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Understanding Rita Dove

Author : Pat Righelato
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Presents an introduction to the poetry of the Pulitzer Prize winning Rita Dove, who was the first African American poet laureate of the US. Charting Dove's evolution as a poet, this title offers analyses of her artistic development, bringing to light the musical sense of form and expression of history that permeates her work.

Ecology and Management of the Mourning Dove

Author : Thomas S. Baskett
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The only comprehensive reference on the mourning dove. Includes basic biology, life history, population characteristics, and research techniques.

Lonesome Dove

Author : Larry McMurtry
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From the author of The Last Picture Show and Texasville – here is Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece. A powerful, triumphant portrayal of the American West as it really was. It begins in the office of The Hat Creek Cattle Company of the Rio Grande. It ends as a journey into the heart of every adventurer who ever lived . . . More than a love story, more than an adventure, Lonesome Dove is an epic: a monumental novel which embraces the spirit of the last defiant wilderness of America. Legend and fact, heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, Indians and settlers – Lonesome Dove is the central, enduring American experience dramatically recreated in a magnificent story of heroism and love; of honour, loyalty and betrayal. This is the third novel in the Lonesome Dove quartet, following on from Comanche Moon and prequels Streets of Laredo.

The Dove Dove

Author : Marvin Terban
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A collection of over seventy riddles using homographs, words that are spelled the same but differ in meaning and pronunciation.

Conversations with Rita Dove

Author : Rita Dove
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Collected interviews with the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Thomas and Beulah and the nation's first female African American Poet Laureate

Rita Dove s Cosmopolitanism

Author : Malin Pereira
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First full length critical study of Dove's body of work.

Return of the Dove

Author : Margaret Storm
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1959 This volume, a biography of that great personality, Nikola Tesla, reveals much of the danger, mystery, conspiracy, & intrigue that reached into the highest places of government & the guarded inner sancta of big industry. the author says, "Another d.

Wings of White Peoms about White Doves with notes on White Dove Releases and the Symbolism of Doves

Author :
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The Silver Dove

Author : Andrey Bely
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The Silver Dove, published four years before Bely's masterpiece Petersburg, is considered the first modern Russian novel. Breaking with Russian realism, and a pioneering Symbolist work, its vividly drawn characters, elemental landscapes, and rich style make it accessible to the Western reader, and this new translation makes the complete work available in English for the first time. Dissatisfied with the life of the intelligentsia, the poet Daryalsky joins a rural mystic sect, the Silver Doves. The locals, in particular the peasant woman Matryona, are fascinated by the dashing stranger. Daryalsky is in turn taken in by the Doves' intimacy with the mystical and spiritual--and by Matryona. Under the influence of Kudeyarov, the ruthless cult leader, Daryalsky is used in a bid to produce a sacred child. But in time the poet disappoints the Doves and must face their suspicions and jealousies--and his own inevitable dire fate.

The Dove that Returns The Dove that Vanishes

Author : Michael Parsons
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The nature of psychoanalysis seems contradictory - deeply personal, subjective and intuitive, yet requiring systematic theory and principles of technique. In The Dove that Returns, The Dove that Vanishes, Michael Parsons explores the tension of this paradox. As they respond to it and struggle to sustain creatively, analysts discover their individual identities. The work of outstanding clinicians such as Marion Milner and John Klauber is examined in detail. The reader also encounters oriental martial arts, greek Tragedy, the landscape painting of John Constable, a Winnicottian theory of creativity and a discussion of the significance of play in psychoanalysis. From such varied topics evolves a deepening apprehension of the nature of the clinical experience. Illustrated throughout , The Dove that Returns, The Dove that Vanishes will prove valuable to those in the field of psychoanalysis, and to those in the arts and humanities who are interested in contemporary psychoanalytic thinking.

