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Doris Day Confidential

Author : Tamar Jeffers McDonald
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Doris Day was a major star during the 1950s and '60s. Today, forty years after her last film, the star (who was ninety in April 2012) is often still invoked as shorthand for a kind of sexuality now felt outmoded, being typecast as 'the forty year old virgin'. Close attention to the facts of Day's own life (three times married) challenges this assumption and the majority of her film roles also prove otherwise, with Day most frequently portraying a woman of maturely sexual desires. How did such pejorative labelling arise, and why has it stuck so tenaciously to Day, even now?This book addresses t.

Cary Grant the Making of a Hollywood Legend

Author : Mark Glancy
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The first biography to be based on Grant's own personal papers, Cary Grant: the making of a Hollywood legend provides a definitive account of the professional and personal life of one of Hollywood's most unforgettable, influential stars.

Grease Is the Word

Author : Oliver Gruner
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Bringing together a group of international scholars from diverse academic backgrounds, ‘Grease Is the Word’ analyses the cultural phenomenon Grease. From the stage show’s first appearance in 1971 to the Hollywood film of 1978 and twenty-first century responses to the ‘Grease Megamix’, ‘Grease Is the Word’ reflects on the musical’s impact and enduring legacy. With essays covering everything from the film’s production history, political representations and industrial impact to its stars and reception, the book shines a spotlight on one of Broadway’s and Hollywood’s biggest commercial successes. By adopting a range of perspectives and drawing on various visual, textual and archival sources, the contributors maintain a vibrant dialogue throughout, offering a timely reappraisal of a musical that continues to resonate with fans and commentators the world over.

Julia Roberts Confidential

Author : Paul Donnelley
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A portrait of Julia Roberts describes her childhood and family life, her volatile relationships, her rise to stardom, and the many films that have marked her career.

Science Fiction Confidential

Author : Tom Weaver
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David Hedison, who plays a tiny human-headed insect menaced by a spider at the climax of the SF classic The Fly (1958), says the moviemakers spoiled the scene by giving him a squeaky voice. "Imagine if, as the camera moved in closer, you actually heard me screeeeaming for my life," the actor rhapsodizes. "That is horror. THAT is horror." In Tom Weaver's eighth interview book, Hedison-and 22 other moviemakers-talk about their horror and science fiction movie experiences as part of such films and TV series as The Blob, It Came from Outer Space, Tarzan the Ape Man, Star Trek, The Wild Wild West, Somewhere in Time, The Devil Bat and Forbidden Planet. Among those interviewed are Dan O'Herlihy, Eve Brent, Kate Phillips, John Alvin, Anthony Cardoza, Tod Griffin, Alex and Richard Gordon, Denny Miller, Andrey Dalton, Suzanne Kaaren, and Warren Stevens. Full credits are provided for the actors, actresses, and producers.

Scoring the Hollywood Actor in the 1950s

Author : Gregory Camp
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Scoring the Hollywood Actor in the 1950s theorises the connections between film acting and film music using the films of the 1950s as case studies. Closely examining performances of such actors as James Dean, Montgomery Clift, and Marilyn Monroe, and films of directors like Elia Kazan, Douglas Sirk, and Alfred Hitchcock, this volume provides a comprehensive view of how screen performance has been musicalised, including examination of the role of music in relation to the creation of cinematic performances and the perception of an actor’s performance. The book also explores the idea of music as a temporal vector which mirrors the temporal vector of actors’ voices and movements, ultimately demonstrating how acting and music go together to create a forward axis of time in the films of the 1950s. This is a valuable resource for scholars and researchers of musicology, film music and film studies more generally.

Tennis Confidential

Author : Paul Fein
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Presents essays and interviews profiling a variety of tennis greats, including John McEnroe, Arthur Ashe, Pete Sampras, Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Borg, and Rod Laver.

Tab Hunter Confidential

Author : Tab Hunter
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Welcome to Hollywood, circa 1950, the end of the Golden Age. A remarkably handsome young boy, still a teenager, gets "discovered by a big-time movie agent. Because when he takes his shirt off young hearts beat faster, because he is the picture of innocence and trust and need, he will become a star. It seems almost preordained. The open smile says, "You will love me," and soon the whole world does. The young boy's name was Tab Hunter—a made-up name, of course, a Hollywood name—and it was his time. Stardom didn't come overnight, although it seemed that way. In fact, the fame came first, when his face adorned hundreds of magazine covers; the movies, the studio contract, the name in lights—all that came later. For Tab Hunter was a true product of Hollywood, a movie star created from a stable boy, a shy kid made even more so by the way his schoolmates—both girls and boys—reacted to his beauty, by a mother who provided for him in every way except emotionally, and by a secret that both tormented him and propelled him forward. In Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star, Hunter speaks out for the first time about what it was like to be a movie star at the end of the big studio era, to be treated like a commodity, to be told what to do, how to behave, whom to be seen with, what to wear. He speaks also about what it was like to be gay, at first confused by his own fears and misgivings, then as an actor trapped by an image of boy-next-door innocence. And when he dared to be difficult, to complain to the studio about the string of mostly mediocre movies that were assigned to him, he learned that just like any manufactured product, he was disposable—disposable and replaceable. Hunter's career as a bona fide movie star lasted a decade. But he persevered as an actor, working continuously at a profession he had come to love, seeking—and earning—the respect of his peers, and of the Hollywood community. And so, Tab Hunter Confidential is at heart a story of survival—of the giddy highs of stardom, and the soul-destroying lows when phone calls begin to go unreturned; of the need to be loved, and the fear of being consumed; of the hope of an innocent boy, and the rueful summation of a man who did it all, and who lived to tell it all.

