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The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

Author : Loch Kelly
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Discover a refreshingly different form of mindfulness to access natural wisdom, compassion, and joy “In this groundbreaking guidebook, Loch Kelly offers contemporary versions of ancient practices . . . that can liberate our lives with meaning, connection, and clarity. What a beautiful book!” —Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author of Aware What if you could open into a natural flow of wisdom, compassion, and joy in any moment? According to renowned meditation teacher Loch Kelly, this possibility is closer than you think. Whether you’re an experienced meditator or are new to mindfulness practice, The Way of Effortless Mindfulness offers a new and effective approach to awakening and healing. Loch teaches “effortless mindfulness,” an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness that can liberate the deepest levels of suffering. Effortless mindfulness immediately introduces you to your awake, loving nature. By making a small initial effort of “unhooking” awareness from chattering thoughts, you can begin the journey home. Here you will learn: How to shift out of thought and into your awake, loving nature The different approaches of effortless mindfulness and deliberate mindfulness Unique methods to liberate difficult mental and emotional states Mindful glimpses (micro-meditations) that can be done at any time with eyes open A contemporary version of ancient methods to navigate your consciousness Effective practices drawn from ancient wisdom, contemporary neuroscience, and psychotherapy How to make the "you-turn" from small self to no-self to true Self The Five Foundations of Effortless Mindfulness How to learn to return and train to remain in an awake, compassionate flow How to avoid the pitfalls to embodying awakening This reader-friendly guide is filled with innovative practices designed to give you small glimpses of your awake, loving nature. The Way of Effortless Mindfulness shows that awakening is not only possible, but is also available in the midst of your daily life.

Effortless Mindfulness

Author : Lisa Dale Miller
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Effortless Mindfulness promotes genuine mental health through the direct experience of awakened presence—an effortlessly embodied, fearless understanding of and interaction with the way things truly are. The book offers a uniquely modern Buddhist psychological understanding of mental health disorders through a scholarly, clinically relevant presentation of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist teachings and practices. Written specifically for Western psychotherapeutic professionals, the book brings together traditional Buddhist theory and contemporary psychoneurobiosocial research to describe the conditioned and unconditioned mind, and its in-depth exploration of Buddhist psychology includes complete instructions for psychotherapists in authentic, yet clinically appropriate Buddhist mindfulness/heartfulness practices and Buddhist-psychological inquiry skills. The book also features interviews with an esteemed collection of Buddhist teachers, scholars, meditation researchers and Buddhist-inspired clinicians.

Shift into Freedom

Author : Loch Kelly
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It is possible to access the same sense of well-being, clarity, inner freedom, and loving connection realized by the world’s meditation masters. We can do this by shifting our awareness in the midst of our daily lives. Shift into Freedom presents innovative teacher Loch Kelly’s training manual for actively participating in the evolution of your own consciousness. Synthesizing insights from neuroscience and psychology with wisdom from the world’s contemplative traditions, Shift into Freedom offers an accessible and remarkably powerful series of meditations that lead us to a little-known natural capacity called “awake awareness.” Through an unfolding process of “small glimpses, many times,” these exercises shift us from a thought-based knowing to an awareness-based way of operating in the world. With continued practice, we learn to “unhook” from our customary home in our ego-based identity—and then sustain an embodied presence and relatedness known as “open-hearted awareness.” Loch Kelly teaches that this is “the meeting place of awakening and growing up, where we have the capacity to handle a fully emotional, intimate life and act with authenticity and compassion.” Learn more about: • How to separate awareness from thinking to realize that thoughts and emotions are not the center of who we are • How insights from neuroscience can help us learn how to embody awakening • Ego-identification, a pattern of thought that co-opts the body’s boundary program and creates a mistaken identity • The paradox of “being home while returning home” • Finding the off-switch for the chattering mind • How to intentionally and immediately shift into peace of mind any time of your day • Awakening as a natural process of human development, which unfolds as waking up, waking in, and waking out • Meditation practices for all phases of the journey of awakening and embodiment • Four stages of spiritual growth: recognition, realization, stabilization, and expression • Untying the “knots” in our mindbody system to liberate us from our deepest doubts and fears • How to move from deliberate mindfulness to effortless mindfulness and heart mindfulness • How to effortlessly focus without using attention • Discovering your innate happiness that is not dependent on circumstances • How to welcome and liberate sub-personalities after initial awakening • A user’s manual for your consciousness to help you free yourself from the limits of ego-identification and live from open-hearted awareness

