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Diplomatic Baggage

Author : Simon Cann
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Leathan Wilkey thinks he has been framed for murder by the victim's father. "He's the son of a friend--I'm doing a favor," says the diplomat, who gives Leathan the teenager's name and a photo and tells him where the kid usually hangs out. Leathan finds the teenager within the day. When he reaches him, the kid has just been shot. His dying words to Leathan are: "Protect Marianne." Leathan is left to find Marianne, find out why she needs protecting and from whom, all the while puzzling at what the diplomat didn't tell him. "He's the son of a friend--I'm doing a favor," says the diplomat, who gives Leathan the teenager's name and a photo and tells him where the kid usually hangs out.

Diplomatic Baggage

Author : Brigid Keenan
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When Sunday Times fashion journalist Brigid Keenan married the love of her life in the late Sixties, little idea did she have of the rollercoaster journey they would make around the world together - with most things going horribly awry while being obliged to keep the straightest face and put their best feet forward. For he was a diplomat - and Brigid found herself the smiling face of the European Union in locales ranging from Kazakhstan to Trinidad. Finding herself miserable for the first time in a career into which many would have long ago thrown the towel, she found herself asking (during a farewell party for the Papal Nuncio): was it worth it? As this stream of it-really-happened-to-me stories shows, it most certainly was - if only for our vicarious bewilderment at how exactly you throw a buffet dinner during a public mourning period in Syria, remain viable as a fashion journalist when taste-wise you are three seasons out of it and geographically a world away, make people believe that there are actually terrible things going on in paradise, be a good mother and save some of the finest architecture in Damascus and Brussels from demolition - seemingly all simultaneously.

Diplomatic Baggage

Author : Kayode Soyinka
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From the Diplomatic Bag

Author : William McDowell
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William McDowell's life makes the kind of colourful story that simply doesn't happen in the modern world. Packed with adventure, excitement, thrills, spills, and incongruous humour, it tells of his life in India, the country of his birth, from the motor industry to the Diplomatic Service by way of police and army service. McDowell's brushes with death began early in life. The son of a soldier, while still in his teens he was kidnapped by a group of tribesmen and kept prisoner for several days in a case of mistaken identity. Twice he was nearly killed when his vehicle plunged over an embankment, once because he had passed out with the heat, the second time when his lorry's brakes failed. On a canoe voyage down a swollen river he was flung from his canoe and dragged out of the water more dead than alive. He also narrowly survived a plane crash. The sectarian turmoil during the partition of India McDowell witnessed involved many harrowing experiences. He saw a close friend decapitated by an angry mob of Muslim fanatics and had to deal with the aftermath of slaughters by extremist Muslims which left scores of innocent people dead or horribly mutilated.He also witnessed the death of a beater on a shoot from a cobra bite and found the body of a man who had been hanged from his own ceiling in retribution for a debt. On a less tragic note, there was the time McDowell unwittingly threw the president of the Punjabi National Congress out of a train after a dispute about the occupancy of a compartment, an event which nearly cost him his career. He was also once offered the freedom of the harem by his friend the Maharaja of Patiala. Life did start to calm down a little after McDowell managed to shoot his own foot off on a pigeon-shooting trip, but the adventures were not over. When he was sent to the high passes of the Himalayas to find out where Russian refugees from the revolution were getting through, he was snowed in for three months. He survived only by killing and eating a hibernating black bear which was sharing his cave. Somehow, McDowell found time in between all this to serve more peacefully in Ceylon and Cyprus and raise a family.

International Law

Author : Malcolm N. Shaw
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This fifth edition of Malcolm Shaw's bestselling textbook on international law provides a clear, authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the subject, fully revised and updated to Spring 2003. Basically preserving the structure which made the previous edition so successful, a new chapter on Inter-state Courts and Tribunals considers the role of the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea, and there is a new chapter on international humanitarian law. Also examined are arbitration tribunals and the role of international institutions such as the WTO in resolving conflicts. The prosecution of individuals for violations of international law is examined. Additional coverage of events in Kosovo and Iraq analyses the questions of humanitarian intervention and the role of the UN. Written in a clear and accessible style, setting the subject firmly in the context of world politics and the economic and cultural influences affecting it, this book remains a highly readable and invaluable resource for students and practitioners alike. The scope of the text makes this essential reading for students of international law, international relations and the political sciences. The book is also valuable to professionals and governmental and international civil servants.

