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Applied Electrostatics ICAES 2004

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This proceedings contains papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Applied Electrostatics held in Shanghai, China on November 2--5,2004. The ICAES 2004 Conference is of wide interest, as is shown by the contributions received from 11 countries and districts throughout the world. About 90 researchers attend the conference and more than 100 papers were submitted for presentation in the proceedings. The paper sessions covered following topics: fundamentals and physics applications (precipitation, pollution control, spray, separation, material, Ozone, etc.) hazards and problems biology technology electrets measuring technology electromagnetic compatibility and others These papers demonstrated recent research level and developing trends of the entire electrostatic field.

Electrostatics 2003

Author : Morgan
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Modern electrostatics impact a diverse range of fields, from micromachines and microsystems to the development of protective clothing for the electronics manufacturing industry. Electrostatics 2003 provides coverage on applications of electrostatics in various areas of physics and technology. It also presents recent research and developments in electrostatics. The book provides an overview of the latest advances in electrostatics, covering areas such as new measurement, testing, and characterization techniques; instrumentation design; numerical modeling; electrostatics hazards; and the applications of electrostatics in the environment. This book is an authoritative reference for all scientists and engineers researching techniques and applications of electrostatics.


Author : Niels Jonassen
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This book is the most comprehensive treatment yet of the problems faced by the engineer caused by static electricity. Written in as non-technical a manner as possible, given the depth of the material, this book discusses the material from the beginner level to many advanced topics for engineers and designers. It discusses not only the harmful and damaging known effects of static electricity on electrical and electronic equipment, but the possible solutions and applications that can be used to stop it.

Text Book Of Electrostatics

Author : D.K. Jha
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Text book of electrostatics has been designed to cover the syllabus of Electrostatic for B.Sc. students of the Indian Universities. The subject matter has been arranged so as to provide a clear and integrated approach to the subject with all essential tools of applicable mathematics required for B.Sc. curriculum. Illustrated examples have been incorporated to help the students in getting the clear concept to the subject and allied matter.

The Modern Problems of Electrostatics with Applications in Environment Protection

Author : Ion I. Inculet
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Bucharest, 9-12 November, 1998

Electrostatics of Atoms and Molecules

Author : Shridhar R. Gadre
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This book introduces the subject of molecular electrostatics to postgraduate students, teachers and young researchers in chemistry, physics and biology. It discusses rigorous as well as applied aspects of the molecular electrostatic potential (MESP) and provides an essence of relevant mathematical arguments, without going into detailed derivations. A number of color illustrations highlight the salient features of MESP.

Computational Electrostatics for Biological Applications

Author : Walter Rocchia
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This book presents established and new approaches to perform calculations of electrostatic interactions at the nanoscale, with particular focus on molecular biology applications. It is based on the proceedings of the Computational Electrostatics for Biological Applications international meeting, which brought together researchers in computational disciplines to discuss and explore diverse methods to improve electrostatic calculations. Fostering an interdisciplinary approach to the description of complex physical and biological problems, this book encompasses contributions originating in the fields of geometry processing, shape modeling, applied mathematics, and computational biology and chemistry. The main topics covered are theoretical and numerical aspects of the solution of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation, surveys and comparison among geometric approaches to the modelling of molecular surfaces and related discretization and computational issues. It also includes a number of contributions addressing applications in biology, biophysics and nanotechnology. The book is primarily intended as a reference for researchers in the computational molecular biology and chemistry fields. As such, it also aims at becoming a key source of information for a wide range of scientists who need to know how modeling and computing at the molecular level may influence the design and interpretation of their experiments.

Electrostatics 1999 Proceedings of the 10th INT Conference Cambridge UK 28 31 March 1999

Author : D.M. Taylor
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Electrostatics 1999: Proceedings of the 10th INT Conference, Cambridge, UK, 28-31 March 1999 provides an overview of recent research in electrostatics and an insight into the multifarious applications for electrostatics in industry. This comprehensive reference is ideal for researchers in physics, chemistry, and engineering who work in electrostatic research and technology.

Theoretical Studies of Structure Function Relationships in KV Channels Electrostatics of the Voltage Sensor

Author :
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Electrostatics of Soft and Disordered Matter

