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Do You Believe in Angels

Author : Bro. Ken
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On the Burning Bush Website If you check out the memoirs youll read how God taught us in our early Christian walk. If you check out the Question & Answer section, youll find God given answers for your everyday Christian walk.

The Devil s Wife

Author : Reuben Carbone
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The Devil's Wife is a paranormal romantic epic, a gothic cocktail of horror, fantasy and myth. It is the first book in the Dragon Angel series. Adam Crocker does not know it but he is the darkest of all the dark angels. He came into his human form on earth to wreak havoc but instead has unexpectedly fallen in love with the beautiful Maria...madly in love...and has married her. So what will become of hell after the Devil abandons it for love? Author_Bio: We are Carla Reuben and Walter Carbone (Reuben Carbone). We've written screenplays for Paramount Pictures, United Artists, Cinema Group, and several independent production companies. Our publishing credits include a co-written memoir, Raising Eyebrows published by Wiley Publications (2010). We reside in upstate New York on the edge of the Hudson River with our 19 Labrador Retrievers. Keywords: Horror, Paranormal, Thriller, Love-Story, Fantasy, Gothic, Myth, Devil, Nuns,

The Desolation of a Tortured Soul

Author : George Colby Hoffman
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My story begins in my home state of Maryland, where I was the youngest of three children. From my earliest memories, I was the victim of severe abuse at the hands of my birth father, which I endured throughout my adolescent years. During this time I was visited by two angels who have accompanied me my entire life. They told me that I would suffer many things and be hated by all men, but if I kept my faith in God, I would have a special place in heaven. Once my mother left my birth father, she moved us to her mother's house in Washington, D.C. Then my mother married my second father, who was from Germany. We moved back to Maryland, but he had a serious drinking problem and he committed suicide. She then married our third father and we moved to Florida, where he too became abusive. When our grandmother died, we moved back to Maryland. My third stepfather continually beat me. It became so bad, I had to live in the woods in the winter and eat out of trash cans. After I got a job, my mother took most of my paycheck for her husband's drinking and gambling money. This story of extreme child abuse promises to take you on a journey through the eyes of a child as the victim, to the young adult as the survivor. My sole purpose and motivation is to help child abuse victims and help those more fortunate to understand the victims! First-time author George Colby Hoffman now lives in Florida. His next book is titled From Exercise to Competitive Bodybuilding for the over 50. Publisher's website: http: //


Author : Jacqueline Howard
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Jacqueline Howard offers an insightful and detailed look into the existence of these celestial beings, and bolsters her conclusions with sound biblical information. The book, Angels, begins by defining angels and contrasting the biblical description of these beings to the commercial images that are prevalent in the 21st Century. Howard cites many scriptural references that support their existence. To know an angel may require one to suspend ones judgment and reason, open up ones heart, and mind to the wondrous possibilities that many only dream about. A person may be comfortable with his or her own private thoughts about angels but may be reluctant to discuss these supernatural spirits with a friend. After all, what physical proof is there? Is it illogical to fathom the idea of angels? Who believes that heavenly beings are helping us? Scripture leads us to have faith and believe, read John 20:29b (KJV) which states, blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

The World of Positive Energy

Author : John Baselmans
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This book opens the world behind the world in which we live. It is not what we see but what we do, how we live and act. It's about an energy that is easy to pick up and use: It is merely a matter of believing. This book helps you retrieve what you have lost. It will guide you back onto the right track. By reading this book, you may be able to see the 'big picture' of your life. Your eyes will be opened and you will see that everything you need is free and right there. The world of energy will make a decisive difference for your future life. We expect technology, science and computers to give us a good, pleasant and healthy life. But in spite of all our knowledge, we are moving away from our 'core'. The connection with our core is fading. We appear blind and totally dependent on a system. A system that is completely lost.An introduction with a wink to the new world.

Meet Your Angels

Author : Michelle Fielding
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When we first hear about Angels, and become drawn to them, we have many questions. Am I worthy to know an Angel? How do I see, hear or feel an Angel? How do I call my Angel? Should I meditate or pray? Can I ask for help with healing or Abundance? Do I need to believe in God to know an Angel? These questions and much more will be answered in this practical and informative book of how to meet, know and understand your Angels. This book will show you how to reach your Angels, how to write to them, how to speak to them, and how to feel them through the recognition of the signs and synchronicities, that they will bring to you. Opening up to your Angels is a profound and life changing experience and for some it is the start of the awakening of a spiritual journey. This spiritual journey will lead some people to higher and higher perspectives about the meaning of their lives. By reading and following the instructions in this book, you will gain a much deeper understanding, of not only the Angelic realms, but also how they can work with you in each and every moment. The Angels can help you heal on all levels - emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual. The first step is to just 'Ask' the Angels to come into your life. It is not difficult learning to know your Angels. They are reaching out to you and are waiting for you to engage with them. Today is the day that this process now begins for you. Please enjoy your journey with the Angels. Be sure to write everything down in your Angelic Journal. Over time you will look back and you will see how far you have come. You will see the synchronicities, the blessings, the healings and the Miracles that knowing the Angels brings into your life.

