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Sports and Games of Ancient Egypt

Author : Wolfgang Decker
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Egyptian Games and Sports

Author : Joyce A. Tyldesley
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The Ancient Egyptian enjoyed a wide range of sports and games young men chased lions and ostriches across the desert. Children played with balls and dolls. Even the Egyptian kings took their own sporting prowess very seriously. This work looks at the range of sports and games played in the times of the Ancient Egyptians.

Sports and Games in Ancient Egypt

Author : Kamal Saleh Abdou
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Athletics in the Ancient World

Author : E. Norman Gardiner
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This comprehensive text focuses mostly on athletics in classical Greece and Rome, emphasizing the relationship between athletics and religion, art, and education. Also discussed are such events as throwing the discus and javelin, the pentathlon, the stadium and the foot-race, jumping, wrestling, boxing, ball play, and a Greek athletic festival. According to the Times (London) Literary Supplement, the book "should command the attention not only of classical scholars but of all who are interested in athletics for their own sake; and for such readers, [the author] has spared no pains to make his work intelligible." Unabridged republication of Athletics of the Ancient World, originally published by the Oxford University Press, London, 1930. 137 black-and-white illustrations. Bibliography. Index and Glossary.

The Young Folk s Cyclop dia of Games and Sports

Author : John Denison Champlin
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Author : Donald L. Deardorff
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This guide to the available literature on sports in American culture during the last two decades of the 20th century is a companion to Jack Higg's Sports: A Reference Guide (Greenwood, 1982). The types of individual or team sports included in this volume include those that are viewed as physical contests engaged in for physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological fulfillment. With a focus on books alone, chapters review the available literature regarding sports and each concludes with a bibliography. Academic journals likely to contain articles on the topics discussed are listed at the end of each chapter. Twelve chapters discuss sports and American history, business and law, education, ethnicity and race, gender, literature, philosophy and religion, popular culture, psychology, science and technology, sociology and world history. This reference and guide to further research will appeal to scholars of popular culture and sports. An index and two appendixes are included, one listing important dates in American sports from 1980 through 2000 and one listing sports halls of fame, museums, periodicals, and websites.

Sport in Ancient Times

Author : Nigel B. Crowther
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Crowther offers a fascinating look at the role of sport as practiced in the ancient world. From the Prehistoric Age in Egypt, Sumeria, Mesopotamia, and Persia to the "historic period" in ancient Greece, Rome, and the Byzantine Empire, he not only probes the games themselves, but explores the ways in which athletics figured into cultural arenas that extended beyond physical prowess to military associations, rituals, status, and politics. Among the subjects covered are Cretan bull-leaping and Bronze-Age boxing, the ancient Olympic Games, gladiatorial contests, chariot racing, and the role of women in ancient sports.

Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World

Author : Donald G. Kyle
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The second edition of Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World updates Donald G. Kyle’s award-winning introduction to this topic, covering the Ancient Near East up to the late Roman Empire. • Challenges traditional scholarship on sport and spectacle in the Ancient World and debunks claims that there were no sports before the ancient Greeks • Explores the cultural exchange of Greek sport and Roman spectacle and how each culture responded to the other’s entertainment • Features a new chapter on sport and spectacle during the Late Roman Empire, including Christian opposition to pagan games and the Roman response • Covers topics including violence, professionalism in sport, class, gender and eroticism, and the relationship of spectacle to political structures

Sport A Very Short Introduction

Author : Mike Cronin
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Sport is big business; international in nature and the focus of much media and cultural attention. In this Very Short Introduction, Mike Cronin charts the history of sport, from its traditional origins in folk football and cock fighting to its position as a global phenomenon today. Looking at a variety of sports from team games such as rugby, cricket, and football to games for individuals such as golf, tennis, and skiing, he considers how these first emerged and captivated the interest of ordinary people, and how sport has been transformed within our daily lives. Exploring the relationship between sport and class, gender, commerce, identity, and ethics, Cronin considers some of the central issues in sport today, including the high pay of professional footballers and the glamour of sports women, as well as fair play standards. Charting sport through the ages and around the world, this is a short guide to the history, development, and place of sport in contemporary global society. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Ancient Egypt

Author : Les Ray
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Each pack contains 10 large laminated photographs, a postcard-sized copy of each print, a poster, and a teacher's guide with background information, lesson plans and reproducible worksheets.


Author : Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Ancient Africans, perhaps around 5500 BC, established a tradition based upon truth, goodness, beauty, and other immaterial and intangible aspects of things of worth. Believing all of God’s creations were forever linked, they focused on having good relations with and behaviors toward fellow human beings and with nature – both for the purpose of reaching a heaven afterlife. Out of these concepts arose the sense of community, including the practice of no person being left behind. Echoes of Ancient African Values discusses who Ancient Africans were as a people; their genius and creative ways of thinking; their philosophical and spiritual foundations; and their world shaping achievements. Unfortunately, peoples throughout the world have failed to realize or acknowledge the fact that Ancient Africans have produced the most brilliance civilization and culture the world has ever known. This applies whether the measure is by significance, greatness, or numbers. The fashioning of such brilliance inside high morals not only transcended space and time but also designed sublime echoes. A major premise of this book is that these echoes were extremely instrumental in enabling Ancient African slaves to survive their hellish situation as well as having ongoingly contributed to the recovery of Black Americans from the effects of slavery. Numerous examples are given. Otherwise, what is stressed to all peoples in the world is that Ancient African Values contain workable answers for solving every type of problem concerning humanity.

