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Education and Learning in the Early Islamic World

Author : Claude Gilliot
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Studying education and learning in the formative period of Islam is not immediately easy, since the sources for this are relatively late and frequently project backwards to the earlier period the assumptions and conditions of their own day. The studies in this volume have been selected for the critical approaches and methods of their authors, and are arranged under five headings: the pedagogical tradition; scholarship and attestation; orality and literacy; authorship and transmission; and libraries. Together with the editor’s introductory essay, they present a broad picture of the beginnings and evolution of education and learning in the Islamic world.

The Turks in the Early Islamic World

Author : C. Edmund Bosworth
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This volume brings together a set of key articles, along with a new introduction to contextualize them, on the role of Turkish peoples in the Western Asiatic world up to the 11th century. Such topics as the geographical and environmental original milieux of these peoples in the forest zone and steppelands of Inner Asia, the formation and breakup of tribal confederations within the steppes, and the evolution of tribal structures, are examined as the background for the appearance of Turks within the Islamic caliphate from the 9th century onwards. These came first as military slaves, then as movements of peoples, such as the tribal migrations of the Oghuz, leading to the establishment of the Seljuq sultanate, whilst from within Islamic society, individual Turkish commanders were able at the same time to build up their own military empires such as that of the Ghaznavids. In this way was put in place a Turkish dominance of the northern tier of the Middle East, with attendant changes in demography and land utilisation, which was to last for centuries.

The Expansion of the Early Islamic State

Author : Fred McGraw Donner
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This volume presents a selection of the key studies in which leading scholars since the beginning of the 20th century attempt to explain the phenomenally rapid expansion of the early Islamic state during the 7th century CE. The articles debate the causes for the conquest movement or expansion, the reasons for its success, the nature of the movement itself, the impact the expansion had on the countries affected by it, and the complex questions surrounding the sources on which historians have constructed their views of the expansion, and the reliability (or lack of it) of those sources. No articles devoted to the actual conquest of a given locality are included-hundreds exist-but a fairly extensive bibliography lists many of the more important contributions in this genre. The editor's introduction addresses the phenomenon of the expansion and how scholars have approached and grappled with it.

Arab Byzantine Relations in Early Islamic Times

Author : Michael David Bonner
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Surrounded on all sides by hostile nations and peoples, Islam began life as a religion in a wary manner. This collection begins and ends with war and considers the uneasy relationship between the Arabs and the Byzantine civilization from which they learned a great deal during uneasy periods of peace.

The Formation of Islamic Law

Author : Wael B. Hallaq
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The fourteen studies included in this volume have been chosen to serve several purposes simultaneously. At a basic level, they aim to provide a general - if not wholly systematic - coverage of the emergence and evolution of law during the first three and a half centuries of Islam. On another level, they reflect the different and, at times, widely divergent scholarly approaches to this subject matter. These two levels combined will offer a useful account of the rise of Islamic law not only for students in this field but also for Islamicists who are not specialists in matters of law, comparative legal historians, and others. At the same time, however, and as the Introduction to the work argues, this collection of distinguished contributions illustrates both the achievements and the shortcomings of paradigmatic scholarship on the formative period of Islamic law.

Muslims and Others in Early Islamic Society

Author : Lawrence I. Conrad
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Muslims and Others in Early Islamic Society concerns the interaction between Muslims and the other religious denominations of the Middle East in the period 620-1020. This is arguably the single most important issue in the history of the early Islamic Middle East, since the Muslims were initially a minority in the lands that they had conquered and so had to reach some modus vivendi with the various religious communities in their realm. Fifteen articles by leading scholars shed light on this process from a number of different perspectives: historical, conceptual, legal, social and theological. An introduction both gives an overview and examines possibilities for future research. The period under study is demarcated at one end by the Prophet Muhammed (d. 632) who, as the Qur'an tells us, had to deal with Jews, Christians and polytheists. At the other end lies the great legal/political thinker Manardi (d. ca. 1020), by whose time the Middle East had become substantially Islamicised.

Scientists and Scholars of the Early Islamic World Islamic Empire History Book 3rd Grade Children s History

Author : Baby Professor
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Did you know the early Islamic word bred scientists and scholars who made significant contributions to the field of science and technology? This book will introduce some of the most important names of the time. Read this book to open your mind into a different definition of Islam. Grow your knowledge with one topic at a time. Include this book in your collection.

Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam Religious Learning between Continuity and Change 2 vols

Author : Sebastian Günther
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Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam: Religious Learning between Continuity and Change offers fascinating new insights into key issues of learning and human development in classical Islam, including their shared characteristics, influence, and interdependence with historical, non-Muslim educational cultures.

The Muslim World Book Review

Author :
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World

Author : John L. Esposito
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Handbook of Libraries Archives and Information Centres in India

Author : B. M. Gupta
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A collection of essays about libraries and librarianship in India with information concerning computers and databases.

Afk r Inquiry

Author :
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Women in Nursing in Islamic Societies

Author : Nancy Halsted Bryant
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The volume makes a significant contribution to understanding nursing from the perspective of Islamic society. It also presents nursing in a broad social context while simultaneously presenting country-specific examples through well-written country vignettes from Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. The editor of this volume spent significany time working in Islamic countries. This experience helped her understand the tremendous need for nurses in Islamic societies. However, she also learned about the reluctance of young Muslim women to join this profession for reasons ranging from poor remuneration and working conditions to traditional and cultural constraints including its low status and image. Among other issues contributors discuss nursing education, midwifery and violence againse nurses.

The Impact of Political Processes on Educational Development

Author : Saeed Rajaipur
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Muslim Education Quarterly

Author :
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Creative and Inclusive Strategies for Lifelong Learning

Author : Gillian Youngs
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This document consists of 12 papers from an international roundtable on creative and inclusive strategies for lifelong learning that focused on the following topics: the need to redefine lifelong learning; ways lifelong learning can aid critical understanding of globalization and its problems; and ways lifelong learning can be a transformative aspect of building knowledge societies. The following papers are included: "Report of the International Roundtable on Developing Creative and Inclusive Strategies and Partnerships for Fostering a Lifelong Learning Culture" (Toshio Ohsako); "Summary of Discussion" (Gillian Youngs, Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo); "Lifelong Learning: Implementing a Generally Accepted Principle" (Elisabeth Bittner); "The Islamic Roots of Lifelong Learning Culture: How to Make Use of Them in Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment" (Nadia Gamal El-Din); "Towards the Creation of Lifelong Learning Culture in Africa" (T.O. Fasokun); "A Youth Contribution to Lifelong Learning" (Nina Hansen, Cornelius Brokelmann); "Technological Change in Asia: Women's Need of Life-long Learning" (Govind Kelkar, Dev Nathan); "Societal and Cultural Enabling Environment, Spaces, Knowledge, and Agency for Lifelong Learning" (Gudrum Lachenmann); "Human Memory" (Lars-Goran Nilsson); "Lifelong Learning in Uncertain--or Threatening?--Times" (Fulvia Rosemberg); "Addressing Challenges on Lifelong Learning for Girls" (Mariama Sarr-Ceesay); and "Questions of Agency and the Internet: A New Way of Learning" (Gillian Youngs). Many papers include substantial bibliographies. (MN)

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author : Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc
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The Role of the Family in Learning to Work

Author : Jenny Hopkins
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The Farfaru Journal of Multi disciplinary Studies

Author :
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The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World

Author : Francis Robinson
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This book presents a rounded picture of Islam, from current issues of fundamentalism, to its culture and art.