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Dwarf Warfare

Author : Chris Pramas
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Despite their short stature, dwarves are among the fiercest and most feared fighters of all the races. From an initial examination of the fighting methods of the individual dwarf soldier, this volume expands its focus to look at how they do battle in small companies and vast armies. It covers all of their troop types from the axemen that form the front lines of battle to their deadly accurate crossbowmen. Also examined are their tactics in specific situations such as underground fighting and combat in mountainous terrain. Finally, the book examines a few specific battles in great detail in order to fully demonstrate the dwarven way of war.

Elf Warfare

Author : Chris Pramas
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Although few in number, elves produce the most skillful and deadly warriors of all the races. Renowned for their archery and agility, they are mostly associated with hit-and-run tactics; however, they should not be underestimated in open battle. From an initial examination of the fighting methods of the individual elf warrior, this lavishly illustrated volume goes on to reveal how they do battle in small companies and in vast armies. It covers all of their troop types, from their famed bowmen and swordmasters to their lightning-fast cavalry, making special note of regional variations and highly specialized fighters such as war mages and rendering a colorful panoramic view of the elfin way of war.

Dwarves War Fighting Manual

Author : Den Patrick
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A manual, complete with illustrations, that looks at the dwarvish race and the way they fight war. With a history of the race, an assessment of the legendary courage and fortitude of the dwarves in war, and accounts of famous engagements, this is the perfect companion for any fantasy wargamer or roleplayer, as well as being a door into a wonderful and original fantasy world.

Ancient Mesoamerican Warfare

Author : M. Kathryn Brown
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Collection of articles providing new research on warfare in ancient Maya and other Mesoamerican societies based on archaeological, ethnohistorical, and linguistic evidence

The War Of The Dwarves

Author : Markus Heitz
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The dwarves have gone to battle and they have been victorious. But outside the realm, dark forces are working . . . A secret army of Orcs, made immortal by the hidden powers of the Black Water, now marches towards Girdlegard, set to unleash its fury upon the kingdom. Sooner than they realise, Tungdil and his comrades will need to summon all their courage to do battle against this bloodthirsty horde. The Orcs are not the only threat. An unspeakable new power is growing and threatens the very existence of the dwarves. But both enemies have forgotten one very important truth: a dwarf is never more dangerous than when total obliteration seems inevitable . . . The international bestselling fantasy epic continues. Other books by Markus Heitz: The Dwarves The Revenge of the Dwarves The Fate of the Dwarves The Triumph of the Dwarves Righteous Fury Devastating Hate Dark Paths Raging Storm Aera book's one to ten

The Triumph of the Dwarves

Author : Markus Heitz
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The Dwarves are back! Germany's Number One bestselling author returns to his best-loved series. After decades of occupation by the älfar, the dark elves have been defeated and peace has finally been declared. But the nations still distrust each other, and when a child is found in the Grey Mountains who speaks the language of the älfar, the dwarves believe this little girl heralds a new threat. And they will be right - just not in the way they thought. Under the orders of Ireheart, now High King of the dwarves, a small delegation is sent to search for Tungdil Goldhand, the true High King, who many believe dead. Against all odds, Tungdil has survived his mission to the terrifying realm of Phondrasôn. But is he truly the legendary hero of the dwarves, or an impostor at the heart of a deeper conspiracy? And does he realise that the fiends from Phondrasôn themselves aren't far behind . . . ? The action never lets up in this next exciting story in the saga of the dwarves and the älfar! 'The Dwarves is a well-constructed classic fantasy story that I greatly enjoyed' - Speculative Book Review

Moments of Grace and Spiritual Warfare in the Lord of the Rings

Author : Anne Marie Gazzolo
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"In J. R. R. Tolkien's desire to create a mythology for his homeland, he actually made one for every person, every land, and every age. "The Lordof the Rings "is a catechism of spiritual warfare cleverly disguised as a fantasy. The struggle against evil that takes place inside its pages is the same one that occurs even now within the soul of each person." As we cannot leave the field of battle until death takes us from it, we should learn as much as we can about how to fight from those who have labored before us. Certainly the Red Book of Westmarch is one source to use. We may not have to sacrifice ourselves as does Gandalf, but we can learn from him and his wise counsels and from the others who he taught. Frodo guides us as well, as he makes his torturous journey to Mount Doom and endures the Ring's unceasing temptations. With him, we see that sometimes we overcome our temptations, and at other times they overwhelm us. We also learn, as he and Boromir do, to get back up and start the struggle anew. Sam shows us the height of hope and the depth of devotion. In fact, everyone in the tale, good as well as evil, has something to teach us. Anne Marie Gazzolo hopes that you will find inspiration within to apply to your life.

Orc Warfare

Author : Chris Pramas
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Despite their constant infighting and backstabbing, orc horde armies remain a dire threat to all races. To them, war is life. Beginning with an examination of the fighting methods of the individual orc warrior, the book expands to look at how they do battle in their small warbands and in vast armies. Using vivid illustrations, it reveals the tactics, strategies, and technology of all the orc troop types, from lightly armed archers and heavily armored shock troops to their wolf cavalry and siege engines. Finally, it explores specific key battles to develop the fullest possible understanding of these loathsome, terrifying creatures and the ways in which they wage war.

The American Warfare State

Author : Rebecca U. Thorpe
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How is it that the United States—a country founded on a distrust of standing armies and strong centralized power—came to have the most powerful military in history? Long after World War II and the end of the Cold War, in times of rising national debt and reduced need for high levels of military readiness, why does Congress still continue to support massive defense budgets? In The American Warfare State, Rebecca U. Thorpe argues that there are profound relationships among the size and persistence of the American military complex, the growth in presidential power to launch military actions, and the decline of congressional willingness to check this power. The public costs of military mobilization and war, including the need for conscription and higher tax rates, served as political constraints on warfare for most of American history. But the vast defense industry that emerged from World War II also created new political interests that the framers of the Constitution did not anticipate. Many rural and semirural areas became economically reliant on defense-sector jobs and capital, which gave the legislators representing them powerful incentives to press for ongoing defense spending regardless of national security circumstances or goals. At the same time, the costs of war are now borne overwhelmingly by a minority of soldiers who volunteer to fight, future generations of taxpayers, and foreign populations in whose lands wars often take place. Drawing on an impressive cache of data, Thorpe reveals how this new incentive structure has profoundly reshaped the balance of wartime powers between Congress and the president, resulting in a defense industry perennially poised for war and an executive branch that enjoys unprecedented discretion to take military action.

Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals

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