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Diversity in the Classroom

Author : Judith Shulman
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This casebook is part of a nationwide effort to capture and use practitioner knowledge to better prepare teachers for the reality of today's classrooms, given a student population vastly different from that of even a decade ago. Consciously designed to provoke engaging and demanding discussion, the cases presented here are candid, dramatic, highly readable accounts of teaching events or series of events. Set in three of the nation's most diverse cities -- San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Phoenix -- the cases offer problem-based snapshots of on-the-job dilemmas. The teacher-authors discuss topics that generate heated interchange and run the risk of polarizing opinions and creating defensive assumptions, particularly those dealing with bias, race, and class. These issues, plus cultural behaviors and socioeconomic circumstances have important implications for classroom practices. By examining such issues, the editors hope that educators will see -- and act on -- the need for a greater variety of teaching styles, distribution of opportunities, and educational access for all students.

Language Diversity in the Classroom

Author : Geneva Smitherman
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It’s no secret that, in most American classrooms, students are expected to master standardized American English and the conventions of Edited American English if they wish to succeed. Language Diversity in the Classroom: From Intention to Practice works to realign these conceptions through a series of provocative yet evenhanded essays that explore the ways we have enacted and continue to enact our beliefs in the integrity of the many languages and Englishes that arise both in the classroom and in professional communities. Edited by Geneva Smitherman and Victor Villanueva, the collection was motivated by a survey project on language awareness commissioned by the National Council of Teachers of English and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. All actively involved in supporting diversity in education, the contributors address the major issues inherent in linguistically diverse classrooms: language and racism, language and nationalism, and the challenges in teaching writing while respecting and celebrating students’ own languages. Offering historical and pedagogical perspectives on language awareness and language diversity, the essays reveal the nationalism implicit in the concept of a “standard English,” advocate alternative training and teaching practices for instructors at all levels, and promote the respect and importance of the country’s diverse dialects, languages, and literatures. Contributors include Geneva Smitherman, Victor Villanueva, Elaine Richardson, Victoria Cliett, Arnetha F. Ball, Rashidah Jammi` Muhammad, Kim Brian Lovejoy, Gail Y. Okawa, Jan Swearingen, and Dave Pruett. The volume also includes a foreword by Suresh Canagarajah and a substantial bibliography of resources about bilingualism and language diversity.

Language Diversity in the Classroom

Author : John Edwards
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of language contact in classroom settings. Particularly highlighted are the range and implications of attitudes towards languages and dialects - with close attention to nonstandard varieties - studies of Black English, foreign-language teaching and learning, as well as broad consideration of the assumptions and intentions underpinning bilingual and multicultural education.

Diversity in the Classroom

Author : Frances E. Kendall
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This new edition of a classic in early childhood education, addresses anti-bias education from the stages of child development to strategies for educating parents. It focuses on the teacher's role as an agent of change.

Inclusive Education

Author : Tim Loreman
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A practical guide to working with primary and secondary students who need extra attention. It outlines the principles behind diversity and inclusive policies, and discusses the range of needs teachers can expect to encounter in an inclusive classroom.

Classroom Diversity

Author : Ellen McIntyre
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Classroom Diversity takes a "sociocultural" approach to curriculum design, which provides minority and working-class students with the same privileges that middle-class students have always had.

Facilitator s Guide to Diversity in the Classroom

Author : Amalia Mesa-Bains
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A companion volume to Diversity in the Classroom, this guide presents 13 cases designed to help individuals and groups reflect on teaching. Specifically, it offers the information needed to use these cases in structured professional development experiences.

Cultural Diversity in Schools

Author : Robert A. DeVillar
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This book confronts the patterns of school failure often faced by subordinated minority groups in the United States. It does so by presenting a socioacademic framework that is based on the notion that all groups can have comparable access to quality schooling, comparable participation in the schooling, and derive comparable educational benefits from their participation. Organized around three key, interrelated components--communication, integration, and cooperation--the book combines theoretical concepts with actual classroom practices that support change. It moves us from a position of rhetoric about educational equality to one that actively addresses the socioacademic needs of students in a culturally diverse society.

Language Development

Author : Sandra Levey
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Language Development: Understanding Language Diversity in the Classroom offers comprehensive coverage of the language development process for pre- and in-service teachers while emphasizing the factors that further academic success in the classroom, including literacy skills, phonological awareness, and narrative. With chapters written by respected specialists in various fields, this interdisciplinary text illuminates the impact of language development on learning success and distinguishes between language differences and disorders, integrating illustrative case studies as well as helpful classroom strategies that teachers can implement right away.