The Owl The Raven and the Dove

Author : G. Ronald Murphy
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The fairy tales collected by the brothers Grimm are among the best known and most widely-read stories in western literature. In recent years commentators such as Bruno Bettelheim have, usually from a psychological perspective, pondered the underlying meaning of the stories, why children are so enthralled by them, and what effect they have on the the best-known tales (Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty) and shows that the Grimms saw them as Christian fables. Murphy examines the arguments of previous interpreters of the tales, and demonstrates how they missed the Grimms' intention. His own readings of the five so-called "magical" tales reveal them as the beautiful and inspiring "documents of faith" that the Grimms meant them to be. Offering an entirely new perspective on these often-analyzed tales, Murphy's book will appeal to those concerned with the moral and religious education of children, to students and scholars of folk literature and children's literature, and to the many general readers who are captivated by fairy tales and their meanings.

Mourning Dove Status Report

Author : U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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Release the Dove Workbook

Author : Rhonda Wilson-Dikoko
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If you’re desperate for God to move on your behalf, this book is a “must read.” It tells the story of how an unshakable faith in God and what He says in a desperate situation can lead to overwhelming victory. This is a faith building, comforting, reassuring story of the goodness of God in the land of the living. Psalms 27:13. It is an education in perseverance. Do the workbook along with the book. Gail Matis, Chaplain (Dream Team Oasis Member in NL) This is a very faith building book on the faith and perseverance of a grandmother who persevered beyond what she saw in the physical to hold on to the Word God gave for her situation until she saw it come to pass. God still speaks to us like He did in the past and moves in extraordinary ways in our midst through the Holy Spirit. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to exercise your faith, then this book is a great recommendation to take along on your journey! Do the workbook with the book for practical and hands on application of what you read in the book. Helga E. Samuel (Dream Team Oasis Member in NL)

Peggy Colt in the Way of the Dove

Author : Maudine Brubaker
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PEGGY COLT is the eldest of seven children, she loves roller skating, after graduating from high school, Peggy began working at a clothier store. Peggy was fired as a delicate situation occurred between the store owner's son and Peggy. She became more and more relying on skating, it gave her the drive she was seeking. Peggy had speed and talent she was inspired by a little morning dove who flew around the rink in perfect rhythm with Peggy's graceful movements. I am an elderly person who likes the outdoors very much. I enjoy fishing, gardening and writing books. I started writing at a tender age as my two children were growing up and in school. I would become bored with the book and place it in the closet for a later date. I would again get the craze to write another book, I would get about a hundred pages written and would wrestle with an ending, become bored, again I would place that book into the closet. The third and fourth books wrote, I decided I would stop writing as my Mother became very ill and needed my care. I started writing again because an Angel from Heaven sent by God to oversee me after's my Husband's death insisted I must write.

Dove Va la Storia Economica

Author : Francesco Ammannati
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The Dove Keeper

Author : Evelyn Deshane
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The Last Dove

Author : E.S. Hines
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Enira, a region encircled by the mountains of Aeir, is home to ferocious warriors and devoted clansmen who all share one special ability that of the Change. The Change allows them to shed their human form and assume an animal one based on their clans heritage. But peace is not theirs; the feuds between clans are becoming steadily more intense, and each clan has their own ambitions for the future of their country. In this time of impending civil war a girl named Bria, whose own shapeshifting abilities still have yet to manifest, runs away from the cruelty of the village she grew up in. As she travels across Enira she becomes embroiled in a generations-old plot, and discovers secrets about her past and the past of her country that soon force her to decide who to trust and who to love even as she becomes the unexpected keystone of a revolution that will affect all of Aeir.

Morning for Dove

Author : Martha Rogers
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When Luke Anderson falls in love with Dove Morris, he is aware of her Native American heritage. What he is not prepared for is the prejudice suddenly exhibited by his parents against Dove.

Wings of the Dove

Author : Regina F. Rapelyea
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This book reflects an African American woman's search for her true identity through her deepest sentiments and heart-felt reflections through letters, spiritual concerns, reminiscences and actual events in examining the journey of her soul. It is a reflection of a soul taking flight and connecting with the oneness of the God consciousness within.

Abridgement of the Laws of Scotland Relating to Hunting and Fowling Dove cots and Pigeons Rivers the Sea shores and Fishings

Author : William Ross (Jr.)
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