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Echoes from the Abyss

Author : Farzana H. Shahid
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This is the heart-rending tale of thirteen-year-old Meena, who due to an unfortunate turn of events ends up in one of the brothels of Bombay, India. Her mother, Devi, is tricked into selling her into prostitution slavery by a well-known doctor of a Nepali village community. Meena remains locked up there for four years. At first she refuses the business but Chowla Bai, the Madame of the brothel and her goons subject her to the worst torture, humiliation and rapes. These finally break her resistance. In the brothel she develops a strong and deep friendship with another girl, Pooja, who later dies of AIDS. After Pooja's death, Meena conceives and gives birth to a daughter, whom she murders in desperation. She is also harassed by one particular client, Sahib, who causes her extreme emotional hurt and anxiety. While in the brothel she witnesses a brutal murder and also the escape of two girls, Rani and Nanni. She herself is rescued by a foreign agency and returns to Nepal to face a myriad of social problems. She falls in love, but must make a bitter decision.

Echoes from the Abyss of Silence

Author : Yasmin Tahseen Sheer
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This thesis concerns itself with the plight of women who struggle with silence and different forms of oppression. It probes the myriad complex forms in which women express themselves in literature and film when they are restricted, censored and confined.

Echoes from the Abyss and Visions of the Light

Author : Jason S. Tyre
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This work covers the prime directives of the Universal reason we are here, at this point in time, looking at these words...Come, open this little book up and see the vast depths contained within...what did you expect it to manifest as, as a gold-covered tome made of ancient leather...we are just full of surprises and our ways are unlimited.

Journey to Land s End

Author : Donald Johns
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Gold in the Shadow

Author : Michael Marcotte
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It was outright lunacy, Rachel realized. A Peruvian expedition, based on a Moroccan map, to find a fabled city that almost certainly did not exist. A destination smack in the middle of some of the most inhospitable territory that Mother Nature had to offer. Poison darts, bushmaster serpents, vampire bats, unknown creatures straight from a nightmare...and Rachel’s missing twin. Despite the drawbacks, she had to get to her twin as soon as possible. Only ancient myths and native legends hint at the fantastic secret Rachel is about to unlock.

The Shadows and Echoes of Self The False Self In Borderline Personality Disorder

Author :
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The Complete Echoes from the Gnosis

Author : George Robert Stow Mead
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Maternal Echoes

Author : Aimée Boutin
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'Maternal Echoes' examines maternal imagery in the poetry of two French Romantic poets, the increasingly popular Desbordes-Valmore and the critically marginalized Lamartine. Drawing on psychoanalytic theories on the maternal voice as well as feminist criticism, the book argues that both poets find a voice of their own by echoing their mother's voice.

Echoes Down the Corridor

Author : International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature. Conference
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Essays on contemporary Irish theatre

Tillich and the Abyss

Author : Sigridur Gudmarsdottir
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This book examines Paul Tillich ́s theological concept of the abyss by locating it within the context of current postmodern antifoundalist discussions and debates surrounding feminism, gender, and language. Sigridur Gudmarsdottir develops these tropes into a constructive theology, arguing that Tillich’s idea of the abyss can serve as a necessary means of deconstructing the binaries between the theoretical and the practical in producing nihilistic relativism and the safe foundations of knowledge (divine as well as human). How does one search for a map and method through an abyss? In his writings, Tillich expressed the ambiguity and groundlessness of being, the depth structure of the human condition, and the reality of God as an abyss. The more we gaze into this abyss, the more we encounter the faults in our various foundations. This book outlines how Tillich’s concept of the abyss creates greater opportunities for complexity and liminality and opens up a space where life and death, destruction and construction, fecundity and horror, womb and tomb, can coincide.

Angel of the Abyss

Author : Michael O' Graves
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This is a time when life meets up with the mystical power of oneas inner soul that becomes lost in a very troubled world and the hazards it must travel to find a way back to what should have been. This was the case of a young girl, beautiful Jomida, who was taken to a place where she did not belong. Not knowing who she really was, she felt lost and confused. She did not understand why she felt out of place. She only had one clue to find out who she really was. This brought her to a quest to finally answer the calling that had awakened her from the sea of knowledge. To this very day there is still a place, yet unspoiled by man, that holds the key for her. Time is running out!

Between the Maternal Aegis and the Abyss

Author : Michelle C. Geoffrion-Vinci
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Rosalia de Castro (1837-85) wrote five volumes of poetry before succumbing to cancer of the uterus at the age of forty-eight. While she is perhaps best known for her more introspective and intimate poetry, Castro's mature works are also highly feminist and political in thematic orientation. This book examines the fascinating system of poetic techniques Castro employs in her works to link the compelling issues surrounding femaleness and identity- both national and individual- to the construction of a system of gendered symbolic language that has been vastly understudied by contemporary scholars.

