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Economic of Soft Criminal Behavior

Author : Johnny Ch Lok
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This book concerns to explain why economic crisis can cause humans to make decision to choose to do any criminal behavior directly. Why economic crisis is a factor to cause criminal behavior in our societies nowadays. Whether it has relationship between economic crisis and criminal behavior causing in our societies. Economic crisis is the main source to cause human criminal behavior from any business activities.

Soft Economic Criminal Behavior

Author : Johnny Ch Lok
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Economic crime from copyright infringement and the internetNowadays, high speed internet connections technologies have anabled copyright to be stolen more efficiently. However, online copyright stolen has been a cause facor of economic crime behavior. Economist Gary backer ( 1968) explained the causes of economic crime behavior is due to the approach taken here follows the economist's usual analysisof choice and assumes that a person commits an offense of the expected utility of whom exceeds the utility whom could get by using whose time and resources t other activities . Som persons become criminals therefore, not because their basic motivation differs from that of other persons, but because their benefits and cost differ.There are two new conceptual models to cause economic crime: the microeconomic, the choice facing each individuals and macroeconomic ( the choice facing society), models of crime. There are the elements most relevant to the crime of copyright infringement from internet reasons. The internet copyright infringement means the use of the internet to acquire or disseminate infringing copes of copyrighted works, particularly music, software and motion pictures. Why internet channel will persuade people to encourage them to attempt to steal any copyrighted works commonly. For example, once a work is downloaded, any subsequent of copying or dissemination in physical form is well within the scope of traditional.Consequently, most transactions, encompassing "internet privacy" don't involve a product for money transfer, but instead may involve a barter of one copyrighted product for another. Thus, it is easily to download any music: software and motion picture from internet. It cause consumers do not need to pay any to buy these products, then who can find these creation products to attempt to free download from their homes or public places, e.g. library, shopping centre, restaurant free computer internet provision conveniently. Consequently, their free download behaviors will bring many of these copyrighted protection of creation products, music, movie, motion picture etc.businessmen to bring serious losses.In fact, there are significant differences between copyright infringement and most other types of crime. For example, other types of crime, which concern stealing money or product generally. Otherwise, copyright infringement concerns stealing intelligent property of creation products, some products are intangible, e.g. music creation, image creation.The economist, Becker ( 1968) focused particularly on the macroeconomic model of crime: the problem which society faces when engineering a criminal and the costs of enforcement. Included within this model, however, was also a microeconomic model of crime: The problem an individual faces hen who chooses whether who commit a certain crime. Thus, it seems internet copyright intringement ought belong to microeconomic model of crime more than macroeconomic model of crime. Due to every internet user will have free download any music, movie, motion picture. Every internet user is possible to free dowload any copyright protection of picture in dividual from internet. The internet user intends to free download any copyright protection of creation works to earn free cost consumption benefit to whomself and it is not common to any one crime organization members who intend to download any creation works to ern free cost consumption benefit to their whole organization.

The Economics of Crime

Author : Harold Winter
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Since Gary Becker‘s seminal article in the late sixties, the economic analysis of crime has blossomed, from an interesting side field within law and economics, into a mature stand-alone sub-discipline that has been embraced by many well-respected academic economists. Wide ranging and accessible, this is the most up-to-date textbook in this area, ta