Handbook of International Law

Author : Anthony Aust
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A concise account of international law by an experienced practitioner, this book explains how states and international organisations, especially the United Nations, make and use international law. The nature of international law and its fundamental concepts and principles are described. The difference and relationship between various areas of international law which are often misunderstood (such as diplomatic and state immunity, and human rights and international humanitarian law) are clearly explained. The essence of new specialist areas of international law, relating to the environment, human rights and terrorism are discussed. Aust's clear and accessible style makes the subject understandable to non-international lawyers, non-lawyers and students. Abundant references are provided to sources and other materials, including authoritative and useful websites.

International Law Documents Relating to Terrorism

Author : Elagab
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Brings together the basic documents in international law relating to terrorism, extracts from judicial decisions and the relevant UK material. The text covers such areas as terrorism and hostage-taking, maritime terrorism, the control of State terrorism, and extradition. Each document is selectively reproduced and introduced with a brief comment on its history and current normative value.

A Diplomat s Handbook of International Law and Practice

Author : Biswanath Sen
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It gives me great pleasure to write a foreword to :\1r. Sen's excellent book, and for two reasons in particular. In the first place, in producing it, Mr. Sen has done something vvhich I have long felt needed to be done, and which I at one time had am bitions to do myself. \Vhen, over thirty years ago, and after some years of practice at the Bar, I first entered the legal side of the British Foreign Service, I had not been working for long in the Foreign Office before I conceived the idea of writing - or at any rate compiling - a book to which (in my own mind) I gave the title of "A ~fanual of Foreign Office Law. " This work, had I ever produced it in the form in which I visualised it, could probably not have been published con sistently with the requirements of official discretion. But this did not worry me as I was only contemplating something for private circulation within the Service and in Government circles. :Mr. Sen's aim has been broader and more public-spirited than mine was; but its basis is essentially the same.

Harbinger of God

Author : Mark J. Brodowski
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A letter, from Pope Urban, is sent to Anne Mercer, Sicari Ductus of the Templar Nuns, prophesying the second coming, but before this great event, Armageddon must occur. Anne is also told that the Lord has unleashed his Mighty Hunter to cleanse the earth in preparation. The Hunter will be born as man and will precede Christ’s return. The task is placed upon her and her Templar Nuns to find and guide the Hunter before anyone else does. She sends out her assassins to search the world for signs. She finds him and names him Mark Baal. She and her order are forced to do unspeakable acts to protect him and the rest of humanity. Saint Michael, the archangel and the Lord’s commander, has also sent his messengers to find the Hunter, but his purposes clash with the Templars. He wishes to use the Hunter in the greater battle between heaven and hell regardless of the damage it does to humanity. Anne is forced into hiding with the child, but she knows it will only be a matter of time before they are found. Saint Michael finds them on Baal’s 30th birthday and the Archangel attempts to undo Anne’s training, searching for ways to release the Hunter’s burning fire from within and begin Apocalypse. Saint Michael and the Templars are each consumed by their own agendas and fail to realize that Baal has his own vision. The nuclear rapture signals the beginning of the Apocalypse, and few understand that this is all part of the Baal divine plan. Baal is forced into a deadly strategy as he attempts to outwit the Templars and Saint Michael in the war against Lucifer. None fully understand his abilities and they soon realize that he is beyond their control. The Templars have one last hope: Lucia, a nun chosen from birth to fall in love with Baal. Will her love be enough to stay his hand from destroying the world and to free humanity from the shadow of Lucifer?

