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Rotor Dynamics

Author : J. S. Rao
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The Third Revised And Enlarged Edition Of The Book Presents An In-Depth Study Of The Dynamic Behaviour Of Rotating And Reciprocating Machinery. It Evolved Out Of Lectures Delivered At Different Universities Over The Last Two Decades. The Book Deals With Torsional And Bending Vibrations Of Rotors, Stability Aspects, Balancing And Condition Monitoring. Closed Form Solutions Are Given Wherever Possible And Parametric Studies Presented To Give A Clear Understanding Of The Subject. Transfer Matrix Methods Is Extensively Used For General Class Of Rotors For Both Bending And Torsional Vibrations.Special Attentions Are Given To Transient Analysis Of The Rotors Which Is Becoming An Essential Part Of The Design Of High Speed Machinery. Systems With Fluid Film Bearings, Cracked Rotors And Two Spool Rotors Are Also Presented.A First Course On Theory Of Vibration Is A Prerequisite To This Study. Analysis Used Is Fairly Simple, But Sufficiently Advanced To The Requisite Level Of Predicting Practical Observations. As Far As Possible, Practical Examples Are Illustrated, So That The Book Is Also Useful To Practising Engineers.A Special Feature Of This Book Is Diagnostics Of Rotating Machinery Using Vibration Signature Analysis And Application Of Expert Systems To A Field Engineer In Trouble Shooting Work.

Dynamics of Rotors and Foundations

Author : Erwin Krämer
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Rotordynamics are of great importance in the design, manufacture and assembly of turbomachines as well as in ensuring their safe operation. Also important are the dynamics of the foundation and its interaction with the dynamics of the rotor. This book is divided into four parts. Following a presentation of the basic theory the dynamics of rotors supported on several bearings. The third part describes the dynamics of foundations of turbine line-outs and the calculations for a turbomachine coupled with its foundation. The last part includes a section on estimation procedures, a comprehensive presentation of the theoryand practice of rotors having a transverse crack, a section on the mathematical fundamentals and a description of the computer program used for the examples in the book. The book addresses both the practical engineer and the theoretician and should provide manufacturers, operators, university and polytechnic lecturers and students with an understanding of the vibrations of turbomachines. The results are described in such a way that they can be easily understood and applied.

Dynamics of Rotors

Author : O. Mahrenholtz
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Introduction to Dynamics of Rotor bearing Systems

Author : Wen Jeng Chen
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This book is written as an introduction to rotor-bearing dynamics for practicing engineers and students who are involved in rotordynamics and bearing design. The goal of this book is to provide a step-by-step approach to the understanding of fundamentals of rotor-bearing dynamics by using DyRoBeS(c) . Therefore, the emphasis of this book is on the basic principals, phenomena, modeling, and interpretation of the results. Numerous examples, from a single-degree-of-freedom system to complicated industrial rotating machinery, are employed throughout this book to illustrate these fundamental dynamic behaviors. The concepts in the text are reinforced by parametric studies and numerous illustrative examples and figures. The book begins with a brief discussion of the mathematical modeling of physical dynamic systems and an overview of the basic vibration concepts in Chapter 1. The coordinate systems and the kinematics of the rotor motion are presented in Chapter 2. A simple two-degrees-of-freedom rotor system, the Laval-Jeffcott rotor model, is utilized in Chapter 3 to demonstrate many important phenomena in rotordynamics. This simple 2DOF model provides many valuable physical insights into more practical and complicated systems. Chapter 4 discusses the rotating disk equations and rigid rotor dynamics. Chapter 5 covers the finite element formulation for a rotating shaft element. Chapter 6 deals with various types of bearings, dampers, seals and other interconnection components. All the reaction forces from these components are non-linear in nature. The concept of linearization around the static equilibrium is discussed. Chapter 7 summarizes the lateral vibration study with several practical examples. Various solution techniques and interpretation of the results are discussed. Chapter 8 is devoted to the important subject of torsional vibration. Finally, a brief description of the balancing method, influence coefficient method is presented in Chapter 9.

Analytical Methods in Rotor Dynamics

Author : Andrew D. Dimarogonas
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The design and construction of rotating machinery operating at supercritical speeds was, in the 1920s, an event of revolutionary importance for the then new branch of dynamics known as rotor dynamics. In the 1960s, another revolution occurred: In less than a decade, imposed by operational and economic needs, an increase in the power of turbomachinery by one order of magnitude took place. Dynamic analysis of complex rotor forms became a necessity, while the importance of approximate methods for dynamic analysis was stressed. Finally, the emergence of fracture mechanics, as a new branch of applied mechanics, provided analytical tools to investigate crack influence on the dynamic behavior of rotors. The scope of this book is based on all these developments. No topics related to the well-known classical problems are included, rather the book deals exclusively with modern high-power turbomachinery.

Rotordynamics of Turbomachinery

Author : John M. Vance
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Describes the rotordynamic considerations that are important to the successful design or troubleshooting of a turbomachine. Shows how bearing design, fluid seals, and rotor geometry affect rotordynamic behavior (vibration, shaft whirling, bearing loads, and critical speeds), and describes two successful computational methods for rotordynamic analysis in terms that can be understood by practicing engineers. Gives descriptive accounts of the state of the art in several areas of the field and presents important mathematical or computational concepts, describing equations and formulas in physical terms for better understanding. Also offers tips for troubleshooting unstable machines and provides practical interpretations of vibration measurements.

Some Problems of Rotor Dynamics

Author : Aleš Tondl
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Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Rotor Dynamics IFToMM

Author : Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
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IFToMM conferences have a history of success due to the various advances achieved in the field of rotor dynamics over the past three decades. These meetings have since become a leading global event, bringing together specialists from industry and academia to promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and information on the latest developments in the dynamics of rotating machinery. The scope of the conference is broad, including e.g. active components and vibration control, balancing, bearings, condition monitoring, dynamic analysis and stability, wind turbines and generators, electromechanical interactions in rotor dynamics and turbochargers. The proceedings are divided into four volumes. This second volume covers the following main topics: condition monitoring, fault diagnostics and prognostics; modal testing and identification; parametric and self-excitation in rotor dynamics; uncertainties, reliability and life predictions of rotating machinery; and torsional vibrations and geared systems dynamics.

Dynamics of Rotating Systems

Author : Giancarlo Genta
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Provides an up-to-date review of rotor dynamics, dealing with basic topics as well as a number of specialized topics usually available only in journal articles Unlike other books on rotordynamics, this treats the entire machine as a system, with the rotor as just one component

Computational Techniques of Rotor Dynamics with the Finite Element Method

Author : Arne Vollan
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For more than a century, we have had a firm grasp on rotor dynamics involving rigid bodies with regular shapes, such as cylinders and shafts. However, to achieve an equally solid understanding of the rotational behavior of flexible bodies-especially those with irregular shapes, such as propeller and turbine blades-we require more modern tools and m