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Encores for a Dilettante

Author : Ursule Molinaro
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On the morning of his 45th birthday, a youthful-looking Prof. Of Eng. Lit. finds himself sitting cross-legged on an unfamiliar hotel bed. Once again his freckle-faced reddish-haired Irish concert-harpist wife has walked out on him. Flying faster & faster non-stop against the rising sun, he begins to perceive the imprint he has left in time: backing into his wife-less apartment the evening before into the parting scene one of his many girlfriends made him several years earlier into a brief previous life as a clammy little girl into 17th century England, where he was a printer, leveler, & ladies' man, about to be hanged into 14th century Rome, where he was a gout-ridden high priest & finally into pre-recorded history, when he was a Happy Hermaphrodite, worshipped as a living symbol of fertility. A freckle-faced reddish-haired Irish-looking chambermaid intrudes to clean the room…

Emergency Exit

Author : Clarence Major
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People in a town in Connecticut that have just passed a law requiring all men to carry all women across all thresholds at all times This, Clarence Major's fourth novel, is about people in a town in Connecticut that has just passed a law requiring all men to carry all women across all thresholds at all times. Even before publication the book gained critical attention.

In the Slipstream

Author : Fiction Collective Two (U.S.)
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Along the way, FC2 has introduced readers to the works of Mark Layner, Russell Banks, Raymond Federman, Ronald Sukenick, Eurudice, Gerald Vizenor and many more."--BOOK JACKET.

Lunch at Junior s

Author : Richard Grayson
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ROLLING STONE called Richard Grayson's first short story collection, WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK, published in 1979, "where avant-garde fiction goes when it becomes stand-up comedy," and NEWSDAY said, "The reader is dazzled by the swift, witty goings-on." THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW said Grayson's I SURVIVED CARACAS TRAFFIC (1996) was "entertaining and bizarre" and "consistently, even ingeniously funny." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY called Grayson's THE SILICON VALLEY DIET (2000) "compulsively talky and engagingly disjunctive"; and THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, reviewing AND TO THINK THAT HE KISSED HIM ON LORIMER STREET (2006), said, "Grayson has a fresh, funny voice." Grayson's diaries from August 1969 to December 1977 were published in a number of previous volumes. LUNCH AT JUNIOR'S covers the first half of 1978, when the 26-year-old author, having published over fifty stories, teaches college English classes in downtown Brooklyn and dreams about having his first book published.

Music for a Broken Piano

Author : James Baker Hall
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The impact and interplay within a group of 40 people, imbued with revolutionary spirit ln the summer of 1969, a group of 40 people, imbued with revolutionary spirit, come to the rural area of Farmington, Massachusetts to create a self­structuring community. Music for a Broken Piano vividly describes the impact and interplay within the group and the changes in their lives which occur because of the experience. Among the group, three leaders are obvious: Nathan, the official administrator and counselor, a strong, patient, dedicated man: Toni McHugh. an attractive, talented, and independent young woman; and Makar, the only black person there--a protean, mysterious, flamboyant and ometimes brutal spellbinder.

Holy Smoke

Author : Fanny Howe
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A woman travels among geographies both real and imagined looking for her daughter.

Heroes and Villains

Author : Jerry Bumpus
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Nine stories deal with two roommates' intimate conversation, an explorer, school, security agents, escaped animals, gang violence, and holiday depression.


Author : I︠U︡riĭ Tarnavsʹkyĭ
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An extraordinary collection from the Ukrainian emigre writer Tarnawsky.

Coming Close

Author : Bernard Harper Friedman
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Coming Close is what the author calls "alternative autobiographies"--four stories, each dealing freely with different, though sometimes overlapping, material through which we understand the complexity of a man's life. In the previously unpublished novella "Watching Father Die," a son sees his father die--both as physical man and psychological symbol. At the same time, the son watches himself die, and cool rage balances warm compassion. "Drinking Smoke," and "Moving in Place," have both been published in prestigious literary magazines--New American Review and The Hudson Review. Like the novella, each is concerned with an obsession. "Moving in Place" received a Fels Award of the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines as one of the five best stories of the year. Finally, "Choosing a Name" focuses on how a man who is nameless, though precisely identified in the first three stories, comes close to being B.H. Friedman. Altogether, the four stories reinforce one another to become a coherent, multi-faceted self-portrait.

The Winnebago Mysteries and Other Stories

Author : Moira Crone
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Fresh writings about women, love, and strength In this collection of seven short stories, Moira Crone presents fresh writings about women, love, and strength. "Kudzu" is a tale of a girl's childhood in the stranglehold of American life. "The Brooklyn Lie" deals with a young woman's sexuality and body. The title story explores relationships and women's issues through a series of letters and narratives.