Echoes of a Queer Messianic

Author : Richard O. Block
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Reconsiders mostly German narratives from around 1800 to recover echoes of a queer messianic that still resonate today. Queer theory has focused heavily on North American and contemporary contexts, but in this book Richard O. Block helps to expand that reach. Deftly combining the two main currents of recent queer theory, the asocial and the reparative, he reconsiders mostly German narratives from around 1800, while relating his findings to recent texts such as A Lover’s Discourse and Brokeback Mountain. He offers novel readings of well-known texts by Shelley, Kleist, and Goethe, arguing that this early writing serves as a creative font for much of the subsequent work in sexology. These texts also provide echoes of a kind of love overlooked or suppressed in favor of a politics of appeasement or one intended to make queers model citizens. This book charts the unexplored possibilities for queer love in an attempt to map a future for gay politics in the age of homonormativity. “Compelling and highly original, this book offers a major intervention into queer theory, while at the same time performing stunning feats of literary and film criticism. This is a work of first-rate intelligence, style, and critical and theoretical precision.” — John David Rhodes, University of Cambridge

The Path of Archaic Thinking

Author : Kenneth Maly
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This is the first anthology of commentary on Sallis that shows what is genuinely unique in his thought: the transformative relation of reason and imagination in thinking "after Heidegger."

Caribbean English Passages

Author : Tobias Döring
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Tobias Döring uses Postcolonialism as a backdrop to examine and question the traditional genres of travel writing, nature poetry, adventure tales, autobiography and the epic, assessing their relevance to, and modification by, the Caribbean experience. Caribbean-English Passages opens an innovative and cross-cultural perspective, in which familiar oppositions of colonial/white versus postcolonial/black writing are deconstructed. English identity is thereby questioned by this colonial contact, and Caribbean-English writing radically redraws the map of world literature. This book is essential reading for students of Postcolonial Literature at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stori

Author : Lord Dunsany
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The Sword of Welleran -- The Fall of Bubbulkund -- The Kith of the Elf-Folk -- The Highwayman -- In the Twilight -- The Ghosts -- The Whirlpool -- The Hurricane -- The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth -- The Lord of Cities -- The Doom of La Traviata -- On the Dry Land

Echoes of a Shattered Age

Author : R. J. Terrell
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Technology exists in human history. The gun has fallen. The sword has arisen. The world grows wild and dangerous. An ancient evil bridges the earth plane and the abyss, bringing a massive horde of the most feared monsters in all the five hells. The Children of the Gene: Warriors blessed by the Gods. Kenyatta and his friends stand against the denizens of the abyss while on the path to discovering their unique abilities. Through light and darkness, destruction and chaos, the Children of the Gene battle towering demons to defend their world against everlasting darkness.

The Good War That Wasn t and Why It Matters

Author : Ted Grimsrud
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A war is always a moral event. However, the most destructive war in human history has not received much moral scrutiny. The Good War That Wasn't--and Why It Matters examines the moral legacy of this war, especially for the United States. Drawing on the just war tradition and on moral values expressed in widely circulated statements of purpose for the war, the book asks: How did American participation in the war fit with just cause and just conduct criteria? Subsequently the book considers the impact of the war on American foreign policy in the years that followed. How did American actions cohere (or not) with the stated purposes for the war, especially self-determination for the peoples of the world and disarmament? Finally, the book looks at the witness of war opponents. Values expressed by war advocates were not actually furthered by the war. However, many war opponents did inspire efforts that effectively worked toward the goals of disarmament and self-determination. The Good War That Wasn't--and Why It Matters develops its arguments in pragmatic terms. It focuses on moral reasoning in a commonsense way in its challenge to widely held assumptions about World War II.


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Absolute Music and the Construction of Meaning

Author : Daniel Chua
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This book is born out of two contradictions: first, it explores the making of meaning in a musical form that was made to lose its meaning at the turn of the nineteenth century; secondly, it is a history of a music that claims to have no history - absolute music. The book therefore writes against that notion of absolute music which tends to be the paradigm for most musicological and analytical studies. It is concerned not so much with what music is, but with why and how meaning is constructed in instrumental music and what structures of knowledge need to be in place for such meaning to exist. From the thought of Vincenzo Galilei to that of Theodore Adorno, Daniel Chua suggests that instrumental music has always been a critical and negative force in modernity, even with its nineteenth-century apotheosis as 'absolute music'.