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Encyclopaedia Sinica

Author : Samuel M.A. Couling
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Couling’s work, published in 1917, covered so much ground with such accuracy and consistency that it has become established as an essential tool for scholars wishing to understand how the new China was seen and interpreted at the time.

The Encyclopedia Sinica

Author : Samuel Couling
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The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

Author : Robert C. Provine
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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Chinese Maritime Activities and Socioeconomic Development C 2100 B C 1900 A D

Author : Gang Deng
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China's long-term maritime history has been overlooked by the scholarly world, creating a misconception that the Chinese were sea- or ocean-phobic. This image has been promoted rather deliberately because a sailing-aversive China would fit in well with the non-capitalist development framework. This study shows that from 2100 B.C. to A.D. 1900, the Chinese were as enthusiastic about and capable of seagoing activities as other peoples. But maritime activities in China raise two paradoxes: these activities were incompatible with the agrarian dominance of the Chinese premodern economy, and there was a huge gap between Chinese maritime potential and maritime growth.

Maritime Sector Institutions and Sea Power of Premodern China

Author : Gang Deng
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Challenging the stereotype of premodern China as an agricultural nation, this book examines the development of the maritime sector, maritime institutions, and sea power in the premodern era. Initially discussing topics related to China's exports, such as ship design and construction, goods produced for export, and investment in the maritime sector, the work goes on to consider the impact of maritime institutions. It then shows how China obtained technological, economic, and naval supremacy in Asian waters until the 18th century and discusses the reasons for its decline in the 19th century.

Studies on the Taxonomy of Crustaceans

Author :
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This volume is devoted to the memory of the Chinese carcinologist Prof. Ruiyu Liu (1922-2012) who dedicated his life to taxonomy, systematics, ecology, zoogeography and aquaculture. His scientific career started in 1949 with his first publications and continued.

Kleinere Schriften Publikationen aus der Zeit von 1894 bis 1910 2 v

Author : Berthold Laufer
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The Encyclopaedia Sinica

Author : Samuel Couling
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The Encyclopedia of Taoism

Author : Fabrizio Pregadio
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The Encyclopedia of Taoism provides comprehensive coverage of Taoist religion, thought and history, reflecting the current state of Taoist scholarship. Taoist studies have progressed beyond any expectation in recent years. Researchers in a number of languages have investigated topics virtually unknown only a few years previously, while others have surveyed for the first time textual, doctrinal and ritual corpora. The Encyclopedia presents the full gamut of this new research. The work contains approximately 1,750 entries, which fall into the following broad categories: surveys of general topics; schools and traditions; persons; texts; terms; deities; immortals; temples and other sacred sites. Terms are given in their original characters, transliterated and translated. Entries are thoroughly cross-referenced and, in addition, 'see also' listings are given at the foot of many entries. Attached to each entry are references taking the reader to a master bibliography at the end of the work. There is chronology of Taoism and the whole is thoroughly indexed. There is no reference work comparable to the Encyclopedia of Taoism in scope and focus. Authored by an international body of experts, the Encyclopedia will be an essential addition to libraries serving students and scholars in the fields of religious studies, philosophy and religion, and Asian history and culture.

Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs Fourth Revised Edition

Author : Charles Alfred Speed Williams
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Written with reader accessibility in mind, this comprehensive handbook of symbolism in Chinese art and culture will be an invaluable resource for any student of Eastern art history, Chinese arts and crafts, and anyone interested in commonly held Chinese beliefs and their origins. In Chinese Symbolism & Art Motifs Fourth Edition, scholar C.A.S. Williams offers concise explanations of the essential symbols and motifs relevant to Chinese literature, arts & crafts, and architecture. This reference book has been a standard among students of Chinese culture and history since 1941 and, in its Fourth Edition, has been completely reset with Pinyin pronunciation of Chinese names and words. Organized alphabetically, enhanced by over 400 illustrations, and clearly written for accessibility across a variety of fields, this book not only explains symbols and motifs essential to any designer, art collector, or historian, but delves into ancient customs in religion, food, agriculture, and medicine. Some of the symbols and motifs explicated are: The Eight Immortals The Five Elements The Dragon The Phoenix Yin and Yang With Chinese Symbolism & Art Motifs, you can access hidden insights into the intentions behind works of Chinese craftsmanship, and the thorough explanations of each symbol accompanied by the historical origins from which they arose. It will complement your existing knowledge of any area of Chinese culture, or help you confidently explore new topics within the realm of Asian art and history.