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Eating the Moment

Author : Pavel G. Somov
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Offers 141 mindfulness activities to help you listen to your body, understand why you're eating, and control your cravings if you're eating out of habit or because of your emotions.

Eating Asian America

Author : Martin F. Manalansan
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Chop suey. Sushi. Curry. Adobo. Kimchi. The deep associations Asians in the United States have with food have become ingrained in the American popular imagination. So much so that contentious notions of ethnic authenticity and authority are marked by and argued around images and ideas of food. Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader collects burgeoning new scholarship in Asian American Studies that centers the study of foodways and culinary practices in our understanding of the racialized underpinnings of Asian Americanness. It does so by bringing together twenty scholars from across the disciplinary spectrum to inaugurate a new turn in food studies: the refusal to yield to a superficial multiculturalism that naively celebrates difference and reconciliation through the pleasures of food and eating. By focusing on multi-sited struggles across various spaces and times, the contributors to this anthology bring into focus the potent forces of class, racial, ethnic, sexual and gender inequalities that pervade and persist in the production of Asian American culinary and alimentary practices, ideas, and images. This is the first collection to consider the fraught itineraries of Asian American immigrant histories and how they are inscribed in the production and dissemination of ideas about Asian American foodways.

The Sugar Smart Diet

Author : Anne Alexander
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Shrink your sugar belly and find your path to optimum health! Sugar—public health enemy #1 or an innocent indulgence? The Sugar Smart Diet, from Prevention—the leading healthy lifestyle brand in the US—has the answer. The powerful, proven 32-day plan helps you conquer cravings, gain energy, slash your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and drop pounds like never before—all while reclaiming the pure pleasure of sugar. You will: Lose up to 16 pounds and 16 inches in just 32 days Lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure Never feel hungry Discover surprising sugar bombs along with healthy sugar swaps Indulge in 50 delicious sugar-smart recipes Learn how to enjoy sugar without triggering fatigue or weight gain or increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments Discover how all this and more is possible when you get smart about sugar!


Author : Heidi Hanna
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A guidebook for the journey from exhaustion to enlightenment Chronic multitasking and ever-increasing demands on our time and energy have caused a neurochemically-based dependence on sources of stress and stimulation to provide fuel for our chaotic lifestyles. While this may boost performance in the short-term, studies have consistently shown that when stress hormones are elevated over time they create the worst form of internal wear and tear; decreasing productivity, wasting time, and even killing brain cells. As a result, modern society is tired and wired, suffering from physical exhaustion while mentally amped up, and unable to get adequate rest. Stress in and of itself is not bad, and is actually utilized for growth when balanced with adequate recovery. The solution to stress addiction is to build in and prioritize optimal rest and relaxation on a holistic level—body, mind, and spirit—in order to consistently recharge and create a more resilient operating system. Stressaholic shows you how to win the war on stress without limiting progress by creating an optimal performance pulse of stress and recovery for life. Explains the impact of chronic stress on the human operating system; body, mind, and spirit Shows how a simple shift in mindset can dramatically alter physiological responses to stress Reveals simple techniques for altering daily stress patterns to improve natural rhythms, creating a personalized performance pulse With easy to implement tips and real-world examples of people and organizations that have turned stress into sustainable drive, Stressaholic will guide you on your journey from exhaustion to enlightenment!

The Beauty Detox Power

Author : Kimberly Snyder
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Outlines diet and lifestyle recommendations based on the best-selling The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods, explaining how to align the mind and body to lose weight, conquer cravings and promote optimal health. Original.