Diversity and Equity in the Classroom

Author : Valerie Ooka Pang
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Valerie Pang's DIVERSITY AND EQUITY IN THE CLASSROOM bridges theory and practice using a student-centered and culture-centered approach based on a philosophy of social justice and equal outcomes for all. Students will learn why they should think about and value student culture as well as how to weave those values into the curriculum and classroom. Organized around social characteristics in response to the reality of people's multiple identities, the text emphasizes the intersectionality of diverse identities and promotes teachers' self-reflection of their own biases. Guided by social constructivism as the cognitive foundation for learning, the text's extensive strategies and methods ensure that teachers learn how to address prejudice and integrate culturally relevant teaching in their curriculum and classroom instruction. Checklists, teaching tips, and tools for classroom use are highlighted throughout. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Student Diversity

Author : Faye Brownlie
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Offers classroom strategies to achieve positive academic and social outcomes for students with or without disabilities.

Classroom Communication and Diversity

Author : Robert G. Powell
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Classroom Communication and Diversity provides a useful framework for helping both new and experienced teachers and instructors navigate the communication challenges in today’s diverse classroom. It encourages teachers to reflect on how their personal cultures influence their expectations regarding classroom communication. This textbook is distinctive in its distillation of research from numerous sources to provide the best viewpoint and systems for focusing on the needs of the individual learner. Dana L. Powell and Robert G. Powell draw on research in both the communication and education disciplines, and provide useful strategies for improving teaching practices alongside theoretical models regarding diversity in the classroom. Much of the information found in this text is also inspired by the authors’ direct experience in schools and from the experience they have gleaned from other first-line instructors as well as from parents and children. Among the many updates to this Third Edition are: Expanded coverage of students with diverse needs Discussion on working effectively with parents Coverage of cultural influences and the impact of race and ethnicity on disciplinary actions Examination of the role of social media and its impact on instructional communication The increase of educational technology use. Teachers and scholars in the communication and education fields will find this text practical and valuable for their teaching efforts, and it is appropriate for instructional communication courses in both disciplines.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Author : Dr. Jennifer Miller
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A critical reality of contemporary education in a globalised world is the growing cultural, racial and linguistic diversity in schools and the issues involved in educating increasing numbers of students who are still learning the dominant language. This poses extraordinary challenges for second and foreign language teachers in many countries, where such students must engage with the mainstream curriculum in a new language. What do these increasingly plurilingual and multicultural classrooms look like? And how do language teachers address the challenges of such diverse classrooms? This book brings together a group of well-recognised language education scholars who present their research in a range of international settings. They focus on the key areas of pedagogy, language policy and curriculum and exemplify new research directions in the field.

Diversity Training for Classroom Teaching

Author : Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers
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Acknowledgements Section 1. Foundations 3 Chapter 1. Introduction: How to Use this Manual.. ................... Chapter 2. How Do We Understand Difference?. ...................... 17 Section 2. Dimensions of Difference: Culture, Socioeconomic Status, Race, Ethnicity, Language, and Parental Partnership 29 Chapter 3. Cultural Values and Worldview.. ............................ Chapter 4. Socioeconomic Status.. ....................................... 4 1 ............................................ 5 1 Chapter 5. Race and Ethnicity.. Chapter 6. Language in the Classroom.. .................................. 67 Chapter 7. Working with Diverse Families: Parental Partnership in Education.. ........................................ 8 1 viii Table of Contents Section 3 . Dimensions of Difference: Gender Chapter 8 . Gender ............................................................ Chapter 9 . Sexual Orientation and Youth ................................. Section 4 . Other Challenges to Diversity Chapter 10 . Bullying in Schools ............................................. Chapter 1 1 . Creating Community through Classroom Management .. Chapter 12 . Child Abuse and Resilience .................................. Section 5 . Understanding Exceptional Microcultures Chapter 13 . Exceptional Microcultures: Dealing with Trauma ...... Chapter 14 . Exceptional Microcultures: Youth with Emotional Disturbance- Childhood Depression. Eating Disorders .................. Chapter 15 . Exceptional Microcultures: How to Make a Referral .. Section 6 . Conclusion Chapter 16 . Conclusion: The Multicultural Educator .................. Selected Bibliography ...................................................... Glossary of Terms ........................................................... Appendix A . Sample Course Syllabus .................................... Appendix B . Educational Intervention Proposal Paper ................. Index ............................................................................ Diversity Training for Classroom Teaching: A Manual for Students and Educators is an excellent guide for preparing responsive teachers, capable of exploring the roots of a wide variety of types of diversity and acting with knowledge and sensitivity to improve student learning and self-efficacy.

Teaching to Diversity

Author : Jennifer Katz
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In her book Teaching to Diversity, Dr. Jennifer Katz synthesizes the research, and 16 years experience of teaching in inclusive classrooms and schools, to provide answers to several questions: How do I make inclusion work for ALL students? What are the foundational best practices of a truly inclusive learning community? How does one create such a community? The author pulls together, in an organized way, a three-block model of universal design for learning (UDL) and suggests a step-by-step approach for implementing it. This framework includes: Block One, Social and Emotional Learning: details ways to build compassionate learning communities (K-12) in which all students feel safe and valued, and develop a positive self-concept, sense of belonging, and respect for diverse others. Block Two, Inclusive Instructional Practice: includes a framework for planning units from K-12, and explains instructional and management practices for teaching, assessing, grading, and reporting in UDL Classrooms. Block Three, Systems and Structures: suggests strategies for creating inclusive learning communities, and explores ways in which resource teachers, student services personnel, and school administrators can support and create socially and academically inclusive schools and classrooms. The three-block model of UDL can empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to teach diverse learners in the same classroom--including those who have previously been excluded. Ultimately, it is about creating classrooms and schools that heal by teaching to the heart, mind, and spirit of every student.

