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Economics and Sociology

Author : Richard Swedberg
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The boundary between economics and sociology is presently being redefined--but how, why, and by whom? Richard Swedberg answers these questions in this thought-provoking book of conversations with well-known economists and sociologists. Among the economists interviewed are Gary Becker, Amartya Sen, Kenneth Arrow, and Albert O. Hirschman; the sociologists include Daniel Bell, Harrison White, James Coleman, and Mark Granovetter. The picture that emerges is that economists and sociologists have paid little attention to each other during most of the twentieth century: social problems have been analyzed as if they had no economic dimension and economic problems as if they had no social dimension. Today, however, there is a dialogue between the two fields, as economists take on social topics and as sociologists become interested in rational choice and "new economic sociology." The interviewees describe how they came to challenge the present separation between economics and sociology, what they think of the various proposals to integrate the fields, and how they envision the future. The author summarizes the results of the conversations in the final chapter. The individual interviews also serve as superb introductions to the work of these scholars.

Economics and Sociology

Author : Adolph Lowe
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Arguing that the disciplines of economics and sociology are inter-related and vitally important to each other, this book discusses major issues such as urbanization and population growth from both economic and socio-political viewpoints.

Economics and sociology towards an integration

Author : T. Huppes
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In recent years economics has been the subject of increasingly severe criticism. It has failed both to predict and to counteract the economic crisis now affiicting nearly the whole Western world. Economic life is more disrupted than ever: - the rate of inflation has risen alarmingly - unemployment has not been as high since the 1930s - economic growth is stagnating - there is increasing opposition to the inequality in the distribution of income and wealth, on a national scale as well as in the world at large - the process of economic integration (EEC, GATT, UNCT AD) is being thwarted - programmes of economic development in the third world have not produced the desired effects - etcetera. Obviously, it would not be fair to put the blame for the crisis on economic science. But the present predicament does call for serious consideration of the limitations of economic explanation. Among the social sciences, economics is unquestionably the most advanced discipline. Its very sophistication, however, leads it to abstract from social phenomena such as norms, institutions, power, conflict and social change. Thus the manifest influence of sociological variables on the course of economic processes remains hidden. Dominating this book as a drumbeat is the conviction held by the several authors that a clearer grasp of the current problems may be obtained if economists and sociologists are prepared to co-operate more closely. An interdisciplinary approach is warranted; the distinction between the social sciences should be less sharply drawn.

The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism

Author : Joseph A. Schumpeter
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Joseph Schumpeter remains a highly enigmatic theorist in the history of modern economics. His contributions, however, sought unity among theoretical economics, economic sociology, history, and statistics during a time when emphasis on such matters has been decidedly losing ground within the academic profession on both sides of the Atlantic. This anthology is a timely response to the reigning orthodoxy, expecially in view of renewed interest in political economy since the 1970s. It is a superb collection of Schumpeter's essays, some of which are printed in their entirety for the first time, such as "An Economic Interpretation of Our Time," an unpublished essay which was delivered as a Lowell Lecture in 1941. The informative introduction covers the intellectual as well as personal dimensions of Schumpeter, both during his formative European period and in his fully developed but somewhat unhappy American years. ISBN 0-691-04253-5: $50.00.

International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology

Author : Jens Beckert
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Dealing with the multiple and complex relations between economy and society, this encyclopedia focuses on the impact of social, political, and cultural factors on economic behaviour. It is useful for students and researchers in sociology, economics, political science, and also business, organization, and management studies.

Max Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology

Author : Richard Swedberg
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While most people are familiar with The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, few know that during the last decade of his life Max Weber (1864-1920) also tried to develop a new way of analyzing economic phenomena, which he termed "economic sociology." Indeed, this effort occupies the central place in Weber's thought during the years just before his death. Richard Swedberg here offers a critical presentation and the first major study of this fascinating part of Weber's work. Swedberg furthermore discusses similarities and differences between Weber's economic sociology and present-day thinking on the same topic. In addition, the author shows how economic sociology has recently gained greater credibility as economists and sociologists have begun to collaborate in studying problems of organizations, political structures, social problems, and economic culture more generally. Swedberg's book will be sure to further this new cooperation.

Principles of Economic Sociology

Author : Richard Swedberg
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The last fifteen years have witnessed an explosion in the popularity, creativity, and productiveness of economic sociology, an approach that traces its roots back to Max Weber. This important new text offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of economic sociology. It also advances the field theoretically by highlighting, in one analysis, the crucial economic roles of both interests and social relations. Richard Swedberg describes the field's critical insights into economic life, giving particular attention to the effects of culture on economic phenomena and the ways that economic actions are embedded in social structures. He examines the full range of economic institutions and explicates the relationship of the economy to politics, law, culture, and gender. Swedberg notes that sociologists too often fail to properly emphasize the role that self-interested behavior plays in economic decisions, while economists frequently underestimate the importance of social relations. Thus, he argues that the next major task for economic sociology is to develop a theoretical and empirical understanding of how interests and social relations work in combination to affect economic action. Written by an author whose name is synonymous with economic sociology, this text constitutes a sorely needed advanced synthesis--and a blueprint for the future of this burgeoning field.

The Sociology of Economic Life

Author : Mark Granovetter
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This book incorporates classic and contemporary readings in economic sociology and related disciplines to provide students with a broad understanding of the many dimensions of economic life. It discusses Max Weber's key concepts in economics and sociology.

Economics and the Social Sciences

Author : Stavros Ioannides
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This book is based on the premise that mainstream economics has become excessively specialized and formalized, entering a state of de facto withdrawal from the study of the economy in favour of exercises in applied mathematics. The editors believe that there is much scope for synergies by engaging in an encounter with economics and the other social sciences. The chapters in this book offer important new contributions to such a development. A select group of highly regarded contributors illustrate the potentially enlightening relationship between economics and a wide range of social science disciplines. In addition, some important concepts for economic analysis for example the notion of routines, of social capital and of flexibility are explored from the vantage point of several social sciences. Postgraduate students in most social science disciplines and in economic sociology will find much to interest them in this book, as will students of psychology and economics.

Transforming Economics

Author : Paul Lewis
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Leading authors within economics have come together here to discuss the contribution of critical realism to economics. A wide range of opinions are offered from Ben Fine to Clive Grainger and the results are explosive.