Japan s Subnational Governments in International Affairs

Author : Purnendra Jain
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This book moves away from the common belief that Japan’s international relations are firmly the preserve of the national government in Japan’s highly centralised political system. Examining examples of subnational governments (SNGs) across Japan the book uncovers a significant and generally unrecognised development in Japanese politics: SNGs are ever more dynamic international actors as national borders ‘weaken’ across the world. Exploring what Japanese SNGs do, where they do it, and why, the book considers the implications of these factors for Japan’s international relations and domestic politics. By bringing to light the scope and consequences of the international actions of Japan’s SNGs, this book provides a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the country's foreign policy, at a time when it is pursuing a broader and more active profile in international affairs.

Modern Diplomatic Law

Author : Michael James Langley Hardy
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The Hitler Legacy

Author : Peter Levenda
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More than thirty years after his first investigation of the Nazi underground Peter Levenda has returned again and again to his quest for the truth about the true character of the Nazi cult and the people and political movements it has influenced in the decades since the end of World War II. The wide sweep of this investigation moves from a Ku Klux Klan headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania to the New York City office of the Palestine Liberation Organization; from the apartment of a notorious neo-Nazi leader to an Islamic boarding school—headquarters of the man who ordered the Bali Bombings. When Levenda uncovered the existence of a Nazi underworld in Asia, the nexus of religion, politics, terrorism and occult beliefs was revealed to be the real domain of the threat to global security. Meticulously researched—from both archival material and declassified intelligence agency files, to personal interviews and investigations undertaken in Asia, Europe and Latin America—The Hitler Legacy is the story of how the mistakes of the 20th century have come home to roost in the 21st. This book will challenge the conventional thinking about such subjects as the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist terrorism and even about the alleged death of one of history's most infamous killers—Adolf Hitler.

The Brandenburger Commandos

Author : Franz Kurowski
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Very few books have been written about this clandestine operations unit, which was run by the German Army's intelligence service. Trained to be quick, mobile, and self-reliant and steeped in local customs and languages, the Brandenburgers operated behind enemy lines around the world. From Western Europe to Romania, Russia, Egypt, Afghanistan, and many other countries, they seized bridges and other strategic targets and engaged in sabotage, espionage, and other daring missions, often bending the rules of war in the process. Although the unit was dissolved in 1944, its tactics influenced special forces around the world.

International Law

Author : Boleslaw Adam Boczek
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International Law: A Dictionary is a pathbreaking study of the development of international law from the earliest times to the present for students, scholars, legal professionals, and other interested readers. Combining the features of a brief encyclopedic dictionary and a textbook, readers are acquainted with the basic tenets of public international law. Preceding the main text are a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a glossary of Latin phrases, a chronology of major developments, a table of cases with references to entries and a list of the 373 entries. Numerous cross-references lead the reader to relevant entries, and the abundant references to primary sources, mostly treaties and court cases, enable the reader to locate research materials. The selected bibliography includes books, research aids, textbooks, and casebooks as well as recent books on special international law topics.

