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Anti Einstein

Author : Jürgen Kuhlmann
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Der uns bis dato noch vollig unbekannte Autor hat mit seinem Anti Einstein" die theoretische Physik des letzten Jahrhunderts in ihren Grundfesten erschuttert, die moderne Kosmogonie gar vollig aus den Angeln gehoben, als theologische Scharlatanerie enttarnt. Sein Buch werden nicht nur kunftige Physikstudenten, sondern auch alle naturwissenschaftlich-philosophisch Interessierten mit grossem intellektuellem Vergnugen geniessen und schon sehr bald als unverzichtbare Quelle tiefer weltanschaulicher Einsichten schatze

Die Berliner Jahre Schriften und Briefwechsel

Author : Albert Einstein
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The more than one thousand letters and several dozen writings included in this volume cover the years immediately before the final formulation of new quantum mechanics. The discovery of the Compton effect in 1923 vindicates Einstein's light quantum hypothesis. Niels Bohr still criticizes Einstein’s conception of light quanta and advances an alternative theory, but Walther Bothe and Hans Geiger perform a difficult experiment that decides in favor of Einstein’s theory. At the same time, Satyendranath Bose sends a new quantum theoretical derivation of Planck’s law to Einstein and he discovers what is now known as Bose-Einstein condensation. Einstein attempts to reformulate a unified theory of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields. In early November 1923, Einstein flees overnight to the Netherlands in the wake of threats on his life and anti-Semitic rioting in Berlin. He rejoins the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation in June 1924, and supports the idea of a European union. He joins the board of governors of Hebrew University, which opens in April 1925, and celebrates the event in Buenos Aires while on a seven-week lecture tour of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. During this period, he delivers lectures, meets with heads of state, visits major institutions, and attends receptions hosted by the local Jewish and German communities. He has a serious, but short-lived, falling out with his son Hans Albert and his first wife Mileva Maric-Einstein over how to invest part of the Nobel Prize money and he rescues his sister Maja and her husband from debt on their house. Einstein has a fourteen-month romantic relationship with his secretary, Betty Neumann, which he ends in October 1924.

Albert Einstein

Author : Alice Calaprice
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Presents the life and accomplishments of the German physicist whose theory of relativity had a profound effect on modern views of space and time.

Bose Einstein Condensation

Author : Lev. P. Pitaevskii
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Bose-Einstein condensation represents a new state of matter and is one of the cornerstones of quantum physics, resulting in the 2001 Nobel Prize. Providing a useful introduction to one of the most exciting fields of physics today, this text will be of interest to a growing community of physicists, and is easily accessible to non-specialists alike.

Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel mit Bohr Einstein Heisenberg u a Scientific Correspondence with Bohr Einstein Heisenberg a o

Author : Wolfgang Pauli
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Aus Paulis letztem Lebensjahrzehnt sind über 2000 Briefe erhalten und in diesem grundlegenden Werk zur Physikgeschichte der Nachkriegszeit zusammengefaßt. Neben der Physik wird hier auch der allgemeinere geistesgeschichtliche Hintergrund unserer Naturwissenschaft beleuchtet. Dieser Teilband enthält wissenschaftliche Korrespondez über grundlegende und andere allgemeine Fragen der Physik der 50er Jahre: Elementarteilchen, Erkenntnistheorie und Quantenfeldtheorie. Im besonderen wird hier die Geschichte der frühen Quantenfeldtheorie beleuchtet. Die reich annotierten und kommentierten Briefe sind chronologisch angeordnet und durch Verzeichnisse und Register erschlossen. From the last decade of Paulis life, more than 2000 of his letters have survived. Together they represent a remarkable contribution to the history of post-war physics. In addition to discussing questions of physics they provide illuminating insights into debates on the philosophical and human components of the history of science. This part of Volume IV contains scientific correspondence on foundational and other general problems of physics in the 1950s: elementary particles, epistemology, and quantum field theory. In particular, one can clearly trace the development of the early quantum field theory. Generous annotations and commentary accompany the letters, which are ordered chronologically and listed in registers and an index for easy access.

Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel mit Bohr Einstein Heisenberg u a Band II 1930 1939 Scientific Correspondence with Bohr Einstein Heisenberg a o Volume II 1930 1939

Author : Wolfgang Pauli
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Inhaltsübersicht: Das Jahr 1930: Die Neutrinohypothese. - Das Jahr 1931: Erste Kernphysik-Kongresse und Amerikareise. Das Jahr 1932. Die Entdeckung des Neutrons. - Das Jahr 1933: Substraktionsphysik und Löchertheorie Faksimile des Briefes ;&kÄ;314;&kü; Pauli an Heisenberg. - Das Jahr 1934: Die Pauli-Weisskopf-Theorie. - Das Jahr 1935: Die zweite Amerikareise. - Das Jahr 1936: Gitterwelt und Theorie der kosmischen Strahlung. - Das Jahr 1937: Kosmische Strahlung. - Das Jahr 1938: Kernkräfte und Yukonen. - Das Jahr 1939: Die Theorie der Mesonenfelder. - Nachtrag zu Band I, 1919-1929. - Anhang.

Mozart His Character His Work

Author : Alfred Einstein
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Written by one of the world's outstanding music historians and critics, the late Alfred Einstein, this classic study of Mozart's character and works brings to light many new facts about his relationship with his family, his susceptibility to ambitious women, and his associations with musicalcontemporaries, as well as offering a penetrating analysis of his operas, piano music, chamber music, and symphonies.

Albert Einstein s Hypothetical Question Albert Einstein Hypothetische Frage

Author : Udo Hartje
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Einstein s Other Theory

Author : Donald Rogers
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It arrives at the theory of superconductivity and superfluidity - the astonishing property of some liquids to crawl spontaneously up and out of their containers, and the ability of some gases to cause light to pause and take a moment's rest from its inexorable flight forward in time." "Couched in the terminology of traditional physical chemistry, this book is accessible to chemists, engineers, materials scientists, mathematicians, mathematical biologists - indeed to anyone with a command of first year calculus."--Jacket.

Einstein s General Theory of Relativity

Author : Øyvind Grøn
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This book introduces the general theory of relativity and includes applications to cosmology. The book provides a thorough introduction to tensor calculus and curved manifolds. After the necessary mathematical tools are introduced, the authors offer a thorough presentation of the theory of relativity. Also included are some advanced topics not previously covered by textbooks, including Kaluza-Klein theory, Israel's formalism and branes. Anisotropic cosmological models are also included. The book contains a large number of new exercises and examples, each with separate headings. The reader will benefit from an updated introduction to general relativity including the most recent developments in cosmology.

Einstein for the 21st Century

Author : Peter Galison
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"A stellar array of twenty historians and philosophers, artists and scientists, and writers and critics has contributed to this fascinating examination of Albert Einstein's legacy and its relevance for our times. We are presented with a multifaceted, interpretive effort to understand in novel terms Einstein's science, music, and politics, his relationship to God and aesthetics, and his unusual position at the divide between a now-vanished world and a future that will surely retain deep traces of his unique contributions and personality."--Diana K. Buchwald, Einstein Papers Project, Caltech "Whether serendipitously or by design, many of us have found ourselves involved in some aspect of Einstein's multifaceted legacy. This far-reaching volume of personal essays clarifies why Einstein's persona has been so seductive and so meaningful to us all."--Alice Calaprice, editor of The New Quotable Einstein "Here is the complete Einstein: the physicist, whose many insights and achievements persist at the forefront of modern science; the man, who remained idealistic, philosophically minded, and politically engaged throughout his life; and the iconic visionary, who continues to inspire individual creativity. This is a generous book, rich with detail."--Tony Robbin, author of Shadows of Reality: The Fourth Dimension in Relativity, Cubism, and Modern Thought "Einstein for the 21st Century is accessible to a broad readership and attractive because its distinguished authors, all experts in their disciplines, cover a very large intellectual space. There are so many fine and interesting contributions that there is something for nearly every potential reader."--Helge Kragh, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Albert Einstein and His Theory of Relativity

Author : Don Herweck
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Albert Einstein is a Capstone Press publication.


Author : Don Howard
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This book, for a broad readership, examines the young Einstein from a variety of perspectives - personal, scientific, historical, and philosophical.

