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Easy Crochet Slipper Boots

Author : Lisbeth Brooking
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Easy to crochet in just a few hours, these quick and easy slippers are made with super bulky yarn and a size M crochet hook. In this Slipper Boots Crochet Book, you will discover: - Crochet terms - Skill level definitions - Special stitches - Pretty in pink And so much more! Slipper boots keep your feet warm and toasty and are perfect for lounging and snuggling. Crochet these comfy cozy boots for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

How to Crochet Slipper Boots

Author : Vicki Becker
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Easy to crochet in just a few hours, these quick and easy slippers are made with super bulky yarn and a size M crochet hook. There are two different styles with three cuff variations. The patterns have instructions to make slipper boots for children and adults in four sizes. Tutorials for finishing your slippers and a special stitches tutorial is included. Slipper boots keep your feet warm and toasty and are perfect for lounging and snuggling. Crochet these comfy cozy boots for yourself or as a gift for someone special. I hope you enjoy the patterns!

Knitted and Crocheted Slippers

Author : Alison Howard
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This book has projects for girls and boys of all ages and adults too, from delicate ballet slippers and dainty Mary Janes to moccasin-soled slipper socks, chunky felted boots and sparkly party pumps. The book caters to all levels, from straightforward booties for beginners to slippers with details such as I-cords, pompoms, picot trims and lacy sock inserts. All the knitting and crochet stitches and techniques are presented in a clear and easy-to-follow style.

Crochet Animal Slippers

Author : Ira Rott
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Create animal slippers for the whole family, with this cute collection of patterns from leading crochet designer Ira Rott. First choose your slipper type – slide, shoe or boot – then choose your size, and finally choose one of 20 different animal designs. This adorable book will have you reaching for your hook and crocheting the most appropriate animals for your tribe. Why not try the elephants for grandpa (who sometimes forgets), the pandas for mum (whose mascara always runs) and the bears for the little one who loves warm hugs... there are options to delight them all and keep you in handmade gifts to give for years! Ira Rott is well known for her gorgeous animal designs and her easy-to-follow crochet patterns, which include step-by-step photographs for any fiddly parts, and crochet charts alongside the written patterns. She expertly guides you through making three different kinds of crochet slippers – shoes with covered heels, boots with ankle cuffs, and slides which are backless slippers. Knowing what size to make is made easy thanks to a clever measuring chart at the front of the book. Simply open the flap, put your foot on the measuring gauge and instantly see what size you need. In the book are useful tables that show how much yarn and what size hook you will need for each size. Complete step-by-step instructions and charts then show you how to master each slipper type, with templates for adding non-slip soles to your crochet slippers too. Once you've mastered the slipper-making, the fun begins in creating your crochet animal designs. Choose from: the Snuggly Pug, the Cuddly Bear, the Happy Penguin, the Zingy Dinosaur, the Starry Unicorn, the Rock 'n' Roll Panda, the Sleepy Koala, the Mossy Sloth. the Graceful Elephant, the Playful Pig, the Mischievous Raccoon, the Cheeky Monkey, the Woolly Sheep, the Sandy Turtle, the Sassy Cat, the Hippie Llama, the Brave Moose, the Artful Fox, the Friendly Cow and the Roaring Lion. But that's not all – Ira also shows you how you can mix and match patterns to create all sorts of new animals too. Add the unicorn horn to the cat for a cute uni-kitty, and mix the dinosaur and the penguin to create a wise owl – once you've discovered that you can customize your crochet slippers you'll be able to create unlimited options!

Slipper Boots

Author : Vicki Becker
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Slipper Boots is the first book in the Easy Weekend Crochet series. These crocheted slippers are quick and easy projects that you can complete in a weekend or less. Slipper boots keep your feet warm and toasty and are perfect for lounging and snuggling. Crochet these comfy cozy boots for yourself or as a gift for someone special. The slipper boots are crocheted from the top down using basic crochet stitches. Separate instructions are given for the cuffs so you can easily make them shorter or taller and customize the color. Bulky yarns and large hooks are used which makes the slippers quick to make. You should already know basic crochet stitches, how to read patterns, and whip stitch crochet together. I have included instruc-tions for stitches you may not be familiar with and explain how to place markers. The patterns include six different styles of slipper boots for children and adults in eight sizes.

