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Author : Vanessa Vitri
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Diving Pioneers

Author : Eric Hanauer
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This is the saga of diving in America, told by the men and women who lived it and made it. These stories and more recall scuba's pioneer days of the 40s and 50s where every dive was an adventure.

The Essence of Chaplin

Author : John Fawell
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Charlie Chaplin’s remarkable life and comedic talent have been the focus of countless popular and scholarly studies. In this groundbreaking work, Chaplin’s often underrated skills as a film director take center stage. Highlighting the screen icon’s significance as a filmmaker, this study focuses on the heart of Chaplin’s cinema—his silent works starring his alter-ego, Charlie—and examines both his great silent film features like The Kid, The Gold Rush and Modern Times, and his shorter, earlier films like The Immigrant, The Pawn Shop, The Pilgrim and A Dog’s Life. An analysis of the formal properties of Chaplin’s filmmaking reveals the merit of his cinema, the depth of its emotion and the extent of its meaning. Chaplin is among the great artists of any medium, in any time, with an ability to touch on very subtle aspects of the human condition.

The Moment

Author : Achim Nowak
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“Crystal clear and deeply affecting all at once. An inspired roadmap for creating a boldly lived life” from the inspirational author of Infectious ( The Oprah Winfrey Show). What if there was a way of knowing our moments more richly and more deeply as they unfold? What if we experienced more memorable moments in any given day? How might this alter the experience of our lives? That is the tantalizing premise of Achim Nowak’s book, The Moment. It introduces us to 4 simple keys. These keys are entirely common-sense. That is their beauty. Return to experiencing the world with all of your senses. Learn how to tune into prajna wisdom—the wisdom that talks to us as a moment unfolds. Discover ways of receiving and wave-riding energy. And reap the rewards of making time stand still. The Moment is a compulsively readable book. Instead of urging us to do more and work harder, The Moment shows us how to rediscover a childlike delight in the world. Apply the 4 keys, and sumptuous moments will suddenly pop up all around you. You will instantly experience more success in business and in life. You will know the infinite pleasures of living in the moment. “Takes the mysticism out of mindfulness and shows us how to reclaim the simple pleasures in life.”—Tom Asacker, author of The Business of Belief “An irreplaceable and highly readable guide to rediscovering how to see the world as it’s meant to be seen: in the immediate present and with child-like wonder.”—Ben Michaelis, PhD, clinical psychologist, author of Your Next Big Thing

Who in Fact You Really Are

Author : Cosmic Awareness
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Ever wonder about the meaning of life? Why we're here? What the Universe is all about? The force that expressed itself through Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as channels for what is commonly referred to as God communicates again today as the world begins to enter a period of Spiritual Ascension with a new consciousness and awareness. This force, which refers to itself as Cosmic Awareness, has dictated this book as a set of 144 carefully structured lessons that took over 10 years to create. They are designed to lead you, step by step, from where you are to where you want to be. This amazing information begins with Cosmic Awareness explaining what It is, how the Universe was created, and leads you through birth, childhood, adulthood, magic, sex, death and far beyond into other dimensions - explaining all of the mysterious "Secrets of the Universe" that everyone is looking for the absolute answer of "Who, In Fact, You Really Are."

Nine Dragons War God

Author : Jiang GongZi
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He had seized the nine dragons that defied the heavens! With the Lightning Perception surrounded, one's soul would be reincarnated, reborn into the body of the trash, Lei Nian. What? Cultivation genius? I have the Nine Dragons Stone! Unconvinced? Close the door, let loose thunder!

The Monthly Review

Author : Ralph Griffiths
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The Monthly Review

Author :
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Editors: May 1749-Sept. 1803, Ralph Griffiths; Oct. 1803-Apr. 1825, G. E. Griffiths.

Sport Diver

Author :
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The Rainbow Book

Author : Hele Sits
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Are you familiar with all of the colours residing within you? Are you aware of the power that each of them connects you to? Have you sensed or felt them? Do you know how to benefit from them? This book is made of the very colours - the true power of you. So are you ready to dive within?