Through the Angels Eyes

Author : Vartan Tasmajian
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Is there life after death? Are there angels or demons? Martin Herzog was one of those people who adamantly opposed any notion of a spiritual life..until the day he got a very timely surprise visit by an angel named Dominic. The angel saves his life and takes him on a tour of the spiritual realm and makes it possible for him to see the earth just as angels see it. Martin discovers a world that was twice as crowded...a world where angels and demons lived side by side with humans and worked through them to get their work accomplished. Much to his surprise though, he finds a world that his heavily dominated by evil forces. He builds up a strong hatred toward demons and accepts to return Dominic's favor by taking on a mission to stop a large development near the village of Estes Park in the state of Colorado. Throughout the eight-month tenure, his mission becomes more adventurous. Danger creeps up and surrounds him like a fiery maze. With a threat against his life and the likelihood of being drawn into a nasty war against brutal and viciously organized crime families, will Martin Herzog decide to stay and fight the demons and their human allies or will he return home and leave his mission unfinished?

Pasquale s Angel

Author : Paul McAuley
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Florence in the year 1518 is riven by scientific and sociological change caused b the wonderful devices of the Great Engineer, Leonardo da Vinci. Now he is old and lives as a recluse working behind the walls of his castle. The Raphaelites, artists and anti-technologists led by Raphael of Urbino, call for his excommunication. Pasquale di Cione fiesole, an apprentice painter witnesses an assassination attempt on Raphael at a Cathedral service. The weapon falls into his hands, and he is soon on the run from engineers and artists, desperate to prove his innocence.

Now Do You Believe in Ghost

Author : V. E. Bowers
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These are seven short stories that will leave you as the reader believing too. From a sprit, making sure that its family is going to be alright before it journeys into the light where loved ones are waiting, to the ghost of a small child that needed the love from the living until the living needs the childs ghost so much that she would dare to join it on the other side. When two young girls become friends, as the one tells its secrets to the other. The only catch is that the youngest one was murdered before the older one was even born. Best friends meet their very first day of school, this becomes a friendship that last beyond the grave. Can a grandfathers love help a lost soul come home and find peace within herself once he has already passed. A woman finds out she is dying of cancer and still has the courage to face death head on and be thankful that she knew her time here would be short. Find out how her values and love still lives on today. When a man comes home to late to say goodbye to his father he realizes that when time is lost it is the one thing you can never get back. Were they ghost, or maybe even angels in disguise... you decide.

I Exist in All Planes at the Same Time Anthology Three Volume One

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The gospels of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu constitute the Tree of Life whose fruit Adam and Eve were not allowed to taste of. Do you want to eat of the tree of life? Then read this book, and it will give you access to the tree of life.

Being Transformed

Author : Creola Thomas
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It is never surprising that even after years of sitting in the pews of America's churches basic understanding of who Jesus is and how he expects us to live day to day escape laymen and leaders alike. Being Transformed focuses on teaching basic biblical principles, with concert biblical examples that reinforce lessons taught. It can be used as an individual study for believers of all ages or taught in groups for exciting youth Bible challenges. This exciting pocket-size manual is a valuable tool written specifically to help believers walk out their faith one day at a time.

Angels Believe and Receive

Author : Gary Quinn
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Britain's leading angel expert Glennyce S. Eckersley and world-renowned intuitive life coach Gary Quinn have been inundated with requests from readers eager to know how to bring the magic of the angels into their own lives. In this, their delightful new book, Glennyce and Gary answer their readers' prayers, taking them on a celestial journey around seven stars. Each star is linked to a special angel. Incredible true stories reveal the miracles that this angel has already worked in real life, while exercises, affirmations and meditations will help readers to experience the angel's special qualities for themselves. In addition to appealing to Glennyce and Gary's thousands of existing fans, Angels: Believe and Receive is sure to attract many more people who are looking to improve their lives and experience the power of the angels.

Can I Know What to Believe

Author : Cook Communications Ministries
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Your youth group is like no other-so a cookie-cutter curriculum just won't do. With a single book you have the basics for 15 complete sessions-and you can put it all together in a way that works for you. Each topic has been developed by ministry experts to be teen-relevant and spiritually enriching. Each five-session book also includes a 14-point plan for customizing your program, a selection of ice breakers, thought provokers, reproducible handouts, and an encouraging how-to article from well-known youth ministry experts! Can I Know What to Believe? Beliefs to Beware Of--Strategic Answers about Cults ( Understand doctrines of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Scientology, and Unification Church and how they differ from biblical Christianity. Contrast the Bible with the New Age Movement, witchcraft and more. Prepare teens to stand firm in their faith.) They're Not Like Us--What Different Churches Believe (Answer questions concerning what other churches believe. Explores differences between Protestants and Catholics and an overview of various mainline denominations. Discover the common heritage of the universal church.) Your Bible's Alive--How to Get Friendly with God's Book (Brings teens face-to-face with God's Word. Clear up misconceptions about Scripture and show how various Bible characters and incidents are related, gives practical tips for understanding the Bible.) Features: 400+ options for full customization 15 sessions with reproducible resources

