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Jungian Dream Interpretation

Author : James Albert Hall
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Comprehensive guide to an understanding of dreams in light of the basic principles of analytical psychology. Particular attention to common motifs, the role of complexes, and the goal and purpose of dreams.

The Handbook of Dream Analysis

Author : Emil Arthur Gutheil
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A psychotherapist describes the symbolism, interpretation, and therapeutic purposes of dreams through numerous examples

Dream Analysis

Author : Ella Freeman Sharpe
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Dream Analysis

Author : Ella F. Sharpe
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Written originally as a practical handbook on dream analysis, this book has established itself as a work of lasting value not only to psychoanalysts engaged in therapy, for whom it is primarily intended, but also to students and general readers interested in psychological research.In his introduction to this edition of Dream Analysis, Masud Khan concludes: "I know of few books that comprehend Freud's message with such clarity and acumen as Ella Sharpe's". In it she illustrates the various mechanisms of the dream as formulated by Freud, and examines in detail many different types of dream. She uses this examination to show what contribution dream analysis makes to the understanding of psychical problems.

The Handbook of Dream Analysis By Emil A Gutheil

Author : Emil Arthur Gutheil
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Dream Analysis

Author : Ella Freeman Sharpe
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The Handbook of Dreams

Author : Judith Millidge
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Describes a dream analysis system designed to help people discern the meanings of their dreams and make them easy to interpret.

Dream Interpretation Handbook A Breakthrough Guide for Interpreting Dreams

Author : Michael Knight
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What No One Will Tell You Most of us dream. But only a very small percentage of us understands that dreams hold much importance and opportunity for our self growth, improvement and self discovery. But many mystics of both Eastern and Western origins are aware of the fact that dreams hold a wealth of untapped knowledge. Because of its inherently vague nature, dreams and the art of interpreting them never entered mainstream sciences. In this incredible book learn everything there is to know about: - How to remember your dreams - Common dream symbols - Types of dreams - and More GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Finding Meaning in Dreams A Quantitative Approach

Author : G.William Domhoff
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Distinguished psychologist G. William Domhoff brings together-for the first time-all the necessary tools needed to perform quantitative studies of dream content using the rigorous system developed by Calvin S. Hall and Robert van de Castle. The book contains a comprehensive review of the literature, detailed coding rules, normative findings, and statistical tables.

Wake Up to Your Dreams

Author : Sandra Collier
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"I dreamed I went to school in my pyjamas. What does it mean?" An easy-to-read "pop-psychology" handbook on a topic of interest to young teens, this book covers the concept of dream analysis and the symbology of various types of dreams, particularly those most relevant to young people. The text provides good background information about dreams, their symbols and meanings and ways they areinterpreted. Readers are shown how to keep a dream journal. A distinction is made between childrens' and adults' dreams, and an index is included.

Handbook of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis

Author : Marylou Lionells
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A decade in the making, the Handbook is the definitive contemporary exposition of interpersonal psychoanalysis. It provides an authoritative overview of development, psychopathology, and treatment as conceptualized from the interpersonal viewpoint.

The Handbook of Brief Psychotherapy by Hypnoanalysis

Author : John A. Scott, Sr., Ph.D.
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The Handbook of Brief Psychotherapy by Hypnoanalysis is the culmination of a life time of work to heal the emotional and mental wounds of suffering people. It is not so much about Hypnosis as about the tools to use for brief, successful therapy. Dr. Scott details the history of hypnoanalysis and goes on to explain the Medical Hypnoanalysis process. He includes the fascinating practice of providing a subconscious diagnosis. Medical Hypnaanalysis seeks to get to the root of such problems and otters a specific direction to growth and healing.

Dream Working Handbook

Author : Helen McLean
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This whimsical yet effective book shows precisely how to analyze your dreams and use insights into them to improve all aspects of your life. It is vastly different from and superior to traditional dream interpretation books because it does not rely on lists of universal archetypes or symbols, but rather teaches you to retain, understand and capitalize on the knowledge gleaned from your dreamlife.With it in hand, you will learn to remember your dreams, keep a dream journal, compile a personal dream dictionary of recurring images and themes and relate dream messages to your waking life. The Dream Catchers organization, founded and run by the author, offers consultations via phone and e-mail to assist with the lessons imparted in the text.

International Handbook of Interpretation in Educational Research

Author : Paul Smeyers
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This handbook focuses on the often neglected dimension of interpretation in educational research. It argues that all educational research is in some sense ‘interpretive’, and that understanding this issue belies some usual dualisms of thought and practice, such as the sharp dichotomy between ‘qualitative’ and ‘quantitative’ research. Interpretation extends from the very framing of the research task, through the sources which constitute the data, the process of their recording, representation and analysis, to the way in which the research is finally or provisionally presented. The thesis of the handbook is that interpretation cuts across the fields (both philosophically, organizationally and methodologically). By covering a comprehensive range of research approaches and methodologies, the handbook gives (early career) researchers what they need to know in order to decide what particular methods can offer for various educational research contexts/fields. An extensive overview includes concrete examples of different kinds of research (not limited for example to ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ examples as present in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, but including as well what in the German Continental tradition is labelled ‘pädagogisch’, examples from child rearing and other contexts of non-formal education) with full description and explanation of why these were chosen in particular circumstances and reflection on the wisdom or otherwise of the choice – combined in each case with consideration of the role of interpretation in the process. The handbook includes examples of a large number of methods traditionally classified as qualitative, interpretive and quantitative used across the area of the study of education. Examples are drawn from across the globe, thus exemplifying the different ‘opportunities and constraints’ that educational research has to confront in different societies.

Your Dreams Count

Author : Paul Lachlan Peck
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Shows how to lay the foundation for dream analysis by discussing the definition of dreams, gain important practices and belief systems needed to expand dream languages, and identify certain common and uncommon objects that appear in dreams.

The Palgrave Handbook of African Oral Traditions and Folklore

Author : Akintunde Akinyemi
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American Handbook of Psychiatry

Author : Silvano Arieti
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Last Night I Danced with a Stranger

Author : Kirsten Hall
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An overview of dreams and the secrets they uncover.

Dream Wisdom

Author : Alan B. Siegel
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With tools for learning dream recall, an explanation of common dream symbols, and 100 turning-point dreams analyzed to show their hidden meanings, Dream wisdom will enhance your ability to interpret and resolve major challenges, turning the difficult passages of life into opportunities for growth and success.

Handbook of Eclectic Psychotherapy

Author : John C. Norcross
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Format : PDF
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