The NE Atlantic Region

A Reappraisal of Crustal Structure, Tectonostratigraphy and Magmatic Evolution


Author: G. Péron-Pinvidic,J.R. Hopper,M.S. Stoker,C. Gaina,J.C. Doornenbal,T. Funck ,U.E. Árting

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 1786202786

Category: Science

Page: 468

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The NAG-TEC project was a collaborative effort by the British Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, the Geological Survey of Norway, Iceland GeoSurvey and the Faroese Geological Survey (Jarðfeingi), along with a number of academic partners and significant support from industry. The main focus was to investigate the tectonic evolution of the region with a particular emphasis on basin evolution along conjugate margins. A key outcome was the development of a new tectonostratigraphic atlas and database that includes comprehensive geological and geophysical information relevant for understanding the Devonian to present evolution of the NE Atlantic margins. These provide the foundation upon which ongoing research and exploration of the area can build. This Special Publication provides some of the first scientific results and analysis based on the project, including regional stratigraphic analysis and correlations, crustal structure and interpretation of geophysical data sets, plate kinematics and the evolution of igneous provinces.

The North Atlantic Igneous Province

Stratigraphy, Tectonic, Volcanic, and Magmatic Processes


Author: Geological Society of London

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 9781862391086

Category: Science

Page: 337

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A revised correlation of Tertiary rocks in the British Isles and adjacent areas of NW Europe


Author: C. King

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 1862397287

Category: Science

Page: 724

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This Special Report comprehensively describes the stratigraphy and correlation of the Tertiary (Paleogene–Neogene) rocks of NW Europe and the adjacent Atlantic Ocean and is the summation of fifty years of research on Tertiary sediments by Chris King. His book is essential reading for all geologists who deal with Tertiary rocks across NW Europe, including those in the petroleum industry and geotechnical services as well as academic stratigraphers and palaeontologists. Introductory sections on chronostratigraphy, biostratigraphy and other methods of dating and correlation are followed by a regional summary of Tertiary sedimentary basins and their framework and an introduction to Tertiary igneous rocks. The third and largest segment comprises the regional stratigraphic summaries. Regions covered are the North Sea Basin, onshore areas of southern England and the eastern English Channel area, the North Atlantic margins (including non-marine basins in the Irish Sea and elsewhere) and the Paleogene igneous rocks of Scotland.

Petroleum Geology of Northwest Europe

Proceedings of the 5th Conference


Author: A. J. Fleet,S. A. Boldy

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 9781862390393


Page: 1408

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A review of the extensive advances made in the understanding the petroleum geology of the Atlantic margin of northwest Europe, of the North Sea and of adjacent areas since the;ast conference in 1992. In particular, the volume focuses on: the development of and application of 3D seismic, time-lapse ('4D') and other innovative seismic tools; the ongoing refinement of sequence and other stratigraphic approaches, including the integration of detailed biostratigraphic data; the development of modelling at both the reservoir and basin scale which can respond to new data acquisition and be used to assess uncertainties at the reservoir scale and scenarios at the basin scale.

Volcanic Rifted Margins


Author: Martin A. Menzies

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 9780813723624

Category: Science

Page: 230

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Basins on the Atlantic Seaboard

Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology and Basin Evolution


Author: John Parnell

Publisher: Amer Assn of Petroleum Geologists


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Page: 470

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From Depositional Systems to Sedimentary Successions on the Norwegian Continental Margin


Author: Allard W. Martinius,R. Ravnås,J. A. Howell,R. J. Steel,J. P. Wonham

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118920457

Category: Science

Page: 712

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The Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), focus of this special publication, is a prolific hydrocarbon region and both exploration and production activity remains high to this day with a positive production outlook. A key element today and in the future is to couple technological developments to improving our understanding of specific geological situations. The theme of the publication reflects the immense efforts made by all industry operators and their academic partners on the NCS to understand in detail the structural setting, sedimentology and stratigraphy of the hydrocarbon bearing units and their source and seal. The papers cover a wide spectrum of depositional environments ranging from alluvial fans to deepwater fans, in almost every climate type from arid through humid to glacial, and in a variety of tectonic settings. Special attention is given to the integration of both analogue studies and process-based models with the insights gained from extensive subsurface datasets.