Doing Diversity

Author : Melinda Dooly
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How teachers and students work together through discourse to construct their understanding of the context they live and work in will influence, in many different ways, the interaction within their classrooms. This book describes an indepth research that used ethnomethodology and conversation analysis to study three different groups of teachers. The study highlights the teachers' perspectives concerning heterogeneity in the classroom, using recordings of discussions concerning cultural and linguistic diversity. Moreover, this research examines the discourse participants' choice in the use (deployment) of categorical descriptions and reveals the speaker as positioned, interested and accountable for meaning construction. Thus, «portraits» of differing preservice and inservice teachers' orientation towards linguistic and cultural diversity are analysed. By recognising these categorizations as partially bounded by previous knowledge and partially constructed in situ, the research sees meaning-making by teachers as a part of their lived work of teaching. It also reveals the social nature of these categorizations because they are an inseparable element of the socially constituted fabric of language in the environment of schooling and society.

Getting Culture

Author : Regan A. R. Gurung
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How do we educate our students about cultural diversity and cultural differences, and eliminate cultural ignorance, stereotyping, and prejudice? What are the conceptual issues involved in reaching this goal? How can we integrate these perspectives in disciplinary and diversity courses, and the curriculum?This book is a resource for answering these questions. Within the framework of current scholarship and discussion of essential concepts, it offers practical techniques, and empirically proven 'best practices' for teaching about diversity.The book opens with a conceptual framework, covering such issues as distinguishing teaching to a diverse audience from teaching about diversity and contrasting the incorporation of culture across the curriculum with tokenistic approaches. Subsequent chapters identify classroom practices that can optimize students' learning, especially those from culturally diverse backgrounds; describe feminist principles of education that promote learning for all students; and address principles of effective on-line instruction for diverse populations.The book is intended for faculty integrating diversity into existing courses, and for anyone creating courses on diversity. The ideas and suggestions in the text can be incorporated into any class that includes a discussion of diversity issues or has a diverse student enrollment. The contributors offer pragmatic and tested ways of overcoming student misconceptions and resistance, and for managing emotional responses that can be aroused by the discussion of diversity. The editors aim to stimulate readers' thinking and inspire fresh ideas.The book further provides teachers of diversity with a range of effective exercises, and attends to such issues as teacher stress and burnout.This book can also serve to inform and guide department chairs and other administrators in the design and implementation of diversity initiatives.

Handbook of Research on Classroom Diversity and Inclusive Education Practice

Author : Curran, Christina M.
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As classrooms are becoming more diverse, teachers are now faced with the responsibility of creating an inclusive classroom community. As such, researching classroom pedagogies and practices is an imperative step in curriculum planning. The Handbook of Research on Classroom Diversity and Inclusive Education Practice is an authoritative reference source for the latest scholarly research on ways to effectively teach all students and further refine and strengthen school-wide inclusive pedagogy, methods, and policies. Featuring extensive coverage on a number of topics such as special education, online learning, and English language learners, this publication is ideally designed for professionals, educators, and policy makers seeking current research on methods that ensure all students have equal access to curricular content and the chance for growth and success.

Cooperative Learning and Strategies for Inclusion

Author : JoAnne Wachholz Putnam
File Size : 71.50 MB
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This popular resource shows you how to use cooperative learning to create positive, inclusive classroom environments in preschool through high school. It also offers more case studies, so you can see how children's inclusive learning experiences change as they progress through school. You'll learn how to adapt curricula to implement techniques like multilevel instruction, the Learning Strategies approach, and the use of computer technology. Plus, you'll get a wealth of practical, effective strategies for improving the learning, social skills, and self-esteem of children with a wide range of abilities and cultural backgrounds. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

White Teachers Diverse Classrooms

Author : Julie Landsman
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For African Americans, school is often not a place to learn but a place of low expectations and failure. In urban schools with concentrations of poverty, often fewer than half the ninth graders leave with a high school diploma. Black and White teachers here provide an insightful approach to inclusive and equitable teaching and illustrate its transformative power to bring about success. This book encourages reflection and self-examination, calls for understanding how students can achieve and expecting the most from them. It demonstrates whatƒ??s involved in terms of recognizing often-unconscious biases, confronting institutional racism where it occurs, surmounting stereotyping, adopting culturally relevant teaching, connecting with parents and the community, and integrating diversity in all activities. This book is replete with examples of practice and telling insights that will engage teachers in practice or in service. It should have a place in every classroom in colleges of education. Its empowering message applies not just to teachers of Black students, but illuminates teaching in every racially diverse setting.