Mindfulness Now

Author : Jesse Sands
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A bite-size guide to incorporating mindfulness into your life—now! Our minds never stop moving. We shuffle through the past, present, and future while our attention flits from thought to thought. Mindfulness is a way to slow down our ricocheting brains and gain clarity. It is simply the practice of being in the present moment, of focusing your thoughts and attention on what is in front of you. It’s a way to be more fully engaged in your life, make more thoughtful choices, and enjoy your day. Mindfulness Now by Jesse Sands is filled with simple ways to practice mindfulness and meditation in your everyday life. The book is designed to make mindfulness practical for the modern day and accessible to everyone, no matter how busy your schedule may be. By bringing your focus to the present moment, you will learn to step away from worry and make the most of every day.


Author : J. Mark G. Williams
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Mindfulness-based approaches to medicine, psychology, neuroscience, healthcare, education, business leadership, and other major societal institutions have become increasingly common. New paradigms are emerging from a confluence of two powerful and potentially synergistic epistemologies: one arising from the wisdom traditions of Asia and the other arising from post-enlightenment empirical science. This book presents the work of internationally renowned experts in the fields of Buddhist scholarship and scientific research, as well as looking at the implementation of mindfulness in healthcare and education settings. Contributors consider the use of mindfulness throughout history and look at the actual meaning of mindfulness whilst identifying the most salient areas for potential synergy and for potential disjunction. Mindfulness: Diverse Perspectives on its Meanings, Origins and Applications provides a place where wisdom teachings, philosophy, history, science and personal meditation practice meet. It was originally published as a special issue of Contemporary Buddhism.

Mindfulness for All

Author : Jon Kabat-Zinn
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More than twenty years ago, Jon Kabat-Zinn changed the way we thought about awareness in everyday life with his now-classic introduction to mindfulness, Wherever You Go, There You Are. He followed that up with 2005's Coming to Our Senses, the definitive book for our time on the connection between mindfulness and our well-being on every level, physical, cognitive, emotional, social, planetary, and spiritual. Now, Coming to Our Senses is being repackaged into 4 smaller books, each focusing on a different aspect of mindfulness, and each with a new foreword written by the author. In the fourth of these books, Mindfulness for All (which was originally published as Part VII and Part VIII of Coming to Our Senses), Kabat-Zinn focuses on how mindfulness really can be a tool to transform the world--explaining how democracy thrives in a mindful context, and why mindfulness is a vital tool for both personal and global understanding and action in these tumultuous times. By "coming to our senses"--both literally and metaphorically--we can become more compassionate, more embodied, more aware human beings, and in the process, contribute to the healing of the body politic as well as our own lives in ways both little and big.

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Author : Jon Kabat-Zinn
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More than twenty years ago, Jon Kabat-Zinn changed the way we thought about awareness in everyday life with his now-classic introduction to mindfulness, Wherever You Go, There You Are. He followed that up with 2005's Coming to Our Senses, the definitive book for our time on the connection between mindfulness and our well-being on every level, physical, cognitive, emotional, social, planetary, and spiritual. Now, Coming to Our Senses is being repackaged into 4 smaller books, each focusing on a different aspect of mindfulness, and each with a new foreword written by the author. In the third of these books, The Healing Power of Mindfulness (which was originally published as Part V and Part VI of Coming to Our Senses), Kabat-Zinn focuses on the ways mindfulness can change the body and rewire the mind--explaining what we're learning about neuroplasticity and the brain, how meditation can affect the immune system, and what mindfulness can teach us about facing impermanence and, eventually, the end of our own lives. By "coming to our senses"--both literally and metaphorically--we can become more compassionate, more embodied, more aware human beings, and in the process, contribute to the healing of the body politic as well as our own lives in ways both little and big.

