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Early Physics and Astronomy

Author : Olaf Pedersen
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The book describes how the scientific account of the world arose among the Greeks and developed in the Middle Ages.

Graduate Programs in Physics and Astronomy

Author : American Institute of Physics
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History of Physical Astronomy from the Earliest Ages to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century Comprehending a Detailed Account of the Establishment of the Theory of Gravitation by Newton and Its Development by His Successors with an Exposition of the Progress of Research on All the Other Subjects of Celestial Physics by Robert Grant

Author : Robert Grant
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Understanding the Universe

Author : James B. Seaborn
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Intended for undergraduate non-science majors, satisfying a general education requirement or seeking an elective in natural science, this is a physics text, but with the emphasis on topics and applications in astronomy. The perspective is thus different from most undergraduate astronomy courses: rather than discussing what is known about the heavens, this text develops the principles of physics so as to illuminate what we see in the heavens. The fundamental principles governing the behaviour of matter and energy are thus used to study the solar system, the structure and evolution of stars, and the early universe. The first part of the book develops Newtonian mechanics towards an understanding of celestial mechanics, while chapters on electromagnetism and elementary quantum theory lay the foundation of the modern theory of the structure of matter and the role of radiation in the constitution of stars. Kinetic theory and nuclear physics provide the basis for a discussion of stellar structure and evolution, and an examination of red shifts and other observational data provide a basis for discussions of cosmology and cosmogony.

Early Oriental History

Author : John Eadie
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History of Physical Astronomy from the Earliest Ages to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century

Author : Robert Grant
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History of Physical Astronomy from the earliest ages to the middle of the nineteenth century etc

Author : Robert GRANT (F.R.A.S.)
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The Early Years of Radio Astronomy

Author : W. T. Sullivan
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Recollection by pioneers in radio astronomy, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of extraterrestrial radio emission in 1933.

New Scientist

Author :
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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Academic American Encyclopedia

Author :
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The History of Greece from the Earliest Records to the Close of the Peloponnesian War Includ A Sketch of the Geography of Greece and Dissertations on Greek Mythology on the Heroic Age on the Early Painters and Sculptors

Author : E. Pococke
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Physics and Astronomy of the Moon

Author : Zdeněk Kopal
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Physics and Astronomy of the Moon focuses on the application of principles of physics in the study of the moon, including perturbations, equations, light scattering, and photometry. The selection first offers information on the motion of the moon in space and libration of the moon. Topics include Hill's equations of motion, non-solar perturbations, improved lunar ephemeris, optical and physical libration of the moon, and adjustment of heliometric observations of the moon's libration. The text then elaborates on the dynamics of the earth-moon system, photometry of the moon, and polarization of moonlight. The publication explains lunar eclipses and the topography of the moon. Discussions focus on the photometric model of eclipses, brightness of the solar elementary ring, effects of light scattering, photometry of lunar eclipses, and determination of altitudes on the moon. The text then evaluates the interpretation of lunar craters, luminescence of the lunar surface, and the origin and history of the moon. The selection is a dependable reference for physicists and astronomers interested in the application of principles of physics in the study of the moon.


Author : Stanford E. Woosley
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Supernova explosions are not only important to the ecology of the universe, seeding it, among other things, with the heavy elements necessary for the existence of life, but they are also a natural laboratory in which a host of unique physical phenomena occur. While still far from a complete understanding, scientists have made great advances during the last twenty-five years in understanding the nature and conse- quences of supernovae. This book presents the state of supernova studies at the beginning of the 1990's, as reported at a two-week meeting on the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California in July 1989 in- volving 177 astronomers and astrophysicists from 17 nations. The 110 papers contained in this volume report all aspects of the field - observations at all wavelengths from radio through gamma-rays, bolometric light curves and spectra, neutrino observations, the theory of stellar explosions, multidimensional models for mixing, nucleosynthesis calculations, synthetic spectral modeling, presupernova evolution, supernova remnants, supernova rates, supernovae as standard candles, the interaction of supernovae with their surroundings - and constitute the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of SN 1987A currently available. Astronomers and astronomy graduate students will find this an in valuable summary of the current state of supernova research. The informed layperson or undergraduate astronomy student will also find it a useful introduction and guide to the literature in the subject.

