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The Dream Universe

Author : David Lindley
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A vivid and captivating narrative about how modern science broke free of ancient philosophy, and how theoretical physics is returning to its unscientific roots In the early seventeenth century Galileo broke free from the hold of ancient Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy. He drastically changed the framework through which we view the natural world when he asserted that we should base our theory of reality on what we can observe rather than pure thought. In the process, he invented what we would come to call science. This set the stage for all the breakthroughs that followed--from Kepler to Newton to Einstein. But in the early twentieth century when quantum physics, with its deeply complex mathematics, entered into the picture, something began to change. Many physicists began looking to the equations first and physical reality second. As we investigate realms further and further from what we can see and what we can test, we must look to elegant, aesthetically pleasing equations to develop our conception of what reality is. As a result, much of theoretical physics today is something more akin to the philosophy of Plato than the science to which the physicists are heirs. In The Dream Universe, Lindley asks what is science when it becomes completely untethered from measurable phenomena?

The Universe Is a Dream

Author : Alexander Marchand
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Have you ever contemplated the cause of the universe beyond simply attributing it to God or The Big Bang? If so, in that causal contemplation, have you ever entertained the idea that the universe is but a dream? Which is to say, have you ever considered that the cause of the universe is that you dreamt it up? At first glance, the idea that you dreamt up the universe perhaps seems implausible. However, what if you really took that idea seriously and followed it to its logical conclusion? What would you discover? Well, this book answers that question. Using the unique form of a graphic novel, artist and writer Alexander Marchand takes you on an artistic, humorous, irreverent, and extremely informative romp through the advanced, nondualistic metaphysics of the contemporary spiritual document known as A Course in Miracles. In the end, you ll not only have a coherent picture of the true nature of the universe and existence, but you ll also have essential, practical knowledge of what you ll need to do to if you are ready to wake up."

The Dreaming Universe

Author : Fred Alan Wolf
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Explores psychological, physiological, and anthropological aspects of consciousness and dreaming, looking at the history of dream research from the ancient Greeks to modern experiments, and applying theories from quantum physics to human consciousness.

Secrets of Yoga God Universe

Author : Dharam Vir Mangla
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The Decentered Universe of Finnegans Wake

Author : Margot Norris
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Originally published in 1977. The pioneer critics of Finnegans Wake hailed the work as a radical critique of language and civilization. Resuming their position, Margot Norris explains the book's most intractable uncertainties not as puzzles to be solved by a clever reader but as manifestations of a "chaosmos," a Freudian dream world of sexual transgression and social dissolution, of inauthentic being and empty words. Conventional moralities and restraints are under siege in this chaosmos, where precisely those desires and forbidden wishes that are barred in waking thought strive to make themselves felt. Norris demonstrates convincingly that the protean characters of Finnegans Wake are the creatures of a dreaming mind. The teleology of their universe is freedom, and in the enduring struggle between the individual's anarchic psyche and the laws that make civilization possible, it is only in dream that the psyche is triumphant. It is as dream rather than as novel that Norris reads Finnegans Wake. The lexical deviance and semantic density of the book, Norris argues, are not due to Joyce's malice, mischief, or megalomania but are essential and intrinsic to his concern to portray man's inner state of being. Because meanings are dislocated—hidden in unexpected places, multiplied and split, given over to ambiguity, plurality, and uncertainty—the Wake, Norris claims, represents a decentered universe. Its formal elements of plot, character, discourse, and language are not anchored to any single point of reference; they do not refer back to center. Only by abandoning conventional frames of reference can readers allow the work to disclose its own meanings, which are lodged in the differences and similarities of its multitudinous elements. Eschewing the close explication of much Wake criticism, the author provides a conceptual framework for the work's large structures with the help of theories and methods borrowed from Freud, Heidegger, Lacan, Levi-Strauss, and Derrida. Looking at the work without novelistic expectations of the illusion of some "key" to unlock the mystery, Norris explores Joyce's rationale for committing his last human panorama—a bit sadder than Ulysses in its concern with aging, killing, and dying—to a form and language belonging to the deconstructive forces of the twentieth century.

A New Model of the Universe

Author : P. D. Ouspensky
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DIVForemost occultist of early 20th century offers stimulating, thought-provoking discussions of relativity, the fourth dimension, Christian symbolism, the tarot, yoga, dreams and more. Introduction. /div

Newton s Dream

Author : Marcia Sweet Stayer
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This lively collection of lectures presented at the symposium by prominent scholars was collected and edited by Marcia Stayer with the assistance of Boris Castel. The chapters outline the influence of the "Principia" on the work of Newton's contemporaries - such as Adam Smith - and on many areas of present-day science: particle physics, optics, astronomy, and non-mechanical fields such as computer theory. Contributors include A.P. French, Werner Israel, W.H. Newton-Smith, David Raphael, Stephen Smale, Steven Weinberg, Richard S. Westfall, and Denys Wilkinson. This book will be of interest to both general readers and students of science.

Dream Psycles

Author : Carl Allen Schoner
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Dream Psycles is about self discovery through self hypnosis. This little book will empower you with simple techniques and sound advice that you can use right now to awaken and redefine subconscious patterns that influence your ability to accomplish huge goals in life. In addition to these powerful principles, you will learn: Why many people cannot achieve simple goals in life, while others achieve grand, even spectacular goals with astonishing ease. How we are all essentially hypnotized all of the time, and that this is a normal state of mind that defines a person's life in the form of a Dreamscape. How your Dreamscape is composed of Dream Psycles that not only reflect your overall health, happiness, and fortune in life, but also control these aspects of your being. How set-points work in regulating and governing the mind and body, and how easily you can take control of these set-points once you master the 20 keys to controlling your subconscious mind. How to create a positive, enriching Dreamscape using any of the wide range of modalities, scripts, and techniques fully explained in this book. How to exercise and maintain complete control over virtually every aspect of your life, effortlessly. How to master the art of Thinking Big - to think like a Giant - and how to actualize the ideas that you conceive. This game of life is far too short to worry about what we cannot change, and much too long to live without changing what we can. Today is the day to begin! The techniques presented in this book will help you wake up, shape and master your own Dream Psycles, and enable you to make even your wildest dreams come true! If you would like to purchase this book on CD as a PDF file, along with 90 minutes of companion MP3 audio tracks that you can listen to on your personal computer or MP3 player, please send a check or money order for $15 to: Carl Schoner Dream Psycles, Dept T P.O. Box 4462 Diamond Bar, CA 91765 Please visit the author's website at for more information.