5 Minute Mindfulness

Author : Karen Gray
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Does your mind run a million miles an hour? Discover how to slow down your racing brain and let joy flood in. Do your worries keep you up at night? Does your stress have you constantly on edge? Do you find it tough to concentrate on one thing at a time? Reiki Master Karen Gray has devoted her life to the study of energy and alternative healing practices, teaching thousands to take control and focus. Now she'll show you how to soothe your soul and make space in your head for the things that really matter. 5-Minute Mindfulness: 100 Effortless Mindfulness Tips for Abundant Happiness and Inner Peace is a straight-to-the-point beginner's manual to build habits for spiritual tranquility. Containing the A-Z of everything you need to know to calm your mind, Gray's guide is packed with step-by-step techniques to kick your negative thinking to the curb and usher in happy thoughts. Whatever your struggle--bad diets, constant fretting, or overwhelming anxiety--this customizable routine can literally remodel your life in almost no time at all. DOWNLOAD:: 5-Minute Mindfulness: 100 Effortless Mindfulness Tips for Abundant Happiness and Inner Peace In 5-Minute Mindfulness, you'll discover: A quick, daily practice to transform your inner self Why just "going through the motions" prevents you from achieving your true potential Meditations you can use any time you need to invoke harmony Positive habits to handle negative emotions and pave the way for serenity Exercises, scientific studies, and much, much more! 5-Minute Mindfulness is the ultimate guide to get you grounded and at ease in the moment. If you like straightforward instructions, expert insights, and deeply rewarding spiritual connections, then you'll love Karen Gray's transformative resource. Would You Like To Know More? Download now to quiet your brain today! Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy now button.

Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies

Author : Laury Rappaport
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This ground-breaking book explores the theoretical, clinical and training application of integrating mindfulness with all of the arts therapies, and includes cutting-edge contributions from neuroscience. Written by pioneers and leaders in the arts therapies and psychology fields, the book includes 6 sections that examine mindfulness and the arts therapies from different perspectives: 1) the history and roots of mindfulness in relation to spirituality, psychotherapy and the arts therapies; 2) the role of the expressive arts in cultivating mindful awareness; 3) innovative approaches that add mindfulness to the arts therapies; 4) arts therapies approaches that are inherently mindfulness-based; 5) mindfulness in the training and education of arts therapists; and 6) the neuroscience underlying mindfulness and the arts therapies. Contributors describe their pioneering work with diverse applications: people with cancer, trauma, chronic pain, substance abuse, severe mental illness, clients in private practice, adolescents at camp, training dance and art therapists, and more. This rich resource will inspire and rejuvenate all clinicians and educators.

The Mindfulness Acceptance Workbook for Depression

Author : Kirk D. Strosahl
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There are hundreds of books that will try to help you ''overcome'' or ''put an end to'' depression. But what if you could use your depression to change your life for the better? Your symptoms may be signals that something in your life needs to change. Learning to understand and interpret these signals is much more important than ignoring or avoiding them - approaches that only make the situation worse. This workbook uses techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to offer a new treatment plan for depression that will help you live a productive life by accepting your feelings instead of fruitlessly trying to avoid them. The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Depression will show you, step-by-step, how to stop this cycle, feel more energized, and involve yourself in pleasurable and fulfilling activities that will help you work through, rather than avoid, aspects of your life that are depressing you. Use the techniques in this book to evaluate your own depression and create a personalized treatment plan. You'll enrich your total life experience by focusing your energy not on fighting depression, but on living the life you want.

Mindfulness and Self Compassion for Teen ADHD

Author : Mark Bertin
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A powerful and compassionate guide for cultivating self-confidence, independence, and the executive functioning skills you need to live your best life! Being a teen with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn’t stop you from wanting what almost every other teen wants: independence, good grades, and a healthy social life. But ADHD also presents obstacles that can keep you from reaching your goals. At times you may become frustrated, sad, or even angry at your inability to achieve the things you want. This book can help. This unique guide will help you develop the skills you need to strengthen your executive functioning, foster the self-compassion essential to overcoming self-criticism often caused by ADHD, and gain the confidence and resilience necessary to take control of your ADHD—and your life. You’ll also learn how to manage your emotions, focus, practice flexible problem solving, change habits, and improve communication skills. Finally, you’ll learn how these skills can improve your relationships with friends and family, and help you succeed in school—and life! Your ADHD doesn’t have to define you, and it certainly doesn’t have to determine your life. This book will allow you to step off the path of self-criticism, and guide you on the path toward self-compassion, self-confidence, and success.

