research needs of healthcare professionals, researchers, and medical students.

Encyclopedia of E Health and Telemedicine VOL 2

Author : Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha
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Encyclopedia of E Health and Telemedicine VOL 1

Author : Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha
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Encyclopedia of Public Health

Author : Wilhelm Kirch
File Size : 54.19 MB
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The Encyclopedic Reference of Public Health presents the most important definitions, principles and general perspectives of public health, written by experts of the different fields. The work includes more than 2,500 alphabetical entries. Entries comprise review-style articles, detailed essays and short definitions. Numerous figures and tables enhance understanding of this little-understood topic. Solidly structured and inclusive, this two-volume reference is an invaluable tool for clinical scientists and practitioners in academia, health care and industry, as well as students, teachers and interested laypersons.

e Health Care in Dentistry and Oral Medicine

Author : Nicolas Giraudeau
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This clinically oriented book presents the state of the art in e-health care within dentistry and oral medicine (“e-oral health”) with the aim of acquainting dentists and other oral health care professionals with its uses and advantages, especially with regard to diagnosis. It will assist all who wish to learn about teledentistry protocols and the e-oral health branch or to implement e-oral health solutions and procedures in clinical practice. The book opens by discussing general aspects of e-oral health, including tools, networks, and the very important ethical considerations. The use and specific benefits of e-oral health technologies in the diagnosis of different conditions, orthodontic assessment, implantology evaluation, and caries prevention are then fully explained. Finally, examples are provided of the ways in which teledentistry functions in different countries on different continents. e-Oral health is a burgeoning field that encompasses teledentistry as well as other uses of information and communication technologies for oral health care purposes. This book will be an ideal guide for not only dentists but also dental hygienists, dental nurses, and other professionals.

Epidemiological Research Applications for Public Health Measurement and Intervention

Author : Taukeni, Simon George
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Different levels in health sciences, in particular public health, have acknowledged the significant role of epidemiology methods for early detection of emerging infections, alert systems, and preparedness interventions. Therefore, it is important to understand how epidemiological research is conducted and how it can be used at various levels to make exposure or incidence data on a general population available. In this, epidemiological research connected to both human and technology interactions is of primary importance. Epidemiological Research Applications for Public Health Measurement and Intervention provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in the field of epidemiology. The chapters within this essential reference source enhance the knowledge of epidemiological research and measurement to investigate, detect, and monitor emerging pathological infections. While highlighting topics that include the history of epidemiology; the applications of epidemiology; and also the uses, principles, and roles of epidemiology, this book is ideally intended for professionals and researchers working in the field of health sciences in various disciplines and government officials, policymakers, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in epidemiological research and measurement for increasing the effectiveness of public health practice.

Using Narrative Writing to Enhance Healing During and After Global Health Crises

Author : Bird, Jennifer Lynne
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Millions of people experience stress in their lives, and this is even more prevalent in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether this stress stems from a job loss or a fear of sickness from working with the public, stress has reigned throughout the pandemic. However, stress is more complicated than being simply a “bad feeling.” Stress can impact both mental and physical wellbeing. Using Narrative Writing to Enhance Healing During and After Global Health Crises is a critical reference that discusses therapeutic writing and offers it as a simple solution for those who are at the highest risk of poor health. This book covers multiple writing narratives on diverse topics and how they aid with stress after the COVID-19 pandemic. Including topics such as anxiety, health coaching, and leadership, this book is essential for teachers, community leadership, physical and emotional therapists, healthcare workers, teachers, faculty of both K-12 and higher education, members of church communities, students, academicians, and any researchers interested in using writing as a healing process.

Global Applications of One Health Practice and Care

Author : Yasobant, Sandul
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Many factors have changed interactions between people, animals, and our environment including the emergence and reemergence of diseases such as swine flu, rabies, and diphtheria. By practicing the concept of one health, which relates the close interactions between people, animals, and our environment to overall health, a solution for global wellbeing can be found. Global Applications of One Health Practice and Care provides in-depth research on the concept of one health and the ability to achieve universal health by connecting human health with animal health and a safe environment. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as holism health, drug resistance, and parasitic zoonoses, this book is ideally designed for policy planners, program managers, public health practitioners, animal health specialists, environmentalists, researchers, and academicians seeking current research on achieving better public health outcomes.

Ethical Implications of Reshaping Healthcare With Emerging Technologies

Author : Musiolik, Thomas Heinrich
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Improving quality of life is one of the main advantages of integrating new innovations into medicine. New technologies are revolutionizing medicine and opening new opportunities for patients, doctors, clinics, and companies. The patient's well-being is monitored autonomously by smartphones, digital medical records simplify everyday clinical work, virtual reality is used for treatment, and robots help in the operating room. The new technological possibilities in healthcare not only change patients’ lives, but also the work of doctors, clinics, and companies. In the fields of healthcare and medicine, new technologies can be used for patient communication, health monitoring, or for the treatment of patients, and modern research is devoted to advancing and understanding these technologies. Ethical Implications of Reshaping Healthcare With Emerging Technologies includes the most up-to-date research in the fields of healthcare and medicine worldwide, provides answers to the forms of treatment that are already possible in medicine, and illuminates the future possibilities that are already being researched. In addition, today's knowledge is translated and shown in how new technologies such as autonomous VR-system can be used for pain reduction as part of a treatment. Finally, this book examines the ethical guidelines in healthcare and medicine that are associated with the rapid development of these technologies. This book will be useful for the healthcare industry, hospital administration, the health insurance industry, doctors, healthcare workers, business professionals, IT specialists, medical software designers, scientists, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students looking for the latest information on the use of emerging technologies in healthcare settings.

Clinical Costing Techniques and Analysis in Modern Healthcare Systems

Author : Ma, Ronald
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Hospital funding plays an important role in strengthening healthcare and medical resources. Utilizing comprehensive costing systems to accommodate clinical and financial data leads to improved patient care both clinically and financially. Clinical Costing Techniques and Analysis in Modern Healthcare Systems provides innovative insights into the connections between statistical information and financial systems within clinical settings. The content within this publication delves into business intelligence, clinical decision making, and electronic health records. It is geared towards medical practitioners and professionals, hospital administrators, and researchers seeking valuable insights centered on clinical variations of healthcare data as well as the role of information systems in linking productivity and performance management.