8 Keys to End Emotional Eating 8 Keys to Mental Health

Author : Howard Farkas
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Bring an end to emotional eating by getting to the root of the problem. Most books about emotional eating tend to focus on how to strengthen self-restraint or how to identify what triggers it. The former can make the problem worse, while the latter may be different each time it occurs. Both approaches fail to help emotional eaters understand why they feel compelled to do something that they don’t want to do in the first place. This understanding is the key to changing this behavior. Howard Farkas, who has more than two decades of professional and teaching experience as a clinical psychologist specializing in emotional eating, explains the underlying motive that drives the behavior: emotional eating is not a passive failure of self-control, but an active impulse to reject the control of dieting. This defiant need “to be bad” usually leaves the person feeling guilty and anxious about their eating, and recommitting to their diet until the cycle repeats, and the compulsive eating recurs. 8 Keys to End Emotional Eating provides a detailed plan for breaking this pattern. By explaining the root cause that drives the desire to binge, Farkas offers practical skills to help you learn to change your mindset about dieting and end the impulse to binge. His road map for the future will help readers maintain healthy eating habits for years to come.

The Recreations of Christopher North

Author : John Wilson
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Bad Form

Author : Kent Puckett
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What--other than embarrassment--could one hope to gain from prolonged exposure to the social mistake? Why think much about what many would like simply to forget? In Bad Form: Social Mistakes and the Nineteenth-Century Novel, Kent Puckett argues that whatever its awkwardness, the social mistake-the blunder, the gaffe, the faux pas-is a figure of critical importance to the nineteenth-century novel. While offering significant new readings of Thackeray, Flaubert, Eliot, James, and others, Puckett shows how the classic realist novel achieves its coherence thanks to minor mistakes that novels both represent and make. While uncovering the nineteenth-century novel's persistent social and structural reliance on the non-catastrophic mistake-eating peas with your knife, saying the wrong thing, overdressing-Bad Form argues that the novel's once considerable cultural authority depends on what we might otherwise think of as that authority's opposite: a jittery, anxious, obsessive attention to the mistakes of others that is its own kind of bad form. Drawing on sociology, psychoanalysis, narrative theory, and the period's large literature on etiquette, Puckett demonstrates that the nineteenth-century novel relies for its form on the paradoxical force of the social mistake.

Clean Eating Alice The Body Bible

Author : Alice Liveing
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Alice will inspire you to discover a new way of eating and exercising that banishes low-calorie, yo-yo dieting and shows you the way to a healthier mind and body. This isn’t a diet – it’s about transforming your lifestyle permanently.

Biography Freedom and Destiny

Author : Rudolf Steiner
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The path of an individual human life - our biography - is something of a mystery. Despite the abundance of published biographies and autobiographies of celebrities and historical figures, the scientific study of human biography remains in its infancy, with little understanding of the inherent laws in the path of an individual's life. Yet as Rudolf Steiner shows here, every biography, regardless of the individual's fame, perceived importance or outer success, is ruled by archetypal influences, patterns and laws. This broad-ranging anthology addresses some critical and as yet unanswered questions: What effects do education - and in particular contrasting education methods - have on later life? How do the various periods of life relate to each other? Do the effects of events on the individual become evident immediately, or is their true impact delayed - perhaps by decades? To what extent can an individual shape the stages of his or her biography? How much freedom of choice do we have, and how much of life is predetermined? Out of the higher knowledge Rudolf Steiner acquired from his spiritual research, he described the human individuality as a being with a continuing existence - before birth and beyond death. This eternal being experiences many varied conditions and situations, the effects of which are observable in our biography. This book addresses these and other issues such as freedom and destiny, the effects of heredity, illness, and the impact of education, offering answers based on a profound knowledge of the human being.

