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Eminent Nuns

Author : Beata Grant
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The seventeenth century is generally acknowledged as one of the most politically tumultuous but culturally creative periods of late imperial Chinese history. Scholars have noted the profound effect on, and literary responses to, the fall of the Ming on the male literati elite. Also of great interest is the remarkable emergence beginning in the late Ming of educated women as readers and, more importantly, writers. Only recently beginning to be explored, however, are such seventeenth-century religious phenomena as "the reinvention" of Chan Buddhism—a concerted effort to revive what were believed to be the traditional teachings, texts, and practices of "classical" Chan. And, until now, the role played by women in these religious developments has hardly been noted at all. Eminent Nuns is an innovative interdisciplinary work that brings together several of these important seventeenth-century trends. Although Buddhist nuns have been a continuous presence in Chinese culture since early medieval times and the subject of numerous scholarly studies, this book is one of the first not only to provide a detailed view of their activities at one particular moment in time, but also to be based largely on the writings and self-representations of Buddhist nuns themselves. This perspective is made possible by the preservation of collections of "discourse records" (yulu) of seven officially designated female Chan masters in a seventeenth-century printing of the Chinese Buddhist Canon rarely used in English-language scholarship. The collections contain records of religious sermons and exchanges, letters, prose pieces, and poems, as well as biographical and autobiographical accounts of various kinds. Supplemental sources by Chan monks and male literati from the same region and period make a detailed re-creation of the lives of these eminent nuns possible. Beata Grant brings to her study background in Chinese literature, Chinese Buddhism, and Chinese women’s studies. She is able to place the seven women, all of whom were active in Jiangnan, in their historical, religious, and cultural contexts, while allowing them, through her skillful translations, to speak in their own voices. Together these women offer an important, but until now virtually unexplored, perspective on seventeenth-century China, the history of female monasticism in China, and the contributionof Buddhist nuns to the history of Chinese women’s writing.

Women in Tang China

Author : Bret Hinsch
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This important book provides the first comprehensive survey of women in China during the Sui and Tang dynasties from the sixth through tenth centuries CE. Bret Hinsch provides rich insight into female life in the medieval era, ranging from political power, wealth, and work to family, religious roles, and virtues. He explores women’s lived experiences but also delves into the subjective side of their emotional life and the ideals they pursued. Deeply researched, the book draws on a wide range of sources, including standard histories, poetry, prose literature, and epigraphic sources such as epitaphs, commemorative religious inscriptions, and Dunhuang documents. Building on the best Western and Japanese scholarship, Hinsch also draws heavily on Chinese scholarship, most of which is unknown outside China. As the first study in English about women in the medieval era, this groundbreaking work will open a new window into Chinese history for Western readers.

Women in Buddhist Traditions

Author : Karma Lekshe Tsomo
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A new history of Buddhism that highlights the insights and experiences of women from diverse communities and traditions around the world Buddhist traditions have developed over a period of twenty-five centuries in Asia, and recent decades have seen an unprecedented spread of Buddhism globally. From India to Japan, Sri Lanka to Russia, Buddhist traditions around the world have their own rich and diverse histories, cultures, religious lives, and roles for women. Wherever Buddhism has taken root, it has interacted with indigenous cultures and existing religious traditions. These traditions have inevitably influenced the ways in which Buddhist ideas and practices have been understood and adapted. Tracing the branches and fruits of these culturally specific transmissions and adaptations is as challenging as it is fascinating. Women in Buddhist Traditions chronicles pivotal moments in the story of Buddhist women, from the beginning of Buddhist history until today. The book highlights the unique contributions of Buddhist women from a variety of backgrounds and the strategies they have developed to challenge patriarchy in the process of creating an enlightened society. Women in Buddhist Traditions offers a groundbreaking and insightful introduction to the lives of Buddhist women worldwide.

Lives of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects

Author : Giorgio Vasari
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Beacons of Dharma

Author : Christopher Patrick Miller
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Today’s globalized society faces some of humanity’s most unprecedented social and environmental challenges. Presenting new and insightful approaches to a range of these challenges, the timely volume before you draws upon individual cases of exemplary leadership from the world’s Dharma traditions—Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism. The volume's authors refer to such exemplary leaders as “beacons of Dharma,” highlighting the ways in which each figure, via their inspirational life work, provide us with illuminating perspectives as we continue to confront cases of grave injustice and needless suffering in the world. Taking on difficult contemporary issues such as climate change, racial and gender inequality, industrial agriculture and animal rights, fair access to healthcare and education, and other such pressing concerns, Beacons of Dharma offers a promising and much needed contribution to our global remedial discussions. Seeking to help solve and alleviate such social and environmental issues, each of the chapters in the volume invites contemplation, inspires action, and offers a freshly invigorating source of hope.

Burlesques Novels by Eminent Hands

Author : William Makepeace Thackeray
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Lives of Seventy of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects

Author : Giorgio Vasari
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Lives of eminent Anglo Saxons illustrating the dawn of Christianity and civilization in Great Britain

Author : Anglo-Saxons
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Ecclesiastical Biography

Author : Christopher Wordsworth
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Lives of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects Tr from the Italian of Giorgio Vasari With Notes and Illustrations chiefly Selected from Various Commentators By Mrs Jonathan Foster

Author : Giorgio Vasari
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Six Hundred Years Or Historical Sketches of Eminent Men and Women who Have More Or Less Come Into Contact with the Abbey and Church of Holy Trinity Minories from 1293 to 1893

Author : Samuel Kinns
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Burlesques novels by eminent hands The fatal boots Little travels and roadside sketches Stories

Author : William Makepeace Thackeray
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The Two Nuns

Author : Anne Huré
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School days of Eminent Men

Author : John Timbs
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Eminent philanthropists patriots and reformers selected by the editor of The English essayists

Author : Robert Cochrane (miscellaneous writer.)
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The United States Reader Embracing Selections from Eminent American Historians Orators Statesmen and Poets with Explanatory Observations Notes Etc

Author : John Jacob Anderson
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Chinese Monks in India

Author : I-ching
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French heroines eminent for piety and virtue

Author : Caroline Gearey
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The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia

Author : Oriental Society of Australia
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Women and World Religions

Author : Denise Lardner Carmody
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An exploration of the impact that religious experience, symbols, doctrines, and rituals have had on women worldwide -- from Buddhism to Catholicism.