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E commerce Law and Practice in Europe

Author : Ian Walden
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With the massive explosion of e-commerce, and especially the use of the Internet as a transnational and instant medium for business transactions, has come a whole range of new laws and regulations - and, inevitably, a minefield of accompanying uncertainties and potential pitfalls. So what exactly are the legal issues companies need to address, and what are their implications in real terms for the business world? Find the answers in this groundbreaking study undertaken for the European Commission within the framework of the ECLIP project. With a brief to provide practical help for businesses and e-commerce initiatives, this series of cutting-edge reviews examines and evaluates the special rules designed to regulate the Internet - both at a European and at national level in the Member States. It also explains the relevant technological developments and evaluates them against the legal background. This is an essential guide for legal and corporate practitioners alike, as well as software developers and the consultancy community internationally. A publication of the ECLIP network

Research Handbook on Electronic Commerce Law

Author : John A. Rothchild
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The steady growth of internet commerce over the past twenty years has given rise to a host of new legal issues in a broad range of fields. This authoritative Research Handbook comprises chapters by leading scholars which will provide a solid foundation for newcomers to the subject and also offer exciting new insights that will further the understanding of e-commerce experts. Key topics covered include: contracting, payments, intellectual property, extraterritorial enforcement, alternative dispute resolution, social media, consumer protection, network neutrality, online gambling, domain name governance, and privacy.

E Commerce Law in Europe and the USA

Author : Gerald Spindler
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This unique text deals with the most important legal areas for e-commerce related business in most of the member states in Europe as well as the USA. Topics that are dealt with include: contract law, consumer protection, intellectual property law, unfair competition, antitrust law, liability of providers, money transactions, privacy and data protection.

E Commerce Law in Germany

Author : Axel Bussche
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E commerce

Author : Julian Ding
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E Commerce Law in China

Author : Cristiano Rizzi
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This first book of its kind examines the framework regulating online sales, protection of personal data and intellectual property, use of e-money, e-marketing, and Internet security as they currently exist in China’s “market space”. The book’s very useful information includes such items as the following: detailed comparisons with European e-commerce regulation; business models for operating a website in China; Chinese rules on online purchase contracts, privacy, and data security; downloading and distributing software and other material; protection against copyright infringements and computer fraud; issues of jurisdiction and governing law; advertising and “spam”; use of “cookies” in online marketing; taxation of e-commerce; existing gateways for online payment; effect of the expansion of the so-called social forums; understanding Chinese online consumers and their behavior; importance of Chinese culture and heritage when applying copyright on the Internet; and progress towards a freer and more secure cyberspace in China. An appendix presents English texts of essential Chinese legislation affecting e-commerce. As a full-fledged definition of this new channel of distribution, its boundaries and functioning, with a particular focus on China, this book is an indispensable source of guidance and reference for counsel representing global marketers at any level of business. Its importance for scholars and researchers in the critical field of data security goes without saying. However, this book is also a guide for all the enterprises wishing to do business in the online dimension in China, and for all the consumers shopping online, wishing to know what their rights are when buying products or services on the Internet, and to know how to protect themselves if something goes wrong.

E Directives Guide to European Union Law on E Commerce Commentary on the Directives on Distance Selling Electronic Signatures Electronic Commerce Copyright in the Information Society and Data Protection

Author : Arno Lodder
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Suggesting that the enhancement of e-commerce is one of the important policy issues in the European Union, this book argues that the laws of the EU Member States should be further harmonised. The European Union has adopted a number of Directives relating to different aspects of e-commerce which should be implemented in the laws of the Member States.

E Commerce Law Around the World a Concise Handbook

Author : Stephen Errol Blythe
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E-Commerce Law Around the World contains summaries of E-commerce statutes, regulations, directives and model legislation of the United Nations, the European Union, and more than 120 countries on six continents. At the end, the laws are synthesized and commonalities and differences among them are noted. This is Volume I of the E-COMMERCE LAW TRILOGY. The other volumes are also scheduled for release in 2011: Volume II, The Model Electronic Transactions Act: An E-Commerce Law for the World; and Volume III, Certification Authority Law Around the World. All of them will soon be available for purchase at,,, and other outlets.

E commerce Law

Author : Henk Snijders
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This book elaborates and updates a staff exchange that took place in 2001 among legal scholars from the Universities of Oxford and Leiden. Its insights represent some of the best-informed thinking on the legal aspects of this all-pervasive feature of contemporary society.

E Commerce Law

Author : Paul Todd
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This book includes detailed coverage of intellectual property, contract, encryption and liability issues, including allocation of domain names, use of metatags and other forms of search engine optimization, digital signatures and the position of ISPs and other intermediaries. There are case studies on electronic conveyancing and e-taxation. Though the book is written from a UK perspective, comparative material is included from other jurisdictions, including America and Singapore in particular.

The Law of E Commerce

Author : Dr. Abdulhadi M. Alghamdi
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The Law of E-Commerce E-Contracts , E-Business Electronic commerce raises some legal issues, including whether the contract must be in a particular form or authenticated; validity, time and place of communication; ‘cross-offers’ and ‘battle of forms’. This book analyses the legal problems relating to contracts formed on the Internet, including the use of electronic agents, the enforceability of clickwrap agreements, electronic payments, and choice-of-law and jurisdiction issues. These issues are considered from the UK common law point of view and according to the SICG, UNIDROIT Principles, PECL, UNCITRAL Model Law, and the Uniform Commercial Code.