Hard America Soft America

Author : Michael Barone
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A peculiar feature of our country today, says Michael Barone, is that we seem to produce incompetent eighteen-year-olds but remarkably competent thirty-year-olds. Indeed, American students lag behind their peers in other nations, but America remains on the leading edge economically, scientifically, technologically, and militarily. The reason for this paradox, explains Barone in this brilliant essay, is that “from ages six to eighteen Americans live mostly in what I call Soft America—the parts of our country where there is little competition and accountability. But from ages eighteen to thirty Americans live mostly in Hard America—the parts of American life subject to competition and accountability.” While Soft America coddles, Hard America plays for keeps. Educators, for example, protect children from the rigors of testing, ban dodgeball, and promote just about any student who shows up. But most adults quickly figure out that how they do depends on what they produce. Barone sweeps readers along, showing how we came to the current divide—for things weren’t always this way. In fact, no part of our society is all Hard or all Soft, and the boundary between Hard America and Soft America often moves back and forth. Barone also shows where America is headed—or should be headed. We don’t want to subject kindergartners to the rigors of the Marine Corps or leave old people uncared for. But Soft America lives off the productivity, creativity, and competence of Hard America, and we have the luxury of keeping part of our society Soft only if we keep most of it Hard. Hard America, Soft America reveals: • How the American situation is unique: In Europe, schooling is competitive and demanding, but adult life is Soft, with generous welfare benefits, short work hours, long vacations, and state pensions • How the American military has reclaimed the Hard goals and programs it abandoned in the Vietnam era • How Hardness drives America’s economy—an economy that businesses and economists nearly destroyed in the 1970s by spurning competition • How America’s schools have failed because they are bastions of Softness—but how they are finally showing signs of Hardening • The benefits of Softness: How government programs like Social Security were necessary in what was a harsh and unforgiving America • Hard America, Soft America is a stunningly original and provocative work of social commentary from one of this country’s most respected political analysts.

Behavioral Economics For Dummies

Author : Morris Altman
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A guide to the study of how and why you really make financial decisions While classical economics is based on the notion that people act with rational self-interest, many key money decisions—like splurging on an expensive watch—can seem far from rational. The field of behavioral economics sheds light on the many subtle and not-so-subtle factors that contribute to our financial and purchasing choices. And in Behavioral Economics For Dummies, readers will learn how social and psychological factors, such as instinctual behavior patterns, social pressure, and mental framing, can dramatically affect our day-to-day decision-making and financial choices. Based on psychology and rooted in real-world examples, Behavioral Economics For Dummies offers the sort of insights designed to help investors avoid impulsive mistakes, companies understand the mechanisms behind individual choices, and governments and nonprofits make public decisions. A friendly introduction to the study of how and why people really make financial decisions The author is a professor of behavioral and institutional economics at Victoria University An essential component to improving your financial decision-making (and even to understanding current events), Behavioral Economics For Dummies is important for just about anyone who has a bank account and is interested in why—and when—they spend money.

Behavioral Approaches to Crime and Delinquency

Author : Edward K. Morris
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The systematic application of behavioral psychology to crime and delinquency was begun only 20 years ago, yet it has already contributed significantly to our practical knowledge about prevention and correction and to our general under standing of a pressing social problem. In this handbook, we review and evalu ate what has been accomplished to date, as well as what is currently at the leading edge of the field. We do so in order to present a clear, comprehensive, and systematic view of the field and to promote and encourage still more effective action and social policy reform in the future. The chapters in this text have been written by professionals who were among the original innovators in applying behavioral psychology to crime and delinquency and who continue to make critical contributions to the field's progress, and by a new generation of energetic, young professionals who are taking the field in important and innovative directions. The contributors have attempted to review and evaluate their areas with critical dispassion, to pro vide thorough but not overly specialized discussion of their material, and to draw implications for how research, application, and social policy might be improved in the future. For our part as editors, we have tried to foster integra tion across the chapters and to provide background and conceptual material of our own.

A History of Federal Crime Control Initiatives 1960 1993

Author : Nancy E. Marion
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Discusses federal initiatives for crime control and presents the argument that presidential and congressional initiatives are largely symbolic, in chapters that examine the anticrime policy agendas of Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. The final chapter provides information on President Clinton's anticrime agenda, as well as an analysis of the information presented throughout the volume. In this chapter, the argument is presented that most of the policies geared toward crime control are symbolic, providing no real benefit for reducing crime in the US. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

The Encyclopedia of Theoretical Criminology

Author : J. Mitchell Miller
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The two–volume Encyclopedia of Theoretical Criminology, available in print and online, is the definitive reference resource for theoretical criminology. This encyclopedia offers a state–of–the–art survey of leading theories, concepts, and key figures in the field. It combines this breadth of coverage with the authority and international perspective of an experienced team of contributors, creating a definitive reference resource for students, scholars, and professionals. Comprehensive: Broad coverage spans the origins and evolution of leading theories, major theorists, concepts, applications, and degree of empirical support for both criminology and justice Authoritative: Edited by a leading team of experts in the field and enhanced by contributions from an international group of leading criminology and criminal justice scholars International: Offers a global perspective from an international team of leading scholars, including coverage of the strong and rapidly growing body of work on criminology in Europe and other areas Wide–ranging: Includes coverage of theories of justice, crime, applied criminology, and traditional and alternative criminological theories Multi–format: Publishing simultaneously as a two–volume print set and via Wiley Online Library; visit for further details