A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics

Author : Kenneth R. Lang
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Astronomy and Astrophysics is a comprehensive, fundamental, and up-to-date reference book. It is filled with vital information and basic facts for amateur astronomers and professional astrophysicists, and for anyone interested in the Universe, from the Earth and other planets to the stars, galaxies and beyond. An exceptionally thorough Index cross-references concepts, discoveries and individuals in both the Timeline section and Dictionary section. The combined result is a unique stand-alone reference volume in which the reader can quickly locate information, while also discovering new and unexpected knowledge.

Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics

Author : Lars Bergström
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Beginning with basic facts about the observable universe, this book reviews the complete range of topics that make up a degree course in cosmology and particle astrophysics. The book is self-contained - no specialised knowledge is required on the part of the reader, apart from undergraduate math and physics. This paperback edition targets students of physics, astrophysics and cosmology from advanced undergraduate to early graduate level.

The Early Britannica 1768 1803

Author : Frank A. Kafker
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A study of the publication history, editorial practices and evolution of the three edition of the 'Encyclopedia Britannica'.

Essays in Nuclear Astrophysics

Author : Charles A. Barnes
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Originally published in 1982, this collection of essays provides an integrated overview of the application of nuclear science to astronomy. The book discusses, among other topics, the abundances of the nuclear and chemical species on the Earth and the Moon, in meteorites, in the stars, and in interstellar space. The hypothesis that these species are produced by nuclear reactions is then explored and related to laboratory measurements. Other subjects include the dynamics of supernovae and interdisciplinary relationships between elementary particle physics and cosmology. The essays are dedicated to Professor William A. Fowler and pay tribute to his vast influence on the field.

Introduction to Cosmology

Author : Barbara Ryden
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A substantial update of this award-winning and highly regarded cosmology textbook, for advanced undergraduates in physics and astronomy.

The First Galaxies in the Universe

Author : Abraham Loeb
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This book provides a comprehensive, self-contained introduction to one of the most exciting frontiers in astrophysics today: the quest to understand how the oldest and most distant galaxies in our universe first formed. Until now, most research on this question has been theoretical, but the next few years will bring about a new generation of large telescopes that promise to supply a flood of data about the infant universe during its first billion years after the big bang. This book bridges the gap between theory and observation. It is an invaluable reference for students and researchers on early galaxies. The First Galaxies in the Universe starts from basic physical principles before moving on to more advanced material. Topics include the gravitational growth of structure, the intergalactic medium, the formation and evolution of the first stars and black holes, feedback and galaxy evolution, reionization, 21-cm cosmology, and more. Provides a comprehensive introduction to this exciting frontier in astrophysics Begins from first principles Covers advanced topics such as the first stars and 21-cm cosmology Prepares students for research using the next generation of large telescopes Discusses many open questions to be explored in the coming decade

The Emergence of Astrophysics in Asia

Author : Tsuko Nakamura
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This book examines the ways in which attitudes toward astronomy in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and Uzbekistan have changed with the times. The emergence of astrophysics was a worldwide phenomenon during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and it gradually replaced the older-style positional astronomy, which focused on locating and measuring the movements of the planets, stars, etc.. Here you will find national overviews that are at times followed by case studies of individual notable achievements. Although the emphasis is on the developments that occurred around 1900, later pioneering efforts in Australian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese radio astronomy are also included. As the first book ever published on the early development of astrophysics in Asia, the authors fill a chronological and technological void. Though others have already written about earlier astronomical developments in Asia, and about the recent history of astronomy in various Asian nations, no one has examined the emergence of astrophysics, the so-called ‘new astronomy’ in Asia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.