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The Embellished Tales of the Schmitt Brothers

Author : James Clements
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There are eight Schmitt brothers in all, and one of them is even a girl - the poor thing. Anne, the only girl, is a ruthless tomboy. Fritz is an aspiring mad scientist. Zach is an aspiring weird scientist. Lester is their lab rat and test pilot. Roscoe is the thrill-seeker and super hero. Stanley is the family comedian. Gus is the perfectionist and natural victim. Last but not least, there's Fuzz, the family baby - raised by his brothers. Every day is chock full of adventure, pranks, mischief and misfortune. A must read for all ages.

Literature for Young Adults

Author : Joan L. Knickerbocker
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Now in its second edition, this book explores a great variety of genres and formats of young adult literature while placing special emphasis on contemporary works with nontraditional themes, protagonists, and literary conventions that are well suited to young adult readers. It looks at the ways in which contemporary readers can access literature and share the works they're reading, and it shows teachers the resources that are available, especially online, for choosing and using good literature in the classroom and for recommending books for their students’ personal reading. In addition to traditional genre chapters, this book includes chapters on literary nonfiction; poetry, short stories, and drama; and film. Graphic novels, diversity issues, and uses of technology are also included throughout the text. The book's discussion of literary language—including traditional elements as well as metafictive terms—enables readers to share in a literary conversation with their peers (and others) when communicating about books. This book is an essential resource for preservice educators to help young adults understand and appreciate the excellent literature that is available to them. New to the second edition: New popular authors, books, and movies with a greater focus on diversity of literature Updated coverage of new trends, such as metafiction, a renewed focus on nonfiction, and retellings of canonical works Increased attention to graphic novels and multimodal texts throughout the book eResources with downloadable materials, including book lists, awards lists, and Focus Questions

The Publishers Weekly

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Cultivating a Child s Imagination Through Gardening

Author : Rosanne Blass
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Lead children to literacy and learning along the garden path with books and activities designed to spark interest and imagination. Each of these 45 lessons focuses on a specific book about gardening and offers related activities-such as reading, writing, poetry, word play, music, dancing, and dramatics-to enhance creativity and build literacy skills. In addition, this resource lists more books to read with each lesson and concludes with an annotated bibliography of focus books. A great companion to Beyond the Bean Seed. Grades K-6.

The Long Ride of Major Von Schill

Author : Sam A. Mustafa
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This unique book traces the past 200 years of German history, using an iconic German folk hero as a bellwether of changing politics and culture. In 1809, at the height of Napoleon's power in Europe, the Prussian Major Ferdinand von Schill led a revolt against the French empire. Within a month his rebellion was crushed, and Schill became a martyr for German nationalists. As the years passed, Schill's legend grew and evolved until he had become one of Germany's most famous and celebrated Napoleonic figures: the subject of hundreds of novels, poems, plays, operas, films, biographies, and monuments. Sam A. Mustafa explores the radical changes in German society and politics in the two centuries since Schill's death. In the first English-language work on the subject, he shows how Schill remarkably endured as other heroes fell in and out of fashion. For imperial propagandists, Liberal Democrats, Nazis, and Communists alike, he was a favorite historical icon and cultural touchstone. The author traces how an obscure failed rebel became a revered national symbol of patriotism and heroism and the ways each successive German regime coopted his story for its own ideological mission. Drawing on a rich array of primary and secondary sources, Mustafa considers the nature of patriotism, the creation of heroes and heroic mythology, and the fragility of history itself in a masterful narrative that will be an invaluable reference for anyone interested in the German experience during the Napoleonic Wars.

