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e Health Care in Dentistry and Oral Medicine

Author : Nicolas Giraudeau
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This clinically oriented book presents the state of the art in e-health care within dentistry and oral medicine (“e-oral health”) with the aim of acquainting dentists and other oral health care professionals with its uses and advantages, especially with regard to diagnosis. It will assist all who wish to learn about teledentistry protocols and the e-oral health branch or to implement e-oral health solutions and procedures in clinical practice. The book opens by discussing general aspects of e-oral health, including tools, networks, and the very important ethical considerations. The use and specific benefits of e-oral health technologies in the diagnosis of different conditions, orthodontic assessment, implantology evaluation, and caries prevention are then fully explained. Finally, examples are provided of the ways in which teledentistry functions in different countries on different continents. e-Oral health is a burgeoning field that encompasses teledentistry as well as other uses of information and communication technologies for oral health care purposes. This book will be an ideal guide for not only dentists but also dental hygienists, dental nurses, and other professionals.

Special Care in Dentistry E Book

Author : Crispian Scully
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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It is comprehensive and concise information source on special care dentistry by the foremost authority on the subject in the UK.

Mobile technologies for oral health an implementation guide

Author :
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Oral diseases affect about 3.5 billion people around the world. As well as impacting health, they also affect overall well-being and quality of life, especially where resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment are limited. Approaches based on new digital health technologies can contribute to better oral health for all. In the context of the Be [email protected] Be Mobile initiative, the World Health Organization and the International Telecommunication Union have developed "Mobile technologies for oral health: an implementation guide." This new resource provides guidance on promoting oral health, training health workers, detecting oral health conditions, collecting epidemiological data, and monitoring the quality of patient care, all through mobile technologies. It will help countries develop and implement mOralHealth programmes to complement existing oral health programmes. The handbook is intended to assist policy- and decision-makers and implementers to realize a national or large-scale mOralHealth programme.

Digitization in Dentistry

Author : Priyanka Jain
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This book provides evidence-based guidance on the clinical applications of digital dentistry, that is, the use of dental technologies or devices that incorporate digital or computer-controlled components for the performance of dental procedures. Readers will find practically oriented information on the digital procedures currently in use in various fields of dental practice, including, for example, diagnosis and treatment planning, oral radiography, endodontics, orthodontics, implant dentistry, and esthetic dentistry. The aim is to equip practitioners with the knowledge required in order to enhance their daily practice. To this end, a problem-solving approach is adopted, with emphasis on key concepts and presentation of details in a sequential and easy to follow manner. Clear recommendations are set out, and helpful tips and tricks are highlighted. The book is written in a very readable style and is richly illustrated. Whenever appropriate, information is presented in tabular form to provide a ready overview of answers to frequent doubts and questions.

Cawson s Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine E Book

Author : Edward W Odell
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The new edition of this classic book continues to support a new generation of dental students in their understanding of the essential aspects of oral pathology and oral medicine as they relate to the day-to-day practice of dentistry. Fully updated throughout with the latest diagnostic tests, treatment protocols and international guidelines, the book now comes with Pageburst – an exciting product which provides readers with an eBook – giving them the printed book, plus access to the complete book content electronically. Histology slides within the e-book can be magnified by the reader simulating the use of the microscope and aiding learning by the addition of overlays.

Big Data in Dental Research and Oral Healthcare

Author : Tim Joda
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Progress in information technology has fostered a global explosion of data generation. Accumulated big data are now estimated to be 4.4 zettabytes in the digital universe; and trends predict an exponential increase in the future. Health data are gathered from professional routine care and other expanded sources including the social determinants of health, such as Internet of Things. Biomedical research has recently moved through three stages in digital healthcare: (1) data collection; (2) data sharing; and (3) data analytics. With the explosion of stored health data, dental medicine is edging into its fourth stage of digitization using new technologies including augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Big data collaborations involve interactions between a diverse range of stakeholders with analytical, technical and political focus. In oral healthcare, data technology has many areas of application: prognostic analysis and predictive modeling, the identification of unknown correlations of diseases, clinical decision support for novel treatment concepts, public health surveys and population-based clinical research, as well as the evaluation of healthcare systems. The objective of this Special Issue is to provide an update on the current knowledge with state-of-the-art theory and practical information on human and social perspectives that determine the uptake of technological innovations in big data science in the field of dental medicine. Moreover, it will focus on the identification of future research needs to manage the continuous increase in health data and to accomplish its clinical translation for patient-centered research and personalized dentistry. This Special Issue welcomes all types of studies and reviews considering the perspectives of different stakeholders on technological innovations for big data science in all dental disciplines. Kind regards,

