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E Health Telehealth and Telemedicine

Author : Marlene Maheu
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E-Health, Telehealth, and Telemedicine is a hands-on resource that shows how communication technologies can be designed, implemented, and managed to help health care professionals expand and transform their organizations. Step by step the authors reveal how to introduce innovative communication tools to a wide range of health care settings. This indispensable book contains a wealth of information, suggestions, and advice about program development, ethical, legal and regulatory issues, and and technical options.

Current Principles and Practices of Telemedicine and E health

Author : Rifat Latifi
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This book represents the most current development on the expanding and changing field of telemedicine and e-health, especially in the developing countries. Many things have changed since the publication of the first book in 2004 (Establishing Telemedicine in Developing Countries: From Inception to Implementation). Telemedicine has become more popular, and still continues to grow. While there are many good books and materials on telemedicine, this publication can be seen at the work of reference for all of those who want to practice telemedicine and e-health, particularly in developing countries. This publication deals with ways to establish telemedicine and e-health system, not only in the developing countries, but also in the developed world. Hopefully, this book will be a guide that reflects the status of telemedicine at the given time. It is dedicated to all future generations of telemedicine and e-health students which include healthcare practitioners, administrators, policy makers, technical professionals and others.

Handbook of Research on Developments in E Health and Telemedicine Technological and Social Perspectives

Author : Cruz-Cunha, Maria Manuela
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"This book provide a comprehensive coverage of the latest and most relevant knowledge, developments, solutions, and practical applications, related to e-Health, this new field of knowledge able to transform the way we live and deliver services, both from the technological and social perspectives"--Provided by publisher.

Telemedicine and Electronic Medicine

Author : Halit Eren
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The E-Medicine, E-Health, M-Health, Telemedicine, and Telehealth Handbook provides extensive coverage of modern telecommunication in the medical industry, from sensors on and within the body to electronic medical records and beyond. Telemedicine and Electronic Medicine is the first volume of this handbook. Featuring chapters written by leading experts and researchers in their respective fields, this volume: Describes the integration of—and interactions between—modern eMedicine, telemedicine, eHealth, and telehealth practices Explains how medical information flows through wireless technologies and networks, emphasizing fast-deploying wireless body area networks Presents the latest developments in sensors, devices, and implantables, from medical sensors for mobile communication devices to drug-delivery systems Illustrates practical telemedicine applications in telecardiology, teleradiology, teledermatology, teleaudiology, teleoncology, acute care telemedicine, and more The E-Medicine, E-Health, M-Health, Telemedicine, and Telehealth Handbook bridges the gap between scientists, engineers, and medical professionals by creating synergy in the related fields of biomedical engineering, information and communication technology, business, and healthcare.

Telemedicine and E health Law

Author : Lynn D. Fleisher
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Telemedicine and E-Health Law has the answers that health care providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and their legal counsel need as medicine enters a new era.

E Health and Telemedicine Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Advances in medical technology increase both the efficacy and efficiency of medical practice, and mobile technologies enable modern doctors and nurses to treat patients remotely from anywhere in the world. This technology raises issues of quality of care and medical ethics, which must be addressed. E-Health and Telemedicine: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications explores recent advances in mobile medicine and how this technology impacts modern medical care. Three volumes of comprehensive coverage on crucial topics in wireless technologies for enhanced medical care make this multi-volume publication a critical reference source for doctors, nurse practitioners, hospital administrators, and researchers and academics in all areas of the medical field. This seminal publication features comprehensive chapters on all aspects of e-health and telemedicine, including implementation strategies; use cases in cardiology, infectious diseases, and cytology, among others; care of individuals with autism spectrum disorders; and medical image analysis.