The New Yorker

Author :
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Star Attractions

Author : Tamar Jeffers McDonald
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During Hollywood's "classic era," from the 1920s to 1950s, roughly twenty major fan magazines were offered each month at American newsstands and abroad. These publications famously fed fan obsessions with celebrities such as Mae West and Elvis Presley. Looking at these magazines with fresh regarding eyes and treating them as primary sources, the contributors of this collection provide unique insights into contemporary assumptions about the relationship between fan and star, performer and viewer. In doing so, they reveal the magazines to be a huge and largely untapped resource on a wealth of subjects, including gender roles, appearance and behavior, and national identity.

Considering Doris Day

Author : Tom Santopietro
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The biggest female box office attraction in Hollywood history, Doris Day remains unequalled as the only entertainer who has ever triumphed in movies, radio, recordings, and a multi-year weekly television series. America's favorite girl next door may have projected a wholesome image that led Oscar Levant to quip "I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin," but in Considering Doris Day Tom Santopietro reveals Day's underappreciated and effortless acting and singing range that ran the gamut from musicals to comedy to drama and made Day nothing short of a worldwide icon. Covering the early Warner Brothers years through Day's triumphs working with artists as varied as Alfred Hitchcock and Bob Fosse, Santopietro's smart and funny book deconstructs the myth of Day as America's perennial virgin, and reveals why her work continues to resonate today, both onscreen as pioneering independent career woman role model, and off, as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian honor. Praised by James Cagney as "my idea of a great actor" and by James Garner as "the Fred Astaire of comedy," Doris Day became not just America's favorite girl, but the number one film star in the world. Yet after two weekly television series, including a triumphant five year run on CBS, she turned her back on show business forever. Examining why Day's worldwide success in movies overshadowed the brilliant series of concept recordings she made for Columbia Records in the '50s and '60s, Tom Santopietro uncovers the unexpected facets of Day's surprisingly sexy acting and singing style that led no less an observer than John Updike to state "She just glowed for me." Placing Day's work within the social context of America in the second half of the twentieth century, Considering Doris Day is the first book that grants Doris Day her rightful place as a singular American artist.

Prince Under Cover Mills Boon Intrigue Chicago Confidential Book 3

Author : Adrianne Lee
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SHE'D MARRIED A MAN SHE HARDLY KNEW... Zahir's heated touch thrilled her, his kisses disarmed her. He was a true prince and Miah Mohairbi's betrothed. But when the wedding bells stopped ringing and the bullets started flying, the new princess realized she wasn't the only one with something to hide.

A Companion to Film Comedy

Author : Andrew Horton
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A wide-ranging survey of the subject that celebrates the variety and complexity of film comedy from the ‘silent’ days to the present, this authoritative guide offers an international perspective on the popular genre that explores all facets of its formative social, cultural and political context A wide-ranging collection of 24 essays exploring film comedy from the silent era to the present International in scope, the collection embraces not just American cinema, including Native American and African American, but also comic films from Europe, the Middle East, and Korea Essays explore sub-genres, performers, and cultural perspectives such as gender, politics, and history in addition to individual works Engages with different strands of comedy including slapstick, romantic, satirical and ironic Features original entries from a diverse group of multidisciplinary international contributors

New York Herald Tribune Book Review

Author :
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When Harry Met Sally

Author : Tamar Jeffers McDonald
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Ground-breaking in its departure from its predecessors, When Harry Met Sally (1989) established classic romantic comedy themes and tropes still being employed today. Placing the film in its historical, social and generic contexts, Tamar Jeffers-McDonald explores how writer Nora Ephron and director Rob Reiner used structure, filmic devices, music and classic romcom concepts in innovative new ways. In her fresh and timely appraisal of this definitive, much-loved classic, Jeffers-McDonald reflects on the film's enduring legacy and influence on popular culture to give readers a wider perspective on the continuing evolution and importance of the romcom genre.

Palm Springs Confidential

Author : Howard Johns
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A star-studded guided tour of Palm Springs, California, where some of Hollywood's best-loved movie stars have lived and died. It lifts the lid on the secret lives of the rich and famous individuals who have resided in this world-renowned tourist resort during the last century.

Around the World Confidential

Author : Lee Mortimer
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The Doris Day Vintage Film Club

Author : Fiona Harper
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The amazing new romantic comedy from the #1 bestselling author of The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams ’Sweet and romantic, a story guaranteed to have you smiling’ - Milly Johnson

Motion Picture Performers 1970 1974

Author : Mel Schuster
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International bibliografi over artikler om filmskuespillere

Motion Picture Performers

Author : Mel Schuster
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