My Dream Journal

Author : Gabi Siebenhuhner
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In this beautiful journal you can document your dreams every day. Write down all your Thoughts and Dreams in this beautiful Book.

Commerce with the Universe

Author : Gaurav Desai
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Reading the life narratives and literary texts of South Asians writing in and about East Africa, Gaurav Desai builds a surprising, alternative history of Africa's experience with slavery, migration, colonialism, nationalism, and globalization. Consulting Afrasian texts that are literary and nonfictional, political and private, he broadens the scope of African and South Asian scholarship and inspires a more nuanced understanding of the Indian Ocean's fertile routes of exchange. Desai shows how the Indian Ocean engendered a number of syncretic identities and shaped the medieval trade routes of the Islamicate empire, the early independence movements galvanized in part by Gandhi's southern African experiences, the invention of new ethnic nationalisms, and the rise of plural, multiethnic African nations. Calling attention to lives and literatures long neglected by traditional scholars, Desai introduces rich, interdisciplinary ways of thinking not only about this specific region but also about the very nature of ethnic history and identity. Traveling from the twelfth century to today, he concludes with a look at contemporary Asian populations in East Africa and their struggle to decide how best to participate in the development and modernization of their postcolonial nations without sacrificing their political autonomy.

Companion to the Summa Theologica Architect of the universe corresponding to the Summa theologica Ia part

Author : Walter Farrell
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The Unknown Reality Volume One

Author : Jane Roberts
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Volume One of two volumes Exploring the interdependence of multiple selves, Seth explains how understanding unknown dimensions can change the world as we know it. Readers are invited to discover their own unknown realities through a series of exercises.

Dream Keeper

Author : Diane Fordham
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People all over the world are falling into deep comas. Dream Keeper is the king of eternal sleep. He enters the waking world and stalks the night for souls that sleep, for souls to steal. This supernatural being builds his kingdom in the dream tunnels of human minds, and now he desires Tiana as his queen, whether she likes it or not. Dream Keeper is ready to spawn a child. In the fascinating novel Dream Keeper: It's Time to Face Your Fears, Senior Investigator Macarthur T Egan moves closer to get a better look at Tiana's face. It was her. Not in his wildest dreams had he expected to come face to face with his dream lover. Mac reads Tiana's notes. Her reality and her fantasy worlds have collided. Dream Keeper was a character in a novel she was writing. But the character is real to those who go to sleep and don't wake up. How can Mac stop someone who pops in and out of people's dreams? Dream Keeper makes a devil of a deal with Tiana. She pays for her success as a writer when Dream Keeper imprisons her husband and children in their dreams, and Tiana can't wake them up. He will release her family from their eternal sleep if she joins him in his world. The Dream Travellers who meet Dream Keeper are in for far more than they could have ever imagined.

The Theosophist

Author :
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An Inventor s Dream

Author : Chad Douglas Bulau
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The fourth truth about the ways of the Pythagoreans and the followers of Pythagoras. Set throughout time with magic and technology, both are at their extremities. One has come full force while the other one is still thinking. Making way to a utopia, the two will become revealed in their own time. The Pythagoreans hold the key to survival. It is up to the element to lay out the endemic duel of adversities throughout the universe as we become privileged in the workings of Our Father, the Deity of mankind . . .

Death Dreams

Author : Kenneth Kramer
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A study of what happens when people dream of death in many different eras and cultures and what these dreams say to us about life.

Dream Cultures

Author : David Shulman
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This volume offers a comparative, cross-cultural history of dreams. The essays examine a wide range of texts concerning dreams, as culled from a rich variety of religious contexts: China, India, the Americas, classical Greek and Roman antiquity, early Christianity, and medieval Judaism and Islam. Taken together, these pieces constitute an important first step toward a new understanding of the differences and similarities between the ways in which different cultures experience the universal yet utterly unique world of dreams.

Put Your Dream to the Test

Author : John C. Maxwell
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New York Times and Business Week best-selling author John C. Maxwell helps people answer ten powerful questions to reveal a future where their dream is fulfilled. Most people John Maxwell encounters have a dream. In fact, he's asked thousands about their greatest aspirations. Some describe their dream with great enthusiasm and detail. Others are reluctant, almost embarrassed, to talk about it. Regardless of their zeal or fear, the same question drives every person with a dream: Can I achieve it? Sadly, most people have no idea how viable their dream is. They hope to achieve it, yet hope is not a strategy. What people need is a way to test their dream. In Put Your Dream to the Test, Maxwell brings the subject of a personal dream down to earth. He gives readers practical and powerful direction for their lives by leading them through ten questions that will help them create a clear and compelling pathway to their dream.

The Wonders of the Universe

Author :
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Minding Closely

Author : B. Alan Wallace
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Bringing his experience as a monk, scientist, and contemplative, Alan Wallace offers a rich synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions along with a comprehensive range of meditation practices interwoven throughout the text. The guided meditations are systematically presented, beginning with very basic instructions, which are then gradually built upon as one gains increasing familiarity with the practice.