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Financial Development and Economic Growth

Author : C. Goodhart
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The most successful economies have the best working financial markets. While causation obviously runs in both directions, current research has increasingly emphasized the role of finance in promoting growth. Here seven leading financial economists explore the links between financial development and growth. The book seeks to answer the question of the role of finance in promoting sustainable growth and in the reduction of poverty, for example via micro-financial institutions.

Financial Development and Economic Growth

Author : Ross Levine
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Economic Growth and Financial Development

Author : Muhammad Shahbaz
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This book looks into the relationship between financial development, economic growth, and the possibility of a potential capital flight in the transmission process. It also examines the important role that financial institutions, financial markets, and country-level institutional factors play in economic growth and their impact on capital flight in emerging economies. By presenting new theoretical insights and empirical country studies as well as econometric approaches, the authors focus on the relationship between financial development and economic growth with capital flight in the era of financial crisis. Therefore, this book is a must-read for researchers, scholars, and policy-makers, interested in a better understanding of economic growth and financial development of emerging economies alike.

Financial Development and Economic Growth in Cote D Ivoire

Author : Denis Foade
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Scientific Study from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - Economic Cycle and Growth, grade: none, Universite de Cocody, Abidjan (The UFR of Economics and Management), course: Teacher's publication, language: English, abstract: The present paper analyzes theoretically and empirically the link between financial development and economic growth in the Ivorian economy. To that end, the contribution of financial development to economic growth is assessed through the broad money (M2) as percentage of GDP ratio (M2/GDP), private credit on domestic credit (CE/CI), liquid liability of out of gross domestic product (DQM/M2), indicating the banking system's expansion in the mobilization of saving. The analysis is carried through a VAR model. Key words: Financial development, Economic growth, Velocity of money, risk. JEL Classification: C32, F41, F43"

Financial Development and Economic Growth

Author : Niels Hermes
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This collection brings together a collection of theoretical and empirical findings on aspects of financial development and economic growth in developing countries. The book is divided into two parts: the first identifies and analyses the major theoretical issues using examples from developing countries to illustrate how these work in practice; the second part looks at the implications for financial policy in developing countries.

Financial Development and Economic Growth

Author : Mr.Jose De Gregorio
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This paper examines the empirical relationship between long–run growth and the degree of financial development, proxied by the ratio of bank credit to the private sector as a fraction of GDP. We find that this proxy enters significantly and with a positive sign in growth regressions on a large cross–country sample, but with a negative sign using panel data for Latin America. Our findings suggest that the main channel of transmission from financial development to growth is the efficiency of investment, rather than its volume. We also present a model where the negative correlation between financial intermediation and growth results from financial liberalization in a poor regulatory environment.

Financial Development and Economic Growth in Iran

Author : Mohammad Ali Aboutorabi
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The reasons of economic growth have been always one of the most controversial issues in economic science. One of the probable effective factors on economic growth which has been declared about one century ago is financial development. Despite of this long history, there are different opinions among economists about the cause and effect relationship between financial development and economic growth. However, most economists argue that economic growth has been strongly influenced by financial sector. At the same time, evidences of different countries are also very different in this case. In the modern economic system, financial system operates like the heart and bank networks like the vessels for the economy. The efficiency of economic system is involved in the correct function of banking system. The results revealed that in the case of Iran, there is a two-way long-run causality relationship between multilateral index of financial development and economic growth. These analyses and findings should help shed some light on the literature of finance-growth nexus in developing countries, and should be especially useful to anyone who may be interested in financial economics.

Financial Development and Source of Growth

Author : Mr.Sami Ben Naceur
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This paper examines how financial development affects the sources of growth—productivity and investment—using a sample of 145 countries for the period 1960-2011. We employ a range of econometric approaches, focusing on the CCA and MENA countries. The analysis looks beyond financial depth to capture the access, efficiency, stability, and openness dimensions of financial development. Yet even in this broad interpretation, financial development does not appear to be a magic bullet for economic growth. We cannot confirm earlier findings of an unambiguously positive relationship between financial development, investment, and productivity. The relationship is more complex. The influence of the different dimensions of financial development on the sources of growth varies across income levels and regions.

Does Financial Development Cause Economic Growth

Author : Dedy Ramdhani
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Financial Development the Trade Regime and Economic Growth

Author : Nouriel Roubini
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We survey the literatures that study the relation between the trade regime and growth and financial development, financial repression, and growth. We analyze the relation between the trade regime, the degree of financial development and the growth performance of a large cross section of countries. The systematic finding is that there is a negative relation between trade distortions and growth. We also present some variables that capture the degree to which the financial sector is distorted. We find that financial repression has negative consequences for growth. We also find that inflation is negatively related to growth. We interpret this relation, however, as symptomatic rather than causal. We show that once we hold constant measures of the trade regime and financial repression, the regional dummies for Latin America are no longer significant. Thus, the poor performance of the Latin American countries over the last few decades is related to the trade and financial policies pursued by their governments.