Eagle Strike


Author: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101158005

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

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Alex Rider will soon be a star in his very own TV series! Alex Rider is an orphan turned teen superspy who's saving the world one mission at a time—from #1 New York Times bestselling author! Sir Damian Cray is a philanthropist, peace activist, and the world's most famouspop star. But still it's not enough. He needs more if he is to save the world. Trouble is, only Alex Rider recognizes that it's the world that needs saving from Sir Damian Cray. Underneath the luster of glamour and fame lies a twisted mind, ready to sacrifice the world for his beliefs. But in the past, Alex has always had the backing of the government. This time, he's on his own. Can one teenager convince the world that the most popular man on earth is a madman bent on destruction-before time runs out? From the author of Magpie Murders and Moriarty.

Eagle Strike!

The Story of the Controversial Airborne Assault on Cassinga 1978


Author: Jan Breytenbach

Publisher: Helion & Company Limited

ISBN: 9781909982307

Category: History

Page: 656

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This is the story of an audacious, airborne assault, on 4 May 1978, on a SWAPO fortified base containing its military headquarters, logistical support, reserves and training facilities. The assault was supported by a very strong air strike by bombers and fighters as well as by air transport to drop the paratroopers into battle in one of the major, post World War para drops, 250kms deep behind enemy lines, and thus, of a necessity, the deployment of a veritable swarm of helicopters to extract the paratroopers back to safety, this execution of the whole intricate operation through a joint HQ deployed in the field. Unfortunately the subsequent uproar in the international media, based on allegations that this assault was a brutal attack on a refugee camp, did much to detract from the incredible victory the SADF had claimed for the paratroopers and the air force. Was it refugee camp as claimed by the Third World and the communist block, a SWAPO HQ and strategic military establishment as claimed by the RSA government and the SADF, or a mixture of both as claimed by the truth and reconciliation commission were the casualties mostly combatants or were they innocent civilians. This is the only personal account ever written by somebody on the SADF side who 'was actually there' and who was the commander of the paratroopers. It also brings to light much more than this brief outline, especially the dangerous nature of the whole enterprise through personal experiences, by paratroopers and air crews, and how and why it nearly became the most disastrous undertaking of the whole 'bush war' era through uncalled for meddling by an outsider who should not have been there.

Seals Eagle Force: Eagle Strike


Author: Orr Kelly

Publisher: Avon

ISBN: 9780380791156

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Guadalcanal...The Solomons...The Coral Sea...The legendary Pacific battlegrounds of a bygone era are about to erupt again -- as the U.S.Navy embarks upon a war of nerves and strategy against a compound in the mountains of New Zealand, a madman sets the world on the road to Armageddon with a brazen, unthinkable act: the kidnapping of the wife and son of the President of the United States. The Pacific is a lit fuse-- and only one group can put out the fire before it explodes: the Eagle Force, U.S.Navy SEALs backed by a crack clandestine unit of Air Force special operatives. In an age when billionaires fund private terrorist armies and outlaws brandish nuclear arms, the time-honored rules of engagement have become obsolete. And a brave and able few, armed with the devastating firepower of many, must use any means necessary to win -- as they leap fearlessly into the flames to perform an impossible rescue...and prevent a new World War from tearing the Earth to pieces.

Eagle Strike

The Graphic Novel


Author: Antony Johnston,Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781406366358

Category: Spy stories

Page: 176

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Relaxing in the south of France with his friend Sabine and her family, reluctant MI6 agent Alex Rider is able to be like any ordinary 14-year-old. That is until a sudden attack on his hosts plunges him back into a world of violence and mystery - but this time MI6 don't want to know.

Eagles strike

the campaigns of the South African Air Force in Egypt, Cyrenaica, Libya, Tunisia, Tripolitania and Madagascar, 1941-1943


Author: James Ambrose Brown

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 448

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The Vision


Author: William J. Neville

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469146800

Category: Fiction

Page: 323

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It was seen over 160 years ago. It was denied and scoffed at by experienced leaders and elders. It was a young boys tale; a fabrication to bolster his status within his tribe. Only his family believed. Over the years through turmoil and cultural upheaval the truth became known. It is a story of confirmation, standing up for ones principles and beliefs. As the years passed the implications become much broader than the original vision. Who knows how history would have c hanged if the boys story was believed? The convictions and choices that Horse Killer, Eagle Who Broke His Wing, Buffalo Robe, Fire Lance, Maxwell Slade (Sun Caller), Randle and Chip, Paxton, Sally, Tully, Fredericks, and Captain Adkins, made at various times over a 160 year span are linked together to confirm the vision. Commitment, values, convictions, and beliefs, converge to exonerate one young boys tale. Everyone is in this book or someone you know. . .

Early Eagle


Author: Kathy Heicher,Eagle County Historical Society

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439625107

Category: Photography

Page: 128

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Nestled into a scenic mountain valley at the junction of the Eagle River and Brush Creek, Eagle is a small mountain town that is often overshadowed by its famous ski resort neighbor, Vail. However, this thriving little mountain community claims a rich history of more than 100 years of spunk and fortitude. Eagle’s robust character started with the miners who came to the valley in the 1880s seeking gold and silver. Then came the farmers and ranchers, who recognized another type of wealth in the fertile soils and abundant water of the valley. As for that spunk, the townspeople of Eagle were tenacious enough to wage a 20-year war seeking county seat status and progressive enough to keep a small town growing and thriving for over a century.