Slipper Boots

Author : Alice Anderson
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Slipper Boots The Ultimate Beginners Guide - Simple Patterns For Making Crochet Slipper Boots! You always wanted to learn how to create a crochet slipper boots using your own hands ? But you did not know how? Then this book is just for you. By reading this book you are going to learn what are slippered boots. What slippers boots are available nowadays at the market, and how to pick the pair of them for your needs. You will learn how to pick the correct size of the boots. We will discuss pros and cons of shopping online. You will learn how to shop as fast as possible. We will discuss the properties of each material that are used in different slipper boots. You will know what material is a better solution for rainy weather, and what material is better for snowy weather. You will learn about magic circle technique, and how to implement this technique in real life. You also will read about top ten slipper boots available at the market today, and we will provide you with characteristics of each pair in that top ten list. We hope that this book will be very interesting for you to read, and after reading it you will become a fan of crochet slipper boots as we are.

Instructions To Make Slipper Boots

Author : Bertie Rhoad
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"Pictures, and patterns for the slippers shown on book cover. The author did a fantastic job putting this book together. I'm looking forward to trying these patterns out and giving my family warm feet this winter!" - Andrea L. Stoeckel There are two styles to choose with three cuff variants: - Chunky Ridges - Beautiful Bobbles - Simply Striped The patterns include directions for making slipper footwear in four sizes for children and adults. There are tutorials for finishing your slippers as well as a unique stitches tutorial available. Among the special stitches lessons are: Front Post Double Crochet Back Post Double Crochet Single Crochet 2 Together Slipper boots are ideal for resting and snuggling because they keep your feet warm and comfortable. Crochet these warm and toasty boots for yourself or as a present for someone special.

Crochet to Calm

Author : Interweave Editors
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Discover the relaxing craft of crochet! Creative and calming, crafting is the perfect way to destress! In Crochet to Calm you'll learn how the repetitive motion of this popular craft can not only clear your mind but also result in beautiful projects you'll be proud to show off! Best yet? All you need is a hook and a bit of yarn to get started! From home accent projects such as the Zinia Pillow, Meditative Mandala coaster, and the Papillon Pouf to cozy wearables like the Pinecone Infinity Scarf, Slouchy Slipper Boots, or Peachy Arm Warmers, you'll find 18 fun, easy projects that can be completed in almost no time at all! And with easy-to-follow photography and clear illustrations, you'll be inspired to try every last one. Featuring a foreword by Mandy O'Sullivan, founder of CraftasTherapy, Crochet to Calm will take your stress away, one stitch at a time.

25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers

Author : Kristi Simpson
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Keep your tootsies toasty in delightful style with these charming and creative crochet designs! Enjoy crocheting twists on classic styles like Mary Janes and loafers as well as fun creations like elf shoes, owl boots, and your very own pair of ruby red slippers (satisfy your inner Dorothy!). • Designs for men, women, and children, with multiple sizings for each • Includes sandal patterns for summertime fun • Step-by-step photo tutorials guide you through crochet stitches and techniques

Slipper Boots

Author : Helen Lorance
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Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Slipper Boots: (FREE Bonus Included)Learn To Crochet Beautiful Slipper Boots In 4 Different Styles The Slipper Boots: Learn To Crochet Beautiful Slipper Boots In 4 Different Styles has beautiful patterns. You can design quick and easy projects that are easy to complete in a few days. Slipper boots are warm and toasty and perfect for your feet. You can easily move from one place to another. These slippers are quick to make with large hooks and bulky yarns. You can read these patterns easily and follow them to design slippers. It has four different style slippers and you can try them in different sizes. You can try them in different sizes and shapes. There are simple techniques to design soles and others sides of slippers to get comfortable slippers. These are more comfortable than your ordinary slippers and you can become a master by following these patterns. These are good for you to crochet at home. These slippers are crocheted from top to bottom with basic stitches. There are four different styles of shoes and you can try them at home. This book will offer: Crochet Cozy Square Slippers h Cozy Slippers with Flowers Special Slippers for Adults Special Slipper with Puppy Shape Download this book because it will help you to design your own beautiful slippers within your budget with colorful threads. Download your E book "Slipper Boots: Learn To Crochet Beautiful Slipper Boots In 4 Different Styles" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!