Mindful leadership for sustainable peace

Author : Thich Duc Thien
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EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND We are experiencing an unprecedented period where wide ranging and disruptive major global change is taking place around us. In this context, the theme of Mindful Leadership and Sustainable Development provides a point of reference and pathway for understanding the contemporary chaotic situations. These disruptive changes challenge our understanding and meaning of humanity and truly question whether or not, we are able to live in a society where justice, equality, peace, and prosperity abound. In the Buddhist light, a focus is placed on understanding the Buddhist teachings to develop solutions for dealing with these wide-ranging problems. Both the scope of change and the response from a Buddhist approach are core to the content of this volume. It is of paramount importance that any investigation and development of solutions for the changes taking place, require guidance from the Buddhist philosophy. As a starting point for discussion, an initial focus is placed on providing a thorough and critical understanding of the character and context of change. In doing so, we also seek to clarify and outline the nature of a Buddhist approach. In completing this review, it is productive to see that given the complex issues being dealt with, the papers do generate different frameworks and viewpoints within the broad term of “approach.” The frameworks based on the Buddha´s teachings are not fully fixed and agreed upon by all. Therefore, our term “approach” refers to a set of arrangements and viewpoints that act to inspire further discussion and development. Given the above context, this volume is a collection of conference papers presented and published for the panel on the first sub-theme of UNDV 2019 on Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace on 13 May 2019 at the Tam Chuc International Convention Center, Ha Nam, Vietnam. The panel commemorates the occasion of the 16th United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations 2019. Through the contributions of participants and their papers at this workshop, this volume provides a diverse and rich range of thinking and wisdom rather than more traditional mainstream thinking or conventional wisdom. Treating the Buddha’s teachings as a basic theoretical reconstruction, we examine the relationships between societies and Buddhism. We combine the analyses of the conflicts, trends and dynamics affecting future global development with focused studies on a range of policy areas for improving societies. In the Buddhist light, our two most crucial aims in this period of disruption are to greatly increase the influence and impact of Buddhism as our foremost duty; and that the Buddhist responsibility contributes to creating a new foundation for Mindful Leadership and Sustainable Development.

Coming to Our Senses

Author : Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Come to your senses with the definitive guide to living a meaningful life from a world expert in the connection between mindfulness and physical and spiritual wellbeing. "[The] journey toward health and sanity is nothing less than an invitation to wake up to the fullness of our lives as if they actually mattered . . ." --Jon Kabat-Zinn, from the Introduction Jon Kabat-Zinn changed the way we thought about awareness in everyday life with his now-classic introduction to mindfulness, Wherever You Go, There You Are. Now, with Coming to Our Senses, he provides the definitive book for our time on the connection between mindfulness and our physical and spiritual wellbeing. With scientific rigor, poetic deftness, and compelling personal stories, Jon Kabat-Zinn examines the mysteries and marvels of our minds and bodies, describing simple, intuitive ways in which we can come to a deeper understanding, through our senses, of our beauty, our genius, and our life path in a complicated, fear-driven, and rapidly changing world. In each of the book's eight parts, Jon Kabat-Zinn explores another facet of the great adventure of healing ourselves -- and our world -- through mindful awareness, with a focus on the "sensescapes" of our lives and how a more intentional awareness of the senses, including the human mind itself, allows us to live more fully and more authentically. By "coming to our senses" -- both literally and metaphorically by opening to our innate connectedness with the world around us and within us -- we can become more compassionate, more embodied, more aware human beings, and in the process, contribute to the healing of the body politic as well as our own lives in ways both little and big.