Encyclopedia of E Health and Telemedicine

Author : Cruz-Cunha, Maria Manuela
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Patients and medical professionals alike are slowly growing into the digital advances that are revolutionizing the ways that medical records are maintained in addition to the delivery of healthcare services. As technology continues to advance, so do the applications of technological innovation within the healthcare sector. The Encyclopedia of E-Health and Telemedicine is an authoritative reference source featuring emerging technological developments and solutions within the field of medicine. Emphasizing critical research-based articles on digital trends, including big data, mobile applications, electronic records management, and data privacy, and how these trends are being applied within the healthcare sector, this encyclopedia is a critical addition to academic and medical libraries and meets the research needs of healthcare professionals, researchers, and medical students.

E Health

Author : G. Demiris
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Title Page -- Contents -- Message from James K. Scott, Director of the European Union Center at the University of Missouri -- A Comprehensive Model for Evaluating Telemedicine -- Home Based E-Health Applications -- Mr. Young's Doctor:How Must Physicians Be Prepared for Practice? -- E-Health Tools and Social Workers -- Telework for Persons with Disabilities in the EU and the USA: What Can We Learn from Each Other? -- Evidence-Based Retrieval in E-Health -- The Impact of Genomics on E-Health -- Privacy Enhancing Techniques in E-Hea!th: An Overview -- Health Captology - Application of Persuasive Technologies to Health Care -- Speak-ER: An Audible Web-Based Medical Record for Emergency Patients -- MobiHealth: Ambulant Patient Monitoring Over Next Generation Public Wireless Networks -- Service Level Web Monitoring in the Field Management of Emergencies -- E-Health in the Scandinavian Countries -- Author Index


Author : R.S. KHANDPUR
File Size : 76.14 MB
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Having now come of age, telemedicine has the potential of having a greater impact on the future of medicine than any other modality. Telemedicine, in the final analysis, brings reality to the vision of an enhanced accessibility of medical care and a global network of healthcare, which was not even imagined two decades ago. Today, the field of telemedicine has expanded rapidly and is likely to assume greater importance in healthcare delivery in the coming times. To address the developing trend of telemedicine applications in both urban and rural areas throughout the world, this book has been designed to discuss different technologies which are being applied in the field of telemedicine and their applications including advances in wireless technologies, the use of fibre optics in telecommunication, availability of broadband Internet, digital imaging technologies and compressed video techniques that have eliminated the problems of telemedicine and also reduced the cost. Starting with the basic hospital based telemedicine system and leading to mHealth, teleHealth and eHealth, the book covers as to how various physiological signals are acquired from the body, processed and used for monitoring the patients anywhere anytime. The book is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Instrumentation, Computer Science and Information Technology and Hospital Management and Nursing. KEY FEATURES • Covers all aspects of telemedicine technology, including medical devices, telecommunications, networking and interfacing techniques • Provides step-by-step coverage on how to set up a telemedicine centre • Includes broad application areas of telemedicine • Covers essentials of telemedicine including mHealth, eHealth and teleHealth • Provides abbreviations/acronyms and glossary of commonly used terms in telemedicine

E Health Care Information Systems

Author : Joseph Tan
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E-Health Care Information Systems is a comprehensive collection written by leading experts from a range of disciplines including medicine, health sciences, engineering, business information systems, general science, and computing technology. This easily followed text provides a theoretical framework with sound methodological approaches and is filled with numerous case examples. Topics include e-health records, e-public information systems, e-network and surveys, general and specific applications of e-health such as e-rehabilitation, e-medicine, e-homecare, e-diagnosis support systems, and e-health intelligence. E-Health Care Information Systems also covers strategies in e-health care technology management, e-security issues, and the impacts of e-technologies. In addition, this book reviews new and emerging technologies such as mobile health, virtual reality and nanotechnology, and harnessing the power of e-technologies for real-world applications.

eHealth Legal Ethical and Governance Challenges

Author : Carlisle George
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This publication identifies and discusses important challenges affecting eHealth in the EU and North America in the three areas of law, ethics and governance. It makes meaningful contributions to the eHealth discourse by suggesting solutions and making recommendations for good practice and potential ways forward. Legal challenges discussed include issues related to electronic medical records, telemedicine, the Internet and pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare information systems and medical liability. Ethical challenges focus on telehealth and service delivery in the home, Web 2.0 and the Internet, patient perceptions and ethical frameworks. Governance challenges focus on IT governance in healthcare, governance and decision-making in acute care hospitals, and different models of eHealth governance. The publication provides useful support materials and readings for persons active in developing current understandings of the legal, ethical and governance challenges involved in the eHealth context.

