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Author : Gestalten
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A journey through dreamlike landscapes, bizarre buildings, and whimsical interiors floating between reality and fantasy. Oscar Wilde claimed that "progress is the realization of utopia." Dreamscapes illustrates utopian visions and invites the reader into otherworldly scenes that manifest visions of idealised worlds, offering a path toward a better future. The showcased pieces blur the lines between practical applications for architecture and design, abstract artistic expressions, and expand the possibilities of architecture, interior, and set design. The book presents the work of leading creatives from across the globe, exploring the infinite ways to visualize landscapes and the built environment. With their roots in spatial design, their ideas present a new creative current defined by the fusion of digital techniques such as computer rendering and 3D art, and an aesthetic that moves between fantasy and reality. WHAT TO EXPECT - The first illustrated book to present the work of the artists and creatives at the forefront of this aesthetic, which gained momentum as a social media phenomenon. - An insightful and pioneering look at the world of digital art, which will undoubtedly define the future of creativity. - An inspiring compilation that will serve as a reference for both artists and professionals in the fields of architecture and design.

Dictator s Dreamscape

Author : Joseph R. Hartman
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Joseph Hartman focuses on the public works campaign of Cuban president, and later dictator, Gerardo Machado. Political histories often condemn Machado as a US-puppet dictator, overthrown in a labor revolt and popular revolution in 1933. Architectural histories tend to catalogue his regime’s public works as derivatives of US and European models. Dictator’s Dreamscape reassesses the regime’s public works program as a highly nuanced visual project embedded in centuries-old representations of Cuba alongside wider debates on the nature of art and architecture in general, especially in regards to globalization and the spread of US-style consumerism. The cultural production overseen by Machado gives a fresh and greatly broadened perspective on his regime’s accomplishments, failures, and crimes. The book addresses the regime’s architectural program as a visual and architectonic response to debates over Cuban national identity, US imperialism, and Machado’s own cult of personality.

Fashion s Double

Author : Adam Geczy
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Mere clothing is transformed into desirable fashion by the way it is represented in imagery. Fashion's Double examines how meanings are projected onto garments through their representation, whether in painting, photography, cinema or online fashion film, conveying identity and status, eliciting fascination and desire. With in-depth case studies including the work of Nick Knight and Helmut Newton, film examples such as The Hunger Games, music video Girl Panic by Duran Duran, and much more, this book analyses the interrelationship between clothing, identity, embodiment, representation and self-representation. Written for students and scholars alike, Fashion's Double will appeal to anyone studying fashion, cultural studies, art theory and history, photography, sociology, and film.


Author : Stan Allen
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Conversant in contemporary theory and architectural history, Stan Allen argues that concepts in architecture are not imported from other disciplines, but emerge through the materials and procedures of architectural practice itself. Drawing on his own experience as a working architect, he examines the ways in which the tools available to the architect affect the design and production of buildings. This second edition includes revised essays together with previously unpublished work. Allen’s seminal piece on Field Conditions is included in this reworked, revised and redesigned volume. A compelling read for student and practitioner alike.

Reasoning Web Declarative Artificial Intelligence

Author : Marco Manna
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This volume contains 8 lecture notes of the 16th Reasoning Web Summer School (RW 2020), held in Oslo, Norway, in June 2020. The Reasoning Web series of annual summer schools has become the prime educational event in the field of reasoning techniques on the Web, attracting both young and established researchers. The broad theme of this year's summer school was “Declarative Artificial Intelligence” and it covered various aspects of ontological reasoning and related issues that are of particular interest to Semantic Web and Linked Data applications. The following eight lectures have been presented during the school: Introduction to Probabilistic Ontologies, On the Complexity of Learning Description Logic Ontologies, Explanation via Machine Arguing, Stream Reasoning: From Theory to Practice, First-Order Rewritability of Temporal Ontology-Mediated Queries, An Introduction to Answer Set Programming and Some of Its Extensions, Declarative Data Analysis using Limit Datalog Programs, and Knowledge Graphs: Research Directions.

Artificial Darkness

Author : Noam M. Elcott
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This ambitious study explores how important darkness--artificial darkness--was, as an actual technology, in producing not just photographs but visual novelties and experiments in cinema in the nineteenth century. The study plays out against a backdrop of urban history, where most scholars have focused on the growth of artificial light and the electrification of cities. Elcott's study challenges that approach. In considering zones of darkness, it ranges from the sites of production (darkrooms, studios) to those of reception (theaters/cinemas/arcades) that shaped modern media and perceptions. He argues that, in the nineteenth century, the avant-garde was often less interested in the filmed image than in everything surrounding it: the screen, the projected light, the darkness, the experience of disembodiment. He argues that darkness has a history separate from night, evil, or the color black, and has a specifically modern manifestation as a media technology. We are all aware of the "velvet light trap" in photography, but at the heart of this book are technologies of darkness crucial to cinema that were commonly known as "the black screen," but have, over time, faded from the storied discourse.

The Ghost of One s Self

Author : Paul Meehan
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For millennia people have held folk beliefs about the existence of the doppelganger--"double walker" in German--a look-alike second self that is often the antithesis of one's identity and is usually considered an omen of misfortune or death. The theme of the double has inspired works by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Poe, de Maupassant, Dostoevsky and others, and has been the basis for many classic mystery, horror and science fiction movies. This critical survey examines the double in more than 100 films by such acclaimed directors as Alfred Hitchcock, Mario Bava, Roger Corman, David Cronenberg, George Romero, Fritz Lang, James Cameron, Robert Siodmak, Don Siegel, John Frankenheimer, Terry Gilliam, Brian De Palma and Roman Polanski.

Nils Ole Lund Collage Architecture

Author : Nils-Ole Lund
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Collager med arkitektur som hovedmotiv

Spaces of Culture

Author : Scott Lash
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In Spaces of Culture an international group of scholars examines the implications of questions such as: What is culture? What is the relationship between social structure and culture in a globalized and networked world? Do critical perspectives still apply, or does the speed and complexity of cultural production demand new forms of analysis? They explore the key themes in social theory: the nation state; the city; modernity and reflexivity; post-Fordism and the spatial logic of the informational city. The contributors go on to analyze the public sphere, questioning the reductive representation of technology as a form of instrumentality, and demonstrating how new technologies can offer new spaces of culture. This analys

From Chicago to L A

Author : Michael Dear
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From Chicago to L.A. begins the task of defining an alternative agenda for urban studies and examines the case for shifting the focus of urban studies from Chicago to Los Angeles. The authors, experienced scholars from a variety of disciplines, examine: The concepts that have blocked our understanding of Southern California cities The imaginative structures that people have been using to understand and explain Los Angeles The utility of the "Los Angeles School" of urbanism