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Grandparenting in Divorced Families

Author : Ferguson, Neil
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Explores the relationship between grandparents, their divorced children, and their grandchildren.

Impact of Divorce on the Extended Family

Author : Esther Oshiver Fisher
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A valuable study of the psychological, emotional, legal, and economical impacts of divorce on the extended family of the divorced or divorcing couple.

Children of Divorced Parents

Author : Dr. Jane Akponye
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This book lays out an empirical research that investigates the effectiveness of assertiveness training and cognitive restructuring techniques in increasing self-esteem of children from divorced parents.

Family Transformation Through Divorce and Remarriage

Author : Margaret Robinson
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Family Transformation Through Divorce and Remarriage is the first book to look thoroughly at the complete divorce-remarriage-stepfamily cycle in the context of demographic data, the legal process and the theoretical framework. For each phase of the cycle, the author describes the stages of development, summarises the relevant research and illustrates the effects on family members with case examples.

Divorce and Family Mediation

Author : Jay Folberg
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Building on the success of their groundbreaking 1988 Divorce Mediation, Folberg et al. now present the latest state-of-the-art, comprehensive resource on family and divorce mediation. Paving the way for the field to establish its own distinct discipline and academic tradition, this authoritative volume offers chapters contributed by leading mediation researchers, trainers, and practitioners. Detailed are the theory behind mediation practice, the contemporary social and political context, and practical issues involved in mediating divorce and custody disputes with contemporary families. Authors also address intriguing questions about professional standards and where the field should go from here. A groundbreaking resource, this volume is indispensable for all mental health and legal professionals working with families in transition.

Divorce Family Structure and the Academic Success of Children

Author : William Jeynes
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Trace the influence of family factors on children's emotional and educational well-being! The effect of family changes on children's academic success is a new subject for study. Divorce, Family Structure, and the Academic Success of Children is a comprehensive volume that brings research on this hotly debated topic up to date. With clear tables and incisive arguments, it is a single-volume reference on this vexing sociocultural problem. Divorce, Family Structure, and the Academic Success of Children offers a close look at the historical background and current theory of this field of study. But it is more than a compendium of known facts and completed studies. It examines issues of appropriate methodology and points out concerns for planning future research. Divorce, Family Structure, and the Academic Success of Children summarizes current knowledge of the effects of various influences on children's emotional and educational well-being, including: divorce and remarriage single-parent families nontraditional family structures race socioeconomic status mobility Educators, theorists, sociologists, and psychologists will find this volume an essential resource. With hundreds of useful references and clear organization, it presents new ideas in an easy-to-use format that makes it an ideal textbook as well.

Modes of Interaction Between Divorced Parents

Author : Christopher J. Flinn
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Therapy with Remarriage Families

Author : James C. Hansen
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The Good Divorce

Author : Constance Ahrons
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It's never too late to have a good divorce Based on two decades of groundbreaking research, The Good Divorce presents the surprising finding that in more than fifty percent of divorces couples end their marriages, yet preserve their families. Dr. Ahrons shows couples how they can move beyond the confusing, even terrifying early stages of breakup and learn to deal with the transition from a nuclear to a "binuclear" family--one that spans two households and continues to meet the needs of children. The Good Divorce makes an important contribution to the ongoing "family values" debate by dispelling the myth that divorce inevitability leaves emotionally troubles children in its wake. It is a powerful tonic for the millions of divorcing and long-divorces parents who are tired of hearing only the damage reports. It will make us change the way we think about divorce and the way we divorce, reconfirming our commitment to children and families.

Social Problems

Author : Joel M. Charon
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A unique and groundbreaking collection of 58 articles, organized in 13 thematic sections, that takes a structural/conflict approach yet lets the voices of those impacted by social problems be heard. The articles are a mix of classic and contemporary readings that cover a wide range of issues in the United States and the world. The introductory article, written by the author, focuses on four questions that students are urged to apply throughout the reader: What is the problem? What makes the problem a “social problem”? What causes the problem? What can be done? This Four Questions approach gives students a consistent sociological framework within which to analyze social problems. The articles have been painstakingly selected to hold student interest, highlight contemporary social problems, and help professors show students how to think sociologically about the social problems around us.