The War of Angels

Author : Darren Dowler
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A story of adventure, friendship, love, betrayal and war. "The WAR OF ANGELS" takes us into a magical existence where heaven, hell and earth become one canvas for this epic story. Archangels, led by Michael and Sataniel (Satan) collide once more with the fury of the heavens, with man and earth trapped between they and their armies, their futures hanging on the outcome of the battle. Three SETI scientists capture a satellite photo of the arrival of a mysterious being that has the power to alter mans future and change the course of the world. On a remote Italian mountainside, the ancient secret order of monks known as the Montiarans encounter a visitor (The Archangel Michael) whose presence could mean peace for the world or the end of days. Michael, while searching for his enemies, unknowingly risks all when he falls in love with a human woman, Charlie. Lowering his defenses and assuming temporary human form to be with her, he is mortally wounded, trapping him in his human state.. Leading his army now will surely mean his death. But the warrior summons his remaining strength and courage and charges onto the battlefield. Earth. Millions upon millions of Angels clash, destroying everything in their paths. The world explodes into mayhem as the stage is set for the largest battle the earth has ever seen and whose outcome will herald a new era for man. Will the days to come be the foretold thousand years of peace? Or is it the dawn of the rule of the beast? When the end is near, the world will take sides. Which side will you choose? And then night came upon the earth and the sun never again touched the face of man.

Twelve Is for More Than Doughnuts

Author : Phyllis Johnson
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Do you need some spiritual guidance but your life has gotten busy beyond belief? Twelve Is for More than Doughnuts contains poetry and essays that bring the Bible to life in a form that can be easily and quickly read.

Uncommon Sense

Author : Eric Thompson
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This book is an attempt to give people the only peace they will likely have on earth (personal peace). That peace is attainable, while international or societal peace depends on too many individuals (who dont wish peace). If you seek to make a life without the conflicts that society tells us are unavoidable, it can be done. You just need to know how and have faith that it can be accomplished (if you dont give in).

In Search of Death

Author : Craig R. E. Krohn
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It is 1900, and Erich Kunze has been assigned to write a newspaper story about an old man in prison who claims to have traveled through time, guided by angels and helped by the holy sword of the archangel Michael, to forever change his own destiny. Beginning with his birth nearly thirty years in the future, the old man takes Erich through his memories as he reveals how, as a teenager, his life was changed when his older brother returned from World War II and claimed to have seen the Angel of Death on the battlefield. The old man details how he made it his mission to pursue the Angel of Death, ultimately following in his brothers footsteps. When he meets an angel he is granted a chance to change his worldthe fate of his family hangs in the balance.

Angels Cometh

Author : Constance Tallaha Ekon
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Have you experienced happenings in life but had no explanation? Or had a person come to your rescue and never saw them again? Angels Cometh by Constance Tallaha Ekon has the answers you have wondered about. Officially installed as Chief in a village in Ghana, Africa, Constance is known as Queen Mother Boatenma. Not only is this book packed with a startling revelation into the belief about Angels. Angels Cometh examines the existence of Angels historically through other cultures and religions. Illuminate yourself through the wisdom of Queen Mother Boatenma.


Author : Scott Chally
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This is a real-life story. You will read and get an in-depth look of my childhood, family, my teen years, the years I spent in the service, running a business and all the good and bad in my life, that I had, clear up till I had lost it, where I was put in the hospital and then diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder/schizo affective disorder. It all started forty days before Easter of 2006, having visions or insights into the Bible while making a new law for the people, also having vibes and connections with spirits that allowed me to believe that the end of the world was upon us. This true life story takes you on a journey, which is believed to have come from God. During the second part of the story, I fight against evil or Satan himself, which makes me believe that I may possibly be the Antichrist if I don’t do the right thing in order to save the world. I would tell people that I’m the “Chosen One”—Jesus Christ, the Second Coming, the Messiah, the Son of God or even the Lamb of God.

The Work of Invisible Helpers

Author : Amber M. Tuttle
File Size : 42.37 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a collection of stories. The student of occult and mystic teaching can use this as a text book, or as a course of instruction. The author shows how a person may become an occult helper of humanity and the animal kingdom. Partial Contents: The Way; How may I become a helper? Invisible helpers in action; Some strange occult stories; Devas, Nature Spirits and Angels; How helpers assist the animal kingdom; How helpers work with the dead; Reincarnation is a fact; Catastrophes, their cause and cure; Is Spiritual healing possible? Are animals subject to spiritual influence; Thoughts of children shape their future lives; How the mystic accounts for genius; Miscellaneous stories of helpers; Are angels real? Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.