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Electrifying the Wristwatch

Author : Lucien F. Trueb
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The electrification of the watch led to massive upheaval in the watch industry as mechanical chronometers built by Old World masters developed into electromechanical devices mass produced in Asia. In nearly 600 images and in-depth text, this book retraces the often circuitous paths that led from the electromagnetic pendulum clock to the modern quartz wristwatch. This well-researched volume focuses on the period between 1950 and 1985, but it also covers the long process of electrifying big clocks, which goes back to Alexander Bain's 1841 patent for an electrically operated magnetic pendulum clock. But the crowning achievement of this process was the further miniaturization of the timepiece into the modern quartz wristwatch. Follow the many different technical developments in Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and the United States and see detailed images of components, schematics, and complete wristwatch movements from hundreds of makers, including Bulova, Hamilton, Omega, Rolex, and Seiko. This is an ideal book for horologists as well as those interested in the history of science and industry.

The TVs of Tomorrow

Author : Benjamin Gross
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In 1968 a team of scientists and engineers from RCA announced the creation of a new form of electronic display that relied upon an obscure set of materials known as liquid crystals. At a time when televisions utilized bulky cathode ray tubes to produce an image, these researchers demonstrated how liquid crystals could electronically control the passage of light. One day, they predicted, liquid crystal displays would find a home in clocks, calculators—and maybe even a television that could hang on the wall. Half a century later, RCA’s dreams have become a reality, and liquid crystals are the basis of a multibillion-dollar global industry. Yet the company responsible for producing the first LCDs was unable to capitalize upon its invention. In The TVs of Tomorrow, Benjamin Gross explains this contradiction by examining the history of flat-panel display research at RCA from the perspective of the chemists, physicists, electrical engineers, and technicians at the company’s central laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey. Drawing upon laboratory notebooks, internal reports, and interviews with key participants, Gross reconstructs the development of the LCD and situates it alongside other efforts to create a thin, lightweight replacement for the television picture tube. He shows how RCA researchers mobilized their technical expertise to secure support for their projects. He also highlights the challenges associated with the commercialization of liquid crystals at RCA and Optel—the RCA spin-off that ultimately manufactured the first LCD wristwatch. The TVs of Tomorrow is a detailed portrait of American innovation during the Cold War, which confirms that success in the electronics industry hinges upon input from both the laboratory and the boardroom.

Electrifying Anthropology

Author : Simone Abram
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What kinds of expertise and knowledge relate to electricity, and where is the space for alternative voices? How can the new roles for electricity in social and cultural life be acknowledged? How can we speak about ‘it’ in its own right while acknowledging that electricity is not one thing? This book re-describes electricity and its infrastructures using insights from anthropology and science and technology studies, raising fascinating questions about the contemporary world and its future. Through ethnographic studies of bulbs, bicycles, dams, power grids and much more, the contributors shed light on practices that are often overlooked, showing how electricity is enacted in multiple ways. Electrifying Anthropology moves beyond the idea of electricity as an immovable force, and instead offers a set of potential trajectories for thinking about electricity and its effects in contemporary society. With new contributions on an emerging area of research, this timely collection will be of value to students and scholars of anthropology, science and technology studies, geography and engineering.

Rural Electrification News

Author : United States. Rural Electrification Administration
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Rural Electrification News

Author :
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Rural Electrification News A Summary of Rural Electrification Activities

Author : United States. Rural Electrification Administration
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Collecting Vintage Watches

Author : Thomas M. Meine
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The authors of this book are neither watchmakers nor specific watch specialists, just dedicated watch collectors. A book for the friends of watches and a guide for the collector or the possible collector-to-be, giving some advice and guidelines, certainly also expressing very subjective opinions. Specific subjects of interest from the multi-facetted mosaic of time, watches and watchmaking as a whole: collecting watches, watches and time, the quartz crisis, the revival of mechanic watches, clocking of watches and the corresponding amplitudes from the pendulum to the atomic clock, adjustment and regulation of a watch, time as a standard unit, changing of the time itself, technical features, magnetism and watches, radium contamination, watch dials, hallmarks, the 'gold rush', things to watch out for when collecting watches and more. Mechanical watches hand wind, mechanical watches automatic, electric watches, electronic watches, quartz controlled electric watches, tuning fork watches, quartz controlled tuning fork watches, quartz watches, watches - radio controlled by an atomic clock. Also including antique- and vintage pocket watches. Over 300 pictures (black and white) of original watches, tools, equipment and others.

Don t Watch This

Author : Michael Rosenblum
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An unfiltered look at the addictive properties of social media, TV, and movies on our culture, with strategies to help you reclaim control over your life. Today, the average person spends an astonishing eight hours a day watching TV or videos online. Watching social media stories, movies, and TV is now our number one activity, outpacing everything else that we do, including sleep. This habit has an incredibly powerful influence on our lives – from what we think to what we buy to whom we elect. Media are more than entertainment; they are a drug. This media addiction wreaks havoc on our mental health, causing increased stress, depression, and anxiety, and ruining personal relationships. It also drives us deeper and deeper into debt. In Don’t Watch This, former TV producer and Ivy League professor Michael Rosenblum reveals the hidden psychology driving us to media addiction. He describes why solving the problem is not as simple as swearing off our devices, but about learning how to use media for good. Rosenblum reveals the key to getting the best out of technology, without letting it get the best of you. Inside, you’ll learn: How to take control of the media How to use your phone’s camera to spread stories worth telling How having a former reality TV star in the Oval Office has changed the scope of media Why posting selfies on Instagram isn’t going to change the world, and what you can post instead Enlightening and empowering, Don’t Watch This provides actionable, revolutionary techniques and insight to control your media addiction—helping you live the life you really want.

The Welfare Impact of Rural Electrification

Author :
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Rural electrification can have many benefits-not only bringing lighting, but improving the quality of health care, spreading information and supporting productive enterprises. The extent of these benefits has been questioned, arguing that they may be insufficient to justify the investment costs. This book quantifies these benefits. It finds that the benefits can indeed be high, substantially outweighing the costs, and that consumer willingness to pay is generally sufficient to achieve financial sustainability. However, benefits could be increased further by providing smart subsidies to assist connections for poorer households, promote productive uses and further consumer education.

Dimensions of Rural Electrification

Author : Tribhuvan Mohan Shukla
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Establishes relationships between rural electrification and development and between social structure and electricity in the rural India in general and M.P. region in particular. Most of the studies hitherto have been made with `Single variable approach' but in the present study a `multi-variable approach' has been emphasized and used to understand the real impact of rural electrification.