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Dutch Typography in the Sixteenth Century

Author : Paul Valkema Blouw
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When compiling a short-title catalogue, Paul Valkema Blouw was confronted with a large number of 'problem cases'. By minute analysis and drawing from his extensive knowledge and his unrivalled typographic memory, he could attribute a surprising number of these publications to a printer and established the periods when and places where they must have been printed.The present collection of papers is of paramount importance to scholars engaged in research of the sixteenth century, whether in the field of church history, national history or book history.

Dutch Typography in the Sixteenth Century

Author : Paul Valkema Blouw
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When compiling the short-title catalogue of books printed in the sixteenth-century northern Netherlands from 1541 to 1600, Paul Valkema Blouw was confronted with a large number of ‘problem cases’, such as anonymously and/or surreptitiously printed editions, fictitious printers and undated or falsely dated printed works. By minutely analysing the typefaces, initials, vignettes and other ornaments used, drawing from his extensive knowledge of secondary literature, archival information and his unrivalled typographic memory, he not only managed to attribute a surprising number of these publications to a printer, but also could establish the period of time in which, as well as the places where, they must have been printed. These findings and the ways in which they were reached are described in the present collection of papers.

Dutch Type

Author : Jan Middendorp
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Overzicht van vooral de 20e-eeuwse Nederlandse typografie.

The Bookshop of the World

Author : Andrew Pettegree
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The untold story of how the Dutch conquered the European book market and became the world's greatest bibliophiles—“an instant classic on Dutch book history” (BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review) "[An] excellent contribution to book history."—Robert Darnton, New York Review of Books The Dutch Golden Age has long been seen as the age of Rembrandt and Vermeer, whose paintings captured the public imagination and came to represent the marvel that was the Dutch Republic. Yet there is another, largely overlooked marvel in the Dutch world of the seventeenth century: books. In this fascinating account, Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen show how the Dutch produced many more books than pictures and bought and owned more books per capita than any other part of Europe. Key innovations in marketing, book auctions, and newspaper advertising brought stability to a market where elsewhere publishers faced bankruptcy, and created a population uniquely well-informed and politically engaged. This book tells for the first time the remarkable story of the Dutch conquest of the European book world and shows the true extent to which these pious, prosperous, quarrelsome, and generous people were shaped by what they read.

Lay Readings of the Bible in Early Modern Europe

Author : Erminia Ardissino
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This essay collection aims to bring together new comparative research studies on the place of the Bible in early modern Europe. It focuses on lay readings of the Bible, showing their central contribution to modernity, and interrogates established historical paradigms.

The Oxford Handbook of Calvin and Calvinism

Author : Bruce Gordon
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The Oxford Handbook of Calvin and Calvinism offers a comprehensive assessment of John Calvin and the tradition of Calvinism as it evolved from the sixteenth century to today. Featuring contributions from scholars who present the latest research on a pluriform religious movement that became a global faith. The volume focuses on key aspects of Calvin's thought and its diverse reception in Europe, the transatlantic world, Africa, South America, and Asia. Calvin's theology was from the beginning open to a wide range of interpretations and was never a static body of ideas and practices. Over the course of his life his thought evolved and deepened while retaining unresolved tensions and questions that created a legacy that was constantly evolving in different cultural contexts. Calvinism itself is an elusive term, bringing together Christian communities that claim a shared heritage but often possess radically distinct characters. The Handbook reveals fascinating patterns of continuity and change to demonstrate how the movement claimed the name of the Genevan reformer but was moulded by an extraordinary range of religious, intellectual and historical influences, from the Enlightenment and Darwinism to indigenous African beliefs and postmodernism. In its global contexts, Calvinism has been continuously reimagined and reinterpreted. This collection throws new light on the highly dynamic and fluid nature of a deeply influential form of Christianity.

Booksellers and Printers in Provincial France 1470 1600

Author : Malcolm Walsby
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Booksellers and Printers in Provincial France presents short biographies for over 2700 booksellers, printers and bookbinders active outside Paris and Lyon in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Hebrew Typography in the Northern Netherlands 1585 1815

Author : Lajb Fuks
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Singing the Resurrection

Author : Erin Lambert
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Singing the Resurrection brings music to the foreground of Reformation studies, as author Erin Lambert explores song as a primary mode for the expression of belief among ordinary Europeans in the sixteenth century, for the embodiment of individual piety, and the creation of new communities of belief. Together, resurrection and song reveal how sixteenth-century Christians--from learned theologians to ordinary artisans, and Anabaptist martyrs to Reformed Christians facing exile--defined belief not merely as an assertion or affirmation but as a continuous, living practice. Thus these voices, raised in song, tell a story of the Reformation that reaches far beyond the transformation from one community of faith to many. With case studies drawn from each of the major confessions of the Reformation--Lutheran, Anabaptist, Reformed, and Catholic--Singing the Resurrection reveals sixteenth-century belief in its full complexity.

Negotiating Conflict and Controversy in the Early Modern Book World

Author : Alexander Samuel Wilkinson
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This volume offers fifteen chapters written by leading specialists which explore the range of ways in which the book industry negotiated conflicts and controversies in the early modern European world.