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A Study of Essential Elements to be Used in Testing Riding Techniques

Author : Jeanne Re Qua
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Analytical Archaeology

Author : David L. Clarke
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This study was well-established as a pioneer work on archaeological methodology, the theoretical basis of all archaeological analysis whatever the period or era. The first edition of the book presented and evaluated the radical changes in methodology which derived from developments in other disciplines, such as cybernetics, computer science and geography, during the 1950s and ‘60s. It argued that archaeology was a coherent discipline with its own methods and procedures and attempted to define the entities (attributes, artefacts, types, assemblages, cultures and culture groups) rigorously and consistently so that they could be applied to archaeological data. The later edition continued the same general theory, which is unparalleled in its scope and depth, adding notes to help understanding of the advances in method and theory to support the student and professional archaeologist. Review of the original publication: "One might venture that this is the most important archaeological work for twenty or thirty years, and it will undoubtedly influence several future generations of archaeologists." The Times Literary Supplement

The Complete Guide to Motorcycle Mechanics

Author :
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One and Two Kings

Author : Volkmar Fritz
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This volume provides a readable introduction to the narrative books of 1 and 2 Kings appropriate for the student, pastor, and scholar. Fritz combines historical, literary, and archaeological approaches in an engaging synthesis. While he addresses issues of the deuteronomic redaction, the author does not become bogged down in technical discussions or allow this to overshadow the holistic interpretation of the text.

The Semantic Web Explained

Author : Péter Szeredi
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The Semantic Web is a new area of research and development in the field of computer science that aims to make it easier for computers to process the huge amount of information on the web, and indeed other large databases, by enabling them not only to read, but also to understand the information. Based on successful courses taught by the authors, and liberally sprinkled with examples and exercises, this comprehensive textbook describes not only the theoretical issues underlying the Semantic Web, but also algorithms, optimisation ideas and implementation details. The book will therefore be valuable to practitioners as well as students, indeed to anyone who is interested in Internet technology, knowledge engineering or description logics. Supplementary materials available online include the source code of program examples and solutions to selected exercises.

Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers Gr 1 3 eBook

Author : Debra Flores
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Reading Comprehension 1-3 is a resource that provides step-by-step instruction in reading comprehension strategies through the use of graphic organizers, modeled and guided practice, and literature selections.

Elements of Riding Illustrated Etc

Author : Reginald Sherriff SUMMERHAYS
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General Catalogue of Printed Books

Author : British Museum. Department of Printed Books
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Survival Skills

Author : Kevin Williams
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Motorcycle Guide For Beginners

Author : Philip Tranton
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Motorcycles are an exciting vehicle used by many persons to get around on a day to day basis. While using these units one has to keep in mind the need to remain safe and protected by using safety equipment. Motorcycle gear is capable of keeping you dry when it is raining or cooler when it is hot and definitely warmer if it is cold. Most importantly, it can keep the rider alive in the event of a crash. Most of the gear in today’s market is quite advanced and use the latest technology to keep the rider safe in many instances. This writing will seek to explore many things about the motorcycle gear and safety information.