E health

Author : Ilias Iakovidis
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In this book you can find exciting examples and best practices of e-Health solutions and description of past and present activities of European Commission in the area of e-Health. e-Health research is now bearing fruit and the European market is experiencing a growth in e-Health products and services. E-Health solutions are not only key tools of our current healthcare delivery systems, but they form the backbone of the modern citizen-centred systems towards which all European countries are now striving. While e-Health is still a growing research and development field, there are many mature results in the domain that can be used immediately as crucial instruments by healthcare authorities, professionals, patients, and citizens. In general, the proper use of information and communication technologies for data collection, processing and transfer, is the corner stone of productivity gain and re-engineering of all sectors that use large amounts of information and data. Health is an information-intensive sector. The potential benefit of a fully integrated information and communication technologies-based re-organisation is significant, since it will enable not only more efficiency in information processing but also impact beneficially on access and quality of care.

e Health Systems

Author : Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues
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e-Health Systems: Theory, Advances and Technical Applications offers a global vision of all the parties involved with e-health system deployment and its operation process, presenting the state of the art in major trends for improving healthcare quality and efficiency of healthcare management. The authors focus on ICT technologies and solutions for health management and healthcare applications, specifically emerging ICT to help reduce costs and improve healthcare quality, and healthcare trends in consumer empowerment and information-rich "Smart Care", with ubiquitous care access from anywhere, at any time, by any authorized person(s) when needed. Split into two parts, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of e-health and delves into the processes carried out to store information, as well as the standards that are used; the authors explore applications and implementation of e-health systems, explaining in depth the types of wireless networks and security protocols employed to convert these systems into robust solutions avoiding any kind of data corruption and vulnerabilities. Presents e-Health from implementation at the physical level, to the communication level between different systems and sensors Considers all process security methods and the most relevant related standards Suitable for students, academics, researchers, and professionals involved in applications to improve health management and eHealth systems

Telehealth Telemedicine or Electronic Health Simplified

Author : Dr. Joan Emeli-Komolafe
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As we continue to debate the issues of health care in our nation, I began to explore some of the very funny moments I observed and not-so-funny consequences of the drama that is unfolding and is being played out on our national televisions, our political capital, our streets, our homes, and by our politicians and our citizens. Names and identities are often given for a reason. Without a name or identity, we are all beings roaming this earth. Let's imagine for a moment a world where no names or identities are attached to anything. Imagine waking up and all your family members, friends, pets, things, etc., have no names, no identity. Imagine how chaotic your day would start off. You walk into a hospital full of patients with no identities, no names, a nursery full of newborns with no names, no identities, a home-care setting full of home-care patients with no names, no identities. I am sure that you are getting the drift by now. Yes, chaos would ensue, to say the least. Now you get the gist as to why we are so attached to the idea of names and identities. Yes, we name and identify people and things for a reason. Identities are given to people and things for a very good reason. Depending on your culture, there are also meanings attached to naming and identifying people and things. Some cultures observe a child and choose a name that suits that child's personality. When Kate, the Duchess of England, and Prince William named their newborn child George the III, it was suggested that the name was chosen due to several reasons as reported below.