The Economics of Crime

Author : Ralph L. Andreano
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Political Economy of Transition

Author : Jozef M. van Brabant
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This book addresses the policy questions surrounding the challenge of transforming eastern European economies from their planned, administrative past to vibrant market-based entities. Jozef van Brabant considers in turn, the wider set of challenges facing these economies - stabilization, privatization, liberalization, institution building, and developing and maintaining the sociopolitical consensus - before examining the evolving role of the state. Using concrete examples from the eastern European countries throughout, including the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, this work systematically examines, in a society-wide context, the initial conditions of transformation, the policy tasks ahead and the manner in which policies have been pursued.

Current Perspectives on Criminal Behavior

Author : Abraham S. Blumberg
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The Political Economy of Media and Power

Author : Jeffery Klaehn
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The Political Economy of Media and Power is a highly interdisciplinary and innovative edited collection, bringing together a diverse range of chapters that address some of the most important issues of our times. Contributors cut through media spectacle and make visible the intersections between mass media and the politics of power in the contemporary social world. The book is intended to foster critical pedagogy; chapters explore ways in which media connect with a broad range of topics and issues, including globalization; war and terrorism; foreign affairs; democracy; governmental relations; the cultural politics of militarization; gender inequality and the sexist saturation of the public sphere; media representations of women; media spin and public relations within the broader context of corporate and ideological power. The volume features notable contributors, including a preface by Cees Hamelink, an introduction by David Miller and William Dinan, and chapters from Justin Lewis, Robin Andersen, Henry Giroux, James Winter, Robert Jensen, Stuart Allan, Richard Keeble, Yasmin Jiwani, David Berry, Gerald Sussman, and Andrew Mullen.

The Economics of Crime Control

Author : Llad Phillips
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The authors, pioneers in economic research on the criminal justice system, apply their innovative economic paradigm and monetary measures to the seriousness of crime generation and crime control. The Economics of Crime Control will be essential for the library of every criminologist, economist, policy maker, university professor, and student concerned with the economics of crime and the newest approaches to understanding the criminal justice system. 'This book has pedagogical as well as reference value. It would be most appropriate as a supplementary text for a graduate course on criminal justice policy.' -- Policy Sciences No 14, 1982 'This is an excellent book directed primarily to the nonspecialist...I p

Crime and Public Policy

Author : William Luksetich
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The Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Economics and the Law

Author : Eyal Zamir
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The past twenty years have witnessed a surge in behavioral studies of law and law-related issues. These studies have challenged the application of the rational-choice model to legal analysis and introduced a more accurate and empirically grounded model of human behavior. This integration of economics, psychology, and law is breaking exciting new ground in legal theory and the social sciences, shedding a new light on age-old legal questions as well as cutting edge policy issues. The Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Economics and Law brings together leading scholars of law, psychology, and economics to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of this field of research, including its strengths and limitations as well as a forecast of its future development. Its 29 chapters organized in four parts. The first part provides a general overview of behavioral economics. The second part comprises four chapters introducing and criticizing the contribution of behavioral economics to legal theory. The third part discusses specific behavioral phenomena, their ramifications for legal policymaking, and their reflection in extant law. Finally, the fourth part analyzes the contribution of behavioral economics to fifteen legal spheres ranging from core doctrinal areas such as contracts, torts and property to areas such as taxation and antitrust policy.

Business Week

Author :
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Games and Economic Behavior

Author :
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The Economics of Life

Author : Gary Stanley Becker
File Size : 43.40 MB
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Collects the best of the economist's "Business Week" column


Author : Mary K. Stohr
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This is a core text/reader for undergraduate and graduate corrections courses. It can serve either as a supplement to a core textbook or as a stand-alone course text. Each chapter begins with 15 pages of text that includes photos, figures and tables and is followed by carefully selected articles authored by leading scholars in the field.

Multicultural Issues in the Education of Students with Behavioral Disorders

Author : Reece Loren Peterson
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