The Psychology of Mindfulness Meditation

Author : Jack Kornfield
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Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Nature

Author : Douglas S. Duckworth
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Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Nature offers an engaging philosophical overview of Tibetan Buddhist thought. Integrating competing and complementary perspectives on the nature of mind and reality, Douglas Duckworth reveals the way that Buddhist theory informs Buddhist practice in various Tibetan traditions. Duckworth draws upon a contrast between phenomenology and ontology to highlight distinct starting points of inquiries into mind and nature in Buddhism, and to illuminate central issues confronted in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. This thematic study engages some of the most difficult and critical topics in Buddhist thought, such as the nature of mind and the meaning of emptiness, across a wide range of philosophical traditions, including the "Middle Way" of Madhyamaka, Yogacara (also known as "Mind-Only"), and tantra. Duckworth provides a richly textured overview that explores the intersecting nature of mind, language, and world depicted in Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Further, this book puts Tibetan philosophy into conversation with texts and traditions from India, Europe, and America, exemplifying the possibility and potential for a transformative conversation in global philosophy.

Relaxation Meditation Mindfulness Personal Training Manual

Author : Jonathan C. Smith
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Meditation and mindfulness aren't easy. Most people quit, usually frustrated by problems concentrating -- the result of outdated, ritualized, dogma-based instruction. Here is a complete and practical guide that takes a groundbreaking new direction in the instruction of meditation and mindfulness. Over a decade of research at the Roosevelt University Stress Insitute has found that learning one type of meditation, meditation, or relaxation is not enough. Different approaches have different effects and work for different people. A balanced combination is more effective than a quick fix of one technique or ritual. In this program, the student first masters six foundation skills of yogaform stretching, muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, autogenics, and imagery. Then simple and fun instructions guide one through the adventure of developing a personally tailored relaxation and meditation program, one that is based on individual strengths and needs.

Creativity in the Classroom

Author : Alane Jordan Starko
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Creativity in the Classroom, sixth edition, helps teachers link creativity research and theory to the everyday activities of classroom teaching. This foundational textbook is relevant for any course dealing wholly or partially with creativity and teaching. The sixth edition has been revised and updated throughout, informed by cutting-edge research on neurobiology, curiosity and imaginative play, questioning, and motivation, particularly the relationships among creativity, intrinsic motivation, and motivation to learn.

An Integrative Approach to Counseling

Author : Robert G. Santee
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An Integrative Approach to Counseling: Bridging Chinese Thought, Evolutionary Theory, and Stress Management offers a global and integrative approach to counseling that incorporates multiple concepts and techniques from both eastern and western perspectives. The book identifies commonalities rather than the differences between them. The book also compares and contrasts the underlying cultural assumptions of western counseling with those of the Chinese perspectives of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism, relative to integrating and applying a more global approach to helping individuals functionally adapt to challenges in their environments. The book will be used by faculty and students in those advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, counseling, or social work that cover such areas as introduction to counseling, counseling skills and techniques, counseling theories, multi-cultural awareness and counseling, and stress management.

The Power and the Pain

Author : Andrew Holecek
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We all encounter obstacles on a daily basis—from small inconveniences and nuisances to the really big hardships wreaking havoc with our lives. Sometimes just the small things are enough to set us reeling. Andrew Holecek offers us a progressive path beginning with common, easily understood hardships and moving on to more subtle and challenging ones that commonly arise on our spiritual journeys.

American Dharma

Author : Ann Gleig
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The past couple of decades have witnessed Buddhist communities both continuing the modernization of Buddhism and questioning some of its limitations. In this fascinating portrait of a rapidly changing religious landscape, Ann Gleig illuminates the aspirations and struggles of younger North American Buddhists during a period she identifies as a distinct stage in the assimilation of Buddhism to the West. She observes both the emergence of new innovative forms of deinstitutionalized Buddhism that blur the boundaries between the religious and secular, and a revalorization of traditional elements of Buddhism such as ethics and community that were discarded in the modernization process. Based on extensive ethnographic and textual research, the book ranges from mindfulness debates in the Vipassana network to the sex scandals in American Zen, while exploring issues around racial diversity and social justice, the impact of new technologies, and generational differences between baby boomer, Gen X, and millennial teachers.