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Columbus and the Spanish Discovery of America By Charles Francis Adams George E Ellis Gamaliel Bradford Alexander McKenzie and Justin Winsor

Author : Charles Francis Adams
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The Annual of Scientific Discovery Or Year book of Facts in Science and Art

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The Discovery of America

Author : John Fiske
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The Discovery of Oxygen Scheele K W Chemical treatise on air and fire Portions translated from his Chemische abhandlung von der luft und dem feuer 1777

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Annual of Scientific Discovery Or Year book of Facts in Science and Art for 1850 1871 Exhibiting the Most Important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics Useful Arts Natural Philosophy Chemistry Astronomy Geology Biology Botany Mineralogy Meteorology Geography Antiquities Etc Together with Notes on the Progress of Science a List of Recent Scientific Publications Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men Etc

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Author : Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
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United States from the Discovery of the North American Continent Up to the Present Time

Author : Julian Hawthorne
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The Road To Discovery

Author : Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw
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A book filled with thought-provoking activities to guide every reader into the part of self-discovery. Benefits of this book: * How to deal with limiting belief * How to build self-confidence * How to use the wheel of life to break down your personal and professional goals * Understand the importance of using perception position in relating with others * Discover your purpose as you travel through life * Understand emotional intelligence * Thirty days personal journal

Discovery All Star Readers I Am a Penguin Level 1 Library Binding

Author : Lori C. Froeb
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Build reading skills while learning about a penguin...from a penguin’s perspective! Where do penguins live? What do they eat? How do penguins move on land? Written from a penguin’s unique point of view and accompanied by stunning photographs, Discovery All Star Readers: I Am A Penguin, a Level 1 reader, answers these questions and more while helping early readers build literacy skills and a love of reading. This reader includes easy vocabulary familiar to kindergartners and first-graders, and a glossary to reinforce reading comprehension. This edition has library binding.

Discovery and Innovation

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The Discovery of Scotland

Author : Maurice Lindsay
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Correspondence on the Discovery and Original Investigations on Kuru

Author : Daniel Carleton Gajdusek
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Maya the Riddle and Discovery of a Lost Civilization

Author : Charles Gallenkamp
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Author : Fred Hovey Allen
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Heroes of South African Discovery

Author : N. D'Anvers
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1878 Excerpt: ...Livingstone had surprised a troop of wild dogs wrangling over the remains of a buffalo they had dragged down and nearly devoured, and only escaped sharing its fate by beating a retreat, whilst Dr. Kirk brought down a fine eland later in the day. The jungle safely traversed, and the open country entered, the villages of old friends were reached one after another, and on the 9th August, 1860, we find Dr. Livingstone again at the Victoria Falls of the Zambesi, now sharing with his fellowcountrymen his delight in the glorious scene they present. At the village of chief Mashotlane, near the Falls, the travellers found an Englishman named Baldwin 'held a kind of prisoner at large, and, rescuing him from his captivity enabled him to regain his waggon two days' distance off. Baldwin, having heard of Livingstone's discovery of the marvellous cataract, had managed to reach it from Natal, guided by his pocket compass alone. "He had called on Mashotlane to ferry him over to the north side of the river, and when nearly over he took a bath by jumping in and swimming ashore," thus greatly incensing the native chief, who said, "If he had been devoured by one of the crocodiles which abound here, the English would have blamed us for his death. He nearly inflicted a great injury upon us; therefore he must pay a fine." As poor Baldwin had nothing with him to meet this demand, he would probably long have languished in exile but for the timely arrival of our heroes. Marching up the river, the Lekone was crossed at its junction with the Zambesi, and on the 13th a party was Sekelstu's Leprosy. 203 met, sent by our old acquaintance Sekeletu to greet the doctor, and ask him, not, as he expected, again to make Sesheke his home, but to say what the price of a horse...

Signs of Life

Author : Tim Brookes
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Brookes, known for his mastery of the English language, turns an account of the death of his mother into a work hailed as literature by book critics, and as moving testimony of the value of hospice care by leaders of the hospice movement.

The Discovery of the Asylum

Author : David J. Rothman
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This is a masterful effort to recognize and place the prison and asylums in their social contexts. Rothman shows that the complexity of their history can be unraveled and usefully interpreted. By identifying the salient influences that converged in the tumultuous 1820s and 1830s that led to a particular ideology in the development of prisons and asylums, Rothman provides a compelling argument that is historically informed and socially instructive. He weaves a comprehensive story that sets forth and portrays a series of interrelated events, influences, and circumstances that are shown to be connected to the development of prisons and asylums. Rothman demonstrates that meaningful historical interpretation must be based upon not one but a series of historical events and circumstances, their connections and ultimate consequences. Thus, the history of prisons and asylums in the youthful United States is revealed to be complex but not so complex that it cannot be disentangled, described, understood, and applied.This reissue of a classic study addresses a core concern of social historians and criminal justice professionals: Why in the early nineteenth century did a single generation of Americans resort for the first time to institutional care for its convicts, mentally ill, juvenile delinquents, orphans, and adult poor? Rothman's compelling analysis links this phenomenon to a desperate effort by democratic society to instill a new social order as it perceived the loosening of family, church, and community bonds. As debate persists on the wisdom and effectiveness of these inherited solutions, The Discovery of the Asylum offers a fascinating reflection on our past as well as a source of inspiration for a new century of students and professionals in criminal justice, corrections, social history, and law enforcement.

To an Unknown Country

Author : Francis Xavier Connolly
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Popular Research Narratives

Author : Engineering Foundation (U.S.)
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Three Voyages for the Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Narrati

Author : William Edward Parry
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Lieutenant Parry was appointed to the command of his majesty's ship the Hecla, a bomb of 375 tons, on the 16th of January, 1819; and the Griper, gun brig, 180 tons, commissioned by Lieutenant Matthew Liddon, was at the same time directed to put herself under his orders.