Revival Roman Life and Manners Under the Early Empire 1913

Author : Ludwig Henrich Friedlaender
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Every attempted delineation of the manners and customs of Imperial Rome must necessarily include a survey, as exhaustive as may be, of the spectacles, as the best measure of her grandeur, and as indicative in many ways of her moral and intellectual condition. Originally, for the most part, religious celebrations, they became, even in the later Republic, the best means of purchasing popular favour, and, under the Empire, of keeping the populace contented. Augustus, the tale runs, once reproached Pylades the Pantomime for his jealousy of a rival, and Pylades replied: 'It is to your advantage, Caesar, that the people concerns itself about us'. But these spectacles effected more even than the diversion of popular interest; their magnificence was a gauge of the popularity of the sovereign. The emperors, like Louis XIV, knew how admiration aids absolute autocracy; like Napoleon, that the imagination of the people must be excited: splendid festivals were one of their most indispensable and most constant devices. Even Caligula, according to Josephus, was honoured and beloved by the folly of the populace; the women and the youth did not desire his death; distributions of meat, the games and the gladiatorial combats had won their hearts, for such were the delights of the mob: the lavishing of these gifts was nominally due to consideration for the populace, though the gladiatorial combats were only intended to sate the monarch's lust of blood.


Author : Geoffrey Parker
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Drawing on vital new evidence, a top historian dramatically reinterprets the ruler of the world’s first transatlantic empire The life of Emperor Charles V (1500–1558), ruler of Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and much of Italy and Central and South America, has long intrigued biographers. But the elusive nature of the man (despite an abundance of documentation), his relentless travel and the control of his own image, together with the complexity of governing the world’s first transatlantic empire, complicate the task. Geoffrey Parker, one of the world’s leading historians of early modern Europe, has examined the surviving written sources in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish, as well as visual and material evidence. He explores the crucial decisions that created and preserved this vast empire, analyzes Charles’s achievements within the context of both personal and structural factors, and scrutinizes the intimate details of the ruler's life for clues to his character and inclinations. The result is a unique biography that interrogates every dimension of Charles’s reign and views the world through the emperor’s own eyes.

The Publishers Trade List Annual

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Uniform Trade List Circular

Author : Howard Challen
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Supreme Court State of New York Appellate Division First Department

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Die slavischen Sprachen The Slavic Languages Halbband 2

Author : Sebastian Kempgen
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The present second volume completes the handbook Die slavischen Sprachen "The Slavic languages. Ein internationales Handbuch zu ihrer Struktur, ihrer Geschichte und ihrer Erforschung. An International Handbook of their History, their Structure and their Investigation". While the general conception is continued, the present volume now contains articles concerning inner and outer language history as well as problems of sociolinguistics, contact linguistics, standardology and language typology.

The Spectator

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The North American Review

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Vols. 227-230, no. 2 include: Stuff and nonsense, v. 5-6, no. 8, Jan. 1929-Aug. 1930.

Godey s Magazine

Author : Louis Antoine Godey
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Includes music.

The Uniform Trade List Annual

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With alphabetical indexes of firms and trade specialties.

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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Separated Souls

Author : Cheryl Schmidt
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Martha Jane is only seventeen year-old and the daughter of poor Tennessee farmers when her marriage is arranged to nineteen year-old James Finley Olsen the son of a wealthy widowed matriarch. The love affair between an accepting Martha and the handsome, confident James survives only eight years, due to Martha's untimely death just one year before the Civil War. Everyone James comes in contact with following Martha's death pays a price for his bitterness. Including the invading Yankees he madly spends years fighting.Like Martha, the women surrounding James' live and the lives of his brothers and his best friend, Abraham, are women with inner, primitive souls. Beautiful, loving Martha Jane, frightened, young Rebecca, the strong-willed slave Jade, impoverished, illiterate Mary Magdalene, and the sensual Sally. But to live in this male dominated era, they endured unthinkable heartbreak, constant death and disease, harsh physical labor, and even rape. This is a book for anyone fascinated with human emotion, and anyone exploring the lives of women in a historically male dominated era.

A Jewish Family in Germany Today

Author : Y. Michal Bodemann
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DIVShares the life experiences of the children of 4 siblings who out of eight siblings, parents and grandparents, survived the Holocaust. It explores the ways in which these children from the same socio-cultural background have built diverse lives in German/div

Children Born from Eggs

Author : Sigrid Schmidt
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Contains 70 texts never before published, gives background information on the individual titles and on the narrators, and a general theoretical discussion.

YHWH at Patmos

Author : Sean McDonough
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Sean M. McDonough traces the story of the name YHWH in the New Testament era, and its bearing on the interpretation of Revelation 1:4.