Harper s Bazaar

Author :
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Beat Autoimmune

Author : Palmer Kippola
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Reverse your negative health trajectory and start the journey towards healing and resilient health with Palmer Kippola’s groundbreaking plan to erase the effects of autoimmune disease. “An empowering and actionable guidebook that simplifies the steps back to health. Highly recommended!” —Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Hashimoto's Protocol Palmer Kippola is on a mission to make autoimmune disease history. When she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 19, she began a journey toward healing that resulted in a complete reversal of her symptoms. Now, with the help of leading medical experts, including renowned specialists in immunology and longevity from UCLA and Stanford medical schools, as well as leading practitioners in the field of autoimmunity and functional medicine, Kippola wants to help you find freedom from disease too. This comprehensive book is the first to explore all six of the critical lifestyle factors that are the root causes of autoimmune conditions—and the sources of regaining health: * Discover the foods that can trigger disease as well as healthy solutions to fit your personal nutritional profile *Explore the impact of common, often-undiagnosed infections and ways to optimize your immunity naturally *Learn how gut health is the key to recovery *Gain insight on how hormone imbalances can disrupt healing and how to assess your hormone levels *Eliminate environmental toxins in your home and body, and learn how to live a detox lifestyle *Reduce stress and build resilience Drawing on her own inspiring return to resilient health, as well as the healing stories of a dozen medical doctors and practitioners, plus years of research with autoimmune experts, Palmer Kippola gives readers the tools to beat autoimmune disease—and the hope that relief and healing are possible. “An excellent resource for those who want to use an integrative and functional medicine approach to support their healing journey!” —Terry Wahls, MD, author of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles

Body Mind Balancing

Author : Osho
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Body Mind Balancing: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body features meditation methods from one of the twentieth century’s greatest spiritual teachers. Many everyday discomforts and tensions arise from the fact that we are alienated from our bodies. With the help of Osho’s Body Mind Balancing, readers will learn to talk to and reconnect with their bodies. After just a short time, readers will begin to appreciate how much the body has been working for them and supporting them, and from this new perspective one can find new ways to work with the body and create a more harmonious balance of body and mind. Accompanying the book is a CD featuring the meditative therapy “Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind,” spoken by meditation teacher Anando Hefley. Developed by Osho, it guides the listener in reconnecting with his or her body and creating a new and greater sense of well-being. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people—along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha—who have changed the destiny of India. Since his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

Ecological Systems Integrity

Author : Laura Westra
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Environmental law and governance are the cornerstones of global efforts to conserve the environment, protect resources and ensure fair and equitable outcomes for all of the planet's inhabitants. This book presents a series of thought-provoking chapters which consider the place of governance and law in the defence against imminent and ongoing threats to ecological, social and cultural integrity. Written by an international team of both established and early-career scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds, the chapters cover the most pressing and contemporary issues in environmental law and governance. These include access and benefit-sharing; the right to food and water; climate change coping and adaptation; human rights; the rights of indigenous communities; public and environmental health; and many more. The book has a general focus on environmental governance and law in the European Union and offers points of comparison with Canada and North and South America.

The Gallup Annual Report on Eating Out

Author :
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Multiverse Clique

Author : Rowan Risoliere
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Intuitive Eating

Author : Sarah Meyers
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If you're wondering how to stop the desire to constantly eat junk food If you want to know if Intuitive Eating will help you eat better, and recover your target weight and physical energy Keep Reading. Intuitive eating is also known as "mindful eating", which incorporates mindful meditation and the act of "being" instead of "doing". Being in the moment is a state of mind where you are present and aware of your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings. It's letting go of all the stress, worries and restrictions we are bombarded with in daily life. This is a practice you may be familiar with if you practice yoga and meditation. In this practice, we become more aware of how our bodies feel and react to different poses and postures. Scanning is a way to observe and note any sensations or areas in our body that we wish to pay more attention to or nurture more: this may be a stretched muscle or an injury that we want to heal. Through this process that takes us within, into our minds to explore ourselves, becoming more self-aware so that we can make better decisions in our daily lives that are best for us. The principles of mindful meditation are similar to how you approach intuitive eating, taking that moment to listen and observe your own body's needs and feelings, as part of deciding how and when to eat. As you indulge in a meal, you'll notice how your body and emotions react, by enjoying the taste, the sensation of satisfying your hunger and the emotions associated with eating. The goal is to allow your body and mind guide you through those decisions, without guilt or haste, so that you get the best out of every meal. After a lifetime of being told what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat, we are so adapted to the restriction that it may seem impossible to adjust our thinking to a more intuitive concept. When we connect with our body, mind, food, and nature around us, we tune into our body's responses and change more acutely. This will happen internally, as we experience certain sensations and feelings when we eat certain foods and experiences. We'll achieve more control over how we feel, and with a more balanced approach to food, there will be less fluctuation with weight changes (loss or gain) and better health as a result. As your weight stabilizes, you'll feel less likely to binge eat or jump on a new diet with an extreme way of eating. With this new balanced approach to eating, your relationship with food will improve and become less antagonistic. It will be less about what you cannot have and more about simply enjoying what you eat and feeling less anxious overall. The level of anxiety we experience when trying to follow a diet wreaks havoc on our mind and body, keeping us in a perpetual state of stress and categorizing our way of eating and exercise with a limited view of complete wellness. This guide will focus on the following Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating Benefits of Mindful Eating The Side-effect of Mindless Eating Difference between Emotional and Physical Hunger The Cycle of Emotional Eating What are the Ramifications of Emotional Eating? How to Succeed at Intuitive Eating and Avoid Common Mistakes And more! Intuitive eating is a powerful antidote to the nonstop diet messages out there, and this complete guide is everything you need to heal your relationship with food and yourself. It's amazing to see the transformation as people move from food fear to food freedom. It's really time to give you a second chance. The winning one. Scroll up and Buy this book Now.

