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Disability and the Gospel

Author : Michael S. Beates
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Explores key Bible passages on brokenness and disability to develop helpful principles for believers and churches, teaching them first to embrace their own brokenness and then to embrace those who are more physically and visibly broken.

Disability and the Way of Jesus

Author : Bethany McKinney Fox
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What does healing mean for people with disabilities? Bridging biblical studies, ethics, and disability studies with the work of practitioners, Bethany McKinney Fox examines healing narratives in their biblical and cultural contexts. This theologically grounded and winsomely practical resource helps us more fully understand what Jesus does as he heals and how he points the way for relationships with people with disabilities.

The Poor the Crippled the Blind and the Lame

Author : Louise A. Gosbell
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The New Testament gospels feature numerous social exchanges between Jesus and people with various physical and sensory disabilities. Despite this, traditional biblical scholarship has not seen these people as agents in their own right but existing only to highlight the actions of Jesus as a miracle worker. In this study, Louise A. Gosbell uses disability as a lens through which to explore a number of these passages anew. Using the cultural model of disability as the theoretical basis, she explores the way that the gospel writers, as with other writers of the ancient world, used the language of disability as a means of understanding, organising, and interpreting the experiences of humanity. Her investigation highlights the ways in which the gospel writers reinforce and reflect, as well as subvert, culturally-driven constructions of disability in the ancient world.

A Healing Homiletic

Author : Kathy Black
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In A Healing Homiletic: Preaching and Disability, Kathy Black offers a unique and effective approach for preaching about disabilities. By going to the heart of the gospel and drawing on the healing narratives or miracle stories, Black shows how preaching affects the inclusion or exclusion of forty-three million persons with disabilities from our faith communities. A Healing Homiletic provides a new method of preaching about healing, based on Scripture, for understanding the needs of the disability community.

Disability in the Christian Tradition

Author : Brian Brock
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This book brings together for the first time the views of renowned Christian leaders throughout history - including Augustine, Aquinas, Julian of Norwich, Luther, Calvin, Hegel, Kierkegaard, van den Bergh, Bonhoeffer, Barth, Vanier, and Hauerwas. Fourteen experts in theology and disability studies guide readers through each era or group of thinkers, offering clear commentary and highlighting important themes. --from publisher description

A History of Disability

Author : Henri-Jacques Stiker
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The first book to attempt to provide a framework for analyzing disability through the ages, Henri-Jacques Stiker's now classic A History of Disability traces the history of western cultural responses to disability, from ancient times to the present. The sweep of the volume is broad; from a rereading and reinterpretation of the Oedipus myth to legislation regarding disability, Stiker proposes an analytical history that demonstrates how societies reveal themselves through their attitudes towards disability in unexpected ways. Through this history, Stiker examines a fundamental issue in contemporary Western discourse on disability: the cultural assumption that equality/sameness/similarity is always desired by those in society. He highlights the consequences of such a mindset, illustrating the intolerance of diversity and individualism that arises from placing such importance on equality. Working against this thinking, Stiker argues that difference is not only acceptable, but that it is desirable, and necessary. This new edition of the classic volume features a new foreword by David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder that assesses the impact of Stiker’s history on Disability Studies and beyond, twenty years after the book’s translation into English. The book will be of interest to scholars of disability, historians, social scientists, cultural anthropologists, and those who are intrigued by the role that culture plays in the development of language and thought surrounding people with disabilities.

Theology and the Experience of Disability

Author : Andrew Picard
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The Christian gospel compels humanity to embrace deeper ways of being human together that will overcome false divisions and exclusions in search of flourishing and graced communities. Presenting both short narratives emerging out of theological reflection on experience and analytical essays arising from engagement in scholarly conversations Theology and the Experience of Disability is a conscious attempt to develop theology by and with people with disabilities instead of theology about people with disabilities. A mixture of academic, professional, practical, and/or lived experience is brought to the topic in search of constructive multi-disciplinary proposals for church and society. The result is an interdisciplinary engagement with the constructive possibilities that emerge from a distinctly Christian understanding of disability as lived experience.