Diplomatic Terror

Author : Robert G. Morris
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Terror grips the South American country of Colonia as retired US diplomat John Pauley returns to his old embassy. He is adviser to the chairman of a congressional committee charged with investigating the justice now promised by a government by a government strengthened by a new election. John Pauley must reluctantly abandon his role in an amateur production of Shakespeares Coriolanus when the chairman requests his help. The chairman brings with him his staff assistant Gail Arthur. Terrorist chaos reigns as the three arrive. The terrorists dispute the new trials of previous defendants charged with human rights violations including the murder of an American girl. The Americans find haven in the residence of the US ambassador in Juan de Sols, Garfield Jameson, the assistant ambassador when John was stationed there. Spencer Rawson, a callow and unpopular junior officer at the embassy, is kidnaped, perhaps to coerce the embassy into withdrawing its strong support for the government crackdown. The foreign ministry obtains his release. Inevitably he and Gail find much in common. Crack journalist Manuela Alvarez sees the significance of the increase in terror, the governments moves to confront it and the abduction of the American. . Echoing Shakespeare, the army puts down a resurrection led by Alfredo, the leader of the rebels who call themselves vulcanos, from the Spanish for vulcan, the Roman god of fire. Federico Morales courageously and skillfully leads the government forces in a decisive defeat of Alfredo and the vulcanos. Morales is lionized for his victory and offered the honorific Caudillo, or leader, a long-unused title. Morales balks at the proffered title, unable to muster the required humility the occasion demands. He insults the officials offering award of the title and ends up castigated as an enemy of the people. Morales flees to Alfredo and joins his rebel troops for a planned assault on the capital. John, Manuela, the chairman and Spencer turn up in Coriola where the rebels are preparing for their attack on the capital. Comfortable in a deserted motel, the four are incommunicado while the preparations progress. Spencer doesnt mind as long as he can be with Manuela. One of his kidnappers, the young Pedro, turns up at the motel as liaison between the rebels and the embassy group. Spencer soon sees Pedro as a rival for Manuela. One of his old mentors, Mendoza, visits Moraless mother and begs for her intercession to forestall the impending bloodbath. He succeeds, she does and Morales goes to the capital. There he achieves a peace treaty. Alfredo and the other rebels greet the treaty with hostility. They fall upon Morales, brutally killing him. Manuela gets the whole story from Pedro, an eyewitness. The rebels melt away. The embassy four return to the capital. Gail is curious about the room arrangements at the Coriola motel and the role Pedro played in their adventure. Spencer rediscovers Gail. Federico Moraless brother Gabriel, awaiting retrial for the murder of the American embassy daughter, hangs himself in his prison cell. The rebels are badly split over what do do next. Discipline decays. A majority favor a peace treaty; this causes the militant minority to walk out, vowing to wage war on the appeasers as well as the government. Left behind by the dispersing vulcanos, poor Pedro has no place to go. He tries Manuelas apartment but finds her husband has returned. The embassy four lend him money and Spencer helps him find a job in garage. The terror continues at a low level, but with the Morales brothers both dead, John, the chairman and Gail prepare to leave Colonia. The ambassador holds a farewell dinner at which Manuelas husband sings. Spencer and Gail part with vows of meeting again. Home again, John laments that he missed the performance of Coriolanus with his youthful understudy but then decides he was in the play more down in Colonia than i

Diplomatic and Consular Reports Annual Series

Author : Great Britain. Foreign Office
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Diplomatic Retirement

Author : Robert G. Morris
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Even in retirement former foreign service officer John Pauley is called to consult on South American .nuclear affairs affecting Colonia, his former country of assignment. He is also writing a book on his other specialty, international science cooperation, and has just finished Volume One, covering the years since 1945. He breaks away to take a canoe trip with his two sons and old foreign service friend Henry Nielsen. Despite Henrys awkwardness, the trip is a success. John returns from the North Woods to find his wife Barbara has suffered a mild stroke. A more serious attack follows. Barbara is hospitalized while John seeks a retirement home with hospital and therapeutic services. The least undesirable choice: Grandview, characterized by an imperious director, overworked staff and cowed residents, where the daily enrichment activities include Bingo, crossword puzzles, balloon badminton and old movies. After a time John and his family find the long drive to Grandview wearing, so John decides to take an apartment there where he can live too. With all the talk about health he decides he is not completely well. He finds the atmosphere at Grandview oppressive. Residents main occupations are eating and talking about other residents. Many spend much of the day when not in the dining room seated in the lobby watching intently the comings and goings of the mailman, visitors, repairmen and the occasional departure of a fellow-resident with the 911 squad. John is bewildered by the lack of interest in the world. With Barbara ill, he has no one to talk to. He resumes his correspondence with Henry, who volunteers to help him with Volume Two of his book, on cooperation before 1945, but Johns heart is no longer in the work. Henry promises to visit early in the new year. Life at Grandview looks up for John when resident Septimus Simmons returns from a trip. Septimus has been the spark plug of life at the retirement home, promoting dinner music in the dining room, leading excursions to the nearby Indian casino, jamming worthy issues through the moribund residents council, criticizing the ineffectual administration, arranging excursions to plays and concerts, setting up a residents newsletter and running the residence library. Septimuss field is philosophy and his first love is Lucretius, whose work he introduces to John. He and John spend much time together, finding they share many opinions of Grandview and life in general. John learns Septimus is working on some unknown project. Johns visits to Grandview to see Barbara and Septimus take time from his writing so he decides to move to Grandview, fearful now that he, too, is ill. When her doctor is prepared to release Barbara to go home, John decides to stay on at the residence with his questionable new illness. Septimus disapproves. John doesnt go home even for Christmas. Septimus leads the festivities at Grandview. Johns family surprise him with presents and food on Christmas night. Septimus presents him a copy of Lucretiuss On the Nature of Things, which he discusses with John as it pertains to retirement, the end of life and preparations for death. Septimus considers Johns philosophical thinking fuzzy; John finds Septimuss thoughts too abstract, too ethereal. Septimus completely takes over Henrys visit and arranges an indoor picnic where he prepares the barbecue. John tells Henry he is unable to write Volume Two. Johns family attend. Septimus tells them they must help get John away from Grandview. Henry makes his own contribution to the discussion of retirement and death, quoting a recent speech on the subject. At the end of the picnic Septimus bids John farewell, surprising him and the others. But John says, Im not leaving. Johns Volume One receives a prize and his publisher presses him to finish Volume Two. John shrugs off Sept