Author : David S. Dean
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Recently, there has been a surge of activity to elucidate the behavior of highly charged soft matter and Coulomb fluids in general. Such systems are ubiquitous, especially in biological matter where the length scale and the strength of the interaction between highly charged biomolecules are governed by strong electrostatic effects. Several interesting limits have been discovered in the parameter space of highly charged many-particle Coulomb matter where analytical progress is possible and completely novel and unexpected results have been obtained. One of the challenges in highly charged matter is to correctly describe systems with finite coupling strength in the transition regime between weak and strong couplings. After studying the fluctuations of both, several theories have been developed that describe this experimentally highly relevant regime. At the same time, computer simulation algorithms and computing power have advanced to the level where all-ion simulations, including many-body and polarization effects, are possible; the new theories thus can be subjected to numerical confirmation. Another important question is the effect of the structural disorder on electrostatic interactions. It has recently been demonstrated, both theoretically and experimentally, that charge disorder can impose long-range interaction between charged or even uncharged surfaces. These interactions might become very significant in biological processes. Filling a void in the literature, this volume cross-pollinates different theoretical and simulation approaches with new experiments and ties together the low temperature, high coupling constant, and disorder parameters in a unified description of the electrostatic interactions, which largely determine the stability and conformations of most important biological macromolecules. With striking graphical illustrations, the book presents a unified view of the current advances in the field of Coulomb (bio)colloidal systems, building on previous literature that summarized the field over 20 years ago. Leading scientists in the field offer a detailed introduction to different modern methods in statistical physics of Coulomb systems. They detail various approaches to elucidate the behavior of strongly charged soft matter. They also provide experimental and theoretical descriptions of disorder effects in Coulomb systems, which have not been discussed in any other book.

Reprint of Papers on Electrostatics and Magnetism

Author : William Thomson Baron Kelvin
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Reprint of Papers on Electrostatics and Magnetism

Author : William Thomson
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A collection of Lord Kelvin's articles on electromagnetism, in its second edition of 1884.

Powder Handling and Electrostatics

Author : Thomas B. Jones
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The subject of this manual is safe practice for avoiding electrostatic discharge hazards in the manufacturing and processing of chemical and plastic powders. It is written with the practicing engineer and plant technician in mind. Practical information to enhance the process safety is provided in straightforward terms. The manual describes the basic phenomena of powder electrostatics, giving special emphasis to polymer powders. The identified types of electrostatic discharges are discussed and explanations of the conditions that favor or inhibit each type are given. A number of industrial incidents where ESD-induced dust ignitions occurred are reviewed, with the authors contributing their own views on causes and preventive measures. The important quantitative measures of electrostatic hazards are identified, along with the methods needed to perform meaningful measurements. Concrete recommendations, based on the authors' experience, are provided in the form of a list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" applicable in the plant environment. Finally, appendices provide a wealth of useful background data plus an informative "Q and A" section covering practical engineering issues. This manual will be extremely useful to chemical plant engineers, operating and maintenance personnel, safety engineers, processing plant engineers, design engineers, and consultants, as well as persons in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, and food handling industries.

Molecular Electrostatic Potentials

Author : J.S. Murray
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Over the past 25 years, the molecular electrostatic potential has become firmly established as an effective guide to molecular interactions. With the recent advances in computational technology, it is currently being applied to a variety of important chemical and biological systems. Its range of applicability has expanded from primarily a focus on sites for electrophilic and nucleophilic attack to now include solvent effects, studies of zeolite, molecular cluster and crystal behavior, and the correlation and prediction of a wide range of macroscopic properties. Moreover, the increasing prominence of density functional theory has raised the molecular electrostatic potential to a new stature on a more fundamental conceptual level. It is rigorously defined in terms of the electron density, and has very interesting topological characteristics since it explicitly reflects opposing contributions from the nuclei and the electrons. This volume opens with a survey chapter by one of the original pioneers of the use of the electrostatic potential in studies of chemical reactivity, Jacopo Tomasi. Though the flow of the succeeding chapters is not stringently defined, the overall trend is that the emphasis changes gradually from methodology to applications. Chapters discussing more theoretical topics are placed near the end. Readers will find the wide variety of topics provided by an international group of authors both convincing and useful.

Course in Physics 4 Electrostatics and Current Electricity

Author :
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Modern Electrostatics

Author : Jui-nien Li
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Electromagnetic Field Theory

Author : A.V.Bakshi
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Fundamentals of Adhesion

Author : L.H. Lee
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Evolved as a reference book for participants at a short annual fall course at the State University of New York at New Paltz. This first volume concentrates on adhesion with or without the use of an adhesive. Second volume title 'Adhesive bonding' deals with bonding with the aid of adhesives.

Electrostatics 1991

Author : B. C. O'Neill
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The Eighth International Conference on Electrostatics organized by the Static Electrification Group of The Institute of Physics, was held at the University of Oxford from 10-12 April 1991. These proceedings contain 47 invited and contributed papers from groups throughout the world and include the Bill Bright Memorial Lecture which was presented by Professor G S P Castle from Ontario. The proceedings are arranged in five sections reflecting the organization of the conference. The sections, entitled biological, hazards, applications, materials and modelling, cover the current theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of electrostatics. Electrostatics 1991 is an essential work of reference to researchers in this field.