Burket s Oral Medicine 12th Edition

Author : Michael Glick
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Inherently interdisciplinary, the field of oral medicine continues to incorporate and apply new knowledge and techniques to the care of patients. For nearly 70 years, Burket’s Oral Medicine has been the principal text for all major aspects of oral medicine, from the basic science to clinical practice. This 12th edition continuous to serve as the authoritative source of information for students, residents, and clinicians interested in the field of oral medicine. Through the addition of new chapters and substantial new material, the 12th edition of the book significantly advances the understanding of today’s practice of oral medicine. Research findings are produced at a rapid pace and are readily accessible from a variety of sources. A chapter on clinical research has been added to the book to help readers interpret how scientific findings reported in the literature impact their practice. Awareness of the unique aspects of oral health needs for the elderly, infants, and young children prompted the inclusion of two new chapters introducing the fields of geriatric and pediatric oral medicine. Two other original chapters on radiologic interpretations and complications of nonsurgical cancer therapy complement in more detail other broader topics addressed in the book. The 12th edition of Burket’s Oral Medicine continues the tradition of this text in providing students, residents, and experienced practitioners with access to the expertise and experience of an international group of clinical scholars who are recognized experts in the increasingly complex field of diagnosis and medical management of maxillofacial disease and dental treatment of medically complex patients.

Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data

Author : Amit Acharya
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This largely revised second edition comprehensively reviews the need and rationale for the integration of medical and dental patient data. The reader will find extensive guidance on issues involved with care and data integration, and how to achieve an integrated model of healthcare. The book discusses how the use of state-of-the-art, fully integrated (dental-medical), electronic health records can improve clinical, financial as well as societal outcomes. In the book you will also find different aspects that play a role in integration including existing clinical software implementations (and their paths for integration), clinical touch points, and how current and future developments will facilitate the integration process in a more efficient way. This second edition of Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data details the available methods and technologies for successfully integrating patient medical and dental data. It is, therefore, an important and timely update for informaticians and a broad range of both dental and medical professionals and other health professionals (dental assistants, hygienists, nurses) as well as clinical students entering the professional environment.

Integrating Oral and Systemic Health Innovations in Transdisciplinary Science Health Care and Policy

Author : Martha J. Somerman
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“This Research Topic has been hosted in collaboration with the Santa Fe Group Salon 2021. The Topic Editors Judi Haber and Ira Lamster declare that they are affiliated with the Santa Fe Group (SFG). The remaining Topic Editors partnered with Frontiers and the SFG in launching this Research Topic, which coincided with the SFG’s Continuum on Oral Health Integration, 2021”

Social Inclusion and Usability of ICT enabled Services

Author : Jyoti Choudrie
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Social Inclusion and Usability of Innovative ICT-enabled Services is a cutting-edge research book written for researchers, students, academics, technology experts, activists and policy makers. The book explores a wide range of issues concerning innovative ICT-enabled digital services, their usability and their consequent role in social inclusion, It includes the impacts of the use of ICT-enabled digital services on individuals, organisations, governments and society, and offers a theoretically informed and empirically rich account of the socio-technical, management and policy aspects of social inclusion and innovative ICT-enabled digital services. This publication offers insights from the perspectives of Information Systems, Media and Communications, Management and Social Policy, drawing on research from these disciplines to inform readers on diverse aspects of social inclusion and usability of innovative ICT-enabled digital services. The originality of this book lies in the combination of socio-technical, management and policy perspectives offered by the contributors, and integrated by the editors, as well as in the interdisciplinary and both theoretically framed and empirically rich features of the various chapters of the book. While providing a timely account of existing evidence and debates in the field of social inclusion and technology usability, this book will also offer some original insights into what practitioners, experts and researchers are to expect in the near future to be the emerging issues and agendas concerning the role of technology usability in social inclusion and the emerging forms and attributes of the latter. Through a collection of high quality, peer reviewed papers; Social Inclusion and Usability of Innovative ICT-enabled Services will enhance knowledge of social inclusion and usability of innovative ICT-enabled digital services and applications at a diverse level.