A Diplomat in Guangzhou Canton

Author : Samuel Wong
File Size : 25.25 MB
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Guangzhou, a gateway to China, is the best-kept secret for most Western traders, yet it is more dynamic and substantial as a trading center than Shanghai and Beijing. This is the core message of the book A Diplomat in Guangzhou. Between 1999 and 2003, a veteran employee of US Department of Agriculture went to Guangzhou (Canton) to promote import of US products and to create opportunities for US exporters. In addition to showing the ins and outs of import practices in China, the author recounts what it was like to live and work in one of the busiest cities in Asia. He shows the advantages of knowing Chinese language and culture, and ways to develop and cultivate an indigenous business network. Readers interested in trading with China will find practical tips on how to live and work successfully in China in this book.

Diplomatic Law in Belgium

Author : Frédéric Dopagne
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Foreword by Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and European Affairs. Belgium hosts numerous diplomatic missions. These are either accredited to the Kingdom of Belgium or to one of the international organisations headquartered in Belgium. Their operation, as well as the legal status and privileges and immunities of their members, are essentially regulated by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, dated 18 April 1961. This handbook describes Belgium’s practice vis-à-vis these missions, and analyses the day-to-day implementation of the Vienna Convention by the various Belgian authorities. It systematically reviews the limited number of legislative or regulatory provisions, the Government’s practice – set out inter alia in several ‘circular notes’ communicated to the missions present in Belgium – and, additionally, identifies the jurisprudence of courts and tribunals and highlights the possible deviations from the practice of the executive branch. Designed as a guide intended primarily for diplomatic missions established in Belgium, this handbook is also relevant for civil servants, judges, lawyers and bailiffs encountering questions of diplomatic law in Belgium, as well as for students and researchers seeking information on national practice in this area of law.

Star Trek Best Destiny

Author : Diane Carey
File Size : 58.16 MB
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As James T. Kirk prepares to retire from a long and illustrious Starfleet career, events in a distant part of the Federation draw him back to a part of the galaxy he had last visited as a young man -- a mysterious world called Faramond whose name takes Kirk on a journey back to his youth. At sixteen, Kirk is troubled, estranged from his father, and has a bleak future. However, a trip into space with Kirk's father George and Starfleet legend Captain Robert April changes James Kirk's life forever, when a simple voyage becomes a deadly trap. Soon Kirk and his father find themselves fighting for their lives against a vicious and powerful enemy. Before the voyage ends, father and son will face life and death together, and James T. Kirk will get a glimpse of the future and his own Best Destiny...