The Breakers

Author : Claudie Gallay
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In the storm-swept landscapes of Normandy's coastline lies a village that might just be at the ends of the earth. A woman has recently arrived to seek healing for some deep sorrow, and spends her days cataloguing migratory birds. On the day of a battering storm a stranger appears in the bar, arousing her curiosity. He stirs up suspicion in the village, looking for answers to apparently unanswerable questions about his family lost long years ago in an accident at sea. What actually happened? How was it that the lighthouse did not guide them safely to shore? The eccentric inhabitants of this desolate village seem riveted to old hatreds, determined to leave secrets buried. Gradually the bird-watcher succeeds in unravelling a tragedy at the heart of a community in which many are suffering still from the loss of people they have loved. And in the process finds her own peace. The Breakers is an immensely satisfying and evocative mystery of great depth. Claudie Gallay unpeels the emotions of her unforgettable characters with such subtlety that the reader is captivated.

Clinical Handbook of Eating Disorders

Author : Timothy D. Brewerton
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Emphasizing that accurate diagnosis is the foundation for effective treatment regimens, this reference reviews the most current research on the assessment, epidemiology, etiology, risk factors, neurodevelopment, course of illness, and various empirically-based evaluation and treatment approaches relating to eating disorders-studying disordered eati

Eat Dirt

Author : Dr Josh Axe
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Affecting 80% of the population, leaky gut syndrome is the root cause of a litany of ailments, including chronic inflammation, allergies, autoimmune diseases, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, and even arthritis. In order to keep us in good health, our gut relies on maintaining a symbiotic relationship with trillions of microorganisms that live in our digestive tract. In Eat Dirt, Dr Axe explains that what we regard as modern improvements to our food supply – including refrigeration, sanitation, and modified grains – have damaged our intestinal health. In fact, the same organisms in soil that allow plants and animals to flourish are the ones we need for gut health. When our digestive system is out of whack, serious health problems can manifest and our intestinal walls can develop microscopic holes, allowing undigested food particles, bacteria, and toxins to seep into the bloodstream. This condition is known as leaky gut syndrome and manifests differently in every individual. In Eat Dirt, Dr Axe identifies the five main types of leaky gut syndrome and offers customizable 30-day plans for diagnosing and treating each 'gut type' with diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. He explains that it's essential to get a little 'dirty' in our daily lives in order to support our gut bacteria and prevent leaky gut syndrome, and offers simple ways to get these needed microbes, from incorporating local honey and bee pollen into your diet to forgoing hand sanitizers and even ingesting a little probiotic-rich soil. The premise is simple: identify your gut type, learn which foods to eat and to avoid, incorporate your daily dose of 'dirt', and make simple lifestyle changes.