E Commerce Law and Jurisdiction Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Special

Author : Dennis Campbell
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The special issue of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business deals with the very topical subject of e-commerce. This is an area that has seen an explosion of interest in recent years but, since the increase in the use of the Internet as a vehicle for conducting business transactions has been so rapid, the law has again fallen behind, particularly in the areas of regulation and jurisdiction. The situation is changing, however, with the introduction of both national and international legislation dealing with issues and relating to, inter alia, data protection, privacy, electronic signatures, consumer protection and morality. The authors in this volume provide commentaries on the most recent developments in various jurisdictions, including the approach of the European Union to the problems raised by e-commerce. They discuss the difficulties in relation to jurisdiction arising from the global nature of Internet and the possibilities for dispute resolution between multi national parties to an electronic transaction. The topic is obviously one that will require much attention in the coming years and one which will need strict regulation if electronic commerce is destined to become the trading medium of the future.

Internet and E commerce Law

Author : Brian F. Fitzgerald
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The focus of this book is the regulatory framework of the internet and e-commerce. It considers how the law has developed in the context of rapid technological change and analyses how it is being applied to define rights and obligations in relation to the online infrastructure, content and practices.

The E Commerce Act and Other Laws cyberspace

Author : Vicente B. Amador
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Concise European Data Protection E Commerce and IT Law

Author : Serge Gijrath
File Size : 36.44 MB
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Since the second edition (2010) of this invaluable book – primary texts with expert article-by-article commentary on European data protection, e-commerce and information technology (IT) regulation, including analysis of case law – there has been a marked shift in regulatory focus. It can be said that, without knowing it, EU citizens have migrated from an information society to a digital single market to a data-driven economy. This thoroughly revised and updated third edition pinpoints, in a crystal-clear format, the meaning and application of currently relevant provisions enacted at the European and Member State levels, allowing practitioners and other interested parties to grasp the exact status of such laws, whether in force, under construction, controversial or proposed. Material has been rearranged and brought into line with the vibrant and constantly shifting elements in this field, with detailed attention to developments (most new to this edition) in such issues as the following: · cybersecurity; · privacy rights; · supply of digital content; · consumer rights in electronic commerce; · Geo-blocking; · open Internet; · contractual rules for online sale of (tangible) goods; · competition law in the IT sectors; · consumer online dispute resolution; · electronic signatures; and · reuse of public sector information. There is a completely new section on electronic identification, trust and security regulation, defining the trend towards an effective e-commerce framework protecting consumers and businesses accessing content or buying goods and services online. The contributors offer a very useful and practical review and analysis of the instruments, taking into account the fluidity and the transiency of the regulation of these very dynamic phenomena. This book will be quickly taken up by the myriad professionals – lawyers, officials and academics – engaged with data protection, e-commerce and IT on a daily basis.

E commerce Law

Author : John W. Bagby
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This exciting new text, e-Commerce Law: Issues for Business, provides an understanding of the major legal issues confronting cyberspace and e-commerce. An integration of traditional law with the emerging law of cyberspace provides a unique perspective to help students see how and why business decision-makers may seek legal assistance before their transactions beome irrevocably fixed or their actions become irreversible. This text utilizes court decisions, federal and state statutes, administrative rulings, the legal literature, and ethical issues relating to Internet Law to explain and demonstrate how e-commerce and the law relate to one another.

E commerce Law

Author : Simmons & Simmons
File Size : 57.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A practical guide to the law for companies and lawyers advising on establishing and successfully developing e-commerce and online trading within their business operations. This book is designed as a first point of reference to explain the key legal issues involved in developing online business, maximizing technological advances, while protecting intellectual property rights, contractual and other company related interests.

European Union E commerce Law

Author : Siegfried Fina
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Provides a quick and consolidated reference volume for lawyers to the most important European Union legislation for e-business activities.

EU Regulation of E Commerce

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For the last twenty years the European Union has been extremely active in the field of e-commerce. This important new book addresses the key pieces of EU legislation in the field of e-commerce, including the E-commerce Directive, the Services Directive, the Consumer Directive, the General Data Protection Regulation, and the eID Regulation. The latest in the Elgar Commentaries series, EU Regulation of E-Commerce is the first book to apply this well-established format to a dynamic and increasingly significant area of law.Key features include:* thoroughly up-to-date analysis of decisions of the Court of Justice and the Commission* article-by-article commentary on the latest directives and regulations in the field of e-commerce* a unique structure featuring detailed tables of cases and legislation and paragraph references, enabling easy access to all substantive legal provisions* specially commissioned chapters from leading scholars and practitioners from across the EU.This unique work will provide the definitive account of the essential pieces of EU legislation on e-commerce. Legal practitioners will benefit from the clear structure and close examination of key provisions. The book will also appeal to legal scholars and advanced students, who will appreciate the concise overview and thoughtful analysis on future developments in the field.

An E Commerce Law for the World the Model Electronic Transactions Act

Author : Stephen Errol Blythe
File Size : 76.24 MB
Format : PDF
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An E-Commerce Law For the World: The Model Electronic Transactions Act contains summaries of E-commerce laws of the United Nations, the European Union, and more than 120 countries on six continents. At the end, the best attributes of those laws are incorporated into a model E-commerce statute for consideration for enactment by lawmakers all over the world. This is Volume 2 of the E-COMMERCE LAW TRILOGY. Volume 1, E-Commerce Law Around the World, was released in 2011; and Volume 3, Certification Authority Law Around the World, is scheduled for release in 2013. All of them will become available for purchase at,,, law bookstores and other outlets.