Space from Zeno to Einstein

Author : Nick Huggett
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Space From Zeno to Einstein collects a dozen classic readings that are generally accepted as the most significant contributions to the philosophy of space.

Einstein Manifolds

Author : Arthur L. Besse
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Einstein's equations stem from General Relativity. In the context of Riemannian manifolds, an independent mathematical theory has developed around them. Recently, it has produced several striking results, which have been of great interest also to physicists. This Ergebnisse volume is the first book which presents an up-to-date overview of the state-of-the-art in this field. Einstein Manifolds is a successful attempt to organize the abundant literature, with emphasis on examples. Parts of it can be used separately as introduction to modern Riemannian geometry through topics like homogeneous spaces, submersions, or Riemannian functionals.The book is addressed both to research mathematicians, and to graduate students

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein

Author : Albert Einstein
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Every document in The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein appears in the language in which it was written, and this supplementary paperback volume presents the English translations of all non-English materials. This translation does not include notes or annotation of the documentary volume and is not intended for use without the original language documentary edition which provides the extensive editorial commentary necessary for a full historical and scientific understanding of the documents.

Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel mit Bohr Einstein Heisenberg u a Band IV Teil III 1955 1956 Scientific Correspondence with Bohr Einstein Heisenberg a o Volume IV Part III 1955 1956

Author : Wolfgang Pauli
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Aus Paulis letztem Lebensjahrzehnt sind A1/4ber 2000 Briefe erhalten und in diesem grundlegenden Werk zur Physikgeschichte der Nachkriegszeit zusammengefaAt. Neben der Physik wird hier auch der allgemeinere geistesgeschichtliche Hintergrund unserer Naturwissenschaft beleuchtet. Dieser Teilband enthAlt wissenschaftliche Korrespondez A1/4ber grundlegende und andere allgemeine Fragen der Physik der Jahre 1955-1956. In diese Zeit fallen der Beginn der axiomatischen Feldtheorie, die AnfAnge von CERN, der Berner RelativitAtskongress zur 50-Jahr-Feier von Einsteins Entdeckung sowie N. Bohrs 70. Geburtstag und natA1/4rlich die frA1/4he Geschichte des Neutrinos. Pauli und seine Briefpartner nehmen aktiv an diesen Ereignissen teil und beleuchten sie in eindrucksvoller Weise in ihrer Korrespondenz. Die reich annotierten und kommentierten Briefe sind chronologisch angeordnet und durch Verzeichnisse und Register erschlossen. From the final decade of Pauli's life, nearly 2000 letters survive. These are collected in this fundamental work on the history of physics in the post-war era. Going beyond physics, these letters also shed light on the cultural and philosophical background of our natural sciences. This part of the collection contains scientific correspondence about fundamental and other general questions concerning physics in the years 1955-1956. This period saw the beginnings of axiomatic field theories, the birth of CERN, the Berner Relativity Congress marking the 50th Anniversary of Einstein's discovery, and N. Bohr's 70th birthday. They were also the formative years of neutrino physics. Pauli and his correspondence partners played an active role in these events and illuminate them inan impressive manner in their letters. The extensively annotated and commented letters are organized chronologically and complemented by indexes and references.

Time Travel in Einstein s Universe

Author : J. Richard Gott
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A leading astrophysicist takes time travel science fiction to science fact, speculating on the real possibility that temporal navigation might be within the grasp of humanity. Reprint.

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein The early years 1879 1902

Author : Albert Einstein
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Einstein s Mirror

Author : Tony Hey
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The Theory of Special Relativity is one of the most profound discoveries of the twentieth century. Einstein's Mirror blends a simple, nonmathematical account of the theory of special relativity and gravitation with a description of the way experiments have triumphantly supported these theories. The authors explore the many applications of relativity in atomic and nuclear physics, which are many and range from satellite navigation systems, particle accelerators and nuclear power to quantum chemistry, antimatter and black holes. The book also features a superb collection of photographs and includes amusing anecdotes and biographies about the early pioneers. In the closing chapter, the authors examine the influence of Einstein's relativity on the development of science fiction. General readers with an interest in science will enjoy and benefit from this fascinating and accessible introduction to one of the most important areas of physics.