The Social Gospel

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Articulating Bodies

Author : Kylee-Anne Hingston
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Articulating Bodies investigates the contemporaneous developments of Victorian fiction and disability's medicalization by focusing on the intersection between narrative form and body. The book examines texts from across the century, from Frederic Shoberl's 1833 English translation of Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris to Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" (1893), covering genres that typically relied upon disabled or diseased characters. By tracing the patterns of focalization and narrative structure across six decades of the nineteenth century and across six genres, Articulating Bodies demonstrates that throughout the Victorian era, authors of fiction used narrative form as well as narrative theme to negotiate how to categorize bodies, both constructing and questioning the boundary dividing normalcy from abnormality. As fiction's form developed from the massive hybrid novels of the early decades of the nineteenth century to the case-study length of fin-de-siècle mysteries, disability became increasingly medicalized, moving from the position of spectacle to specimen.

Human Disability and the Service of God

Author : Nancy L. Eiesland
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Explores the role of human disability in the service of God and examines how the participation of people with disabilities relate to the scriptures that speak of sin, disability, and healing. Challenges the current practices within the churches, encourages people with disabilities to press for full inclusion, suggests that congregations should re-envision their actual practices in communal life and worship, and presents a selection entitled "Disabling the Lie." Includes topic and name indices.

The Doctrines of Grace as Revealed in the Gospel

Author : Milton Bird
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Monthly current affairs magazine from a Christian perspective with a focus on politics, society, economics and culture.

Critical Reflections on Stanley Hauerwas Theology of Disability

Author : John Swinton
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The influential essays of ethicist and theologian Hauerwas on the theology of disability, with critical responses by experts and theologians.

Developmental Disabilities and Sacramental Access

Author : Edward Foley
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Is a developmental disability an appropriate reason to bar a baptized person from the sacraments? This is the disturbing question that generated this book. The pastoral reality is that Roman Catholics with developmental disabilities are often barred from sacraments. Sometimes they are subject to discrimination or face unusual obstacles in the sacramental life of the Church. This volume, collaboratively written by pastoral theologians from Catholic Theological Union and the Special Religious Education Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago, addresses these issues. Punctuated with true stories of shame and triumph, this volume grapples with real issues that daily confront Catholics with developmental disabilities. With a breadth of scholarship that ranges from biblical perspectives to ethical and canonical issues, the authors demonstrate how people with developmental disabilities need to embraced by the Church and its sacraments, for they teach us something central about sacramental encounters.

The Gospel in the Stars

Author : Joseph Augustus Seiss
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This fully illustrated volume will captivate the interest of those pursuing a study of astronomy and of Bible students seeking reinforcing truths concerning the unity of creation and revelation.

Notes of the Gospel of John

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Disability Studies Quarterly

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Disability and Political Participation

Author : Lisa Ann Schur
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Embodying Youth

Author : Wesley W. Ellis
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Embodying Youth: Exploring Youth Ministry and Disability seeks to help close the gap between disability theology and youth ministry education. What is youth ministry? And who is it for? Christian youth workers and ministers in the West have been answering these questions either implicitly or explicitly for decades. The ways we answer these questions, and the ways in which we go about answering them, have huge implications with regards to the faithfulness and effectiveness of the church's ministry with young people. These questions have not always been pursued with the experience of disability in mind. In fact, it is often excluded, not only from the academic field but from the church's practice of youth ministry as well. In this book, scholars and youth workers seek to attend to the questions of youth ministry by putting the experience of disability at the forefront, with hope not only that the church might include young people with disabilities, but also that our very understanding of what youth ministry is, and who youth ministry is for might be transformed, for the sake of the gospel. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Disability & Religion.

This Abled Body

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