How People Lived in Ancient Egypt

Author : Jane Bingham
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Describes everyday life among the ancient Egyptians, covering family life, marriage, leisure, education, clothing, food and drink, warfare, religion, and funerals.

1000 Facts on Ancient Egypt

Author : Belinda Gallagher
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The books in this series cover 1000 topics each, are suitable for family use and ideal for homework projects for Key Stages two and three.

Heroines of Sport

Author : Jennifer Hargreaves
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Heroines of Sport looks closely at different groups of women whose stories have been excluded from previous accounts of women's sports and female heroism. It focuses on five specific groups of women from different places in the world: Black women in South Africa; Muslim women from the Middle East; Aboriginal women from Australia and Canada; and lesbian and disabled women from different countries worldwide. It also asks searching questions about colonialism and neo-colonialism in the women's international sport movement. The particular groups of women featured in the book reflect the need to look at specific categories of difference relating to class, culture, disability, ethnicity, race, religion and sexual orientation. In her account, Jennifer Hargreaves reveals how the participation of women in sport across the world is tied to their sense of difference and identity. Based on original research each chapter includes material which relates to significant political and cultural developments. Heroines of Sport will be invaluable reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of sport sociology, and will also be relevant for students working in women's studies and other specialized fields, such as development studies or the politics of Aboriginality, disability, Islam, race and sexuality.

Egypt Unexpected

Author : Silvia Dogliani
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This book of extraordinary photographs of the 'other side' of Egypt is the result of the more than three years that Italian photojournalist Silvia Dogliani spent in the country, traveling, meeting people, and looking out for the unexpected. Through her pictures she presents a remarkable--and different--portrait of Egypt, avoiding the well-known history and the popular views, focusing instead on life as it is lived by its people. Three main oppositions are the focus of this book: Noise--the infinite variety of sounds that are life's constant background--and Silence--secretly hidden and always desired; Spirit--a fascinating labyrinth of beliefs--and Movement--the action of lively faces and places; Past--the magnificent memories touched by nostalgia--and Future--the fervent wish for improvement. Complementing the 150 color pictures are informal interviews with Egyptians and non-Egyptians from all walks of life--both the famous and the not so famous--whose words give a further feeling of the real Egypt, an insight beyond the pyramids, temples, and tombs.

Sport in Egypt

Author : LLC Books
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 32. Chapters: Egypt at the Olympics, Egypt at the Paralympics, Egyptian sportspeople, Roller hockey in Egypt, Sport deaths in Egypt, Sport in Cairo, Sport in Egypt by sport, Sports venues in Egypt, Egypt at the 2008 Summer Olympics, Al-Ahly, Zamalek SC, 2005 World Judo Championships, 2010 African Men's Handball Championship, 2010 African Women's Handball Championship, 1997 FIFA U-17 World Championship, Egypt at the 1920 Summer Olympics, Farida Osman, Egypt at the 1924 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 2000 Summer Olympics, EuroBasket 1949, Gezira Sporting Club, Egypt at the 1984 Summer Olympics, 4 Deserts, Egypt at the 2004 Summer Olympics, 2009 CAF Super Cup, Cairo derby, Cairo International Stadium, Mohamed Abdelwahab, Wadi Degla Sporting Club, Speed-ball, Egypt at the 1952 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 1948 Summer Olympics, United Arab Republic at the 1960 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 1936 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 1992 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 1988 Summer Olympics, Tahtib, List of Egyptian athletes, Heliopolis Sporting Club, Egypt at the 1928 Summer Olympics, Al-Sekka Al-Hadid, Egypt at the 1976 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 1968 Summer Olympics, Cairo Military Academy Stadium, Skateimpact, Egypt at the 2000 Summer Paralympics, Egyptian Olympic Committee, Egypt Roller Hockey League, Egypt at the 1984 Winter Olympics, Egypt at the 1964 Summer Olympics, Richard Sainct, Dreamland Egypt Classic, Egypt at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Egypt at the 1912 Summer Olympics, Al-Salam Stadium, Egypt at the Pan Arab Games, Egypt at the 2008 Summer Paralympics, Shooting Club Egypt, Egypt at the 1972 Summer Olympics, Alexandria Sporting Club, Petro Sport Stadium, Egypt at the 1956 Summer Olympics, Sohag stadium, Abla Khairy, Mokhtar El-Tetsh Stadium, Arab Contractors Stadium, Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Mohamed Lotfy, Egypt at the...

Good Housekeeping

Author :
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The Macmillan Dictionary of Sports and Games

Author : John Anthony Cuddon
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Ball Bat and Bishop

Author : Robert William Henderson
File Size : 20.93 MB
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Covers the origins not only of baseball but of a score of related sports involving hitting, catching, throwing, or kicking a ball. This title traces the origins of ball sports to religious rites in ancient Egypt, where the ball represented a fertility symbol and opposing teams engaged in mock combat signifying the struggle of good against evil.

Egypt and the Egyptians

Author : Douglas J. Brewer
File Size : 66.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to over three thousand years of ancient Egyptian civilization.