Telemedicine Technologies

Author : Bernard Fong
File Size : 60.69 MB
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Since the launch of Telemedicine Technologies (Wiley, 2010), the technologies surrounding telemedicine have changed immeasurably, particularly with the emerging trends of Internet-of-Things (IoT), digital/e-Health, and wearable, smart and assistive technologies. This second edition overhauls and expands on the original text to reflect the technical advances of the last decade. It covers applications from traditional healthcare services to remote patient monitoring and recovery, to alternative medicine and general health assessment for maintaining optimal health. This welcome update brings together a broad range of topics demonstrating how information and wireless technologies can be used in healthcare.

Enhanced Telemedicine and e Health

Author : Gonçalo Marques
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In recent years, new applications on computer-aided technologies for telemedicine have emerged. Therefore, it is essential to capture this growing research area concerning the requirements of telemedicine. This book presents the latest findings on soft computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and related computer-aided technologies for enhanced telemedicine and e-health. Furthermore, this volume includes comprehensive reviews describing procedures and techniques, which are crucial to support researchers in the field who want to replicate these methodologies in solving their related research problems. On the other hand, the included case studies present novel approaches using computer-aided methods for enhanced telemedicine and e-health. This volume aims to support future research activities in this domain. Consequently, the content has been selected to support not only academics or engineers but also to be used by healthcare professionals.


Author : Bernd Blobel
File Size : 57.32 MB
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Current demographic, economic and social conditions which developed countries are faced with require a paradigm change for delivering high quality and efficient health services. In that context, healthcare systems have to turn from organization-centred to process-oriented and finally towards individualised patient care, also called personal care, based on eHealth platform services. Interoperability requirements for ubiquitous personalised health services reach beyond current concepts of health information integration among professional stakeholders and related Electronic Patient Records. Future personal health platforms have particularly to maintain semantic interoperability among systems using different modalities and technologies, different knowledge representation and domain experts' languages as well as different coding schemes and terminologies to include home care as well as personal and mobile systems. This development is not restricted to regions or countries, but appears globally, requiring a comprehensive international collaboration. This publication within the Series "Studies in Health Technology and Informatics" at IOS Press presents papers from internationally leading experts representing all domains involved in eHealth.

Grid Technologies for E Health Applications for Telemedicine Services and Delivery

Author : Kldiashvili, Ekaterine
File Size : 74.89 MB
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Grid Technologies for E-Health: Applications for Telemedicine Services and Delivery examines innovations to further improve medical management using grid computing. A defining collection of field advancements, this publication discusses the significance of automation and IT resources in healthcare technology previously infeasible due to computing and data-integration constraints.

Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation in Digital Health

Author : J.A. Ginige
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The term Telehealth covers a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the enabling of direct clinical interventions to patient-centered care needs such as personal monitoring and care team support, as well as education, policy and professional aspects. Contributing to the solving of healthcare sustainability challenges and supporting the development and delivery of a wide range of innovative care and treatment models, Telehealth also acts as a major driver for change in global health issues. This book, Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation in Digital Health, presents the accepted full-paper, double-blinded, peer-reviewed contributions, as well as the editor-reviewed invited keynote papers, delivered at the 7th International Conference on Global Telehealth (GT2018), held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 10 and 11 October 2018. Approximately 50% of the total initial submissions were accepted. The conference provided a platform for the sharing of best practice and research directions across the international Telehealth community, and the 14 papers presented here deal with a variety of themes ranging from data collection and analysis to the design of interventions and delivery mechanisms, in situations from public health and primary care through to consumer health informatics, and from implementation and algorithm design to privacy and ethical considerations. Offering an overview of the innovation and diversity of today’s Telehealth domain, this book will be of interest to all those involved in the design and implementation of healthcare solutions.

Human and Organizational Dynamics in E health

Author : Michael Valdez
File Size : 46.9 MB
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In this collection of 16 articles, contributors from diverse fields and countries describe their research and opinions about practicing medicine electronically, through telemedicine and other means. Touted as a low-cost and efficient means of providing more care to more people, e-health obviously has its own problems.